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by Elliott

Climate 101

11:25 am in Energy, Environment, Video by Elliott

Climate change explained clearly and simply.

Yes, it is time to work together on solutions, for our sake – and the future.

Gaius Publius put together a fabulous linktasia for anyone needing more facts and information, The Climate Series, a reference post.

This video’s from The Climate Reality Project. H/T LGF

by Elliott

The Denver Debate Recap – Taiwan Style

9:30 am in Politics by Elliott

Our friends in Taiwan recap the Denver Debate as only they can.

by Elliott

Food Sunday: Fresh Guacamole

11:48 am in Food, Just for So by Elliott

Fresh Guacamole

Just a little fun for all you foodies.

I found this at

From the mind of director PES, this phenomenal piece of stop motion video entitled “Fresh Guacamole” is a beautiful display of what making guacamole would look like…if you were using Michel Gondry‘s kitchen.


Click here for Christoph on guacamole.