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I came across this video yesterday, and I confess I was unfamiliar with his littlefolk work beforehand but I love it (I’m fascinated with miniature things). His name is Zev Hoover, he posts his work on Flickr where he is known as fiddleoak.

Watching the video, I was so impressed with how poised and focused this kid is, not to mention how incredibly talented and creative. So I thought I’d feature him in a PUAC/Saturday Art Combo.

Zev started taking pictures as an 8-year-old with an old cell phone camera, before moving up the ranks and getting professional cameras — which ultimately ignited his passion for photography.

“I really like cameras,” Zev says. “They’re just beautiful. Lenses are lovely things. And so the actual shooting, I love doing. Also, there’s a moment like no other when you’re done editing a picture, and you sort of sit back and look at it… it’s wonderful.”

Zev doesn’t remember where the original idea for “little folk” came from. He claims it “just sort of happened” one day back in 2011 while on a walk through the woods with his sister. He’s always loved nature and being outdoors.

On his blog he gives you a “behind the scenes” look as he makes one of pictures.

Tell us about your creative projects, your creative passions.