“The dinosaur costume was the greatest thing that had ever happened to me.” Menace from Hyperbole and a Half

Hallowe’en fast approaches, who has their costumes ready?

I’ve told this tale before but my best costume ever was as a stabbed-in-the back ghoul. Recycling a formal spaghetti-strapped black gown, with sheer overlay (which I made myself I might add *buffs nails*). We took a thrift shop spatula with a nice wooden handle, bent the blade and duct-taped it to my back, the handle exiting through a discrete slit in the fabrics. I used a clown white theater makeup (oh that smell!) and then a black to hollow out my eye sockets, finishing off the makeup with an alluring scarlet lipstick and feathery eyelashes, I looked especially expired and creepy. Final touches were black spiked heels, elbow length black satin gloves with a sparkling tiara and choker. I carried an ever re-filled champagne glass to complete my macabre ensemble. Bonus: I got to dress up as a fancy lady – never a downside to that in one’s party-hardy twenties.

What were favorite costumes – parent or kid?

Surfing around the Internet this month I came across a number of fun get ups.

How about the Composer Busts? How To’s

Or maybe Birdlady?

Or maybe a working Nikon camera? How-tos

My fave, Raven 12456′s Calvin & Hobbes.

What are you and/or your kids doing for Trick-or-Treats?

And do read MENACE.