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Bimbo Gold Diggers In Slutty Outfits

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Who could believe that less than three weeks ago, the Bimbo Gold Digger Twins of
Tampa Bay, were respected members of society. They had organized charities, and
parties with the highest ranking war commanders of CENTCOM They socialized and
laisoned with all the best people including mayors, governors, and Senators on multiple occasions.

One Twin was “decorated” with a medal from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the highest military leaders of the USA. General Petraeus himself, presented the medal to Jill, for her Parties And Laisons Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty. All the Generals, Admirals, Military Contractors and Politicians, that the Twins seduced have some explaining to do. Hurricane Jill and Hurricane Natalie have left a trail of devastation and destruction, as they hosted and laisoned with all branches of government.


And it gets more slutty. Jill Kelley was flown in military aircraft on “multiple” trips with General Allen. She attended diplomatic parties in Washington DC. Unverified reports have suggested that she was some sort of unofficial “back channel” for mideast governments. Hopefully, that is just Jill bragging.

And it gets more slutty. But the words “Bimbo”, “Gold Diggers”, “Slutty Outfits”, are emotionally loaded, and are code words against women in the workplace. These terms are insulting and frequently and unfairly used against career women.

Most working women or professional women should not be publicly insulted with these epithets, even by another woman. But most women do not promote and profit directly from ten years of criminal wars. Debbie Schlussel is a war cheerleader. Most of the women and men of “Spyfall” brought it upon themselves. Mostly, they are war profiteers or cheerleaders for the wars.

Debbie Schlussel is a conservative working woman. Schlussel unkindly called The Twins, “sluts”. She has learned from a friend that the Twins were “Hezbollah” or “Muslim” spies. Debbie’s rant shows how jealous she is. The Twins were doing what Debbie wanted to do. Help win the neo-con wars by raising the morale of the neo-con Assassin Generals of CENTCOM

When a friend of mine said that he thought the financially troubled Khawam
sisters, Kelley and Natalie Khawam, were spies for Lebanon and the Arab world,
I originally expressed skepticism.

I believed that these twin sisters with obvious twin nose jobs were merely bimbo gold diggers in slutty outfits, who used their Delilah ways to first nab rich husbands, and then nab idiotic top American generals to participate in Lifetime-Channel worthy bitter child custody disputes.

Schlussel is wrong. They are not spies. Probably, they are not spies. They are definitely cheerleaders. Both Schlussel and The Twins are cheerleaders for the wars. But this is a never ending web of intrigue and military contractors. It is a web of conspiracy by the public warmongers, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Alex Jones, and Colonel Oliver North, who had been expecting General Petraeus to assist their Benghazi-Gate Conspiracy.

The events at Benghazi on 9-11, were going to be used for impeachment of Barack Obama. The President failed to protect four Americans and Susan Rice lied to America on the Sunday tee vee talk shows. Actually Susan Rice lied at the direction of General Petraeus. But neo-con General Petraeus is now in disgrace, because he lied about everything else. Then two of the Three Amigos, Senators McCain, and Lieberman admitted Petraeus was the main liar. That leaves Senator Lindsey Graham as the last man standing, for the Benghazi-Gate Impeachment that will not happen.

General Petraeus at Saint Anselm College

P4 , with Fruit Salad

Is this clear? It gets more slutty. The biggest slut of SpyFall is not a woman. It is General David Petraeus. He is “P4″ for those who worship him. And he is “Dave” to his mistresses. The sluttiest outfits in this story are worn by P4. The General has created the myth that he is the most “decorated”, general in American history. The former head of the CIA and leader of the wars pimps his uniforms with a chestful of “fruit salad”. It was reported that P4 wears his medals on his civilian clothes. But his record as a military leader is failure after failure. His only accomplishment are permanent military occupations and military quagmires.

Senator Kirk meets with Vice Admiral Robert Harward, the Deputy Commander of US Central Command

Admiral Harward in Dress Whites and Fruit Salad

Admiral Robert Harward was wearing a chest full of fruit salad on his dress whites when he visited Jill’s mansion. Bad luck, for the Admiral, on November 11, he was photographed by lurking reporters. That was the final Social Laison at the Kelley mansion, and Admiral Harward has some explaining to do. On Veterans Day, the Admiral was at a mansion for a birthday party.

Admiral Harward controls the torture prisons of Afghanistan. I will assume he controls other secret prisons such as in Benghazi. Paula Broadwell, the other woman, is merely a war cheerleader. Tom Ricks allowed her to write an article about how wonderful it was to destroy a village in order to save it. General Mattis the supreme leader of the Drones and Assassins in all the wars. General Allen is the commander of the quagmire in Afghanistan. Allen wants the wars to continue forever. After Allen resigns in disgrace he will become a military contractor. And the rest of these corrupt war leaders are the same, violent and brutal and greedy.

General Petraeus was the biggest Gold Digger of SpyFall. He hit the mother lode, controlling trillion dollar wars, controlling his public image with sycophant reporters. Perhaps the reporters and so-called journalists in the Empire’s Capital, were bigger sluts than Petraeus. They failed even worse than Petraeus.


These Neo-con Wars would not be possible without “embedded reporters”. There were a small number of gonzo journalists who told the truth about the horror of the VietNam War. That was enough. That lesson was learned by neo-cons. A small number of independent reporters is too many.

There are few independent journalists in the wars. They are almost all cheerleaders. The corruption, and murder is enabled by the embedded journalists in Washington DC.

Gonzo journalist Michael Hastings describes, how embedded journalists get motivated. They are bribed by the Pentagon, to spread lies about wars.

Petraeus more or less had journalists from many major media outlets slurping from the Pentagon’s gravy train. The typical route was to have all the cash and favors funneled through a third party like the Center for a New American Security.

CNAS was a Petraeus-inspired operation from its inception in 2007, and it made its reputation promoting Petraeus’ counterinsurgency plans. No problem, right? Except that it put the journalists who were covering those same plans and policies on its payroll.

The Stormtroopers of the Empire consider independent journalists fair game. American troops have targeted and killed an unknown of reporters. It is the policy of Total Information Awareness, and Full Spectrum Dominance.

Total Information Awareness ignored the war critics of the Internet for years. Then, the oligarchs realized that their many False Flag Ops and Disaster Capitalism and Phony War on Terror, spun by embedded shills, were no longer believed. So they had to expand TIA to include “Social Media”. The internets are now infested with retroactively retired government officials spinning their webs of deceit.

What is the problem with embedded journalists? They problem is they report what they are told, by the government, and they do not report what should be reported. This becomes especially important in a war. If the military leaders conceal their failures, war correspondents are necessary to correct that dangerous deception. If the soldiers are being abused or treated as cannon fodder, it is necessary for unembedded reporters to inform us. During World War II, and the Vietnam War, even with censorship, war reporters had some freedom.

Michelle Malkin “Pretty in Mink”, Miss June

Fake journalist Paula Broadwell provided comfort and material support to P4. Fake journalist Oliver North, Iran-Contra criminal was also embedded Ollie has worked in Afghanistan, and previously with the Irak Provisional Coalition Authority. What type of work does this convicted felon do? Ollie North’s greatest talent is the creation of secret mercenary armies, financed by illegal drugs and illegal weapons. Fake journalists Dana Milbank and Maureen Dowd, are playing with Benghazi-Gate as they leak neo-con disinformation.

Retroactively retired from the State Department, PJ Crowley now “tweets” on the Twitter Machine. With less than 140 characters Crowley explains the problem with embedded journalism. It is the word “embedded”. That word has a bad reputation because General Petraeus was using The Embedded Journalists for his own pleasure, and other conspiracies.

A different name is needed for those who catapult the propaganda.


Note to @DeptofDefense: In light of, um, recent events, we need a new term for
“media embed.” Attached? No. Bivouac? Better. Tour? Best.
16 Nov 12

Slutty cheerleaders continue to cheer their disgraced hero, Petraeus. Scott Shane of the NY Times is among the worst. Four days before the resignation of the General we learned he was the most prominent military leader of his generation, with little media notice. But Scott Shane noticed.

Long a media star as the most prominent military leader of his generation, Mr. Petraeus abruptly abandoned that style at the C.I.A. Operating amid widespread complaints about leaks of classified information, he has stopped giving interviews, speaks to Congress in closed sessions and travels the globe to consult with foreign spy services with little news media notice.

After the General resigned, he started giving interviews again. He gave an interview to Kyra Phillips, and he may have had several conversations with her. The CNN reporter has close ties with P4 and she has been embedded since 2003. Phillips remains a cheerleader. Petraeus always tells the truth and Lt. Colonel Paula Broadwell worked her magic on the General. The General is leaking like the Titanic, before it sunk.

And in what may be another example of how successfully Petraeus has courted the media, Phillips account included her personal reaction to the news of Petraeus’ affair with Paula Broadwell as well as her personal vouching for Petraeus’ honesty.

“I also have never known him to tell me something that is not true,” Phillips told Meade. Phillips added that she never experienced Petraeus acting “flirtatious” or “inappropriate.” But she did report that Petraeus confidants describe Broadwell as “aggressive” and a woman who “works her magic.”

The Generals and Admirals of CENTCOM control the Phony War on Terror. They control the assassins. They control the torturers. And they control the information. They reward themselves with gourmet chefs, string quartets, personal valets, executive jets, military contractor kickbacks and mistresses. The Generals and Petraeus have plans for the Afghans quagmire to continue forever. And the mistresses and kickbacks will continue forever.

One retired General, is a cheerleader slut who publicly defends the corruption, and failures of Petraeus. This General suggests Petraeus is suffering from, PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder. Petraeus is the victim. It is stressful conducting a military campaign based on Drones and Torture.

said retired Gen. Peter Chiarelli, who served as Gates’s senior military assistant. “I find it concerning that he and others are not focusing on the effect on our guys of fighting wars for 11 years. No one was at it longer than Petraeus.”

No one was at it longer than Petraeus. And no one has tried to make the wars last longer, than Petraueus, and Chiarelli, and Mullen, and Mattis, and Harward, and Allen and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It is concerning, that a General is falsely saying that Petraeus was actually in combat. Petraeus only ordered other soldiers to fight and die in the endless wars.


One embedded journalist admits, he was a Petraeus Cheerleader. Spencer Ackerman admits “I was punked”.

Ackerman fails to admit he punked the people who believed his reports. Ackerman was more than punked. He was a tool to create war myths. The most ridiculous statement ever made to support the Irak war belongs to Ackerman.

Haunted by Vietnam, Democrats are determined to express support for the troops.

Ackerman needs to create a chronology of his reports that were influenced by Petraeus. Ackerman needs to tell us what specific propaganda was directed by Petraeus and the Pentagon. He needs to tell us what his Pentagon masters demanded. Did Ackerman spy on other reporters for Petraeus?

Ackerman, as a National Security reporter, continually warned against the menace of the Al Qaeda “affiliates”. He never was able to produce an “Order of Battle” for Al Qaeda or its affiliates. Simply, how many fighters are in Al Qaeda. There is no Al Qaeda other than a criminal gang protected by Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and sometimes by US Intelligence Officials. The number of fighters the Al Qaeda affiliates, are far less in number than an army. The “terrorists” of Al Qaeda in Libya that attacked in Benghazi, were only twenty or thirty.

Ackerman was part of FireDogLake, with his Attackerman blog. Ackerman was a critic of the wars only because they were failing and he wanted to win them. He could have enlisted. Instead he repeated the lies of General Petraeus. He also was handled by Philip Mudd, a high ranking Spymaster and Torturer. Mudd was retroactively retired, and he routinely used Ackerman’s blog for his own propaganda.

Then Attackerman decided to post a Goodbye Cruel World Post, and he terminated the FDL Attackerman blog. He blamed the “press galleries”, whoever or whatever they are.

My departure is pretty mundane: the congressional press galleries are wary of giving me permanent credentials while I’m affiliated here, and I don’t want to impede any of my reporting responsibilities at my day job with Wired‘s Danger Room. So off I go.

Ackerman sometimes projects a bombastic and confusing style of writing. If I interpret this correctly, the Congressional “galleries” do not approve of the FireDogLake Affiliate. Or his employers at WIRED do not approve of the FireDogLake Affiliate. Or did P4 suggest that FireDogLake was not a good career move.

Ackerman owes FDL an apology, and he should describe how Petraeus and the Pentagon shaped his narratives. To a lesser degree he should apologize to me. Without any justification, he accused me of anti-semitism, implying that I had attacked “Jews”. Did Petraeus suggest those attacks be used against antiwar critics?

Frank33: Spencer, you keep attacking the Conspiracy Theorists, and you will get some K-Street Credibility

Spencer Ackerman: That’s what I want. Me and the other Jews. And then we will come to eat your braiiiiiiiiiin

Ackerman can use anti-semitism against me because he is a member of the Shtetl Police. But the irony, his insult to me was an “anti-Semitic trope”.

Note to some of my fellow progressives: If we can’t argue about Israel without using anti-Semitic tropes, then the debate is lost before it even begins…

Call me a squish or a sellout or a concern troll. Whatever. But if you can’t be forceful without recalling some of the ugliest tropes in American Jewish history, you’re doing it wrong.


So many deaths, so many secrets, so many sycophants, so much taxpayer money spent, that the American people may start to notice the slurping from the Pentagon gravy train. One thing leads to another for the Gold Diggers of SpyFall. Everything they touch turns to fool’s gold.

Where do we start? The CPA, the Coalition Provisional Authority in Irak, was created as a jobs program for neo-cons and religious fanatics to rebuild Irak. Dick and Liz Cheney created a vast right wing empire of no-bid contracts for their friends. Some of these war profiteers are part of SpyFall.

We can start with former Lt. Col. Oliver North. The former disgraced Marine officer was embedded in Irak and Afghanistan from the beginning. Ollie has been in Libya many times. He has a great talent for creating secret mercenary armies, financed by gun-running and drug dealing. Ollie created the off the shelf non-governmental entity, the Contras. Perhaps he helped create Al Qaeda and Bin Laden, and a mercenary army to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. Somebody created Al Qaeda.

Perhaps Mr. North helped create the Al Qaeda in Libya “affiliate” whose fighters attacked the Benghazi consulate and CIA Annex. Perhaps, General Petraeus and the CIA wanted to embarass the President or worse, with the false story they provided about Benghazi. Perhaps, the CIA Annex was a prison for an off the shelf, nongovernmental Al Qaeda Affiliate.

It is certain that Susan Phelan is helping spread disinformation for the conspirators of Benghazi-Gate. Phelan is a highly paid spokesliar for the Neo-con Republicans investigating Benghazi-Gate. Usually, these “authorized” public spokespeople say nothing, other than disinformation. But Phelan is ASKING questions about Benghazi. It is dueling spokespersons. Phelan wants to know. WHO changed the talking points.

Phelan did not ask or answer questions when she was concealing Afghan contractor corruption. Phelan is a corrupt Afghanistan war profiteer. Phelan is a neo-con, and Calendar Girl. She was Miss March 2010, Pretty in Mink. She began her career as a spokesliar for the Irak CPA.

Benghazi so many questions. Why Susan Rice to go on Sunday tee vee? Why not Vicoria Nuland, aka Vickie Kagan. Vickie is the spokesliar for the State Department, replacing PJ Crowley. Vickie worked for the Cheney’s during the glorious days of Iraki Reconstruction. Vickie is married to Robert Kagan. Team Kagan is part of Team Petraeus.. The Kagan’s have been slurping from the gravy train for years.

And, secret agent man, Grayson Wolfe was a major Bushie in the CPA. He helped loot Irak. He has all sorts of mysterious no-bid contracts with mysterious CIA “front” companies. He is also politically connected. A Judge found that he should be awarded custody of a child, from his marriage to the Twin Natalie.

They are divorced and court cases are difficult for spies because information is in the public record. Follow the money. Natalie somehow earned $300,000 during 2010, but she filed for Bankruptcy. She owes mysterious debts to mysterious people, probably military contractors. And Jill, being her Twin did the same thing, filing for Bankruptcy.

And Jill was awarded a MEDAL in a CEREMONY by the JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF. Is there video of P4 decorating her chest? The certificate was signed by Admiral Mullen the CHAIRMAN of JCS.

This award is the second highest honorary public service award under the authority of the chairman of the Joint Chiefs and consists of a silver medal, lapel pin, citation and certificate signed by the chairman, McNally said.

The citation also states that Kelley’s “willingness to host engagements with Senior National Representatives from more than 60 countries was indicative of her support for both the Coalition’s effort and the mission of United States Central Command.”

Why was Jill decorated by P4 himself? Jill was not just a cheerleader. She provided a Safe Place, for the warmongers. Spies and Diplomats from 60 countries, and military contractors and ambitious Generals just want to have fun, without reporters. They need a place to conspire with their fellow co-conspirators.

This is only the beginning. The story gets weirder and weirder, and nearly impossible to understand. We can all help expose and destroy the careers of these very important people. It should be a distributed network research effort, with everyone contributing, similar to Galaxy Zoo.

by Frank33

Spencer Ackerman: Dedicated Conspiracy Theorists, Bad; Dedicated “Intelligence Officials” Assisting The Underwear Bomb Conspiracy, Good

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Spencer Ackerman presents the unproven claim that Al Qaeda terrorists are mentally ill. This ignores the historical and political and economic motivations that fester in the MidEast. Ackerman has presented the official story that the “Underwear Bomber” was allowed to board Flight 253 because there was no evidence that Abdulmutallab was a terrorist. But almost from the capture of this terrorist, witnesses have claimed that this terrorist received help boarding the flight from security officials. This was denied, until the government admitted it had lied.

Abdulmutallab was under investigation and was allowed to board an airliner without a passport but with a bomb. Ackerman continued to present a false story in posts at Firedoglake, based on his anonymous government sources, even though he apparently was aware that “intelligence officials’ were assisting this terrorist. Ackerman’s response, is to go into stonewall mode, because he disapproves of Conspiracy Theories.

In the post,“The Disturbed” by Spencer Ackerman, describes the reasons and motivations for Al Qaeda, and specifically, KSM and the Underwear Bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. It is mental illness. This is based on an anonymous source who knows a lot about Al Qaeda. Perhaps, this is a government source, but this meme has no evidence to support it. Ackerman has no experience in Psychiatry but he can read the minds of KSM and Underwear Bomber. It is deceptive to echo this nonsense, which probably should be considered neo-con disinformation.

Al Qaeda does not really exist as an organization. It is a small, loose confederation of mercenaries, spies and murderers, who are sometimes deadly, and frequently incompetent. It is not a real organization with a fixed membership such as Skull And Bones. But the evidence is that their motivation is a legitimate and logical to them. The exploitation of the Mideast by Oil Companies and the violent crimes against the people of Palestine is more than enough reasons for a few people to take up violence. Certainly some of them are psychopaths and religious extremists, but so are neo-cons.

Spencer implies that “dedicated conspiracy theorists” are also mentally ill.. That is people who use DISPERATE, not DESPERATE, facts without much rigor. Spencer is dedicated to creating a world free of Conspiracy Theories. With the help of his many anonymous high government secret sources, Spencer fights against these foolish rants.

“If you’ve ever talked to a dedicated conspiracy theorist, you know how much rigor goes into marshaling disperate facts into a superficially-coherent theory.”

Spencer, himself has been a Dedicated Conspiracy Theorist (DCT). He certainly was one when he supported the Irak War repeating the propaganda about non-existent weapons of mass destruction. The Warmongers created false propaganda that Saddam Hussein was a sufficient threat to require War, and Spencer helped in a small way with this effort. These same corporate criminals from Goldman Sachs and Enron and the Oil Companies, are still directing the wars and the Shock Doctrine of Disaster Capitalism.

Spencer at one time was a Dedicated 9-11 Conspiracy Theorist. He believed that Saudi Arabia was behind the 9-11 attacks.

"Certain Sensitive National Security Matters." The section cites "specific sources of foreign support for some of the September 11 hijackers," which most commentators have interpreted to mean Saudi contributions to Al Qaeda-linked charities. But an official who has read the report tells The New Republic that the support described in the report goes well beyond that: It involves connections between the hijacking plot and the very top levels of the Saudi royal family. "There’s a lot more in the 28 pages than money. Everyone’s chasing the charities," says this official. "They should be chasing direct links to high levels of the Saudi government. We’re not talking about rogue elements. We’re talking about a coordinated network that reaches right from the hijackers to multiple places in the Saudi government."

Now Spencer is a very important Dee Cee Poser. He has access to Very Important Anonymous Officials, which makes you very special in Dee Cee. He has moved from the wingnut propaganda rag of the New Republic to one of the best blogs ever, FDL.

But Spencer is a young, and did not go through the clusterfuck of VietNam and COINTELPRO with the US government waging war against its own citizens. Spencer does not understand the VietNam War at all. He claimed that Democrats had to support the War in Irak because they were "haunted by
. Only neo-cons are haunted by VietNam, the rest of us have the Bushie oil wars to haunt us. Same as it ever was, then as now with a secret unaccountable government, that needs public shills to catapult the propaganda. You pay a price to be embedded in bankster Secret Government which controls a corrupt national security “community”.

Governments always lie if they can, and government spies always lie. We now have the government secretly hiring Public Relations companies and Corporate Lobbyists to manipulate facts and create wars. But the reason there are conspiracy theories is because there are conspiracy facts. Governments, without the knowledge of their people has carried out many False Flag Operations usually to help Multinational Corporations. Destruction of he Reichstag, numerous “Coups” by the CIA to overthrow democratically elected governments., such as Iran, The Gulf Of Tonkin, Watergate, COINTELPRO, Iran-Contra, Operation Gladio, the 2004 Madrid Train Bombings, Russian Apartment bombings in 1999, are just a few examples. Certainly the Underwear Bomb Plot on Christmas, 2009, received assistance from “Intelligence Officials”.

Spencer’s ATTACKERMAN poses as a fearless national security expert. This is questionable. Ackerman claims that Al Qaeda was responsible for the Madrid bombings in 2004. This claim is false. He has failed to pursue the real issues and stories, Ledeen and the Niger Forgeries, the many Cheney False Flag Ops, Sibel Edmonds revelations, the assassinations of David Kelly and Pat Tillman and Benazir Bhutto the admission by Zelikow that Irak was fought for Isreal and of course the National Security Agency’ spying on us all while carrying out a secret war against DCT’s. Crickets….

I respectfully explained that the evidence showed Underwear bomb attack was apparently an inside job according to witnesses. Then Spencer insulted me and did not comment on the facts, until I persisted. The facts were reported in the Detroit News, but not the Washington Independent. Here is a slightly edited version of the comments.

Frank33 March 11th, 2010 at 9:31 am
UnderWear Bomber, Inside Job. Oh just a Conspiracy Theory you say. The Detroit News discovered that Underwear was allowed to board an airliner with a bomb. It was a conspiracy by “intelligence officials” according to the State Department. You may recall the official denials about this incredibly clumsy False Flag Op. Is Dougie Feith still running these? Of course the Village Stenographers in Dee Cee have chosen to cover this up as usual.

At least they have some real reporters in Detroit. But these intelligence officials did put that airliner at risk, allowing a real bomb. The first WTC attack had a similar scenario. In 1993, Federal agents knew all about Al Qaeda Bomb plot and allowed it to proceed and six people were killed.

Patrick F. Kennedy, an undersecretary for management at the State Department, said Abdulmutallab’s visa wasn’t taken away because intelligence officials asked his agency not to deny a visa to the suspected terrorist over concerns that a denial would’ve foiled a larger investigation into al-Qaida threats against the United States.

“Revocation action would’ve disclosed what they were doing,” Kennedy said in testimony before the House Committee on Homeland Security. Allowing Adbulmutallab to keep the visa increased chances federal investigators would be able to get closer to apprehending the terror network he is accused of working with, “rather than simply knocking out one solider in that effort.”


Spencer Ackerman March 11th, 2010 at 9:57 am
I think my point was just proven.


Frank33 March 11th, 2010 at 10:48 am
In response to Spencer Ackerman @ 4 (show text)
So who tells you what “conspiracy theories” to deprecate? Cass Sunstein? Got any linkies to prove you understand the mind of the Underwear Bomber-controlled by “US officials”. Do you have any linkies about the harmful versus the government approved Conspiracy Theories?
Here is one from 1993.


Frank33 March 11th, 2010 at 11:55 am
COGNITIVE INFILTRATION! Oh please comment on how UnderWear B, son of a multi millionaire bankster, could be so depressed. Since we are now practicing psychiatry without a license. Since Spencer has access to so many important guvmint officials, he needs to ask them how they can endanger hundreds of people with their stupid conspiracy.
Spencer, you keep attacking the Conspiracy Theorists, and you will get some K-Street Credibility.


Spencer Ackerman March 11th, 2010 at 11:58 am
In response to Frank33 @ 7 (show text)
That’s what I want. Me and the other Jews. And then we will come to eat your braiiiiiiiiiin


Frank33 March 11th, 2010 at 12:12 pm
In response to Spencer Ackerman @ 8 (show text)
Oh, playing the Jew Card. That is a mistake. Once again, ask your high level sources if the Dept. of State is lying about the Dept. of False Flag Ops. Is the Detroit News lying?


Spencer Ackerman March 11th, 2010 at 12:47 pm
In response to Frank33 @ 9 (show text)
The Detroit News didn’t “discover” anything — no disrespect to them — they faithfully reported Pat Kennedy’s January testimony about how the intelligence community didn’t want Abdulmutallab’s visa revoked because it would jeopardize their investigation of Abdulmutallab. That is not anything conspiratorial, it’s a legitimate intel/law enforcement challenge. It’s not a “false flag” or “inside job” operation. And it’s not “allowing” Abdulmutallab onto the plane with a bomb. It’s a legitimate investigative concern, and the trouble is that Abdulmutallab wasn’t not subsequently placed on a no-fly list where he could have been stopped from boarding a plane.
You simply don’t understand the very material you’re presenting as evidence of a conspiracy theory. Nothing I say or do will ever change your mind, and accordingly, I don’t care. It was a mistake for me to respond to your foolish ranting and the mistake ends this moment.


Frank33 March 11th, 2010 at 1:22 pm

And it’s not “allowing” Abdulmutallab onto the plane with a bomb.

Oh just incompetent security who failed to search Underwear or at least make him take off his shoes. He was escorted onto the plane by Security by the way. This would still be secret but passengers reported it.

It’s a legitimate investigative concern, and the trouble is that Abdulmutallab wasn’t not subsequently placed on a no-fly list where he could have been stopped from boarding a plane.

You are incredibly supportive of the national security neo-cons who have one failure after the other.

Nothing I say or do will ever change your mind, and accordingly, I don’t care. It was a mistake for me to respond to your foolish ranting and the mistake ends this moment

Perhaps you should go to DKos where “Conspiracy Theories” are censored. I present facts that you first deny then admit are true. The government allowed a known terrorist aboard an airliner, and failed to search him. I also presented evidence that the first WTC attack was known to “Security officials”. Then these officials lied about both of these attacks.

Your “meme” about the psychological reasons for “Jihad Terrorism” is doubtful. Your knowledge of KSM and Al Qaeda also is quite incomplete, and seems to follow the fiction of Philip Zelikow. You call me foolish and have insulted me but I have called you no names. I may start.

When confronted with too many facts, Attacker man RETREATED. I am so sad he decided to not talk to me anymore. To summarize, “intelligence officials” assisted Abdulmutallab aboard a jetliner, although he was carrying a bomb. He was being investigated already, but we still do not know where the bomb came from. If he had been under surveillance, should we not know where the bomb came from? Spencer endorses the “legitimate investigative concerns” and has no criticism of these officials and does not apologize for the false information in his posts at Firedoglake.

Was this known terrorist even searched? Public reports say that he had three ounces of explosives, which might not have caused much serious damage. But 8 or 10 ounces could damage a critical component and bring down an airliner. If Underwear had successfully carried out his mission, there would have been no witnesses to expose US Government complicity. President Obama would be called weak against terrorism and he would be blamed for killing hundreds of people. Spencer would be the first one to explain how and why Al Qaeda crazy. No one would ever know that “intelligence officials” helped blow up an airliner. As far back as 1994, Ramzi Yousef had planned attacks against airliners by placing small bombs above the plane’s fuel tank. Security officials allowed Underwear to be seated above a fuel tank, with a bomb in his pants, according to

Had the PETN explosion occurred according to plan and had it penetrated downward, there may indeed have been a "Christmas Day massacre"— seat 19A, where Abdulmutallab spent the flight, is conveniently located about 7 or 8 feet above the fuel tanks. From Abdulmutallab’s lap, the blast would have had to go through his body, the seat cushion, the aluminum and titanium floorboards, and a lot of plastic. If he’d placed the PETN on the floor next to the wall, he would have been more likely to succeed.*

It has not been widely reported that assistance was given to Terrorist by the US Government. It is amazing that Mr. Kennedy said that Underwear was not on the No-Fly List because he was a dangerous terrorist. That seems to suggest if you are on the No-Fly List, you are not dangerous, but it is punishment for being a political dissident. Spencer casually refers to “Pat” Kennedy suggesting they are acquainted. Perhaps we should invite Pat, to visit here to explain why this should not be called a False Flag Op.

Spencer reported on Dec. 31, that Underwear was allowed to board Flight 253 because there was not sufficient evidence that Underwear was a terrorist. But this was not an intelligence failure. Flight 253 was not destroyed. On Feb. 15, at FDL, we learned “al-Qaeda Growing More Cartoonishly Evil, Substantively Pathetic”. Spencer failed to mention the January testimony of Kennedy, effectively continuing the coverup.

Spencer ignored very public reports that were initially denied by the US Government.

A US couple on Flight 253 said they saw a tall, well-dressed man aged about 50 with Abdulmutallab at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport before he boarded the plane.

Kurt and Lori Haskell claimed the man spoke for Abdulmutallab and attempted to get him aboard the flight without a passport, the Reuters news agency reported.p>

Kurt Haskell told his story publicly, and also posted the events of that day. On Dec. 31, Kurt Haskell posted a detailed statement, critical of the FBI.

Today is the second worst day of my life after 12-25-09. Today is the day that I realized that my own country is lying to me and all of my fellow Americans…

When the bomb sniffing dogs arrived, 1 dog found something in a carry on bag of a 30 ish Indian man. This is not the so called "Sharp Dressed" man. I will refer to this man as "The man in orange". The man in orange, who stood some 20ft away from me the entire time until he was taken away, was immediately taken away to be searched and interrogated in a nearby room. At this time he was not handcuffed. When he emerged from the room, he was then handcuffed and taken away…The FBI has, since we landed, insisted that only one man was arrested for the airliner attack (contradicting my account). However, several of my fellow passengers have come over the past few days, backed up my claim, and put pressure on FBI/Customs to tell the truth. Early today, I heard from two different reporters that a federal agency (FBI or Customs) was now admitting that another man has been held…

For the last five days I have been reporting my story of the so called "sharp dressed man." For those of you who haven’t read my account, it involves a sharp dressed "Indian man" attempting to talk a ticket agent into letting a supposed "Sudanese refugee" (The terrorist) onto flight 253 without a passport. I have never had any idea how it played out except to note that the so called "Sudanese reefugee" later boarded my flight and attempted to blow it up and kill me…Please note that there is a very easy way to verify the veracity of my prior "sharp dressed man" account. Dutch police have admitted that they have reviewed the video of the "sharp dressed man" that I referenced. Note that it has not been released anywhere, You see, if my eye witness account is false, it could easily be proven by releasing the video.

We have seen widespread coverup of not just Underwear Bomber, but also many other crimes commited in the name of national security. Huffington Post and Daily Kos routinely censor posts. Hopefully, this little old lake will continue to allow us troublemakers a forum. I wonder if the Washington Independent also practices censorship. I am guessing YES!