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We Told You So!

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We Told You So!

Damn right, damn right-wingers, damn White House. Now, I feel better. And I especially felt better when I read BuzzFeed’s accurate assessment of the incompetent, and ineffective Obama campaign. But in Dee Cee, the Opinion makers want Bipartisan, ineffective, and corrupt shills.

So, we have Little Timmy Geithner, protecting LIBOR Fraudsters, Cass Sunstein polluting air, earth and water, and the Administration Insiders, committing their own Health Care Fraud. The Health Care Industry wrote ObamaCare, with some good provisions, but not nearly enough. The Republicans have discovered this Fraud. Of course, it is the same as Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts program.

Jim Messina quotes the President when they were fishing.

“This is so much more fun than health care.”

But Health Care is definitely not fun for Messina. The Republicans are investigating Campaign manager, Jim Messina. They have discovered E-mails. The “left” is rushing to defend Messina. Not really, just kidding.

But before the right targeted Messina, the same approach to politics — a hard-edged, pragmatic, and unapologetically inside game — made him the left’s least favorite official in the Obama White House. Beginning in 2009, the White House corralled liberal allies into a weekly meeting some participants derided as the “veal pen.”…

Now, as the Republican Party turns on Obama’s campaign manager, many on the left have a simple message: We told you so.

Messina is no better and no worse than most of the Dee Cee shills. Perhaps, he is worse, but not by much. He is funny. I am rolling over in my house with laughter. But I am thinking, Nancy Pelosi is not amused. Kids, remember, E-mails are forever.

“I will roll [P]elosi to get the 4 billion,” Messina from his personal email account — the White House has claimed he also forwarded such emails to his official account — in March 2010. “As you may have heard I am literally rolling over the house.”

And Glenzilla tells BuzzFeed,

“This behavior is classic Obama White House: adopting high-minded reforms with pretty words and flamboyant symbolic gestures, then doing everything possible in secret to preserve and even worsen the abuses Obama claims to oppose,”

These E-mails are very interesting and I can hardly wait for more. The White House remains in Delusion Mode. Na na na, hey hey good bye Messina.

Another leading player in the early battles between the White House and what then-press secretary Robert Gibbs referred to dismissively as the “professional left” described the emails as characteristic of a style that alienated progressive leaders…

“But given where we are now, I understand why he’s an asset to the campaign. He’s very good at what he does; that’s why they are going after him,” the official said. “They are afraid of him and want him gone.”

Plus Messina, your mommy don’t dance and your daddy don’t rock n roll. Oh, that is the other Messina. The Obama Messina, Asset?. How about Ass?

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Corporate Medicine Is Corporate Murder! And What Is The Newest Cure For Cancer?

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Yes, there may be another cure for cancer. It has been claimed that the compound "DCA" might be a new "magic bullet" than can potentially cure cancer in humans. There have been probably hundreds of similar claims in the past for an effective treatment that could fight this frightening family of diseases. The story of DCA has been bouncing around the internets for a couple years. DCA has not been shown to actually fight cancer in humans and promoting unproven treatments could be considered practicing medicine without a license. Worse, it is irresponsible to people who are afflicted with a frequently fatal disease. Their suffering is not helped by false hope as they fight for their health. Our corporate medical care steals all their money at the same time, so they are double victims.

Who controls the MEDICAL PHARMACEUTICAL INSURANCE COMPLEX (MPI). The same small group that controls everything else, GOLDMAN SACHS, and their secretive investors. Goldman Sachs has been practicing medicine without a license for at least thirty years. Their corporate medical care is not based on giving physicians the freedom to treat patients with the best medical practices. It is based on theft and greed.

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