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AP disinfo hypes as fiscal slope yawns

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AP: Voter disdain spreads as ‘fiscal cliff’ looms

No, voter disdain is not spreading. What we have here is a baldfaced lie to promote a sense of impending crisis and doom, and all for that grand goal, so the rich and the President get their cuts to Medicare.

The AP propagandist, Steve Peoples, echoes the headline with this:

Evidence of Congress’ plummeting popularity is everywhere.

Well, no, that sure ain’t apparent in the opinion polls. In fact Peoples is forced to contradict himself, when he finally feels obliged to give us the actual numbers:

A recent Associated Press-GfK poll found that 74 percent of Americans disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job; just 23 percent approve. The figures are virtually unchanged from June and slightly above Congress’ recent low point of 12 percent approval during the debt ceiling debate in August 2011.

How does “The figures are virtually unchanged from June …” equal “Evidence of Congress’ plummeting popularity is everywhere.”?? What the hey? And in fact the figures are virtually unchanged since August, 2011.

Well, at least he allows these reassuring words from the real world: “… most people say they’re not following the daily developments that consume Washington.”

And this was nice too (!):

John Baker, 65, a Denver psychologist, said … “It’s a typical Washington, ‘Let’s hit the panic button and keep people scared so they will let us do what we want to do,’” Baker said in a downtown Denver Starbucks. “Ultimately, it will be fixed but not until a lot of pockets are lined.”

Peoples somehow interprets the preceding as support for “let’s make a deal before the ‘deadline’.” Sounds more like cynicism about the real intentions of Congress, the President, and the fingers-all-over-the-panic-button corporate media. And anyone’s who’s been following this knows he’s exactly right:

If history is any guide, the ever-accommodating Obama could still portray an increase in the Medicare eligibility age as a quid pro quo–the unavoidable tradeoff–for the Republicans allowing taxes on the rich to increase…even though the Republicans can’t prevent increases in taxes on the rich if the Democrats don’t make a deal!

President George Costanza, sleeping under the desk

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Seinfeldian presidency

Nothing’s happened so far except schlepping along with whatever was happening before. Maybe he’s sleeping under that big Presidential desk, the way George did.

by: fairleft @ Thu Jan 21, 2010 at 10:57:00 AM EST

BARACK: Rahm, look at my eyes.

RAHM: A little less beady today.

BARACK: Because I’m REFRESHED. I finally found a way to sleep in my office. Under the desk. I lie on my back. I tuck in the chair. I’m invisible.

RAHM: Sounds like a really cool fort.

Heard Howard Dean on Air America radio this morning, Bill Press Show I think, all coffee-ed-up and raring to tell Congress what we need to do now: make two bills, one that lowers Medicaid age [correction: Medicare age] to 55 and have it come into effect before 2010 elections, the other just the good little stuff, like no pre-existing conditions, of the present elephantine bills. And then force the Repubs to vote against no pre-existing conditions and take that into the fall elections!

And and and then . . . the Dems will smash the idiotic Republicans, cuz 55 to 64 will discover there really ISN’T a death panel, and the Medicaid [correction: Medicare] rates are reasonable, and the Repubs will be tagged as the "we like pre-existing conditions" health insurance crowd. And the American public will rally to the Democrats! We’ll be the party that fucking f-i-n-a-l-l-y, on a major battleground, sticks its finger in the eye of Mr. Corpy Moneybucks!

But, r-e-l-a-x, get off the caffeine jag, wish it were so but we don’t have a health care President Howard Dean. We got the presidency where nothing happens, except unobtrusively schlepping along with the stuff the last guy was doing.

Obama (and the rest of the Seinfeld crew: Pelosi, Reed, and so on) will move just a bit more to the right, a bit more sold out to the unhealthy borg, and do absolutely nothing resembling what Howard Dean recommends. Instead, with a few more li’l tweaks here and there, American health care will be just as screw us and highly profitable as it’s always been. Making it otherwise would take too much political and financial capital, too much energy, too much risk, too many noses out of joint; the nail that sticks up gets hammered down ya know!