When JPMorgan Chase’s PR department decided to take over twitter the other day, they got more than they bargained for. Talk about a FailWhale (and more!). A good time was had by all, save Jamie Dimon & Co.

Matthew Zeitlin collected a good run of them, an admirable timeline of the disaster.

And Yves Smith links it up:

You must look at #askJPM if you haven’t already. See Twitter troll swarm sends JPMorgan running Reuters and JPMorgan feels the wrath of Twitter Financial Times. But this is hardy trolling. These are legitimate questions! And looks like Twitter censors. #askJPM went from #2 in trending to vanishing. Given that JP Morgan was w co-manager on Twitter’s IPO, it’s not hard to imagine the Twitter PR department would respond favorably to special pleadings.

Then our friend dday enhanced it all with #AnswerforJPM (as noted by DSWright).

And now Stacey Keach uses a few for a dramatic reading:

#AskJPM tweets performed by voice of American Greed & @PuppetsOH

video via Atrios