John Amato over at C&L posted this video from Iowa US Senate candidate Bob Quast. (Who are these people and what happened to sanity?)

Apparently this campaign ad is supposed to show a sense of humor, I think it shows a sense of psychopathy.

Right off the bat he pulls out a gun and tells you he’ll blow your balls off

If you are the sexual predator and sociopath who murdered my sister Lynette and you come to my front door to do harm to my girls

You get the impression a sexual predating serial killer murdered his sister but it was her husband, as C&L commenter miss_kitty points out:

You mean her husband? Who was convicted of manslaughter and abuse of a corpse? Cutting up a dead body for disposal is not ‘sexual abuse’ or ‘sexual predation.’

Obviously his family suffered a horrible tragedy – but it’s not humorous and it certainly doesn’t qualify him to be a US Senator.

His career is in limousine service

Custom Limousines & Exotic Cars, Inc.
February 1991 – Present (23 years 3 months)
I started the first super-stretch limousine company in the Quad Cities Area at the age of 20, obtaining 66% of the financing from Davenport Bank and the other 34% through family and friends. I also created a new partnership in 1997 that manufactured custom stretch limousines. I handle every aspect of the limousine business from hiring and supervising chauffeurs, marketing, accounting, taxes, and personally chauffeuring (when requested, or when The Eagles come to play at the iWireless Center).

With a skosh of government contracting and writing.

Gun nuts are just nuts.

He’s running as an Independent. The Republican candidate is also a castrator, Joni Ernst. The Democratic candidate is Rep. Bruce Braley.