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‘Afghanistan veterans who commit suicide are not cowardly, they are victims of the war.’

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For anyone thinking of enlisting, the video above is essential listening. It has the somewhat odd title of “Afghanistan veterans commit suicide from a good conscience,” but don’t let that discourage you. Partial transcript below.

Potential enlistees, don’t become a killer of people you have never met, about whom you know very little or nothing. More morality lessons here.

Hakim: Some people who hear your story may think your mind was weak; you wanted to commit suicide.

Nao Rozi: Veterans who commit suicide are not cowardly, they are victims of the war. They were persuaded to do things they didn’t want to do. Or, if they chose to do those things, don’t we sometimes regret things we’ve done, or feel ashamed? That was exactly what happened in my crisis. I felt ashamed. I regretted what I had done. … Life becomes meaningless. … You think you’ve done something such that you feel you no longer have the right to live. …

The U.S. veterans who have committed suicide had a conscience. They fought in Afghanistan and some killed or were killed. Those thoughts afflicted them day and night. I myself experienced them. When I was sleeping, I would wake up suddenly in the middle of the night shouting. It was not fear, they were nightmares. At times I slept walked. I even thought I was a murderer, though now I think I was not because I didn’t kill anyone. [But] even those who may have killed others should not keep thinking those thoughts.

Hakim: What message do you have for friends and for the world?

Nao Rozi: … How I wish that every human in the world would, just for once, sit down alone and ask, ‘What are we here for? How have we been deceived? How true to self have we been?’ These questions are important.

… I was a captive of the things I heard from society and the media, but now I am free!

Nao Rozi currently lives with and struggles for the Afghan Peace Volunteers, seeking a better life and a better world.

Right on cue: “Officers are the real heroes in Dorner saga”

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How can such a headline be happening:

The officers who are heroes are the same trigger-happy incompetents who attempted to kill two women delivering newspapers a couple days ago? The ones who attempted to kill a surfer driving to the coast for some morning waves? Or the ones who are recorded planning to burn up Dorner and his cabin and then recorded hooping and hollering “Burn the f**ker down”?

The editorial is in the Riverside Press-Enterprise, a key local newspaper and one of the vast majority of mass media who put their pencils and mikes down when the police ‘asked’ them to, when the police incendiaries’ flames were engulfing Dorner (emphasis added to this excellent article: How Law Enforcement and Media Covered Up the Plan to Burn Christopher Dorner Alive):

Just after 7 PM (4 PM PT), right when the orders were given to deploy the “burners,” the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Public Information Officer Cindy Bachman hastily gathered reporters for an impromptu press conference. Claiming to know nothing new, she told reporters that she had no idea why the cabin was on fire, or who started the fire. …

Around the same time, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department requested that all reporters and media organizations stop tweeting about the ongoing standoff with Dorner, claiming their journalism was “hindering officer safety.” As the cabin sheltering Dorner burned, the local CBS affiliate was reportedly told by law enforcement to zoom its helicopter camera out to avoid showing the actions of sheriff’s deputies. By all accounts, the media acceded to police pressure for self-censorship.

On Twitter, the Riverside Press Enterprise, a leading local newspaper, announced on Twitter, “Law enforcement asked media to stop tweeting about the#Dorner case, fearing officer safety. We are complying.” The paper’s editors added, “We are going to tweet broad, non-tactical details, as per the San Bernardino DA’s request.”

The PE editorial writes:

The public focus should not be on Dorner, however, but on those who stopped him.

Yes, focus not on Dorner but on potential police misconduct (that’s not what you mean??), but also on yourselves, the mass media. Why are you still protecting the cops? Why are you still pretending the police did not deliberately set fire to Dorner’s cabin? Yeah, of course some of the cops probably were heroes, but why now the sweeping hero worship when so many were apparent incompetents and criminals in the tragic and tragi-comic pursuit of Dorner?

The PE goes on:

Whatever the faults of police or “the system,” there is no justification for vigilante bloodshed.

But the fault of the police is exactly that, vigilantism. Dorner, who was a veteran police officer, became a vigilante, and so did the police who apparently decided to kill him. But the PE editorial ignores that completely — its entire description of how Dorner died is “Dorner met a violent end in Big Bear on Tuesday …” What, no protagonist? It’s the Fourth Estate’s function to tell the public how he died and who caused it.

Oh hell, Dave says it better, in the PE editorial’s comment section:

Dave Hoover · Top Commenter

Where’s the EDITORIAL on the blatant cover up regarding the ‘burn plan’ huh? What about telling the truth, and how it is the duty of JOURNALISTS to investigate and REPORT what they find when they find it? No columns on that huh? No polls or commentaries other than that which helps tear down what is left of our civil rights! ‘But civil society cannot forgive the settling of slights by the lawless — regardless of whether the killer had any legitimate grievances.’ – this HOLDS TRUE FOR THE POLICE AS WELL!!

We have a widespread and serious problem, and it is violent, vigilante, out of control police. This could not be put any more glaringly on display than during the pursuit of Dorner. Why is the mass media covering its eyes and taping its mouths shut?