Good morning everybody. No doubt you’ve seen the clips of various people taking the ice bucket challenge. My grandmother had ALS, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis aka Lou Gehrig’s disease. She was only in her 50s when she passed on, it robbed us of a grandmother. It’s a merciless death.

So I’ve personally been appreciative of all the ice bucket challenges accepted and posted on youTube. And better still, all the money raised, hopefully speeding up new treatments and perhaps prevention. Do you know anyone who took the challenge — besides Cindy Kouril, that is?

My favorite so far is the Riley Boys:

Bendedict Cumberbatch had a lot of fun with it:

Here’s Patrick Stewart:

Now that’s the way you do it.
Here’s a lol compilation of challenge FAILs:

I think they may have to set aside some of the charity money for brain and spinal cord injuries though. Slate has the background of how this craze began and then morphed into the ALS fundraiser it’s become.