Banned Again, This Time Banned From “The FOK Society”

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Rare Earth – Hey Big Brother

There I was, watching Keith Olbermann on “Countdown”. He was talking to the great reporter from HuffPo, Amanda Terkel. Not having cable tee vee, I was watching Current TV through the “FOK Society” link. Keith is better than ever, edgy and snarky,

The FOK presumably stands for Friends of Keith. It is a website I discovered and thought interesting enough to Post diaries there. I do not think Keith is officially part of FOK. But he is their inspiration for “THE progressive home”. FOK asks for people to supply unique content, which I did with several Posts.

FOK Society is a new, non profit social network, dedicated to giving progressives a safe space to socialize, have fun, support Keith Olbermann’s new Current TV venture and discuss liberal solutions to our nation’s great problems!

We are constantly striving to provide our members with the latest in news, content, live feeds, functions and features, in order to make FOK Society THE progressive home! So check back often and if you have an idea or suggestion to help improve our service, if you would like to volunteer as a moderator or would like to create unique content for our site, please see below for the different ways you can contact us.

The FOK Society does want to be the “Progressive Home”. But they could use a few more progressive Posts about the Tar Sands protests, and Eric Schneiderman and Wikileaks, Those interested in Posting at FOK can sign up and watch KO through their link to Current TV.

But I was BANNED! Liz Tyler, who claims to be a “former Republican”, banned me from the “progressive home”. It was not because of bad language, or name calling or lack of manners. But it may have been my attitude, toward the current Obama Administration. The reason I was banned remains undisclosed to me but obviously I offended supporters of the President. Liz was part of the 2008 Obama campaign and perhaps she is still with OFA.

The Post in question, was published at FDL on Monday, “Barack Obama Channels The Mythology Of George Bush To Celebrate The 9-11 Attacks”. It had some recognition as it competed with a number of excellent Posts. I dissected the Saturday Radio Address by the President. This was a speech about 9-11, and honoring the sacrifices made by many that day.

But it is the same speech we have heard for ten years. Honor the troops. Honor the first responders. Honor our fearless chickenhawk leaders who have created a Police State and endless wars from terror mongering. This is a pathetic explanation and an insult to all of us who have had to pay and suffers for illegal wars.

After ten years, we are told by Obama this brought out the best in America. But the truth is, it has brought out the worst, government deception, torture, a Neo-conservative Gestapo that serves the multinational corporations. Obama has continued all the coverups. The Obama Director of Coverups, Cass Sunstein has promised to suppress inconvenient criticism of the government and corporations. Of course the corporations are the government.

It is not easy to discuss 9-11. It is among the most controversial topics to discuss. In general, Posts that are about National Security topics tend to be less popular than those about domestic issues. They get less comments and the research is more difficult for obvious reasons. The US Government makes everything a secret. But it carries on an “Full Spectrum Information Dominance War” against antiwar dissenters. The topic of 9-11 attacks is carefully monitored by the Secret Political Police. Reporters who investigate 9-11 are themselves investigated. Cass Sunstein, appointed by OBama, has even described how to censor 9-11 information and vilify those who discuss the Topic That Shall Not Be Named: 9-11 Inside Job.

But 9-11 has brought out the best in America. The best are the antiwar dissenters, the whistleblowers, the truth tellers, and the people who fight for peace and justice. These people are targeted by the Obama Administration. Bradley Manning was tortured and declared guilty by the President. His illegal indefinite detention continues. Dan Choi and others are imprisoned and selectively prosecuted for peaceably protesting an evil Oil Shale pipeline. Marc Emery remains a political prisoner, at least for a thousand more days. This is a very incomplete list of people who are persecuted and prosecuted by a corrupt corporate establishment, just the same as they targeted Martin Luther King Jr.

I must also confess I have been banned from Daily Kos. They still have my homepage. But I cannot participate in the DK community. They never told me what my infraction is and I have tried to get reinstated. Please, Please, DK take me back!

But BANNED AGAIN! How can I explain this to my Twitter followers? My Post disappeared and I disappeared from FOK. Oh, the inhumanity, unable to be part of the Progressive Home.

But It is not totally disappeared. Liz Tyler is now misrepresenting me as a Teabag Troll. She actually reposted “Barack Obama Channels The Mythology Of George Bush To Celebrate The 9-11 Attacks”. Republican Liz used my Post without the title and without the author attribution. Liz slandered me by calling me a “troll”. I am a lifelong Democrat, radical environmentalist, and semi-pro leftist. I am not and have never been affiliated with “the Tea Party”, except to mock it. I am called “Banned Memeber” by a Republican. Get it? Meme-ber. Liz, stop stealing my original content.

So why was I banned? Liz will not say other than to insult and slander me. But here are some unfair and unbalanced comments from her. Not one fact from my Post was used. I was not allowed to defend myself.

Frank… the consensus has been formed and based on the response to you here and the amount of concerned messages that I’ve received about you… you have been labeled the false progressive that hides your tea party disease… you m’dear are a TROLL!

You gave yourself away in several different places and I’m not going to point them out because I want you to make the same mistakes at the next place you go so you can so quickly and easily expose yourself again… lol

I give myself away in several places but Liz does not say which. Liz you are not exposing anything except that you are part of OFA.

But I will share with you the most telling way that you exposed yourself… how you only focused on Obama as the ill that is our govt… you only point out the critical and negative that people have to say about Obama… you’re focus as the only GOP critique goes all the way back to Ronald Reagan… that is a MAJOR tip off as we all know that if ol’ Ronnie came down from on high to run again in the GOP field… the Tea Party would smear some jam on him and eat him up whole… lol

The other stuff that you “slipped” up on… you’re just going to have to figure out for yourself but you Frank are a TOTAL fraud!!!

My Post focused on the President was because it was his speech I was deconstructing. His own words are a disgrace. I gave myself away by only criticizing Republicans since Ronbo? I do not even understand this statement. Ronald Reagan is always praised by Obama. Obama even referred to Reagan to support his Big Debt Deal except Reagan never balanced any budgets.

As progressive… we’re getting sick and tired of people that allow their personal mental illnesses and mania’s to distract form our terrific problems… one man didn’t bring us here and didn’t do it overnight… it’s going to take us years to undo the damage of the GOP EVIL greed and we know this…

Liz should know. She is, or was a Rethuglican. As for the mentally ill, I do not believe that Liz is qualified to make that diagnosis. Of course the Administration calls antiwar protesters and Oil Shale protesters and Torture protesters, Fucking Retarded.

You have two choices Frank… you can leave of your own accord or you can be banned… I don’t know if I made this clear or not… but we have a ZERO troll tolerance policy! I will give you to the end of today for this self serving dignity to be able to say that you left of your own free will… but if when I come back tonight… if you are still here… you will be banned!

I would call that one choice. The Progressive Homey Liz Tyler joins Total Information Awareness! Liz did introduce a phrase that is new to me, “angry left”. Maybe OFA uses that to describe the fucking retarded dissenters.

Oh and btw… THIS is what the “angry” left looks like and not that total bullshit troll dreck up there!!!!

Liz is a liar and has slandered me and stole my original content without proper attribution. That was a mistake. She will receive a sternly worded message from me, if I can figure out how to logon. I may even e-mail Keith Olbermann to let him know that FOK censored my Post, slandered and banned me for no reason.