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by Elliott

Climate 101

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Climate change explained clearly and simply.

Yes, it is time to work together on solutions, for our sake – and the future.

Gaius Publius put together a fabulous linktasia for anyone needing more facts and information, The Climate Series, a reference post.

This video’s from The Climate Reality Project. H/T LGF

by Elliott

Dr. James Hansen: Demand Climate Action

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A Call to Action on Global Warming from Dr. James Hansen

It’s time to take a stand on global warming. Dr. James Hansen, an internationally-recognized climate scientist, calls for Americans to take part in the Capitol Climate Action on March 2 at the Capitol power plant in Washington DC — expected to be the largest display of civil disobedience against global warming in US history. Dr. Hansen warns that unless we stop burning coal, the country’s largest source of global warming pollution, young people will inherit a dramatically different world than the one we know. For more info visit

by Elliott

Dear Michelle and Barack: Save the Planet, Here’s How

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The head of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies and one of the courageous scientists that stood up to the Bush Administration’s War on Science, Dr. James E. Hansen, together with his wife Anniek, wrote a letter [PDF] to President-elect Barack Obama and his wife Michelle urging strong sure action to reduce greenhouse gasses — if we want this planet to remain viable for life as we know it.

And because there is "a profound disconnect between actions that policy circles are considering and what the science demands for preservation of the planet," they lay out three specific requirements:

(1) Moratorium and phase-out of coal plants that do not capture and store CO2.
(2) Rising price on carbon emissions via a “carbon tax and 100% dividend”.
(3) Urgent R&D on 4th generation nuclear power with international cooperation.

According to Hansen:

My hope is that he (even better they) will want to understand the matter, not just rely on advisers. I refer not to the details of climate science, but rather what needs to be done.

The danger is that the compromises and special interests inherent in Kyoto-style targets and cap-and-trade will be accepted because of bureaucratic momentum. Read the rest of this entry →