UPDATE: You can listen to the recording of his speech here.

Glenn Greenwald headlines the 30th Chaos Communication Congress today in Hamburg, Germany.

You can watch here


The live streams are available in a different of formats, over a variety of transports. For each room is at high quality (HQ, 576p) and low quality (LQ, 360p) stream available. For hall 1 (Saal 1) there is an additional high definition (HD, 1080p) stream. Each stream is available in the native language of the talk (english or german), as well as including a translation (german or english).

The easiest way to access the streams is the Web Interface at http://streaming.media.ccc.de.

According to Violet Blue at ZDNet, there are over 130 talks in five areas: Hardware and Making, Art and Beauty, Science and Engineering, Security, Safety and Politics, and Ethics and Society. She also has highlights from the schedule up.

About the C3

The event takes place regularly at the end of the year since 1984, with the current date and duration (December 27–30) established in 2005. The congress started out in 1984 in Hamburg, moved to Berlin in 1998, and back to Hamburg in 2012. Having exceeded the capacity of the Berlin venue with more than 4000 attendees, the 2012 meeting in the considerably larger venue in Hamburg set a new record attendance of slightly over 6,000 participants.