Beach Reads:

I just picked up Phillipa Gregory’s The White Queen, it’s my first foray into her version of English history. What prompted me to buy it was the trailer for the very upcoming BBC One series The White Queen (10 episodes) starting soon. I figured I’d read the book before I watched it on TV, which in this case may be a while since I don’t get BBC One. I like good historical fiction and the War of the Roses is a complex and dramatic epic. Haven’t gotten far yet, but so far so good.

Oldies like Giant or Shogun, any modern suggestions of the sweeping epic? AS I typed that I realized both those examples were filmed. Just watched The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and half way through I regretted not picking up the book first, as much as I enjoyed the production.

Googling around, I found summer reading suggestions from Publisher’s Weekly, goodreads and The New York Times for starters.

What do you read on the beach – how trashy are your novels ;) ? In my youth I’ve enjoyed some really trashy stuff on the beach, is there a modern equivalent to Jacqueline Susann or Harold Robbins? I just looked at the New York Times Best Seller list and I see Dan Brown’s Inferno is #1 but I haven’t heard anyone talking about it, anyone here read it?

Sidenote: How many kindle or nook your books? I have a kindle I carry in my purse, I don’t leave home without it but I confess I still enjoy a book in my hands.