Kick Ass and Take Names

11:05 am in FDL Membership by Elliott

This is a our second annual membership drive here at Firedoglake and I ask those of you who aren’t members of FDL, why not?  It doesn’t cost much, you can join for less than four dollars a month.  So why not sign up and support all the great reporting and activism that goes on here?

Be part of an action team that kicks ass and takes names.

Here’s our Mission Statement:

The FDL Association supports the writers and publishers of website and activities of its publisher, FDL Inc. to achieve the following:

  • - Provide investigative reporting on matters of public interest;
  • - Provide fiercely independent political and policy analysis from a progressive perspective;
  • - Engage in political and policy advocacy relating to proposals, legislation, executive and judicial actions, and candidates for elected, executive and judicial offices;
  • - Provide an internet/blog forum and platform to develop, train, and provide experience for emerging writers, media experts and others engaged in any of the above;
  • - Encourage and provide the means for FDL members to become active participants in democracy and the advancement of progressive values.

Support Firedoglake by joining now.  Be a part of our vibrant community.