I do believe it might really be Spring this time. No more freezing temps in the weather forecast here, although the northern states could be cooler than normal all spring. Has your spring cleaning commenced? I really should sweep off the patio-ette, and I may dig out my less wintry clothes today.

I get a kick out of this bird feeder coffee shop, here’s the wider view. It’s a live stream (scroll down to watch a daytime video of the coffee shop in action if it’s dark out). Watchers post their best screenshots on the instagram Piip-show (@Nrkpiip, #nrkpiip- twitter, too). It’s somewhere in Norway, here are links to local time and sunrise/sunset (Ha! I see the have the spring-forward clock change tonight). Or, you can click on the world sunlight map for qwik-vu.

Screenshot from Magne Klann’s Bird Cafe

Looks like Magna first did this as a kid and is reviving/updating it.

What’s going on in your neck of the woods?