Peter Pan proposes to Wendy – on stage

My husband and I just sort of agreed we’d marry and then we moved in together (I never lived with anyone else before, didn’t want to). So for us there was no formal proposal, no bended knee.

I find some proposal videos romantic, and others I cringe watching. To so publicly propose I guess you’d have to be darn sure your pick will accept, wouldn’t you? And as the proposee, how would you turn them down if you didn’t want to marry, say yes but once alone take it back hoping to not embarrass them? I suppose tho that doesn’t really happen very often. I mean really, these days, couples agree to get married, right?

I have to say I never understood the idea of a long formal engagement with elaborate wedding planning requiring a year or two to pull off, not in this day and age. If you want to be together, why wait?

This is a sweet proposal, too:

H/t to Americablog for Peter Pan & Wendy