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New Dee Cee Power Couple Melanie Sloan and Lanny Davis Plunder Student Loans

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Jane Hamsher calls out Lanny Davis for his shady behavior

Melanie Sloan of CREW, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, can claim her greatest success against former bug man, bag man and Majority Leader, Tom Delay. Delay was found guilty of money laundering by a Texas State Court. It took six years for the Justice system, with some help from CREW to convict Delay.

However, Melanie is leaving CREW to team up with Lanny Davis, K-Street Grifter Deluxe. CREW and Sloan have already been helping Davis fight for the rights of lobbyists to game the system and rob Federal Student Loans. Melanie has also teamed up with corrupt CIA Spymaster Porter Goss to destroy Maxine Waters. Rep. Waters crime was exposing CIA Contra Cocaine Drug Networks. Just when you think things cannot get any weirder within the Dee Cee, I 495 Beltway, things get weirder.

Lanny Davis is one of the most successful and prominent Corporate lobbyists. Lanny, his Lobby Shop and his list of unsavory clients can match any Republican corporate hired gun, such as the equally villainous, but more secretive Richard Hohlt of the Off The Record Club. K-Street and Lanny Davis are chasing another big, fat pile of taxpayer money, Federal Student Loans.

WARNING! This Post contains extremely graphic and disturbing images of Dee Cee corporate lobbyists. The reputations of a number of influential Influence Peddlers were harmed during the writing of this Post. Hopefully.

The Tom Delay conviction was a victory for CREW. But CREW has failed to convict another “Most Corrupt” elected official, Rep. Maxine Waters. CREW says Maxine Waters is corrupt because she arranged a meeting between a minority owned Bank and Treasury officials. The Waters family owned shares of that bank, which makes her corrupt. Plus, Goldman Sachs Treasury officials, such as Paulson had no interest in helping Banks that were too small to compete with GS. CREW apparently has found no other politician who requested meetings with the Paulson Treasury Dept. to get TARP funds.

With its limited resources, a couple dozen employees, CREW cannot expose every Dee Cee Beltway scandal such as Torture, War Profiteering, and COINTELPRO. CREW’s list of “Most Corrupt” Democrats are mostly progressive, anti-war, support Universal Health Care, and are African-American, such as Maxine Waters. CREW has not yet discovered other scandals, such as the massive Mortgage Fraud and MERS. Maxine Waters has fought for victimized homeowners unlike CREW. Maxine publicly mocked Geithner and his Goldman Sachs Minders. Just the same as CIA Spymaster Porter Goss, Wall Street Fraudsters never forgive and never forget.

Maxine Waters grills Geithner about Goldman Sachs connections

Melanie Sloan knows everything about Dee Cee and the Lobbyists and the corruption. Her group CREW gets great publicity for fighting tirelessly against Dee Cee corruption. Melanie has been widely celebrated and she makes frequent tee vee appearances. She was named to O’s First Ever Power List. This list of women who make a difference, by Oprah Winfrey presents “remarkable visionaries who are flexing their muscles in business and finance, politics and justice, science and the arts.” Melanie Sloan described her own vision. before she departed from social justice and joined the bad guys.

Mine is a very wearing job—you get rid of bad guys and then more appear. It’s never done. But here is what’s great: When I pick up the paper and read something terrible, I don’t just think, “Wow, that is awful and I hope somebody does something about it.” I read it and go, “Wow, what can I do about that today?” Yes, it’s hard to fight for what you believe in, but hard is never a reason not to fight. My mom would say I’ve always had an innate sense of fairness and justice. But I also went to a Quaker high school and took their values of social justice to heart. So even if I alienate all of Washington, I’m not afraid. In fact, when people start attacking me, I’m happy. It means I’m getting to them, and that means I’m doing my job.

CREW is friendly with lobbyists, and one co-founder was another prominent Dee Cee power broker Mark Penn. Penn is famous for Olestra and crashing the Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign. Actually the resources of CREW are mostly focused on reviewing financial statements of Congress members. CREW itself does not release its own financial statements. The donors to CREW remain secret.

The success of American Education is its continual experimentation. Federal Student Loans for College students was an experiment that is now a success story. It has not been perfect and the policies for non-profit Higher Education versus For-Profits requires healthy debate. But same as everything else, Big Business is “shorting” Non-Profit Colleges. The neo-cons and their cowardly allies are plundering the Student Loan Program. For-Profit Schools are being subsidized by fraudulent student loans.

Some of Lanny’s and Melanie’s new clients, at least indirectly, are Goldman Sachs and Bill Gates. Bill Gates and the Washington Post have a cash cow called Kaplan Higher Education. GS has a major investment in EDMC, which has suffered some major losses. Without the billions of dollars from Federal Student Loans, these For-Profits would go bankrupt. The huge investments of Lanny and Melanie’s clients would be a major financial catastrophe for Disaster Capitalists.

Privatization of Public resources is a success story for Wall Street. The very successful Goldman Sachs and its current crime boss, Blankfein have looted most everything, including student loans. Goldman Sachs should be compared to the Nematomorph Hairworm. This brain parasite turns its victim into a zombie which then commits suicide, for the parasite’s benefit. Public Education remains to be plundered. The Bill Gates Foundation, another parasite posing as philanthropy, spends billions of dollars to promote Charter Schools and attack Public Education.

For-Profit colleges are being subsidized by generous taxpayers at the expense of millions of college students. Many For-Profits have sub-standard facilities and are non-accredited. Students attending these schools frequently have massive debts of tens of thousands of dollars because of exorbitant tuition. CREW and Melanie have been playing the Dee Cee Hypocrisy Game as they try to neutralize the Department of Education.

The irony is worthy of Alanis Morissette. Grifter Educators provide substandard service and become multi-millionaires from fraud. Real Educators fight everyday for students against rightwing attacks and Tea Party budget cutters. Glen Greenwald calls Melanie’s defection to K-Street, “bizarre”, and then he makes the ultimate insult comparing Lanny to Darth.

And I find it particularly bizarre that someone would leave an organization devoted to ethics in politics in order go to work for Lanny Davis of all people — one of the sleaziest, most ethics-free influence-peddlers Washington has never known. As I said, the only comparable analogy I can think of is leaving the ACLU to go to work for Dick Cheney — to me, Dick Cheney is to civil liberties what Lanny Davis is to ethics in politics.

The American Civil Liberties Union, has not yet been co-opted by the Cheney secret government. The ACLU fights for the citizen’s Bill of Rights and fights against torture. The ACLU: Move Freedom Forward. CREW: Move Goldman Sachs and Bill Gates Forward.

The For-Profits have been profitable if problematic for Goldman Sachs and Bill Gates. It is estimated For-Profits serve 10% of the college age population. That is enough to subsidize a multi-billion dollar industry, based on Federal Student Loans.

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan’s wants to bring “program integrity” to the industry. The department reports that students at for-profit schools use 26 percent of all student loans and represent 43 percent of all loan defaulters. The new rules will require any school taking federal student assistance to win approval before expanding into new course areas.

CREW and Melanie’s tactics on behalf of the For-Profits have been brilliant. Just forget about the For-Profit scandals. Attack! Create non-existent scandals against opponents. Demand congressional investigations. Demand any and all records from anyone. Suppress testimony, especially Steve Eisman. Slander Steve Eisman. Eisman inspired a CREW website headline that could be an Onion Satire, “CREW Asks Senate Committee To Question Motives Of Critics Of For-profit Education Industry.” Melanie turns up the self-satire, as she denounces those pecuniary multi-millionaires who are destroying For-Profit Education.

Congress and the Department of Education should remain vigilant against the efforts of a few opportunistic multi-millionaires to abuse the regulatory process for their own pecuniary interests.

One particular multi-millionaire that Melanie was talking about was Steve Eisman. Eisman is no soft spoken pointy headed lefty college president. But he was correct about the destructive sub-prime mortgage scandals. Eisman rants the same way a fierce government watchdog should rant about social destruction caused by privileged corporate parasites.

“I thought that there would never again be an opportunity to be involved with an industry as socially destructive as the subprime mortgage industry,” Eisman said. “I was wrong. The for-profit education industry has proven equal to the task.”

Eisman made a small fortune or a large fortune from Mortgage Fraud. He did intensive fundamental research and determined that Goldman Sachs was selling toxic assets. He bet against the AAA rated Toxic mortgages and won that bet big time. Eisman is also betting against For-Profits because of his research. Goldman Sachs does not care about fundamental research because it is all a game and GS is too big to fail. That is official GS policy.

After many planted articles by For-Profit shills and legal threats by CREW and CREW’s own website attacking critics of For-Profits, Melanie resigned from CREW. Too Late! Melanie has her own super sweet scandal with her own Scandal TimeLine courtesy of Salon. There are the usual questions. What did Melanie know and when did she know it? How much was Melanie paid? And does Melanie understand why Education is important?

Rep. Maxine Waters on CIA Drug Trafficking

It is disgraceful and hypocritical lobbying for corporations while claiming to be a government watchdog. What is even more disgusting and disgraceful and wicked is Melanie Sloan’s campaign against Maxine Waters. It is also deceptive. Sloan is working with Porter Goss. There is no bigger conflict of interest having Goss as a part of an “ethics” committee. Goss is a Secret Spymaster in the Invisible Neo-con Police State. Goss formerly led the CIA. That is, Goss led the CIA to more corruption.

Goss has conspired to conceal the CIA Crack Cocaine Scandal and personally has fought against Maxine Waters. Goss was responsible for suppressing facts about the Scandal that Dare Not Speak Its Name in Washington DC, CIA Crack. The Congressional District of Maxine Waters had been particularly hard hit with CIA cocaine.

REP. MAXINE WATERS, (D) California: (September) Now there are people who will say, Well, Miss Waters, maybe the CIA wasn’t directly involved. Maybe it was just the people from Nicaragua and other places who were kind of CIA connected. Maybe they just turned their heads. Maybe they just kind of blinked and said, well, it doesn’t make any difference whether they delivered the kilo themselves, or they turned their heads while somebody else delivered it, they’re just as guilty. (applause)

The CIA, has been dealing drugs since before the BCCI scandal. BCCI was a CIA bank where drug money was laundered including profits from Cocaine that helped finance the Contra War. Maxine waters tried to present evidence against the Drug Dealing “Intelligence Community”. Goss stopped her, and the same CIA gangsters he protected have probably been promoted to even more important positions in the Intelligence Community. This group of drug profiteers seems to intersect with the neo-con faction which fabricated the Oil Wars. Perhaps, if their crimes had been exposed, we would not have the Oil Wars.

Porter Goss, who now heads the Office of Congressional Ethics that charged Congresswoman Maxine Waters with ethics violations, chaired the House Intelligence Committee’s March 16, 1998, hearing on CIA involvement in drug trafficking. Here he smirks as he listens to Waters’ testimony (recorded in four videos below). During the hearing, CIA Inspector General Fred Hitz testified that the CIA failed to “cut off relationships with individuals supporting the Contra program who were alleged to have engaged in drug trafficking.” Waters pressed Goss to continue the investigation, emphasizing that only Congress had the necessary subpoena power – not the CIA, the Justice Department nor the White House. “I believe the dramatic new developments in this ongoing scandal make it imperative that the House Intelligence Committee hold full public hearings to be able to fully and adequately complete its investigation,” wrote Waters. Finally in May 1999 Goss held another hearing, but it was closed and secret and Waters was not even allowed to attend.

The Lanny and Melanie Power Duo is actually a Power Threesome. Melanie’s spouse is Eric Anderson who works for SAIC. Anderson was no ordinary covert spook in Iraq. He was a high ranking spook. Now he is a high ranking spook for SAIC, and he

is the deputy director of an Asian policy consulting group of Science Applications International Corporation, a military contractor in San Diego. He is a major in the Air Force Reserve. In 2005, he worked in Baghdad as the senior intelligence analyst for the multinational forces in Iraq.

We can only guess what Major Anderson did in Iraq to win the war, Psyops, Biometrics, False Flag Ops, Assassinations? Anderson does Post frequently so we should assume he works on War Disinformation. Anderson has praised Assassinations and has blamed lazy Congress members for the War in Iraq. Also he wants China to send soldiers to the Forever Afghan War. Anderson neglects to mention in his Posts, that he is a paid member of the Military Industrial Complex, working for SAIC.

SAIC is a parallel privatized secret government that promotes neo-con war policies and does the more dirty of the Cheney Dirty Tricks. SAIC has been involved in COINTELPRO, spying on Americans who protest the criminal wars that are so profitable for SAIC. Would SAIC target organizations to use against anti-war leaders such as Maxine Waters? Did SAIC and Porter Goss and Melanie Sloan collaborate to destroy Maxine Waters? Those questions might be answered if CREW would reveal its donors instead of keeping them secret. A common method used by oppressive Secret Police Organizations, such as SAIC, is to subvert organizations, turning them into a zombie, which then self destructs.

With the departure of Melanie Sloan, CREW seems to be in zombie mode. For the last six months CREW has used its resources to help corrupt corporations. CREW has attempted to falsely convict Maxine Waters in a Kangaroo Court run by Porter Goss. It may not be too much longer before CREW self-destructs. For Melanie Sloan’s replacement, I suggest Glen Greenwald or Steve Eisman.

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Is Melanie Sloan’s Husband More Corrupt Than Maxine Waters, Charlie Rangel and John Murtha?

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Is Melanie or her husband corrupt? I do not know. Obviously it is risky to ask questions such as this of a former Federal Prosecutor. She might bring one of her numerous lawsuits against me. Federal Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald is bringing a lawsuit against journalist Peter Lance. Fitzgerald wants to cover up government involvement in the 9-11 attacks by suppressing Lance’s book, "Triple Cross".

Sloan has listed fifteen Congresspersons and accuses THEM of "egregious" corruption. Melanie may be correct, they might be among the most corrupt. But her list includes three Congresscritters, opposed to the Iraq War, Maxine Waters, Charlie Rangel and John Murtha. Melanie herself has a conflict of interest with respect to these three anti-war Democrats. Her husband Eric Anderson was part the Iraq genocide and has profited from it. Anderson may be part of a privatized intelligence network, SAIC, supporting NSA spying on Americans.

Melanie has no problem making accusations. Maxine Waters, "By using her position as a member of Congress to assist a bank to which she has financial ties, Rep. Waters violated House conflict-of-interest rules and engaged in conduct that does not reflect creditably upon the House." Charlie Rangel’s ethics issues include "Improper Use of Congressional Stationary", "Improper Rental Arrangements", and "Improper Vehicle Storage". Conservative Democrat John Murtha is hardly a saint, Melanie says he may take bribes.

"If, as it appears, Rep. Murtha accepted donations to his campaign and political action committees in direct exchange for earmarking federal funds, he may have committed bribery and honest services fraud and engaged in conduct not reflecting credibility on the House."

I do not know if these folks are corrupt but they are widely hated by neo-conservatives because of their opposition to the Iraq War. Obviously, our congressional system is corrupt, especially because of corporate lobbyists and their Pay-To-Play campaign shenanigans. But they have street credibility and for fairness there are some facts that should be considered. Waters and Rangel voted against the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002 that started the Iraq War. Waters also questioned CIA drug running.

Following a 1996 San Jose Mercury article alleging the complicity of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the Los Angeles crack epidemic of the 1980s, Waters called for an investigation into the matter. In her request, Waters asked whether "U.S.-government paid or organized operatives smuggled, transported and sold it to American citizens."

Rangel has taken on both George Bush and Dick Cheney.

On September 22, 2005, Rangel compared Republican President George W. Bush to Bull Connor, the former Public Safety Commissioner of Birmingham, Alabama, stating: ""George Bush is our Bull Connor."…The feud between Vice President Dick Cheney and Rangel "reignited as the Harlem lawmaker ripped the veep as a draft dodger who found it ‘easy to fight [a war] with other people’s children’" and said that Cheney is "’like a chess player; he likes to move other people’s pieces. In this case, it’s sending other people’s kids to war’,"

Murtha earned the hatred of neo-cons by opposing the Iraq War in 2006. Murtha is also opposed to the Afghanistan "surge" that would escalate the eight year failure with more US troops and casualties.

Recently Melanie has another campaign, she loves her corporate lobbyists and she wants us to love them too. Melanie was quoted by something called the "Public Affairs Council". This is similar to the American League of Lobbyists, being a Lobby for Corporate Lobbyists and Public Relations. Not all members of this outfit are evil, just many of them. Their membership includes Exxon, Wellpoint, Dow, Nuclear Energy Institute, Federal Reserve, Pfizer, Shell Oil, Unum, Hunt Oil and on and on. The corrupt, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, Carly Fiorina, will address the Public Affairs Council’s fall board meeting. Sadly, lobbyists do not want to be identified as lobbyists.

"Part of what we haven’t appreciated is that by all of our lobbyist-bashing, people now don’t want to identify themselves as lobbyists," Melanie Sloan, executive director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics, told the magazine. "People used to register out of an abundance of caution, and now the opposite is happening. They aren’t registering because they are embarrassed or worried about their job prospects. It’s a matter of concern because the administration wants more disclosure, not less."

Melanie’s husband Eric Anderson works for SAIC. SAIC fabricated "intelligence" about Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. This included false "intelligence" supplied to Douglas Feith that Saddam had a nuclear weapons program. If you need a job, SAIC is seeking more "spooks" in Iraq to continue the military occupation of Iraq and theft of their resources, that is OIL. But it is top secret.

Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) NYSE: SAI is a FORTUNE 500 scientific, engineering and technology applications company headquartered in the United States with numerous federal, state, and private sector clients. It works extensively with the United States Department of Defense, the United States Department of Homeland Security, and the United States Intelligence Community, including the National Security Agency, as well as other U.S. Government civil agencies and selected commercial markets.

Melanie supports accountability and she needs to tell us how much lobbyist money has made its way to CREW. More important is her conflict of interest with respect to Iraq. Is this a neo-con campaign against anti-war Democrats?