Fundamentalism sucks. Feel free to whine about the wanton youth of today (or of any age — my, how times haven’t changed), but spare us all your claustrophobic view of life. We only live once, why shouldn’t we be HAPPY?

via Happy Nice Time People:

Something must have gotten lost in translation, because we do not think “modern means” actually refers to “arresting people for dancing” but maybe that is because we are filthy Westerner infidels.

Just days after Iran’s president denounced Internet censorship as “cowardly,” six young Iranians were arrested and forced to repent on state television Tuesday for the grievous offense of proclaiming themselves to be “Happy in Tehran,” in a homemade music video they posted on YouTube last month.

Did you watch the video? It is adorably inoffensive. Indeed, the only thing we are affronted by is that the young men in the video chose to wear headbands or scarves or bowlers instead of getting themselves one of Pharrell’s cool Arby’s-style hats. The Iranian government, however, was pretty concerned that just watching people skip and grin and occasionally turn a cartwheel was probably going to lead to people rutting with dogs and cats in the streets.

Dance On!

UPDATE: via BrandonJ Arrest of ‘Happy’ Dancers Reflects Power Struggle in Iran