Quick note of greeting before I head out to set up for Occupy Traverse City’s education/entertainment event called Occupalooza. Greetings! I have been reading Firedoglake for years, have been a member for nearly a year, and have been attending Occupy Supply liaison webinars. It’s great to be involved with this community!

Occupalooza will be an event with speakers, bands, video viewing lounge, information tables and lots and lots of posters! There will even be a scene filmed for the dramedy “The Saga of Larry Tunner”, about an autoworker who runs for president.

Occupy Traverse City has never had an encampment but has been holding twice weekly General Assemblies and weekly actions. This has been and continues to be a time of learning and networking. More info here.

Time to go pack up and head into Traverse City for set up. Have a great weekend all!