Thanksgiving is upon us, I hope all of you have wrangled your turkeys, corralled your sides and primped your desserts. I don’t think I’m much different from the rest of you and our dinner is traditionally the same: a celery plate with black olives, then the deftly carved roasted turkey, plus mashed potatoes, green beans, gravy, and cranberry (straight out of the can). I know some people traditionally do a macaroni and cheese but that would upset the order of things here. Dessert may include other things, but it has to be pumpkin pie and ‘Cookie Dessert’ – which dates back to the dark days of the Depression – quite simple to make: Nabisco’s Famous Wafers sandwiched together with the homemade whipped cream, then refrigerated so the cookies get delightfully mushy. It is imperative that it is sliced at an angle, btw – doesn’t taste the same otherwise ;).

Occasionally other dishes are added in-addition-to, my cousin now brings a tasty cranberry concoction, but the canned jelly stays.

Is your dinner like this, all traditional dishes? Do your family members balk at substitutions? Who among us dares to present a differing menu every year?

And please, share your traditions, your favorites and your memories.

My favorite part is the ever increasing mouthwatering aroma of roasted turkey as the hour nears.

I particularly chose this video from Oliver! to remind us all to donate to, if not volunteer at, your local food bank and/or homeless shelter, we can’t give the Tea Partyans their satisfaction of making anyone go hungry on Thanksgiving, or any day.