Occupy Ignores Israel

3:35 am in Uncategorized by fairleft

Does Occupy even know that Israel exists, and that the U.S. is its leading supporter/funder? Not from looking at Facebook’s two main Occupy pages (here and here). Just saying, but Occupy seems not to have noticed that our leading Middle East ally is murdering Gaza children in our name.

Oh well, maybe this is just another indicator of the intractable problems an intentionally voiceless and wordless organization will have. Of course there never was a debate of any kind, hot-blooded or reasoned, within Occupy about what stance the organization should take on the U.S government’s slavish and lavish support for Israel no matter what it does, because no one has ever established what and where Occupy is or how or if it makes decisions.

But the photos of dead babies are real and IT WOULD NOT BE HAPPENING BUT FOR U.S. SUPPORT. I.e., as an American movement, you, Occupy, do not have a convenient way out: if you’re not against it then you are for it. But, yeah, okay …

“Never mind, go away, we’re trying to be an inoffensive Occupy!”

Okay, sorry, wouldn’t be prudent. But then …

If not now, when?