In Search of a Revolution: Occupy Austin in Photographs and Text

Come talk with John Anderson about his new book, hosted by Kit O’Connell. Today at 5pm ET, 2pm, PT.

“In Search of a Revolution: Occupy Austin in Photographs and Text” documents the activities of Occupy Austin, a group in Austin, Texas who participated in the international movement created by Occupy Wall Street.

The book is presented chronologically and begins with the first day of their encampment at Austin City Hall. It includes photographs of marches, arrests, assemblies, court trials, the camp itself and even law enforcement infiltration.

John Anderson has worked as a photographer in the alternative press since 1988, starting with Washington City Paper in Washington, D.C. He graduated from The University of Texas with a BA in photojournalism in 1995 and has been a staff photographer with The Austin Chronicle since 2000.

(ActivePress publisher)

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