Death Penalty Mistakes and Drone Warfare

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A mock lethal injection at a death penalty protest.

Protest against the death penalty in Paris. Photo by World Coalition Against the Death Penalty.

Recently it has been irrefutably determined that Carlos DeLuna was innocent of the murder he was accused of committing. He was put to death in Texas in 1989. When one considers the numerous exonerations that have occurred of people on death row, it would be foolish to imagine that this is an isolated incident.

How can it happen that an innocent person could go through a long judicial process and the mandatory appeals and be found guilty of committing a heinous crime? People should be horrified by this injustice. Horrified enough for a supporter of the death penalty to rethink the whole issue. Consider for a moment how you would feel if this unthinkable nightmare happened to you or someone you loved.

If a member of your family was falsely accused and subsequently executed, would you lose faith in the legal system? Would you be angry? Could you conceivably want to exact revenge? The justifiable reactions would certainly vary. The noble among us would campaign to end the death penalty in memorial to their lost loved one.

What would you think if I told you that multiple executions happen monthly with less oversight than what failed in Carlos DeLuna’s case? In a process that commonly gets it wrong? A process that the US government vehemently defends, stating that the number of innocent deaths is justified by the number of criminals also killed? The only difference being the location and that the people being executed have little if any notice of their impending doom. They also don’t have the chance to defend themselves or to face their accuser and there isn’t an appeal process to review the evidence.

I’m talking about drones. Those recently science fiction, now real, robotic instruments of death and destruction. The government has admitted to some innocents being killed but downplays the number. However, human rights organizations have documented many that the US denies. In a recent New York Times article it came out that the US government counts any adult male killed as a militant unless it is proved otherwise… posthumously.

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