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Michigan Citizens Will Rally On-Solidarity!

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Editor’s Note: Despite well over 10,000 protesters at the legislature, Michigan has passed the first right to work bill.

December 14, 2012

Unable to do enough to us in one last day, Thursday’s session went on until 4:30am today, Friday.

Measures passed and sent to Snyder include:

• Greater restrictions on abortion, including licensing of abortion facilities …which will result in too many women’s health clinics having to shut down

• A replacement emergency manager law, **less than two months after voters rejected the former law, Public Act 4 of 2011.

• Easing restrictions on where guns can be carried to include churches, SCHOOLS and stadia.

• A phased-out elimination of the personal property tax (without a way to replace that lost revenue)

• Bills that make it tougher to recall state lawmakers because they know they aren’t doing the job we elected them for.

• A requirement — already vetoed once by Snyder — that voters declare in writing they are U.S. citizens.

• Privatization of a prison in Baldwin.

• Changes to the state’s medical marijuana laws.

• Legislation to assist Mike Ilitch in his plans for a new arena and entertainment district in downtown Detroit.

• Hunting wolves is allowed now…I feel safer now…

December 13, 2012

Michigan Legislature continues feeding frenzy. They day after passing the new corporate servitude bills, Right To Work For Less, they are now working on restricting reproductive health and reinstating the Emergency Manager law that was rejected by voters last month. Education will be next on the firing line. Updates being posted here.

Overpass Light Brigade Solidarity Forever

Wisconsin Overpass Light Brigade Sends Message to Michigan WorkersDecember 12, 2012 This is so wrong is so many ways. As I write in my reply to RoyalOak below:

December 12, 2012

I am so sorry that this has happened, as we all are. It feels like being assaulted. I do believe that with each assault, our solidarity is strengthened. I believe solidarity, not violence, is our way forward.

Our economic system, the one that thinks we the people are disposable, is not sustainable. That is why the actions of the PTB are becoming more oppressive, more destructive. Michael Hudson, an economist, writes here that “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad. And if they would destroy economies, they first create a wealthy class on top, and let human nature do the rest.”

What we all want is a living wage-enough to support ourselves and family, health care, education, a dignified retirement and a sustainable future for our children. Now the union, which has helped so many have this, is being undercut. I say the time is coming when ALL will have these things. We will move forward and be stronger. I believe a better world is possible!

We need to find a way forward that works for all people, works for the planet and works for future generations. I can’t fight every bad law, every oppressive tactic one at a time. I say change the whole system. Take a look at wendydavis diary here for an intro into Econ4, an economic plan to work for (4) people, planet and the future!

So there’s my long reply, but now here’s my short reply-Solidarity!!

December 11, 2012

It is being speculated that up to 10,000 people will be coming to Lansing today to peaceably assemble at  the Michigan Capitol Buidling. As the lame duck Michigan legislature tries to pass “everything but the kitchen sink“, the attendees have plenty to say to their representatives. Whether anyone is listening…..remains to be seen.

Right to Work for Less bills may be finalized today. They were presented and speedily voted on, in both the House and Senate, on December 7th. Citizens were illegally locked out of the Capitol, pepper sprayed and arrested that day.

Many other issues including Education, Emergency Manager, Reproductive Health, etc… are pending and cause for concern.

This post has been started to cover today’s (12-11-12) events.

Watch for updates as the day unfolds. Sources you might check include Eclectablog, Facebook pages for Michigan Nurses, Occupy Traverse City,Detroit Free Press, local tv station WILX, and the Lansing State Journal.

8:15 am Definitely check out Eclectablog, live blogging has begun and will continue all day.

8:27 am Lots of photos at Free Press live blog

9:10 am March in progress down Michigan Ave, stretches several blocks

10:00 athena1 has livebloggie thing going, her friend Mike K has new Facebook page.

11:30 am Michigan Nurses post on their Facebook, “15,000 peaceful people outside, hundreds inside the Capitol rocking the Capitol with chants against this travesty of justice – and yet “right to work” is about to be jammed through the Legislature and the Gov. will sign it into law today. WE WILL REMEMBER how Governor Snyder handed our patients, all our workers and our state over to greedy corporations, millionaires like Dick Devos and out-of-state Koch Brothers.”

12:09 pm HB 4003 Right to Work For Less -Public Employees , is passed 58-51. Anne Savage, Eclectablog, posting photos, short video from inside gallery. Estimated to be 2,000 inside Capitol. Estimated to be 15,000 total rallying today in Lansing. Americans For Prosperity had set up large tent on Capitol Lawn. Reports say that tent was torn down.

12:26 pm SB 116 Right to Work For Less–Private Employees, coming up for a vote. Jesse Jackson speaking outside of the Capitol.

12:30 pm Michigan Nurses Facebook, “Our nurses at MNA’s first aid tent are treating people being maced.” Hopefully, not too many…

12:59 pm Just found UAW lifestream here.

1:04 pm Commondreams coverage here.

1:35 pm Electablog reports ”House passes S.B. 116 58-52. Michigan is officially a Right to Work for Less/Freedom to Freeload state. It’s worth noting that, given the shift in seats in favor of Democrats on November 6th, this bill would have failed in the new 2013 session. Susan Demas of MIRS News service informed me that the House Bill 4054, which the Senate passed last Thursday, is the exact same bill as S.B. 116. They only passed it in case the House didn’t have the votes they needed today on 116 (which they did.) Therefore, all that is left is for the Governor’s signature and there’s no doubt that he will sign them, probably early next week.”

2:00 pm Michigan Nurses post “We’re standing up for our patients by standing strong at the Capitol in Michigan. Gov. Snyder’s “Right to Work,” expected to be sign into law as early as this afternoon, is a lie that will tear our state apart. We are sad and outraged to see this crime being done to the state we love.”

2:22 pm marym in IL posts in with this “Just now on twitter…civil disobedience at the [George] Romney building. Photo here.  Photographer Jeff Rae‏@jeffrae add “Police just made anyone with a camera leave the Romney building area” #saveMI #1u

2:25 pm from Eclectoblog: “Multiple reports of pepper spray being used on protestors.” Mounted police present.

3:40 pm Crowds reported to be thinning. Photo gallery posted here by

4 pm Sit down protest underway. Another rally planned  with 96 y/o speaker from Flint sit down strike. That is our history

4:17 marym from IL shares this from Jeff Rae‏@jeffrae…”One of the original UAW sit down strikers just turned 96 today is addressing the crowd outside the Capitol. We need to remember!

5:00 pm Video clip here, from UAW lifestream. Tony Trupiano hosting, intro for honored 96 y/o speaker begins at 10:00. Thanks Richard for coming out in the cold to spend the afternoon with us! The crowd sings Happy Birthday. Richard reminisces a while…

7:30 pm Michigan Nurses Facebook posts “Gov. Snyder has signed the “Right to Work” bills behind closed doors. This is a heartbreaking day for us as workers, as patient advocates and citizens of a state where unions built the middle class. This fight is not over – We will now fight harder than ever against corporate greed and cowardly politicians. We will raise our voices for our patients, our members and our profession in any and every way possible. UNION STRONG”


Michigan Citizens Respond to Legislative Feeding Frenzy

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An exterior view of the Michigan Legislature dome

The Michigan State Legislature

Updates for 12-11-12 Rally will be posted here.

Everything but the kitchen sink! This is what Michigan’s lame duck legislature is trying to pass. This quote written by northern michigan citizen who recently ran for state representative:

We have a Lame Duck legislature that is out of control. The same folks who’ve been on vacation and off campaigning for much of the summer 2012 are now slamming through so much serious legislation in the last days of the session, it makes one’s head swim.

at issue:

- Severe restriction of women’s reproductive rights

- Workers’ rights

- Guns in schools and churches

- a new Emergency Manager law

- “reforms” that will privatize and corporatize public education and remove oversight and accountability to for-profit entities taking OUR tax dollars

- complicated tax changes that will leave local municipalities and schools with unfunded mandates to provide basic services to our communities

Social media is allowing rapid communication and coordination statewide on citizen response to our out of control legislature. Take a look at Facebook pages for our local Occupy, Michigan Nurses Association, and Education groups.

Expect a large turnout by concerned Michigan citizens, at the Capitol in Lansing tomorrow, Tuesday-December 11, 2012.

More info coming…see Michigan Citizens Rally! Updates and links for rally today (12-11-12)

Update from Eclectablog here.

Unconfirmed report from Capitol building Monday afternoon:

I just came from the Capitol after delivering some letters to Senate leadership offices, and I was stunned by the police presence. They have the front entrance gated off with at least three state Troopers at every egress point armed with batons and gas masks. They were also at all four egress points at every floor in the rotunda, not to mention the House and Senate chambers. As I was leaving, a contingent of at least 75-80 officers above the ones already stationed march from behind a curtain where the snack bar is to the side room school kids gather for tours. In addition to the batons and gas mask, they were carrying riot helmets and armed with yellow Tasers.

From my comments  at David Dayen’s recent article:

I can tell you the state is in an uproar. Think Wisconsin…and thanks to our neighbors across the water for their support and example. The Michigan legislature is in a frenzy to pass everything it can, in its’ lame duck session. Not only the Right to Work for Less, but bills negatively affecting Education, Reproductive Health, Conscience clauses to limit health access, and on and on. Citizens are using social media extensively to educate and communicate with each other. The governor and legislators are being contacted via email and phone today. People from across the state will be making the trip to the Michigan capitol tomorrow (Tuesday). The turnout is expected to be large. Although non violence is the order of the day, state police are being pulled in from across the state to be in Lansing tomorrow. We will not forget that police are a part of the 99.9%, we won’t let them forget it either! Nurses will be on hand to raise their voices and give first aid if needed.

My letter to Michigan Governor Snyder on Right to Work for Less: Read the rest of this entry →