Finally She Appears!

And still we might get snow next Tuesday, but can’t be much. It’s Spring, it’s Spring, it’s Spring. Yes, yes I am happy this Happiness Day.


The Seasons video was featured yesterday on Astronomy Picture of the Day:

At an equinox, the Earth’s terminator – the dividing line between day and night — becomes vertical and connects the north andsouth poles. The above time-lapse video demonstrates this by displaying an entire year on planet Earth in twelve seconds. From geosynchronous orbit, the Meteosat satellite recorded these infrared images of the Earth every day at the same local time.

Today’s pic is equinoxy cool, too.

UPDATED to add eCAHN’s video
Druids welcome the spring equinox in The City


Video Credit: NASA, Meteosat, Robert Simmon

Photo credit: Søren Rajczyk, used under Creative Commons license