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Violent Islamic Extremism: No in Boston, Yes in Syria

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Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov commenting on the current government in Syria:

They are committed to a pluralistic Syria, to a Syria in which every minority has minority rights protected, that includes all of minorities in which everybody will have an ability to be able to make choices for the future.

It is a vision that rejects terrorism and rejects extremism. It is a vision that is pledged to never use chemical weapons. It is a vision that is committed to a political solution.

Whoops, no, that was actually U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, commenting on the Al-Nusra Front-dominated Syrian rebels. (Instead of hallucinating, Lavrov is doing dumb stuff like encouraging ceasefire and dialogue with Syria rather than civil war and regime change.)

It gets stranger, of course.

Yes, I admit I appreciate the timing of the Chechen mercenaries in Syria. “Just for kicks, let’s kidnap some Christian archbishops at the same time as Chechen-immigrant-generated hell in Boston. How can the Western media ignore us?” Well, they can and they did guys cuz of course obedience to the moneyed narrative is the Western media careerist’s prime directive. Thanks for only killing their driver and not the bishops though.

In separate weirdness, National Journal polled its ‘National Security Insiders’, who seem like a very bright group just kidding. 60% of them now support U.S. military action to support the largely fundamentalist rebellion. (This contrasts with the most recent poll (why it was a such a suspiciously long time ago I don’t know) of the rest of us, non-insiders, in which 65% of us “oppose the U.S. and its allies sending arms and military supplies to anti-government groups in Syria.”)

Anyway, here’s one of those Insider geniuses: “The most important issue is to prevent al-Qaida from creating a safe haven in Syria. We cannot do that unless we are in the arena.” Hey, Mr. Insider, just saying but there is another SLIGHTLY easier way to prevent al-Qaida from creating a safe haven in Syria: Stop massively supporting the opposition. The rebellion would be over in days and Syria would go back to being a non-Al-Qaida country. Thanks you can bill me later.

P.S. – For the horrific and not at all funny facts on Syria, read Obama’s Syrian Horror, by Saul Landau. Excerpt:

The New York Times revealed Obama’s lies about the U.S. role in this war … The CIA has funneled and distributed large weapons shipments to the rebels – more than 3,500 tons worth to date – from Jordan and Turkey, while Obama claimed it as “non-lethal” military aid. (C. J.Chivers and Eic Schmitt, NY Times March 24, 2013)

“The C.I.A. role in facilitating the [weapons] shipments… gave the United States a degree of influence over the process [of weapon distribution]…American officials have confirmed that senior White House officials were regularly briefed on the [weapons] shipments.”

Obama supervised arms supplies to the Al Nusra Front, the Syrian rebels’ most effective fighting force, with links to Islamic terrorist groups.

Witnesses in northwest Syria testify that some rebels have used those weapons to slaughter Alawite and Christian villages.

Obama’s opposition to peace talks with the Assad government, from which he demands surrender, raises a question. Why demand as a “precondition” for negotiations the ouster of Syria’s government?

Decent rhetorical question, but the answer is easy: the U.S. goal is the ouster of Syria’s government (probably for two reasons: 1., Israel (maybe irrationally) wants/demands it; 2., it’s what the West’s corporate globalist imperialism does.)

Mainstream Media Self-Censors Boston Bombers’ Syrian Fundamentalist Sympathies

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Sunday, April 21, 2013
Boston bomber and Syria

Notice that U.S. media are not reporting that the Boston bomber was an enthusiastic supporter of your Syrian “revolution”. He posted videos about it on his Youtube page.

Posted by As’ad AbuKhalil at 7:41 AM

Yup, let the self-censorship begin. Since April 20 (based on my Google search), the mainstream media has not mentioned the Tsarnaev brothers’ fundamentalist Syrian rebel sympathies. This even though there have been multiple mainstream articles in recent days on relations between Russia and the U.S. which mention the Syria rebellion. So, for example, in a USA Today column by Louise Branson we get this:

We’re fighting the same fight, has been [Putin's] refrain to U.S. presidents and officials. President Assad makes the same case in Syria. The Boston Marathon explosions have helped tip Putin’s argument. … Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the captured Boston marathon bomber will, over time, give answers about the brothers’ aims and ties.

Hey columnist Branson, haven’t you noticed that he’s already given ‘answers’ (that don’t fit the U.S. imperialist narrative)? … Take a look at his Youtube page.

Other very similar columns are in the Seattle Times and the Washington Post. Both discuss the bombings’ effect on Russia-U.S. relations, and they focus on Syria as a key conflict, but both also fail to mention the Tsarnaev brothers’ fundamentalist rebel sympathies. I understand the brothers’ sympathies are not the central focus of any of the three articles I’ve noted, but not mentioning those sympathies when you’re discussing Syria seems like self-censorship.

By the way, I was a little surprised by the negative reaction here at MyFDL to my Saturday article on the Tsarnaev brothers’ sympathies. (I thought it was obvious but) I hope the following comment I made there will help to clarify what the hell I’m about:

The mainstream media [back on April 19] says the Tsarnaev brothers were supporters of the Sunni fundamentalist side of the Syrian rebellion. Without apology I use those ‘facts’. If you’re opposed to U.S./EU/Saudi/Qatari imperialism in Syria, you post a post like mine.

Do you think the ‘conspiratorial’ theorizing about what ‘really’ happened will have any traction in the real world? We KNOW the majority of Americans, if they knew, would strongly oppose the U.S. de facto alliance with Al Qaeda and similar in Syria. You see that sentiment all the time on Yahoo discussion boards, for example. So I use the current newsworthy ‘facts’ to publicize (in tiny places like MyFDL) the realities that the imperialists want to keep quiet.

Nothing fancy or nuanced, I’m just one of those folks opposed to corporate globalist imperialism. And, I see a meme here that already resonates with regular America so I turn up the volume with these posts. Unfortunately I can’t turn it up much on tiny blogs, but every little bit helps. Frankly, as I’ve said before, the information war is in the mainstream media’s comment sections. Sadly it is not here at MyFDL.

P.S. — For the record, here are the two sources, the first mainstream (on the 19th), the second alternative (on the 20th), that noted the Tsarnaev brothers’ Syria sympathies:

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev … expresses sympathy for rebel fighters in Syria and elsewhere. One video bears the Russian title “For those who have a heart,” showing people being brutalized by uniformed men in a country the video identifies as Syria. “They are killing your brothers and sisters without any reason,” the Russian subtitles of the video read. “Simply because they say our Lord is Allah.”

There are signs that the brothers showed interest in the conflict in Syria, which has drawn al Qaida fighters and other militants from across the Muslim world and Europe, according to a U.S. counterterror official. …

The brothers had viewed videos about the plight of Syrian Muslims, the official said. Syria is the latest hotspot on the world map of jihad. Holy warriors a decade ago were inspired by videos about brutal combat between jihadis and Russian troops in the brothers’ family homeland …

P.S.2 — By the way 2, here is the U.S. and EU backed rebellion in action (hip tat to Angry Arab):

Islamist rebels are clashing with tribesmen in eastern Syria as struggles over the region’s oil facilities break out in the power vacuum left by civil war, activists said on Saturday. One dispute over a stolen oil truck in the town of Masrib in the province of Deir al-Zor, which borders Iraq, set off a battle between tribesmen and fighters from the Nusra Front, an al-Qaeda linked rebel group, which left 37 killed, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. … Masrib tribesmen called for help from Assad’s forces against Nusra, according to the Observatory and a fighter with the Islamist group. Nusra responded by blowing up 30 houses after the battle, in which 17 rebels were killed, at least four of them foreigners, the fighter said on Skype.

Tsarnaev Bros: Fanboys of Syria’s Islamic Extremists

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The bosses in the U.S./EU, the monolithic West, will of course continue to support the Syrian rebellion. It just makes less sense than ever today, this week. That rebellion has come a very long way from its peaceful 2011 origins and is now widely understood to be a religious war — whether the rebels are led by the Muslim Brotherhood or the Al Nusra Front and Al Qaeda– against a secular Syria.

And how obvious can the following be after Boston: violent Islamic extremism is a bad thing. And it is not as if who they oppose, Bashar Assad, is anything more diabolical than a run-of-the-mill non-ideological tyrant who’ll cling to power whichever way he can, but at least he has a desire not shared by the rebels: he has kept Syria secular and wants it to remain that way.

Specifically, Assad has refused to turn his country into an extreme (Salafist/Wahhabi) Sunni Islamic and grossly misogynistic state, i.e., into another Saudi Arabia. In contrast, folks like Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev cheered for those fighting and killing to remake Syria into another Saudi Arabia:

There are signs that the brothers showed interest in the conflict in Syria, which has drawn al Qaida fighters and other militants from across the Muslim world and Europe, according to a U.S. counterterror official. …

The brothers had viewed videos about the plight of Syrian Muslims, the official said. Syria is the latest hotspot on the world map of jihad. Holy warriors a decade ago were inspired by videos about brutal combat between jihadis and Russian troops in the brothers’ family homeland …

But we can’t agree in the West that we should do whatever necessary to make sure the Tsarnaev brothers’ favorite rebels do not win in Syria or anywhere else? Why not?

Another thing, please look at the headlines below. After Boston, and knowing that the West is doing all it can to support the rebels, do they generate even a little cognitive dissonance:

Iraqi al Qaeda wing merges with Syrian counterpart
By Sami Aboudi, Reuters
Tue Apr 9, 2013 2:09pm EDT

Islamic Extremist Rebels In Syria Pledge Allegiance To Al-Qaida
By Barbara Surk, AP
April 10, 2013

The above alliance is the strongest Syrian rebel fighting force.

Finally, please check out a little truth and wisdom on the current situation:

“The West has paid heavily for funding Al-Qaeda in its early stages. Today it is doing the same in Syria, Libya and other places, and will pay a heavy price in the heart of Europe and the United States.” — Bashar Assad

“The United States has brought insecurity to Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan and now the threat has spread to other parts of the world. … When terrorism spreads in the world and the media supports that, then the extremists will be encouraged to commit more crimes and insecurity spreads across all countries.” — Iran’s Grand Ayatollah Nasser Makarem Shirazi


Everyone in Syria’s seen this beheading video, no one in U.S. has (warning: graphic image)

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And you know why that’s the case. Because a credible video of an 11 or 12-year-old Free Syrian Army boy beheading an Allawite Assad loyalist [apologies if youtube has disappeared it by now] doesn’t fit the narrative of “kill to protect” (KTP) or whatever is the current justification for the U.S. sponsoring and funneling Qatari/Saudi money to ‘our guys in Syria’. (Preemptive disclaimer for non-reality-based attacks on anything anti Syrian rebel: that doesn’t mean I’m pro-Assad, in the same way that any criticism of the U.S. invasion of Iraq did not mean we were pro Saddam Hussein.)

youtube screengrab via

Anyway, thank you to Patrick Cockburn in Syria, who’s written an excellent column — Descent Into Holy War — on what is going on inside Syria, especially in Damascus, right now. He writes:

…a basically false and propagandistic account of events in Syria has been created by a foreign media credulous in using pro-opposition sources as if they were objective reporting.

The execution video is a case in point. I have not met a Syrian in Damascus who has not seen it. It is having great influence on how Syrians judge their future, but the mainstream media outside Syria has scarcely mentioned it. Some may be repulsed by its casual savagery, but more probably it is not shown because it contradicts so much of what foreign leaders and reporters claim is happening here.

Besides the glaring imperial propaganda substituting for news (why do we pretend it is otherwise, why do we stand for it?) and the lessons that should teach us, here’s the impression the video is making in Syria:

The film is being widely watched on YouTube by Syrians, reinforcing their fears that Syria is imitating Iraq’s descent into murderous warfare in the years after the US invasion in 2003. It fosters a belief among Syria’s non-Sunni Muslim minorities, and Sunnis associated with the government as soldiers or civil servants, that there will be no safe future for them in Syria if the rebels win. … The beheadings, so proudly filmed by the perpetrators, may well convince [Shiites and other Assad supporters] that they have no alternative but to fight to the end.

So the video and the bizarre anti-news ‘reporting’ on Syria remind Cockburn of the U.S.-sponsored Iraqi descent into sectarian war/hell, and how that didn’t appear in U.S. news until it was impossible not to report. The same descent into sectarian and worse war/hell is happening in Libya of course in the wake of our KTP invasion there, but the imperial propaganda sheets aren’t forced to report that.

Will You Believe Absolutely Anything You’re Told About Syria?

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The latest big lies are a series of charges made by the former Syrian ambassador to Iraq, who defected to that bastion of freedom Qatar a couple days ago. Even the propaganda arm of U.S. puppy dog Britain finds Nawaf al-Fares to be a joke:

“The regime now is using al-Qaeda to strike the Syrian people.” [al-Fares says]

He offers no proof of this, and I counter that this makes no sense as al-Qaeda has always condemned Bashar’s rule, with al-Qaeda leader Dr Ayman al-Zawahiri calling him an apostate and urging jihadists to fight against him.

Al-Fares, by the way — and as might be expected looking at his defection, his activities in Iraq, and the Sunni-dominated character of the rebellion in Syria — is a Sunni Muslim.

To al-Fares’s credit, though, he did supply aid to Sunni rebels killing U.S. and other foreign troops who were illegally and sadistically occupying Iraq. To his discredit, though, he supplied aid to Sunni rebels killing fellow Iraqis who might otherwise have been powerful allies in the anti-occupation resistance but just happened to be Shiite.

Just asking, but can you discern any pattern in this man’s words and actions?

As for the “Whose side is Al Qaeda on?” propaganda silliness, check out the following four sources, the final three of which have been around for several months:

In other words, the notion that Al Qaeda is allied with the Syrian government is a joke. However, the assertive promotion of that lie teaches us just how much the propagandists of empire feel they can get away with these days. In a U.S. mainstream media space completely devoid (despite its broad popularity) of a common-sense anti-interventionist and anti-imperialist point of view (partly a result of a two-party system in which both parties strongly support corporate globalism and a U.S.-led economic and military crusade for that cause) I say go for it propagandists! ;-> People have been stupidified enough to believe any damn thing.