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Colbert Nation: Enchantment Under the Siege

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Defending the NRA Colbert Style

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Colbert Occupies Rove

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As many of you know, Steven Colbert started his own Super Pac, Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, just like American Crossroads, the Super PAC Karl Rove has. But since Super Pacs have to disclose their donors, Karl Rove, and his partner in crime Ed Gillespie, created a super secret Super Pac 501(c)4, Crossroads GPS, which DOESN’T have to identify the donors AND then Crossroads GPS can donate that secret money to American Crossroads!  A pretty nice trick if you ask me.

According to Politico, their secret Super Pac 501(c)4 is bringing in a whole lot more money than their transparent one:

The new group, called American Crossroads GPS, has been telling donors their contributions would be used to dig up dirt on Congressional Democrats’ “expense account abuses” and to frame the BP oil spill as “Obama’s Katrina.”

The GPS group pulled in $5.1 million in June, its first month in operation, while the original American Crossroads, which has spent $600,000 on tough ads blistering Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, has pulled in $4.7 million since its launch.

Following in Rove’s footsteps, Colbert created his own secret donor 501(c)4, Colbert’s Super PAC S.H.H.  But during the announcement of said secret 501(c)4, he got into some hot water with Rove & Co. because he sorta kinda insinuated this was a handy way for Rove to launder money (perish the thought!), so Colbert came back to apologize.  Here are those segments for your enjoyment.