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New Dee Cee Power Couple Melanie Sloan and Lanny Davis Plunder Student Loans

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Jane Hamsher calls out Lanny Davis for his shady behavior

Melanie Sloan of CREW, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, can claim her greatest success against former bug man, bag man and Majority Leader, Tom Delay. Delay was found guilty of money laundering by a Texas State Court. It took six years for the Justice system, with some help from CREW to convict Delay.

However, Melanie is leaving CREW to team up with Lanny Davis, K-Street Grifter Deluxe. CREW and Sloan have already been helping Davis fight for the rights of lobbyists to game the system and rob Federal Student Loans. Melanie has also teamed up with corrupt CIA Spymaster Porter Goss to destroy Maxine Waters. Rep. Waters crime was exposing CIA Contra Cocaine Drug Networks. Just when you think things cannot get any weirder within the Dee Cee, I 495 Beltway, things get weirder.

Lanny Davis is one of the most successful and prominent Corporate lobbyists. Lanny, his Lobby Shop and his list of unsavory clients can match any Republican corporate hired gun, such as the equally villainous, but more secretive Richard Hohlt of the Off The Record Club. K-Street and Lanny Davis are chasing another big, fat pile of taxpayer money, Federal Student Loans.

WARNING! This Post contains extremely graphic and disturbing images of Dee Cee corporate lobbyists. The reputations of a number of influential Influence Peddlers were harmed during the writing of this Post. Hopefully.

The Tom Delay conviction was a victory for CREW. But CREW has failed to convict another “Most Corrupt” elected official, Rep. Maxine Waters. CREW says Maxine Waters is corrupt because she arranged a meeting between a minority owned Bank and Treasury officials. The Waters family owned shares of that bank, which makes her corrupt. Plus, Goldman Sachs Treasury officials, such as Paulson had no interest in helping Banks that were too small to compete with GS. CREW apparently has found no other politician who requested meetings with the Paulson Treasury Dept. to get TARP funds.

With its limited resources, a couple dozen employees, CREW cannot expose every Dee Cee Beltway scandal such as Torture, War Profiteering, and COINTELPRO. CREW’s list of “Most Corrupt” Democrats are mostly progressive, anti-war, support Universal Health Care, and are African-American, such as Maxine Waters. CREW has not yet discovered other scandals, such as the massive Mortgage Fraud and MERS. Maxine Waters has fought for victimized homeowners unlike CREW. Maxine publicly mocked Geithner and his Goldman Sachs Minders. Just the same as CIA Spymaster Porter Goss, Wall Street Fraudsters never forgive and never forget.

Maxine Waters grills Geithner about Goldman Sachs connections

Melanie Sloan knows everything about Dee Cee and the Lobbyists and the corruption. Her group CREW gets great publicity for fighting tirelessly against Dee Cee corruption. Melanie has been widely celebrated and she makes frequent tee vee appearances. She was named to O’s First Ever Power List. This list of women who make a difference, by Oprah Winfrey presents “remarkable visionaries who are flexing their muscles in business and finance, politics and justice, science and the arts.” Melanie Sloan described her own vision. before she departed from social justice and joined the bad guys.

Mine is a very wearing job—you get rid of bad guys and then more appear. It’s never done. But here is what’s great: When I pick up the paper and read something terrible, I don’t just think, “Wow, that is awful and I hope somebody does something about it.” I read it and go, “Wow, what can I do about that today?” Yes, it’s hard to fight for what you believe in, but hard is never a reason not to fight. My mom would say I’ve always had an innate sense of fairness and justice. But I also went to a Quaker high school and took their values of social justice to heart. So even if I alienate all of Washington, I’m not afraid. In fact, when people start attacking me, I’m happy. It means I’m getting to them, and that means I’m doing my job.

CREW is friendly with lobbyists, and one co-founder was another prominent Dee Cee power broker Mark Penn. Penn is famous for Olestra and crashing the Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign. Actually the resources of CREW are mostly focused on reviewing financial statements of Congress members. CREW itself does not release its own financial statements. The donors to CREW remain secret.

The success of American Education is its continual experimentation. Federal Student Loans for College students was an experiment that is now a success story. It has not been perfect and the policies for non-profit Higher Education versus For-Profits requires healthy debate. But same as everything else, Big Business is “shorting” Non-Profit Colleges. The neo-cons and their cowardly allies are plundering the Student Loan Program. For-Profit Schools are being subsidized by fraudulent student loans.

Some of Lanny’s and Melanie’s new clients, at least indirectly, are Goldman Sachs and Bill Gates. Bill Gates and the Washington Post have a cash cow called Kaplan Higher Education. GS has a major investment in EDMC, which has suffered some major losses. Without the billions of dollars from Federal Student Loans, these For-Profits would go bankrupt. The huge investments of Lanny and Melanie’s clients would be a major financial catastrophe for Disaster Capitalists.

Privatization of Public resources is a success story for Wall Street. The very successful Goldman Sachs and its current crime boss, Blankfein have looted most everything, including student loans. Goldman Sachs should be compared to the Nematomorph Hairworm. This brain parasite turns its victim into a zombie which then commits suicide, for the parasite’s benefit. Public Education remains to be plundered. The Bill Gates Foundation, another parasite posing as philanthropy, spends billions of dollars to promote Charter Schools and attack Public Education.

For-Profit colleges are being subsidized by generous taxpayers at the expense of millions of college students. Many For-Profits have sub-standard facilities and are non-accredited. Students attending these schools frequently have massive debts of tens of thousands of dollars because of exorbitant tuition. CREW and Melanie have been playing the Dee Cee Hypocrisy Game as they try to neutralize the Department of Education.

The irony is worthy of Alanis Morissette. Grifter Educators provide substandard service and become multi-millionaires from fraud. Real Educators fight everyday for students against rightwing attacks and Tea Party budget cutters. Glen Greenwald calls Melanie’s defection to K-Street, “bizarre”, and then he makes the ultimate insult comparing Lanny to Darth.

And I find it particularly bizarre that someone would leave an organization devoted to ethics in politics in order go to work for Lanny Davis of all people — one of the sleaziest, most ethics-free influence-peddlers Washington has never known. As I said, the only comparable analogy I can think of is leaving the ACLU to go to work for Dick Cheney — to me, Dick Cheney is to civil liberties what Lanny Davis is to ethics in politics.

The American Civil Liberties Union, has not yet been co-opted by the Cheney secret government. The ACLU fights for the citizen’s Bill of Rights and fights against torture. The ACLU: Move Freedom Forward. CREW: Move Goldman Sachs and Bill Gates Forward.

The For-Profits have been profitable if problematic for Goldman Sachs and Bill Gates. It is estimated For-Profits serve 10% of the college age population. That is enough to subsidize a multi-billion dollar industry, based on Federal Student Loans.

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan’s wants to bring “program integrity” to the industry. The department reports that students at for-profit schools use 26 percent of all student loans and represent 43 percent of all loan defaulters. The new rules will require any school taking federal student assistance to win approval before expanding into new course areas.

CREW and Melanie’s tactics on behalf of the For-Profits have been brilliant. Just forget about the For-Profit scandals. Attack! Create non-existent scandals against opponents. Demand congressional investigations. Demand any and all records from anyone. Suppress testimony, especially Steve Eisman. Slander Steve Eisman. Eisman inspired a CREW website headline that could be an Onion Satire, “CREW Asks Senate Committee To Question Motives Of Critics Of For-profit Education Industry.” Melanie turns up the self-satire, as she denounces those pecuniary multi-millionaires who are destroying For-Profit Education.

Congress and the Department of Education should remain vigilant against the efforts of a few opportunistic multi-millionaires to abuse the regulatory process for their own pecuniary interests.

One particular multi-millionaire that Melanie was talking about was Steve Eisman. Eisman is no soft spoken pointy headed lefty college president. But he was correct about the destructive sub-prime mortgage scandals. Eisman rants the same way a fierce government watchdog should rant about social destruction caused by privileged corporate parasites.

“I thought that there would never again be an opportunity to be involved with an industry as socially destructive as the subprime mortgage industry,” Eisman said. “I was wrong. The for-profit education industry has proven equal to the task.”

Eisman made a small fortune or a large fortune from Mortgage Fraud. He did intensive fundamental research and determined that Goldman Sachs was selling toxic assets. He bet against the AAA rated Toxic mortgages and won that bet big time. Eisman is also betting against For-Profits because of his research. Goldman Sachs does not care about fundamental research because it is all a game and GS is too big to fail. That is official GS policy.

After many planted articles by For-Profit shills and legal threats by CREW and CREW’s own website attacking critics of For-Profits, Melanie resigned from CREW. Too Late! Melanie has her own super sweet scandal with her own Scandal TimeLine courtesy of Salon. There are the usual questions. What did Melanie know and when did she know it? How much was Melanie paid? And does Melanie understand why Education is important?

Rep. Maxine Waters on CIA Drug Trafficking

It is disgraceful and hypocritical lobbying for corporations while claiming to be a government watchdog. What is even more disgusting and disgraceful and wicked is Melanie Sloan’s campaign against Maxine Waters. It is also deceptive. Sloan is working with Porter Goss. There is no bigger conflict of interest having Goss as a part of an “ethics” committee. Goss is a Secret Spymaster in the Invisible Neo-con Police State. Goss formerly led the CIA. That is, Goss led the CIA to more corruption.

Goss has conspired to conceal the CIA Crack Cocaine Scandal and personally has fought against Maxine Waters. Goss was responsible for suppressing facts about the Scandal that Dare Not Speak Its Name in Washington DC, CIA Crack. The Congressional District of Maxine Waters had been particularly hard hit with CIA cocaine.

REP. MAXINE WATERS, (D) California: (September) Now there are people who will say, Well, Miss Waters, maybe the CIA wasn’t directly involved. Maybe it was just the people from Nicaragua and other places who were kind of CIA connected. Maybe they just turned their heads. Maybe they just kind of blinked and said, well, it doesn’t make any difference whether they delivered the kilo themselves, or they turned their heads while somebody else delivered it, they’re just as guilty. (applause)

The CIA, has been dealing drugs since before the BCCI scandal. BCCI was a CIA bank where drug money was laundered including profits from Cocaine that helped finance the Contra War. Maxine waters tried to present evidence against the Drug Dealing “Intelligence Community”. Goss stopped her, and the same CIA gangsters he protected have probably been promoted to even more important positions in the Intelligence Community. This group of drug profiteers seems to intersect with the neo-con faction which fabricated the Oil Wars. Perhaps, if their crimes had been exposed, we would not have the Oil Wars.

Porter Goss, who now heads the Office of Congressional Ethics that charged Congresswoman Maxine Waters with ethics violations, chaired the House Intelligence Committee’s March 16, 1998, hearing on CIA involvement in drug trafficking. Here he smirks as he listens to Waters’ testimony (recorded in four videos below). During the hearing, CIA Inspector General Fred Hitz testified that the CIA failed to “cut off relationships with individuals supporting the Contra program who were alleged to have engaged in drug trafficking.” Waters pressed Goss to continue the investigation, emphasizing that only Congress had the necessary subpoena power – not the CIA, the Justice Department nor the White House. “I believe the dramatic new developments in this ongoing scandal make it imperative that the House Intelligence Committee hold full public hearings to be able to fully and adequately complete its investigation,” wrote Waters. Finally in May 1999 Goss held another hearing, but it was closed and secret and Waters was not even allowed to attend.

The Lanny and Melanie Power Duo is actually a Power Threesome. Melanie’s spouse is Eric Anderson who works for SAIC. Anderson was no ordinary covert spook in Iraq. He was a high ranking spook. Now he is a high ranking spook for SAIC, and he

is the deputy director of an Asian policy consulting group of Science Applications International Corporation, a military contractor in San Diego. He is a major in the Air Force Reserve. In 2005, he worked in Baghdad as the senior intelligence analyst for the multinational forces in Iraq.

We can only guess what Major Anderson did in Iraq to win the war, Psyops, Biometrics, False Flag Ops, Assassinations? Anderson does Post frequently so we should assume he works on War Disinformation. Anderson has praised Assassinations and has blamed lazy Congress members for the War in Iraq. Also he wants China to send soldiers to the Forever Afghan War. Anderson neglects to mention in his Posts, that he is a paid member of the Military Industrial Complex, working for SAIC.

SAIC is a parallel privatized secret government that promotes neo-con war policies and does the more dirty of the Cheney Dirty Tricks. SAIC has been involved in COINTELPRO, spying on Americans who protest the criminal wars that are so profitable for SAIC. Would SAIC target organizations to use against anti-war leaders such as Maxine Waters? Did SAIC and Porter Goss and Melanie Sloan collaborate to destroy Maxine Waters? Those questions might be answered if CREW would reveal its donors instead of keeping them secret. A common method used by oppressive Secret Police Organizations, such as SAIC, is to subvert organizations, turning them into a zombie, which then self destructs.

With the departure of Melanie Sloan, CREW seems to be in zombie mode. For the last six months CREW has used its resources to help corrupt corporations. CREW has attempted to falsely convict Maxine Waters in a Kangaroo Court run by Porter Goss. It may not be too much longer before CREW self-destructs. For Melanie Sloan’s replacement, I suggest Glen Greenwald or Steve Eisman.

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Goldman Sachs Commits Fraud With Computers-Attorney General Eric Holder Conceals Their Disaster Capitalism

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There is a danger that somebody who knew how to use this program could use it to manipulate markets in unfair ways. “Run for your lives if it gets in the wrong hands!”-Jonathan Weil

A hard hitting Post by Badabing highlights yet more fraud from Goldman Sachs, “AG Holder asks Judge to Seal Goldman Sachs Courtroom Case”. Eric Holder and his Department of Justice are betraying the American people as they coverup corporate corruption. Just as the Supreme Court has promoted Corporations to be superior to human beings, Holder has promoted Goldman Sachs to be immune from the Law.

Eric Holder wants a “closed” courtroom to protect the “Trade Secrets”. But these Trade Secrets might be used for Stock Market Fraud. Apparently that possibility has not occurred to the Department of Justice. Holder continues to protect and coverup the crimes of GS, even changing the Law. This newest corporate privilege is expanding the definition of Trade Secrets to include any evidence that could be incriminating.

1. The Great Vampire Squid is not Vampyroteuthis Infernalis

Goldman Sachs officially became a bank so it is no longer a collection of fraudster salesmen selling toxic financial products. It is a collection of bankster salesmen now, who steal anything. Goldman Sachs robbed people of educations with crooked student loans. They stole lifetime savings with crooked health care insurance. They even destroyed the Montana Power Company. Why? Because GS exemplifies the worst in American Disaster Capitalism.

For nearly 90 years, the Montana Power Company exemplified the very best of American capitalism. It provided cheap, reliable electricity for the people of Montana, excellent benefits for thousands of employees and generous, reliable dividends for its stockholders…

And at the M&M, a 24-hour bar and restaurant that hasn’t locked its door since the 1880s, people are out for blood. “The whole thing was just wrong what they did. People here losing money and they have no retirement,” says one waitress. “They have nothing coming in. Companies shouldn’t be able to do that. I don’t think anybody ever thought we’d never have Montana Power.”

Some of those involved were in New York City, at the huge Wall Street investment firm of Goldman Sachs. As financial advisors to Montana Power, Goldman Sachs executives made more than 100 trips to Montana urging the company to get out of the utility business.

They also destroyed the economy of Greece the old fashioned way, lying, cheating and stealing. Goldman Sachs has a unique business model that is of course, a Trade Secret. That Secret is: It is easier to break things than to make things, and they must keep it secret that they are ghouls feeding on the corpses of their victims.

Goldman Sachs fraud certainly was a main cause for the present economic failure, recession and a war economy with high unemployment. The Disaster Capitalists and their partners, Henry Paulson, Paul Bremer, the other Paulson, KashAndKari, Blankfein, Peter Peterson, Stephen Friedman, destroyed economic prosperity for fun and profit.

These very respectable people also are war criminals and war profiteers who conspired to give us the endless oil wars, especially Peterson. The many crimes of The Great Vampire Squid are too numerous to list, but GS and its accomplices are as bad or worse than any organized crime family. If the Department of Justice does not stop them, Goldman Sachs will sooner or later crash the whole economy, as they did in 1929 and 2008. Probably sooner.

2. The Doomsday Machine Must Be Kept Secret As It Crashes Markets

Eric Holder must take responsibility. Goldman Sachs is probably the most powerful corporation in the world. Any decisions to prosecute or not, would have to be made by the Attorney General. Holder is prosecuting a Russian immigrant and former GS employee, Sergey Aleynikov, for stealing the “Doomsday Machine”, a GS computer program. It was suggested to Badabing in a comment, that the appropriate response would have been to squeeze Aleynikov to reveal GS criminality.

Aleynikov, 39, is the former Goldman computer programmer who was arrested on theft charges July 3 as he stepped off a flight at Liberty International Airport in Newark, New Jersey. That was two days after Goldman told the government he had stolen its secret, rapid-fire, stock- and commodities-trading software in early June during his last week as a Goldman employee. Prosecutors say Aleynikov uploaded the program code to an unidentified Web site server in Germany.

But Sergey is no bolshevik, and he made $400,000 a year using GS Flash Trading. He is accused of stealing from Goldman Sachs! Oh the horror! Goldman Sachs is a victim. Flash Trading or High Frequency Trading is the new “churning”. Old school churning was stockbrokers would make unnecessary stock trades to increase their fees. Flash Trading adds computer decision making and near instantaneous transactions. They still get the inflated fees but they also manipulate trades to artificially drive stock prices up or down. Flash Trading has already crashed the Stock Market once.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Joseph Facciponti admitted that the Doomsday Machine could be be used for fraud and market manipulation, because GS told him. But the Department of Justice thinks Goldman Sachs should not have their proprietary program revealed, even though it is obvious that GS is committing “Front Running” fraud.

In addition, because of the way this software interfaces with the various markets and exchanges, the bank [Goldman Sachs] has raised a possibility that there is a danger that somebody who knew how to use this program could use it to manipulate markets in unfair ways.

What this program does is connect and draw information from stock exchanges around the country, and it draws them in very small increments of time. One of the bank officers described it as milliseconds of time. And it is very efficient at processing that stock information and sending to the bank’s programs that conduct trades based upon algorithms that are developed by mathematicians and physicists.

Damn Physicists, damn Math guys, making algorithms that rob people of their life savings as they manipulate the market in unfair ways. Obviously, Facciponti does not have much imagination about who else could manipulate the market in unfair ways. GS shill Facciponti wants to keep the computer code a Trade Secret, and out of Court, instead of investigating obvious evidence of another GS crime spree.

But there is more evidence to conceal. Facciponti wants to declare the GS strategy and business practices trade secrets. Facciponti wants to label any evidence that implicates GS, trade secrets. The banksters secretly added secrecy provisions to the treacherous and treasonous “Patriot Act”. This gives banksters special protection to commit crimes. Goldman Sachs now owns the Department of Justice and Joseph Facciponti. Facciponti has a promising career in his future, as a Wall Street fraudster himself.

Federal prosecutors in Manhattan have asked a judge to seal the courtroom in an upcoming corporate-espionage trial to protect the secret of Goldman Sachs’ controversial high-speed trading software.

Prosecutors in the Southern District of New York asked the judge last week to close the courtroom for portions of testimony involving the company’s proprietary software, and to seal exhibits and transcripts pertaining to the company’s trade secrets…

In their motion, prosecutors also asked that evidence and arguments about the nation’s financial crisis not relevant to the case be excluded from the trial.

Specifically, prosecutors asked that information about Goldman Sachs’ receipt of funds from the government’s bank bailout program be excluded, as well as information about the company’s bonus pool, bonuses and salaries paid to Goldman Sachs employees other than programmers relevant to the case. They also want civil and regulatory proceedings involving Goldman Sachs to be precluded, and information about SEC investigations of, and proposed regulation of, high-frequency trading.

High-speed trading software has been in the crosshairs since a recent SEC investigation found that trading algorithms were responsible in part for a drastic one-day stock-market crash last May.

Prosecutors asserted in their motion that “the legality of high-frequency trading is not an issue here.”

It is not relevant that GS crashed the economy in 2008. It is not relevant that GS received tens of billions of taxpayer bailout funds. It is not relevant that financial decisions affecting millions of ordinary people are based on questionable computer program decisions, without any responsibility by actual human beings.

Possibly the computer source code itself, should properly be classified a “Trade Secret”, but no other evidence in this criminal trial should be suppressed. Aleynikov does claim that he is innocent and transferred open source computer code. So it is logical that the computer code be checked to see if it is open source. There are licenses for open source and it would not be a surprise if GS was violating those licenses, and even stealing code themselves. But to close the Court room to only evidence approved by GS and their sock puppet Facciponti, is itself evidence of a corrupt justice system that has made human beings slaves to corporations.

A conspiratorial mind set could imagine any possible scenario to explain why Facciponti went to a Federal Judge on the 4th of July Holiday to protect Goldman Sachs. For instance, one crazy outrageous explanation, might be that the GS code contains a “back door” that allows their program to be remotely controlled, by unscrupulous people in the government or Wall Street friends of Facciponti. Of course that is just silly conspiracy theorizing.

3. It doesn’t matter if it’s a good company or not, because GS will break anything or anyone.

It is relevant that Goldman Sachs moles are put into every important position of power in the Federal Government. The latest National Security Advisor, a lawyer for Goldman Sachs and Citigroup, and lobbyist for Fannie Mae Thomas Donilon seems exceptionally incompetent. The CEO of Overstock.Com, Patrick Byrne says “I think Goldman is a criminal enterprise.” He adds that the government regulator SEC is actually controlled by Wall Street crooks. And that the SEC has harassed him because of his criticisms of the corruption.

We can thank GS for telling us a few facts about their scorched earth investment strategy. Joseph Squeri, Goldman Sachs’ managing director of technology, stated very clearly, it is not about adding value to their investment products. It is all about artificially inflating value until the “bubble” bursts.

The market of today has become a “technical game”, Squeri says. Whoever has the best technology, wins. “Macro [is] driving trends now, rather than fundamental research…Doesn’t matter if it’s a good company or not.”

Fundamental research is so yesterday. The best technology wins. Good investments, bad investments, it is just a technical game. The Flash Crash on May 6 was a consequence of this reckless gambling. Squeri’s reassurances can only increase confidence for investors, the ones who have plenty of liquidity. I think that means you need to have plenty of money to cover the reckless gambling when you lose your bet, due to stupid computers and stupid algorithms. Goldman Sachs does have plenty of money, mostly other people’s money.

in reference to a technical glitch that sent markets into a tumbling frenzy on May 6th, Squeri said simply, “It was just a matter of time.”

“The crash exposed major faults in the system when there is a lack of liquidity”, one of the risks of a market that responds in milliseconds, facilitated by computers and complex algorithms.

4. A Genuine Victim of Department of Justice Censorship and Secrecy

Facciponti repeatedly called Goldman Sachs a “victim”. There are real victims of the DOJ secrecy and censorship. Marc Emery was persecuted by the Department of Justice and sentenced to five years imprisonment. His crime was selling marijuana seeds. For comparison, a police officer who was dealing drugs, 40 pounds of marijuana and 2 pounds of cocaine, received a one year prison sentence.

Update on Marc Emery, September 27, 2010

Emery’s case has become Top Secret. Goldman Sachs is not the only corrupt institution protected by Holder’s censorship. Six thousand pages have been totally blacked out that have no national security or trade secrets. The censored documents describe government persecution of Marc Emery by the Department of Justice, the DEA and the Canadian RCMP.

But the Department of Injustice is lying about the War on Marc Emery and that must be concealed. Marc Emery is a political prisoner of a corrupt and failed War on Drugs. Emery’s real crime was promoting the legalization of marijuana. The failed Trillion dollar War on Drugs must be continued because this endless war gives more unconstitutional power to the Federal Government to invade homes, steal bank accounts, and spy on any anti-corporate dissident.

He said he has no doubt why American federal authorities are out to get him: it was all told in the media statement by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration when he was arrested on July 29, 2005. Then DEA administrator Karen Tandy declared that his arrest was “a significant blow not only to the marijuana trafficking trade in the U.S. and Canada, but also to the marijuana legalization movement”.

The Department of Justice continues to claim marijuana causes significant physical harm. There is little if any evidence to support this. Humans have been productively using this herb for thousands of years. Active, potentially valuable biological compounds have been discovered in marijuana, for example that promote neurogenesis, growth of new brain cells. Research into proven health effects of marijuana’s unique biological compounds is suppressed by Holder’s Department of Justice. The fact that marijuana is environmentally positive, repairing and replenishing soil is certainly not relevant to the War on Drug profiteers or Facciponti.

This government censorship policy protects the illegal drug profits of the Drug Cartels, profits which are shared with the CIA. And government censorship protects Goldman Sachs. Holder’s Department of Justice spends more money and time prosecuting a marijuana activist, than it does investigating the criminal organization known as Goldman Sachs.


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The National Security Agency Spies On Us All, And Conceals The Crimes Of Goldman Sachs

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The National Security Agency spies on all Americans illegally. This includes, landline phones, cell phones, internet and probably everything else they can use Government whistleblowers are threatened with prison or worse, if they reveal this Conspiracy. The Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board helps direct these criminal activities. This Board is a secret neo-con government. It is controlled by corporate criminals and war profiteers such as Stephen Friedman of Goldman Sachs.

The CEO of QWEST was prosecuted by the Federal Government for not cooperating with STELLAR WIND. That is the TOTAL 24/7 spying on all Americans by Neo-cons who control our wars and conspire against innocent Americans and maintain the power of the Bankster Corporatocracy. STELLAR WIND is not just about spying. Our Fascist overlords carry out covert ops against patriotic citizens especially government employees who know too many 9-11 secrets. This Invisible Government is similar to the GESTAPO or STAASI.

These attacks against Qwest and all Americans are clearly illegal and widespread. An FBI lawyer tried to be a whistleblower to expose these un-American activities. He was punished for telling the truth.

It was unclear to Tamm what was being hidden from the other 10 judges on the court (as well as the deputy attorney general, who could sign all other FISA warrants). All that Tamm knew was that the "A.G.-only" wiretap requests involved intelligence gleaned from something that was obliquely referred to within OIPR as "the program."
The program was in fact a wide range of covert surveillance activities authorized by President Bush in the aftermath of 9/11. At that time, White House officials, led by Vice President Dick Cheney, had become convinced that FISA court procedures were too cumbersome and time-consuming to permit U.S. intelligence and law-enforcement agencies to quickly identify possible Qaeda terrorists inside the country. (Cheney’s chief counsel, David Addington, referred to the FISA court in one meeting as that "obnoxious court," according to former assistant attorney general Jack Goldsmith.) Under a series of secret orders, Bush authorized the NSA for the first time to eavesdrop on phone calls and e-mails between the United States and a foreign country without any court review. The code name for the NSA collection activities—unknown to all but a tiny number of officials at the White House and in the U.S. intelligence community—was "Stellar Wind."…

The NSA, with the secret cooperation of U.S. telecommunications companies, had begun collecting vast amounts of information about the phone and e-mail records of American citizens. Separately, the NSA was also able to access, for the first time, massive volumes of personal financial records—such as credit-card transactions, wire transfers and bank withdrawals—that were being reported to the Treasury Department by financial institutions. These included millions of "suspicious-activity reports," or SARS, according to two former Treasury officials who declined to be identified talking about sensitive programs. (It was one such report that tipped FBI agents to former New York governor Eliot Spitzer’s use of prostitutes.) These records were fed into NSA supercomputers for the purpose of "data mining"—looking for links or patterns that might (or might not) suggest terrorist activity.

This super secret program was started BEFORE the 9-11 Attacks. The NSA, National Security Agency, seems to be in control, running a program similar to COINTELPRO of the 60′s. Of course the Watergate Scandal was part of COINTELPRO, with the Watergate burglars involved in actual physical attacks against anti-war people. Gordon Liddy made many death threats against “leftists”. Similarly, the criminals who control NSA apparently will break any law to protect Torture, War Crimes, False Flag violence, and Assassinations. Welcome to America.

Early on the morning of Aug. 1, 2007, 18 FBI agents—some of them wearing black flak jackets and carrying guns—showed up unannounced at Tamm’s redbrick colonial home in Potomac, Md., with a search warrant. While his wife, wearing her pajamas, watched in horror, the agents marched into the house, seized Tamm’s desktop computer, his children’s laptops, his private papers, some of his books (including one about Deep Throat) and his family Christmas-card list.

Wayne Madsen adds some details
about the new world order success creating a Soviet America. As early as Feb 27, 2001, QWEST was told to start spying on Americans, long before 9-11. This is very strange that a massive Domestic Espionage Program program was started by the neo-cons, a few weeks after the Supreme Court stole the election for the Bushies.

The illegal NSA surveillance program, once known by its highly-classified code-name STELLAR WIND, was revealed by AT&T employee Mark Klein, who divulged NSA’s “secret room” on the 6th floor at AT&T’s central office on Folsom Street in San Francisco. The “secret room” was next door to the 4ESS phone switch. According to AT&T documents, NSA had direct wiretaps on key Internet circuits on the floor above. NSA’s operation conducted vacuum-cleaner copying of the data stream of the Internet, which included e-mail, web browsing, VOIP phone calls (e.g., Skype) and all the other common Internet services. There is informed speculation that because of an aggressive AT&T internal campaign to transfer all its old long-distance traffic to fiber lines, traditional phone calls that passed through the 4ESS switch were likely transferred to the Internet circuits, making phone calls also very likely subject to NSA eavesdropping…

WMR has been told by NSA insiders that if the full extent of NSA’s illegal operations became public, the American people would go into a “state of shock.”

Goldman Sachs banksters are also part of this conspiracy. Stephen Friedman was appointed to be chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board. What are his qualifications? He is a thief and a liar. This fraudster helped plan the Financial Meltdown as a Bushie Economics Advisor and then as Chairman of the New York Federal Reserve. At the same time, he was commiting more fraud. Because he was on the Board of Directors of that greedy vampire squid called Goldman Sachs.

Stephen Friedman, was among those making the decision that AIG’s counterparties should be paid 100 cents on the dollar for its CDS debts. It never made sense that AIG/AIGFP would decide on its own to pay its creditors 100 cents on the dollar for its debts, but now we know, thanks to reporting from Bloomberg, that it wasn’t AIGFP and its CFO Elias Habayeb who was making that decision.

It was, instead, a group of people from the New York Fed who gave that order a group that included Tim Geithner and Friedman. Goldman ended up getting almost $14 billion from AIG after the bailout. And Friedman, we later found out, bought 50,000 shares of Goldman stock after this deal was struck. He resigned in May from the Fed, a few days after the Wall Street Journal broke the story about Friedman’s stock purchases.

Friedman surely had information about key moves involving the bank — like Goldman getting paid off at par in the AIG bailout, or Goldman getting a federal bank charter overnight so that a mountain of cheap Fed money could save it from bankruptcy — before the market got it. That he bought 50,000 shares in Goldman after the AIG bailout and is not in jail right now is sort of amazing, until you consider that it will be a cold day in hell before a former head of Goldman Sachs is arrested for insider trading, even when he gets caught doing it red-handed.

What does Friedman do on the FIAB? He oversees and approves and legalizes torture and assasinations and gets valuable economic information that enriches Goldman Sachs. Friedman also worked with Irak war criminal Paul Bremer. We can assume that Friedman is not just a war profiteer. He is likely a war criminal who helped plan the Irak War along with the other members of the FIAB.

It is up to the Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board to provide an answer. The Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (PFIAB) advises the commander-in-chief on the quality of and adequacy of intelligence collection, analysis, counterintelligence, and a variety of other intel-related activities. It also makes recommendations on the legality of foreign intelligence activities.

So we have massive spying on Americans by Corporate criminals. These ratfuckers use their secret power to steal more from us. They also protect the war profiteers. They make their own laws and they are guilty of treason.

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Corporate Medicine Is Corporate Murder! And What Is The Newest Cure For Cancer?

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Yes, there may be another cure for cancer. It has been claimed that the compound "DCA" might be a new "magic bullet" than can potentially cure cancer in humans. There have been probably hundreds of similar claims in the past for an effective treatment that could fight this frightening family of diseases. The story of DCA has been bouncing around the internets for a couple years. DCA has not been shown to actually fight cancer in humans and promoting unproven treatments could be considered practicing medicine without a license. Worse, it is irresponsible to people who are afflicted with a frequently fatal disease. Their suffering is not helped by false hope as they fight for their health. Our corporate medical care steals all their money at the same time, so they are double victims.

Who controls the MEDICAL PHARMACEUTICAL INSURANCE COMPLEX (MPI). The same small group that controls everything else, GOLDMAN SACHS, and their secretive investors. Goldman Sachs has been practicing medicine without a license for at least thirty years. Their corporate medical care is not based on giving physicians the freedom to treat patients with the best medical practices. It is based on theft and greed.

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