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Gottfrid Svartholm and Robert Levinson, Two More Victims Of Lying, Spying, Thieving Generals

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General Petraeus, General Clapper, General Allen, General Alexander, and General Dempsey have led the Phony War On Terror for twelve years. They have failed, or perhaps they intended to fail. These high ranking military officers deserve a special place in hell and certainly a special place as the worst military leaders in history.


The failed Generals have led the wars, secret and otherwise for twelve years. They have created a Police State, in the USA supported with lies catapulted by corporate shills. They have given us an Assassination Industry of murder by Robot Assassin Drones. They have created a corrupt network of false front corporations that privatize the violence and propaganda. They “retire” and receive million dollar salaries.

The current General leading us to victory in Afghanistan, General Dempsey, threatened the Afghan Government, such as it is, with a civil war funded by US taxpayers. Afghans object to Drone murder and have not been sufficiently subservient to to the US neo-cons. President Karzai, who receives Bags of Cash from America, may want more Bags of Cash.

In a response to a somewhat leading question from the French newspaper Le Monde in an interview published Tuesday, “Do you think the USA is behaving like a colonial power,” President Karzai said:

“Absolutely. They threaten us by saying ‘We will no longer pay your salaries; we will drive you into a civil war.’ These are threats,” Karzai said.

These rotten military leaders have disgraced the US Military. They have used the troops for cannonfodder, as these Generals get rewarded with million dollar payoffs.

There are military leaders who do demonstrate honor and duty. Most have been purged, if they do not promote the neo-con new world order. Marine General Michael Lehnert is one General who has shown courage and integrity. This General opened the Guantanamo prison. Now he wants it closed. Shoutout to General Lehnert.

In retrospect, the entire detention and interrogation strategy was wrong. We squandered the goodwill of the world after we were attacked by our actions in Guantánamo, both in terms of detention and torture. Our decision to keep Guantánamo open has helped our enemies because it validates every negative perception of the United States…

It is time to close Guantánamo. Our departure from Afghanistan is a perfect point in history to close the facility.

The worst of the worst of these Generals is General Michael Hayden. This General was the Director of the CIA until 2009. Under his leadership, the CIA spy Robert Levinson, was dispatched to Iran in 2007. For six years, the Spies and Generals lied about Levinson claiming he was a private citizens. Levinson was captured, probably by the Iranian secret police. But the Spies and Generals lied to the American people and they lied to Congress. Their criminal wars need a continuing “bodyguard of lies”.

The news organization AP has given us some information about Levinson and his CIA spying mission. CNN says they can confirm AP’s story.

Both the State Department and Bob Levinson’s family have long denied he was working for the U.S. government when he disappeared on a trip to Iran in 2007.

A source who’s involved in the matter told CNN that there’s proof that Levinson worked for the CIA undercover and under contract while also working as a private investigator.

AP says they learned that Levinson was a CIA Spy in 2010. Government censors suppressed the story three times. How many other stories has the Government suppressed”?

“The AP first confirmed Levinson’s CIA ties in 2010 and continued reporting to uncover more details. It agreed three times to delay publishing the story because the U.S. government said it was pursuing promising leads to get him home,” the news agency said in its report. “The AP is reporting the story now because, nearly seven years after his disappearance, those efforts have repeatedly come up empty. The government has not received any sign of life in nearly three years. Top U.S. officials, meanwhile, say his captors almost certainly already know about his CIA association.”

Here is another story AP and the CIA has suppressed. The founder of Pirate Bay, Gottfrid Svartholm has been imprisoned in Dennmark. His crime was playing computer games better than the National Security Agency, NSA. His punishment is probably similar to Levinson’s, indefinite detention in solitary confinement.

Since his arrival in Denmark to face hacking charges Gottfrid Svartholm has sat in solitary confinement, denied free access to mail and denied access to his books. The situation has outraged Wikileaks’ Julian Assange who says Gottfrid is now a political prisoner. Meanwhile Gottfrid’s mother Kristina has written to Amnesty hoping that they will take notice of her son’s plight…

In a recent letter sent to Amnesty and shared with TorrentFreak, Gottfrid’s mother Kristina explains her son’s plight. She says that Gottfrid is being kept in solitary and treated as if he were a “dangerous, violent and aggressive criminal” even though his only crime – if any – is hacking.

Solitary confienement is torture. And there are many other freedom fighters who have been punished for revealing the truth about government crimes. Bradley Manning was tortured in a military prison. Susan Lindauer was imprisoned for a year in a military prison. She revealed information that suggested the 9-11 attacks were an inside job.

Gottfrid Svarholm-Warg appears to be a talented hacker. He is accused of breaking into a secretive, and powerful corporation, Computer Science Corporation, CSC.

The 29-year-old Svartholm Warg, along with a 20-year-old Dane, are suspected of breaching computers with Danish firm CSC, a company that manages back-end IT operations for several public agencies in Denmark.

Specifically, it is alleged that the Swede downloaded a large number of files from CSC mainframes, including police records.

Svartholm-Warg has previously appealed to the Swedish government to stop the extradition, arguing that while the Danish hacker attack may have been traced to his computer, he had not actually carried it out.

CSC is apparently another affiliate of the NSA. It is just another tip of the iceberg of Universal NSA Dragnet. Governments give money to their spies. The spies give money to corporations that then hire the spies at inflated salaries.

Between 2009 and 2013, three German subsidiaries of CSC were given 100 contracts by ten ministries and the Chancellor’s office, a report by German TV channel NDR and Munich daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung said.

Their investigation showed that CSC was also cooperating with the National Security Agency (NSA) to develop a new IT system and an espionage software. The US’ Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) also used the company’s services, the report said.

General Hayden and General Clapper have worked for more than twenty years to give generous government contracts to CSC. It is all about the money.

The collaboration between Computer Science Corporation and the NSA has existed for quite some time. On its homepage, the company states that it has been delivering computer hardware and software to the NSA for the past twenty years. The cooperation is so extensive that the computer company CSC has an exchange agreement with the intelligence agency NSA. The agreement means that the computer company and the intelligence agency can exchange employees for brief or extended periods of time.

Hayden, who was the NSA director at the time, “put a lot of trust in the private sector, and a lot of trust in Clapper, because Clapper was his mentor,” added Loomis. And once he got approval, “he was hell-bent on privatization and nothing was going to derail that.” Clapper is now President Obama’s director of national intelligence, and has denounced the Guardian leaks as “reprehensible.”

We should mention that the mendacious General Clapper lied about Weapons of Mass Destruction in Irak, in order to have a war.

Strangely enough, CSC is being investigated for corruption.

Just as Gottfrid’s mother is strongly defending her son, the Levinson’s family is similarly standing by the breadwinner of their family. But the Levinson’s have received millions of dollars of our taxpayer money. Levinson was paid significant amounts for his spying. For the family and his wife the pain is almost impossible to bear. But the money certainly helps to ease the pain. They have had their seventh Thanksgiving without “Bob”.

Our family will soon gather for our seventh Thanksgiving without Bob, and the pain will be almost impossible to bear. Yet, as we endure this terrible nightmare from which we can not wake, we know that we must bear it for Bob, the most extraordinary man we have ever known.

Gottfrid’s mother may miss her son also. The victims of Drone terror attacks may consider that robot murder is impossible pain. The innocent victims in the Gitmo Gulag probably think they are in a nightmare.


The CIA is claiming that Levinson was on a “rogue” mission. Levinson wanted to meet with an assassin of the Iranian government, Dawud Salahuddin. What could go wrong? Levinson was captured immediately after that. AP claims this meeting was set up by an NBC producer Ira Silverman. Silverman is described as an investigative reporter. And the plot gets weirder.

Levinson’s source on Kish was Dawud Salahuddin, an American fugitive wanted for killing a former Iranian diplomat in Maryland in 1980. In interviews with ABC News and the New Yorker, Salahuddin has admitted killing the diplomat

Since fleeing to Iran, Salahuddin had become close to some in the Iranian government, particularly to those seen as reformers and moderates.

To set up the meeting, Levinson worked with a longtime friend, retired NBC investigative reporter Ira Silverman. Silverman had talked at length with Salahuddin and, in a 2002 piece for the New Yorker magazine, portrayed him as a potential intelligence source if the U.S. could coax him out of Iran. The subtitle of the article: “He’s an assassin who fled the country. Could he help Washington now?”

Two of Levinson’s CIA co-conspirators were Anne Jablonski and Tim Sampson who hired Levinson in 2006. Levinson travelled to Iran and disappeared. Levinson was a former FBI agent and the FBI asked the CIA if Levinson was a CIA agent. AP says Jablonski and Sampson lied to the CIA internal investigators. The CIA then lied to the FBI, and said that Levinson was not a CIA agent. The CIA also lied to members of the Congressional Intelligence Committee.

Are you confused yet? A colleague of Levinson, David McGee discovered personal e-mails between Levinson and Jablonski. He gave them to the Senate Intelligence Committe in 2007. Obviously, they should have asked NSA for e-mails, since NSA has everybody’s e-mail.

And were Jablonski and Sampson punished? No. They were rewarded. They did not receive almost three million dollars as did the Levinson family. They were hired by other affiliates of the Intelligence Community.

Jablonski now analyzes risk for companies doing business overseas.

Sampson, the former head of CIA’s Illicit Finance group, quickly returned to the government, landing a job at the Department of Homeland Security’s intelligence division. O’Toole, the young contracts officer, moved to the Treasury Department.


The NSA could solve this mystery. They have records of everyone. They know how to use them for COINTELPRO. They use their surveillance against people who fight for peace, justice and freedom. They use their surveillance to protect war profiteers and spies who lie to Congress. Nothing is beyond their reach.

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The People’s View: “President Obama Does Not Run Illegal Operations From The White House”

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President Obama does not run illegal operations from the White House or mislead the American public about matters of grave importance in national security, says Spandan Chakrabarti at the People’s View. And President Obama did not “scramble jets” to shoot Edward Snowden out of the sky. And the President did give bags of cash, to the leader of Afghanistan, but that was legal. There are secret wars and secret bags of cash. But they are legal and the war profits are legal. Edward Snowden threatens those war profits.

Anything the warmongers do is legal. Anything the leftists do is emoprogressive and un-American. And Dan Ellsberg is un-American. Again. Spandan says so. “Daniel Ellsberg’s Devastating Downfall: A Trifecta of Shilling, Conspiracy Theories, and Lies”.

Ellsberg was un-American forty years ago, to the war profiteers of those days. Mr. Chakrabarti has not earned the right to either praise or criticize Dan Ellsberg. But Spandan criminalizes Dan Ellsberg activism against NSA-Dragnet.

Last week, I highlighted the connections between Glenn Greenwald, Edward Snowden, Wikileaks and the Freedom of the Press Foundation, a front-group that was conveniently set up by Greenwald and his cohort Laura Poitras (who interviewed Edward Snowden on camera) just a month before Snowden began contacting Poitras and Snowden. Greenwald and Poitras are both board members of this front group, as is Daniel Ellsberg of the Pentagon Papers fame.

We could talk about the “Front Groups”, Blackwater, DynCorp, Stratfor, SAIC, EG&G, and of course Booz Hamilton. These and other Front Groups are used by NSA and CIA to suppress anti-war and Occupy activists. There are Front Groups, in Washingon DC, set up by Exxon and the Koch Brothers, and other billionaires. We could talk about the “Front Groups” used by General Petraeus in Iraq and Afghanistan, Wolf Brigades, to terrorize the people there.

But Glenn Greewald has a Front Group, which supports Freedom of the Press. Spandan wants Greenwald put into prison. And he labels Dan Ellsberg as anti-American.

Ellsberg penned an op-ed in the Washington Post yesterday defending Snowden’s flight from justice, canonizing Snowden and dutifully serving up accolades to Greenwald and his employer (The Guardian), without once mentioning that he has at least a professional connection to Glenn Greenwald that could serve as a potential conflict of interest: Ellsberg sits on the Board of this front group with Glenn Greenwald.

Wow, Spandan writes a sixty-two word sentence about Ellsberg. A long war against the American people, requires long sentences. Dan Ellsberg and Glenn Greenwald have a CONFLICT OF INTEREST. They both oppose dictatorship and support freedom.

Shall we mention a few other CONFLICTS OF INTEREST? Timmy Geithner and Ben Bernanke and Wall Street and Banksters. Eric Holder has a CONFLICT OF INTEREST due to the criminal mortgage fraud of MERS, which he helped set up. President Obama has a CONFLICT OF INTEREST when he appoints Ambassadors, who give a million dollars to his campaign. Then there is the Pentagon Gravy Train CONFLICTS OF INTEREST, outsourcing wars and spying against the American people, to highly paid “retired” members of the Military Espionage Complex.

To the People’s View, there are no wars. It is all puppies and balloons except for the leftists who need to be suppressed. There is no government torture or assassinations. There is no indefinite detention. It is all outsourced so it does not exist. The critics of these illegal operations, the wars, torture and assassinations, controlled from the White House, must be punished. That is why patriotic citizens who reveal these crimes are punished. The Pentagon Papers exposed the lies about the imperialist war in Viet-Nam. Snowden did the same thing, NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL.

The Pentagon Papers were released to expose the lies the government had been telling the American people in prosecuting a war. Snowden’s “revelations” have exposed nothing of the sort, because there isn’t currently a war the government is fighting based on lies.

The Government has no wars based on lies! Actually all wars are based on lies. Lots of laughs, at least from those who have been attacked by Drones. Seriously, Bags of Cash to our puppets is not just lies, it is fraud and corruption on both sides. All the wars involving the US Secret Government and not-so-secret government, are lies, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Iran and Lebanon.

The first revelations of NSA-Dragnet were the threats against Associated Press by the “Intelligence Authorities”. AP revealed there was a second “Underwear Bomber”. This double agent was going to attack another airliner. The first Underwear Bomber nearly destroyed an Flight #253 over Detroit. He was allowed through security even though the Intelligence Authorities knew he was a terrorist.

With the second False Flag Operation, the Intelligence Authorities again planned terror by “Al Qaeda” to frighten us and make us obey. AP is being punished for revealing this US Government terrorism. Either the second bomber would be successful and destroy an airliner. Or the plot would be thwarted and President Obama and the Spymasters would take credit.

The Big Lie was exposed by AP, and it is proof the Secret Government has created the phony war on terror. The US Government uses lies in its war against AP and the American people.

Dan Ellsberg says solitary confinement is torture. Spandan says no, solitary confinement is not torture. Who are you going to believe? War Pimp Spandan C does not think Bradley Manning was tortured. But Spandan is such a war pimp that he must enjoy the idea a little bit. Spandan has ignored the torture of the last twelve years.

They may be further interested in knowing that the UN Convention Against Torture nowhere even mentions solitary confinement as a form of cruel or inhuman treatment, let alone torture. But really, Mr. Ellsberg, do facts really count that much when you are trying to spread propaganda for a cause celeb of a front group?

Ellsberg also refers to his possible assassination by the Nixon White House to “incapacitate me totally”. Ellsberg claims the Government has legalized incapacitation of critics. Spandan does not know what law allows incapacitation. It is called the “Patriot Act”, but it is a law of Treason.

Just what law is it that Ellsberg is claiming permits the government to “incapacitate” a criminal defendant legally? Please, do enlighten us – or is it just the newest conspiracy theory radical anti-government folks are supposed to run with?

Yes, it is a conspiracy to incapacitate “criminals” who reveal the crimes of the Secret Government. Here are some victims incapacitated, by the Secret Government Pat Tillman, Bradley Manning, Susan Lindauer, Julian Assange, Aaron Swartz, Barrett Brown, Gary McKinnon, Thomas Drake and many more. NSA also incapacitated “Occupy”. It is all about the wars. Keep the war crimes and corruption hidden. Spandan is helping.

President Obama does not run illegal operations from the White House or mislead the American public about matters of grave importance in national security, as the Republicans have found out in their multiple attempts to persecute the President for the attack in Benghazi.

No illegal operations in this White House. There is Manning’s torture, and Assassination by Drones and other means, concealing the truth about Bin Laden and the Bin Laden raid, and the latest Obama war is in Syria, unless it is in Iran.

Actually, the President has misled people about Benghazi. The “Talking Points” for Susan Rice were lies approved by the White House. General Petraeus wrote the talking points, with the help of Darth Cheney assistant, Vickie Nuland. There was the CIA prison at Benghazi, and weapons cache and a few other details, which remain secret.

Daniel Ellsberg used to be a respected figure and an authority on the government’s potential abuses. But it is clear that after this, he should no longer be. He is now merely a shill for Glenn Greenwald, Wikileaks and their radical anti-American agenda. He is now a man flat-out lying about the US government and extolling a traitor that has not only leaked classified information but may well have given our classified information to our economic and military adversaries. This is one stunning fall from grace.

Dan Ellsberg was and is respected. Edward Snowden may be a renegade, but everything he has said seems to be true. It is not anti-American to reveal the crimes of a corrupt Empire.

The People’s View site should be called People’s Sycophants, or the President’s Sycophants. Anything the President does is the best thing ever. Any critics are anti-American and should be punished by the Government. The illegal operations run from the White House must remain secret. We saw this same attitude with the previous warmonger President, Chimpie Bush.

Spandan says trust the NSA. The NSA does not incapaciate political dissent and neutralize anti-war people. The NSA and Intelligence Authorities do not lie, except for General Clapper and General Alexander and General Petraeus, and the rest of the Spymaster Generals. General Clapper lied about weapons of mass destruction in Irak, to start a war with Irak. He lied about NSA-Dragnet. General Alexander lied about the dozens of terrorist plots supposedly thwarted by NSA-Dragnet. And General Petraeus lied about everything. All the Spymaster Generals spread lies twelve years ago, to get the US into a war. They, the rotten bloody Generals, are now try to get us into a war with Syria or Iran or anywhere.

The last twelve years has been an illegal and repressive regime by neo-con criminals. President Obama declared Bradley Manning guilty of breaking the law. At the same time the President admitted he is not the true Commander-in-Chief of the USA. He is told by the Secret Government what to say and do. Who is the supreme authority above the President? The NSA?

And I have to abide by certain rules of classified information. If I were to release material I weren’t allowed to, I’d be breaking the law.

What law would the President be violating? The Patriot Act?

Some of the comments to Spandan’s Post, are obviously written by fucking retarded fascists. One shout out deserves another. And they have a few special targets, for their kinetic war pimping.

Hamsher lost credibility with me when she, the moment President Obama was inaugurated, began writing scathing “you better do this or that!” blogposts on HP. That’s when I got so disgusted by her that I refused to read anything she wrote again – and that was back in 2009.

Jane Hamsher’s rant about Obama supporters being “the dumbest motherfuckers in the world” made sense if you looked at what FDL PAC was taking in (not much) and what OFA was (a lot). In other words, she was upset that people weren’t sending money to *her*.

It is depressing. Daniel was a hero of mine and my rebellious friends back in the day. Now he’s just another Meteor Blades.

Why Ellsberg is throwing his lot in with the likes of Asange and Greenwald reminds one of why Marshal Petain threw his lot in with the Germans in WWII.

Über Lefties cozying up to despots and dictators goes back to the days of Paul Robenson getting chummy with Stalin.

Then Spandan pulls an NSA and deletes a comment. This is not a debate. No emoprog whining allowed.

This comment was deleted

Spandan Mod Anand • 13 hours ago

No, no. I didn’t mean for this to be a debate. You asked a question, I answered it. The rest of it is your emo prog whining. Bye now.

Those that disagree with Spandan must have secret motives. No one can sincerely criticize National Security policy or the President. Obey and be silent or you will be silenced!

The level of discussion for Spandan has been reduced to “emoprog whining”. But attacks, calling dissent anti-American, need to be counterattacked. It is confusing. Does Spandan think all emoprogs are anti-American? His amateurish slander of FDL, is still slander.

Dan Ellsberg does it again. He does the the most courageous thing a patriot can do. Try to stop the insanity of mass murder. And he again becomes the target of assassins and torturers. Yes, there were assassins and torturers in the US Government who wanted to destroy Ellsberg in 1970. And there was illegal and massive surveillance and dirty tricks against citizens, same as now. Dan Ellsberg has set an example. Courage can be contagious. Courage is dangerous to the oligarchs.

The secrecy and the crimes accumulate. The spies and their bankster patrons cannot permit whistleblowers to tell the truth. Attacks from thugs such as Spandan will become more frequent. The wars have come home. Bring it on, Spandan the War Pimp.

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Bimbo Gold Diggers In Slutty Outfits

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Who could believe that less than three weeks ago, the Bimbo Gold Digger Twins of
Tampa Bay, were respected members of society. They had organized charities, and
parties with the highest ranking war commanders of CENTCOM They socialized and
laisoned with all the best people including mayors, governors, and Senators on multiple occasions.

One Twin was “decorated” with a medal from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the highest military leaders of the USA. General Petraeus himself, presented the medal to Jill, for her Parties And Laisons Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty. All the Generals, Admirals, Military Contractors and Politicians, that the Twins seduced have some explaining to do. Hurricane Jill and Hurricane Natalie have left a trail of devastation and destruction, as they hosted and laisoned with all branches of government.


And it gets more slutty. Jill Kelley was flown in military aircraft on “multiple” trips with General Allen. She attended diplomatic parties in Washington DC. Unverified reports have suggested that she was some sort of unofficial “back channel” for mideast governments. Hopefully, that is just Jill bragging.

And it gets more slutty. But the words “Bimbo”, “Gold Diggers”, “Slutty Outfits”, are emotionally loaded, and are code words against women in the workplace. These terms are insulting and frequently and unfairly used against career women.

Most working women or professional women should not be publicly insulted with these epithets, even by another woman. But most women do not promote and profit directly from ten years of criminal wars. Debbie Schlussel is a war cheerleader. Most of the women and men of “Spyfall” brought it upon themselves. Mostly, they are war profiteers or cheerleaders for the wars.

Debbie Schlussel is a conservative working woman. Schlussel unkindly called The Twins, “sluts”. She has learned from a friend that the Twins were “Hezbollah” or “Muslim” spies. Debbie’s rant shows how jealous she is. The Twins were doing what Debbie wanted to do. Help win the neo-con wars by raising the morale of the neo-con Assassin Generals of CENTCOM

When a friend of mine said that he thought the financially troubled Khawam
sisters, Kelley and Natalie Khawam, were spies for Lebanon and the Arab world,
I originally expressed skepticism.

I believed that these twin sisters with obvious twin nose jobs were merely bimbo gold diggers in slutty outfits, who used their Delilah ways to first nab rich husbands, and then nab idiotic top American generals to participate in Lifetime-Channel worthy bitter child custody disputes.

Schlussel is wrong. They are not spies. Probably, they are not spies. They are definitely cheerleaders. Both Schlussel and The Twins are cheerleaders for the wars. But this is a never ending web of intrigue and military contractors. It is a web of conspiracy by the public warmongers, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Alex Jones, and Colonel Oliver North, who had been expecting General Petraeus to assist their Benghazi-Gate Conspiracy.

The events at Benghazi on 9-11, were going to be used for impeachment of Barack Obama. The President failed to protect four Americans and Susan Rice lied to America on the Sunday tee vee talk shows. Actually Susan Rice lied at the direction of General Petraeus. But neo-con General Petraeus is now in disgrace, because he lied about everything else. Then two of the Three Amigos, Senators McCain, and Lieberman admitted Petraeus was the main liar. That leaves Senator Lindsey Graham as the last man standing, for the Benghazi-Gate Impeachment that will not happen.

General Petraeus at Saint Anselm College

P4 , with Fruit Salad

Is this clear? It gets more slutty. The biggest slut of SpyFall is not a woman. It is General David Petraeus. He is “P4″ for those who worship him. And he is “Dave” to his mistresses. The sluttiest outfits in this story are worn by P4. The General has created the myth that he is the most “decorated”, general in American history. The former head of the CIA and leader of the wars pimps his uniforms with a chestful of “fruit salad”. It was reported that P4 wears his medals on his civilian clothes. But his record as a military leader is failure after failure. His only accomplishment are permanent military occupations and military quagmires.

Senator Kirk meets with Vice Admiral Robert Harward, the Deputy Commander of US Central Command

Admiral Harward in Dress Whites and Fruit Salad

Admiral Robert Harward was wearing a chest full of fruit salad on his dress whites when he visited Jill’s mansion. Bad luck, for the Admiral, on November 11, he was photographed by lurking reporters. That was the final Social Laison at the Kelley mansion, and Admiral Harward has some explaining to do. On Veterans Day, the Admiral was at a mansion for a birthday party.

Admiral Harward controls the torture prisons of Afghanistan. I will assume he controls other secret prisons such as in Benghazi. Paula Broadwell, the other woman, is merely a war cheerleader. Tom Ricks allowed her to write an article about how wonderful it was to destroy a village in order to save it. General Mattis the supreme leader of the Drones and Assassins in all the wars. General Allen is the commander of the quagmire in Afghanistan. Allen wants the wars to continue forever. After Allen resigns in disgrace he will become a military contractor. And the rest of these corrupt war leaders are the same, violent and brutal and greedy.

General Petraeus was the biggest Gold Digger of SpyFall. He hit the mother lode, controlling trillion dollar wars, controlling his public image with sycophant reporters. Perhaps the reporters and so-called journalists in the Empire’s Capital, were bigger sluts than Petraeus. They failed even worse than Petraeus.


These Neo-con Wars would not be possible without “embedded reporters”. There were a small number of gonzo journalists who told the truth about the horror of the VietNam War. That was enough. That lesson was learned by neo-cons. A small number of independent reporters is too many.

There are few independent journalists in the wars. They are almost all cheerleaders. The corruption, and murder is enabled by the embedded journalists in Washington DC.

Gonzo journalist Michael Hastings describes, how embedded journalists get motivated. They are bribed by the Pentagon, to spread lies about wars.

Petraeus more or less had journalists from many major media outlets slurping from the Pentagon’s gravy train. The typical route was to have all the cash and favors funneled through a third party like the Center for a New American Security.

CNAS was a Petraeus-inspired operation from its inception in 2007, and it made its reputation promoting Petraeus’ counterinsurgency plans. No problem, right? Except that it put the journalists who were covering those same plans and policies on its payroll.

The Stormtroopers of the Empire consider independent journalists fair game. American troops have targeted and killed an unknown of reporters. It is the policy of Total Information Awareness, and Full Spectrum Dominance.

Total Information Awareness ignored the war critics of the Internet for years. Then, the oligarchs realized that their many False Flag Ops and Disaster Capitalism and Phony War on Terror, spun by embedded shills, were no longer believed. So they had to expand TIA to include “Social Media”. The internets are now infested with retroactively retired government officials spinning their webs of deceit.

What is the problem with embedded journalists? They problem is they report what they are told, by the government, and they do not report what should be reported. This becomes especially important in a war. If the military leaders conceal their failures, war correspondents are necessary to correct that dangerous deception. If the soldiers are being abused or treated as cannon fodder, it is necessary for unembedded reporters to inform us. During World War II, and the Vietnam War, even with censorship, war reporters had some freedom.

Michelle Malkin “Pretty in Mink”, Miss June

Fake journalist Paula Broadwell provided comfort and material support to P4. Fake journalist Oliver North, Iran-Contra criminal was also embedded Ollie has worked in Afghanistan, and previously with the Irak Provisional Coalition Authority. What type of work does this convicted felon do? Ollie North’s greatest talent is the creation of secret mercenary armies, financed by illegal drugs and illegal weapons. Fake journalists Dana Milbank and Maureen Dowd, are playing with Benghazi-Gate as they leak neo-con disinformation.

Retroactively retired from the State Department, PJ Crowley now “tweets” on the Twitter Machine. With less than 140 characters Crowley explains the problem with embedded journalism. It is the word “embedded”. That word has a bad reputation because General Petraeus was using The Embedded Journalists for his own pleasure, and other conspiracies.

A different name is needed for those who catapult the propaganda.


Note to @DeptofDefense: In light of, um, recent events, we need a new term for
“media embed.” Attached? No. Bivouac? Better. Tour? Best.
16 Nov 12

Slutty cheerleaders continue to cheer their disgraced hero, Petraeus. Scott Shane of the NY Times is among the worst. Four days before the resignation of the General we learned he was the most prominent military leader of his generation, with little media notice. But Scott Shane noticed.

Long a media star as the most prominent military leader of his generation, Mr. Petraeus abruptly abandoned that style at the C.I.A. Operating amid widespread complaints about leaks of classified information, he has stopped giving interviews, speaks to Congress in closed sessions and travels the globe to consult with foreign spy services with little news media notice.

After the General resigned, he started giving interviews again. He gave an interview to Kyra Phillips, and he may have had several conversations with her. The CNN reporter has close ties with P4 and she has been embedded since 2003. Phillips remains a cheerleader. Petraeus always tells the truth and Lt. Colonel Paula Broadwell worked her magic on the General. The General is leaking like the Titanic, before it sunk.

And in what may be another example of how successfully Petraeus has courted the media, Phillips account included her personal reaction to the news of Petraeus’ affair with Paula Broadwell as well as her personal vouching for Petraeus’ honesty.

“I also have never known him to tell me something that is not true,” Phillips told Meade. Phillips added that she never experienced Petraeus acting “flirtatious” or “inappropriate.” But she did report that Petraeus confidants describe Broadwell as “aggressive” and a woman who “works her magic.”

The Generals and Admirals of CENTCOM control the Phony War on Terror. They control the assassins. They control the torturers. And they control the information. They reward themselves with gourmet chefs, string quartets, personal valets, executive jets, military contractor kickbacks and mistresses. The Generals and Petraeus have plans for the Afghans quagmire to continue forever. And the mistresses and kickbacks will continue forever.

One retired General, is a cheerleader slut who publicly defends the corruption, and failures of Petraeus. This General suggests Petraeus is suffering from, PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder. Petraeus is the victim. It is stressful conducting a military campaign based on Drones and Torture.

said retired Gen. Peter Chiarelli, who served as Gates’s senior military assistant. “I find it concerning that he and others are not focusing on the effect on our guys of fighting wars for 11 years. No one was at it longer than Petraeus.”

No one was at it longer than Petraeus. And no one has tried to make the wars last longer, than Petraueus, and Chiarelli, and Mullen, and Mattis, and Harward, and Allen and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It is concerning, that a General is falsely saying that Petraeus was actually in combat. Petraeus only ordered other soldiers to fight and die in the endless wars.


One embedded journalist admits, he was a Petraeus Cheerleader. Spencer Ackerman admits “I was punked”.

Ackerman fails to admit he punked the people who believed his reports. Ackerman was more than punked. He was a tool to create war myths. The most ridiculous statement ever made to support the Irak war belongs to Ackerman.

Haunted by Vietnam, Democrats are determined to express support for the troops.

Ackerman needs to create a chronology of his reports that were influenced by Petraeus. Ackerman needs to tell us what specific propaganda was directed by Petraeus and the Pentagon. He needs to tell us what his Pentagon masters demanded. Did Ackerman spy on other reporters for Petraeus?

Ackerman, as a National Security reporter, continually warned against the menace of the Al Qaeda “affiliates”. He never was able to produce an “Order of Battle” for Al Qaeda or its affiliates. Simply, how many fighters are in Al Qaeda. There is no Al Qaeda other than a criminal gang protected by Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and sometimes by US Intelligence Officials. The number of fighters the Al Qaeda affiliates, are far less in number than an army. The “terrorists” of Al Qaeda in Libya that attacked in Benghazi, were only twenty or thirty.

Ackerman was part of FireDogLake, with his Attackerman blog. Ackerman was a critic of the wars only because they were failing and he wanted to win them. He could have enlisted. Instead he repeated the lies of General Petraeus. He also was handled by Philip Mudd, a high ranking Spymaster and Torturer. Mudd was retroactively retired, and he routinely used Ackerman’s blog for his own propaganda.

Then Attackerman decided to post a Goodbye Cruel World Post, and he terminated the FDL Attackerman blog. He blamed the “press galleries”, whoever or whatever they are.

My departure is pretty mundane: the congressional press galleries are wary of giving me permanent credentials while I’m affiliated here, and I don’t want to impede any of my reporting responsibilities at my day job with Wired‘s Danger Room. So off I go.

Ackerman sometimes projects a bombastic and confusing style of writing. If I interpret this correctly, the Congressional “galleries” do not approve of the FireDogLake Affiliate. Or his employers at WIRED do not approve of the FireDogLake Affiliate. Or did P4 suggest that FireDogLake was not a good career move.

Ackerman owes FDL an apology, and he should describe how Petraeus and the Pentagon shaped his narratives. To a lesser degree he should apologize to me. Without any justification, he accused me of anti-semitism, implying that I had attacked “Jews”. Did Petraeus suggest those attacks be used against antiwar critics?

Frank33: Spencer, you keep attacking the Conspiracy Theorists, and you will get some K-Street Credibility

Spencer Ackerman: That’s what I want. Me and the other Jews. And then we will come to eat your braiiiiiiiiiin

Ackerman can use anti-semitism against me because he is a member of the Shtetl Police. But the irony, his insult to me was an “anti-Semitic trope”.

Note to some of my fellow progressives: If we can’t argue about Israel without using anti-Semitic tropes, then the debate is lost before it even begins…

Call me a squish or a sellout or a concern troll. Whatever. But if you can’t be forceful without recalling some of the ugliest tropes in American Jewish history, you’re doing it wrong.


So many deaths, so many secrets, so many sycophants, so much taxpayer money spent, that the American people may start to notice the slurping from the Pentagon gravy train. One thing leads to another for the Gold Diggers of SpyFall. Everything they touch turns to fool’s gold.

Where do we start? The CPA, the Coalition Provisional Authority in Irak, was created as a jobs program for neo-cons and religious fanatics to rebuild Irak. Dick and Liz Cheney created a vast right wing empire of no-bid contracts for their friends. Some of these war profiteers are part of SpyFall.

We can start with former Lt. Col. Oliver North. The former disgraced Marine officer was embedded in Irak and Afghanistan from the beginning. Ollie has been in Libya many times. He has a great talent for creating secret mercenary armies, financed by gun-running and drug dealing. Ollie created the off the shelf non-governmental entity, the Contras. Perhaps he helped create Al Qaeda and Bin Laden, and a mercenary army to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. Somebody created Al Qaeda.

Perhaps Mr. North helped create the Al Qaeda in Libya “affiliate” whose fighters attacked the Benghazi consulate and CIA Annex. Perhaps, General Petraeus and the CIA wanted to embarass the President or worse, with the false story they provided about Benghazi. Perhaps, the CIA Annex was a prison for an off the shelf, nongovernmental Al Qaeda Affiliate.

It is certain that Susan Phelan is helping spread disinformation for the conspirators of Benghazi-Gate. Phelan is a highly paid spokesliar for the Neo-con Republicans investigating Benghazi-Gate. Usually, these “authorized” public spokespeople say nothing, other than disinformation. But Phelan is ASKING questions about Benghazi. It is dueling spokespersons. Phelan wants to know. WHO changed the talking points.

Phelan did not ask or answer questions when she was concealing Afghan contractor corruption. Phelan is a corrupt Afghanistan war profiteer. Phelan is a neo-con, and Calendar Girl. She was Miss March 2010, Pretty in Mink. She began her career as a spokesliar for the Irak CPA.

Benghazi so many questions. Why Susan Rice to go on Sunday tee vee? Why not Vicoria Nuland, aka Vickie Kagan. Vickie is the spokesliar for the State Department, replacing PJ Crowley. Vickie worked for the Cheney’s during the glorious days of Iraki Reconstruction. Vickie is married to Robert Kagan. Team Kagan is part of Team Petraeus.. The Kagan’s have been slurping from the gravy train for years.

And, secret agent man, Grayson Wolfe was a major Bushie in the CPA. He helped loot Irak. He has all sorts of mysterious no-bid contracts with mysterious CIA “front” companies. He is also politically connected. A Judge found that he should be awarded custody of a child, from his marriage to the Twin Natalie.

They are divorced and court cases are difficult for spies because information is in the public record. Follow the money. Natalie somehow earned $300,000 during 2010, but she filed for Bankruptcy. She owes mysterious debts to mysterious people, probably military contractors. And Jill, being her Twin did the same thing, filing for Bankruptcy.

And Jill was awarded a MEDAL in a CEREMONY by the JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF. Is there video of P4 decorating her chest? The certificate was signed by Admiral Mullen the CHAIRMAN of JCS.

This award is the second highest honorary public service award under the authority of the chairman of the Joint Chiefs and consists of a silver medal, lapel pin, citation and certificate signed by the chairman, McNally said.

The citation also states that Kelley’s “willingness to host engagements with Senior National Representatives from more than 60 countries was indicative of her support for both the Coalition’s effort and the mission of United States Central Command.”

Why was Jill decorated by P4 himself? Jill was not just a cheerleader. She provided a Safe Place, for the warmongers. Spies and Diplomats from 60 countries, and military contractors and ambitious Generals just want to have fun, without reporters. They need a place to conspire with their fellow co-conspirators.

This is only the beginning. The story gets weirder and weirder, and nearly impossible to understand. We can all help expose and destroy the careers of these very important people. It should be a distributed network research effort, with everyone contributing, similar to Galaxy Zoo.

by Frank33

Bradley Manning And The Resistance Versus Secrecy, False Flag Terror, And The American Police State

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The U.S. Troops Massacre civilians in Bala Baluk, Western Afghanistan (Granai)

*** The Empire Versus Bradley Manning ***

It does seem that The Project for a New American Century has been mostly successful. These neo-conservatives had a dream, a world wide corporate, dictatorship maintained by terror. They themselves created the terror. The most modern tools of government repression are used against anyone who questions the Torture, the Kangaroo Courts, the False Flag Operations by a criminal Secret Police. The techniques of the Soviet Gulag are used against American citizens, such as psychological torture with drugs.

Bradley Manning has been targeted with a possible death sentence. His “trial” is as phony as any of the “Show Trials” of the Soviet Union. The Secret Police State and Secret Laws and Secret Courts used torture and murder against dissenters. These techniques have been copied, by a Secret Cabal, that has given American citizens ten years of terror and war and propaganda. Bradley Manning has been isolated so we do not have his story. Manning is accused of “aiding the enemy”. The real “enemy” is The One Percent who planned the terror, torture and the wars.

The WikiLeaks documents that Manning is accused of releasing, do show the public statements of the US Government are almost always falsehoods. This trial is all about protecting the liars and their coverups.

Rainey Reitman reported some of the petty bullying, and prosecutorial misconduct. Transcripts are not provided. Certain targeted reporters are banned, as are the lawyers for Wikileaks. Reporters are not allowed to use the internet, or record the tee vee feed. We can assume the “Public Affairs Officers” vet every reporter, read every story, find every weakness to use against reporters as part of Total Information Awareness. These dirty tricks are not needed against most corporate, “mockingbird” stenographers, and the corporate tee vee and newspapers.

At its heart, the Bradley Manning trial is about secrecy, about understanding how our own government as a world power operates in complex international waters, about debating the sacrifices we’re willing to make to advance our interests. Whatever interests the military may have in conducting its case against Manning behind closed doors, we as a society cannot tolerate attempts to rob us of knowledge of the court proceedings. This trial will change the history of our country; I only hope we get to be in the room when it happens.

The Government’s vicious, physical and psychological abuse of Bradley Manning suggests their actual evidence may be sparse. If there is no evidence against Manning, the Government will forge evidence to destroy Manning. If necessary, they will invoke “Classified” to conceal any evidence of Manning’s innocence. Manning defense lawyer has already been prevented from presenting a defense, other than the “disturbed personality” nonsense. The government presented evidence they claimed was revealed by Manning. Some of their evidence, include video recordings of mass murder and other evidence of criminal atrocities committed by the US Government.

But the Manning Trial is History, as part of the resistance against a new, ugly world order. For ten years, we have had no history. We have had only lies by Liars who stole a Presidential Election, retired Liar Generals, Corporate Liar Journalists embedded in the Pentagon, and the Liars of the American Secret Police. A massive cover-up is necessary to conceal that the Irak War and Afghan War and “War on Terror”, were criminal conspiracies that violated international law and the US Constitution.

The neo-conservatives have decided on a new war with Iran, because all their other wars have been so successful. This requires more secrecy, more censorship, more threats against truth tellers and whistleblowers. Bradley Manning has done the impossible by enduring abuse and punishment meant to break him, as an example to others who might reveal government misconduct. The truth about the past oil wars might have negative effect on their next war. Everything is automatically secret. The War profiteers, the Billionaires, the One Percent, decide what is secret.

But if information is classified, because it risks lives, then it must be physically protected. It must be secured and physically stored in a protected environment, such as in a locked metal safe. The classified information supposedly released by Manning, was protected by computer passwords. SIRPNet is a “classified” network, with an estimated three million users. It is a joke to claim that a three million user network can be made secure enough for genuine classified information. Secrets are no longer secrets when they are digitized, and protected by a password!

The Manning Trial can be compared to the Chicago 8, or The Ellsberg Trial as it captures the imagination of the Resistance. A great patriot, and War Resistor named Dan Ellsberg similarly revealed Government crimes, corruption and misconduct. Ellsberg endured the full power of a criminal government including threats against his life, as Manning is enduring.

[Manning] was treated abusively—I would say illegally—for over 10.5 months of prolonged isolation, which amounts to torture…

I would say that this trial started the same way mine did, and it should end the same way mine did, which is that the charges were dismissed on the grounds of governmental misconduct. There’s been very clear governmental misconduct of a prolonged kind here. But of course they won’t—that would be admitting their guilt, and the government is not ready to do that…

We’ve had a number of wars that would have been averted if we’d had a Bradley Manning, and preferably at a higher level, with access to this information. I think there wouldn’t have been an invasion and an aggression against Iraq; if people knew that this was a disastrous course, that would have averted the war if it was done before the war. Likewise, the escalation in Afghanistan was done in opposition of most of the president’s military and civilian advisers…

People write about this as though it’s very obscure what his motives were. He’s really very explicit in the chat logs as to what his concern was. He saw torture, atrocities, corruption at all levels, and he felt the public should have this information. You need this information to make decisions. And he was prepared to pay the price. I see the same motives I had, and I admire him—he’s a hero of mine.

The villains are epic, with New World Order mercenary armies, spies spying everywhere, and total government and corporate control of most mass communications. They want us to believe resistance is futile. But Bradley Manning has resisted and that is a serious threat to our Neo-Con Stasi. The “secrecy” excuse will be used when necessary, by the same neo-cons who stopped investigations of terror, and who created False Flag Terror. Perhaps, some of these goons will be attending the Trial, the secret parts. Judge, Prosecutor and Persecutor Almanza, went Full Metal Neo-con by accusing Manning of “Aiding the Enemy”.

The prosecutorial misconduct is laughable with the judge who is also a prosecutor. Manning was not allowed to present a defense. But the Government presented a new kind of legal evidence. The Government’s evidence against Manning include evidence of war crimes by the Empire’s Storm Troopers. The Storm Troopers are not being prosecuted for their casual mass murder.

Almanza wants to punish Manning for revealing “The Collateral Murder” incident, where eleven Iraki civilians were butchered.

An even greater atrocity was admitted as evidence, the Granai Massacre, where more than one hundred civilians, mostly children, were murdered. But revealing anything about the wars is a crime because the wars are just one atrocity after another.

Early news accounts and the US military reported that fighting had taken place in Granai with the Taliban firing from civilian compounds. Smallman says this is “absolute bullshit.” The villagers he spoke to insisted the Taliban never entered the village. “We walked the length and breadth of that village … we never saw a single bullet-hole or single shell casing anywhere.”

The bombing, carried out by a B-1B bomber, started at least an hour after the end of the fighting. “From the villagers’ point of view, they didn’t have a clue what was going on,” says Smallman. “As far as they were concerned there was no reason for their village to be bombed.” He notes there were two concentrations of air strikes in Granai, the first outside a mosque where a crowd had gathered after evening prayers. “You could see that trees were snapped in two by the bombs, so you can only imagine what happened to the people there,” he says.

Understandably, this air strike produced “blind panic” among the villagers, with the elderly, women and children evacuated to a compound at the far end of the settlement. “A single 2,000lb bomb was then dropped in to the middle of them,” says Smallman. “That was where there was the biggest loss of life. That is why the number of children killed was so high. A 2,000lb bomb vaporises literally everything at its epicentre.”

*** Aiding The Enemy Before And After The System Was Blinking Red ***

That Enemy is of course, the imaginary Al Qaeda. Usama Bin Laden was the leader of the criminal gang, which could have had as many as hundreds of members. Bin Laden was their Banker and their Hedge Fund manager. He made money from the Terror Attacks with “market” investments. Bin Laden probably learned Hedge Fund Managing from his relatives in the Carlyle Group. Iran Contra terrorist John Poindexter, took it to the next level, A Terror Stock Market. Details remain classified.

Originally, the Al Qaeda bombers were incredibly incompetent although they occasionally killed someone. They became much more dangerous with training from Ali Mohamed, a CIA/Al Qaeda double agent. Ali was in the Green Berets and he supplied terrorists with US Classified information that helped with their terror. Ali moved Usama Bin Laden twice, although it is not known who moved Bin Laden to Pakistan. Ali also helped murder more than 200 people, and was convicted as part of the African Embassy Bombings Conspiracy. Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has allowed this terrorist to be free even though he was convicted for terrorism. Ali is free to commit more terror while Bradley Manning is indefinitely imprisoned.

We should give the President credit for tracking down and terminating Usama Bin Laden. Apparently, Navy SEALs found evidence that Bin Laden was making more terror conspiracies. There is “classified” digital evidence of Bin Laden’s activities while sheltered in Pakistan by the ISI. If the information obtained was made public, the Bin Laden financial terror network could be terminated. The President should reveal the information that was obtained instead of keeping it secret. Why are these details classified? Perhaps the neo-cons want to save the Bin Laden network for the next Al Qaeda #2.

The electronic gear hauled away by an assault team of Navy SEALs reportedly included five computers, 10 hard drives, and scores of removable media including USB sticks and DVDs.

Everything about the Oil Wars and Al Qaeda has been kept secret from the American people by neo-con spymasters. Neo-con CIA spymaster George Tenet said, “The System Was Blinking Red” before the 9-11 attacks. Two blinking lights were the two 9-11 hijackers, Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar. These two seem to be two more Al Qaeda double agents that the CIA concealed and protected before and after 9-11.

There were numerous alerts, warnings from other governments and law enforcement investigations of the Al Qaeda criminal gang. The CIA responded to the discovery of the Bin Laden network by stopping the investigations. Numerous FBI investigations were similarly stopped, and the details as always remain classified, secret. The system was blinking red. So, the blinking, red, warning lights were turned off, secretly.

We can add the Joint Forces Intelligence Command (JFIC) to the long list of Blinking Red Lights that were turned off. Capt. Dundas, only a Captain, was able to stop an investigation of the Bin Laden Terror Network.

“a DIA employee in the Defense HUMINT Management Office, Policy and Plans Division,” who was “personally involved in JFIC intelligence activities related to al-Qa’ida and the 9/11 attacks and had first hand knowledge of circumstances surrounding that alleged false reporting to the Secretary of Defense and Congress.”…

According to the narrative in the IG report, a previous JFIC deputy director of intelligence said that the JFIC commander, identified elsewhere in the report as Capt. Janice Dundas, US Navy, “directed him to stop tracking Usama Bin Ladin.”…

Has Captain Dundas stopped other investigations of Al Qaeda? Concealing information about terrorists is Aiding the Enemy. Perhaps “DO5″ created some of the terrorism, to aid the enemy more.

“The DO5 supported the JTF-CS exercises by establishing fictional terrorist organizations that would mimic real world terrorist groups.”

The Able Danger program identified a number of 9-11 hijackers. Able Danger was shut down after they alerted the “intelligence community” to the Al Qaeda threat. The government officials who shut down Able Danger have not been identified because it is classified secret. But the Pentagon lawyer, Tony Gentry seems to have aided the Enemy by ordering the destruction of massive amounts of data about Al Qaeda. He also used the threat of prison, against members of Able Danger who reveal the Al Qaeda threat.

The order to destroy the data and documents is given to Kleinsmith by Army Intelligence and Security Command General Counsel Tony Gentry, who jokingly tells him, “Remember to delete the data—or you’ll go to jail.”

The “intelligence community” assists the Enemy terrorists, as their COINTELPRO targets American citizens. There is massive disinformation to keep the wars endless. Retired CIA Spymaster Phil Mudd is the public voice of the Intelligence Community. But spies rarely retire and Mudd’s cover is anti-terror expert for War Monger Dee Cee “Think Tanks”. Establishment stenographers repeat what Mudd says, word for word. But Mudd is aiding the enemy, because his False Narrative protects “Al Qaeda”.

Mudd went public, warning of “westernized Al Qaeda” such as David Headley. Headley was a leader of the 2008 Mumbai Terror Attacks, and was one of many Al Qaeda double agents who were protected by the CIA. Mudd spins a very bad cover story, for a very bad Al Qaeda terrorist who also worked for the CIA.

First, the case of David Coleman Headley, a Pakistani-American, reveals an “A-level” plotter who operated in the United States. Headley was involved with plotting attacks for Lashkar-i-Tayyiba (LT, or LeT), a South Asian terrorist group that has at least some ties to al-Qa`ida. Headley, who was born in Washington, D.C. and most recently lived in Chicago, was arrested in October 2009 in the United States for involvement in the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks and for plotting against employees of a newspaper in Copenhagen, Denmark…Headley’s ability to operate in the United States underscores that group’s capabilities should it decide to attack within U.S. border

Headley was able to operate in the US because the CIA allowed him to operate. Headley was reported as a terrorist to “authorities” by ex-wives and girl friends. But the CIA always cleared him as they deny he was a CIA agent. He travelled freely and frequently to Pakistan and India, for his “immigration business”. There is no evidence that he did any work for the “First World Immigration Services”. Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has not told anyone what this strange business actually did. This “business” had offices in Chicago, New York and Toronto. Patrick Fitzgerald and Phil Mudd have totally ignored the issue of Headley bringing terrorists into the United States.

David Harris, a former officer with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service and currently a security and anti-terrorism consultant with INSIGNIS Strategic Research, says law enforcement and government officials would be wise to look into Rana’s business and former clients. “It would seem prudent,” says Harris, “that when one has a suspected terrorist, especially of a major sort, running some kind of immigration service, that that service, that everything that it has been doing, come under some kind of scrutiny.”

It is amazing that Mudd thought he could use Mumbai and Headley as examples of Al Qaeda terrorism. It was not Al Qaeda. It was a “False Flag Op”, by Pakistan’s Secret Police, the ISI. It was intended as a 9-11 type attack against India, with Al Qaeda taking the credit, or L-E-T another terror group, one of many created by the ISI. Pakistan has attacked India many times, with these types of terror attacks. ISI purchases, teenage sons of poor, uneducated families to be a State sponsored terrorists. Adjmal Kasab survived Mumbai, and described his recruitment, training and his part in this murder spree.

Pakistan military equipment, supplied by the US taxpayers, was used for VOIP communications. A command center in Karachi or Lahore directed the killers. Some reports say Headley was there also. Within days, the India government released recordings of ISI actually giving orders to their “Al Qaeda” Commandoes, to murder as many people as possible. The US Government continues to pretend that “Al Qaeda” killed more than 160 people in Mumbai. It is even more amazing that the true story of Mumbai has been suppressed.

U.S. agencies had received six warnings about Headley from his wives and associates from October 2001 to December 2008. Yet federal agents didn’t place him on a terrorist watch list or open a full investigation until July 2009, eight months after the Mumbai attacks.

Mudd aids the Enemy with more lies. Mudd catapults the scary Al Qaeda narrative further with The UnderWear Bomber. Undie Bomber, tried to blow up an airliner, with a bomb in his underwear, as it was landing in Detroit. Abdulmutallab was assisted by the US Intelligence Community. His “Handler” falsely identified him as Sudanese refugee. He had no passport, or possibly a forged passport. He had been reported as a terrorist by his multi-millionaire Father. And the “Intelligence Community” later claimed he had been under surveillance. He was cleared by security and allowed on an airliner. So Al Qaeda, or the Al Qaeda franchise, should only get partial credit for Abdulmutallab’s attack.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who studied at a university in London, attempted to detonate explosives on a Northwest Airlines commercial aircraft just outside Detroit on December 25, 2009.[5] Subsequent investigations revealed that al-Qa`ida’s Yemen affiliate, AQAP, was behind the plot, showing its intent and capability to direct operations within the United States.

Undie did not just attempt to detonate his bomb. He did detonate it and it started a fire, that was fortunately extinguished. Was this just a clumsy attempt by Homeland Security to install the Chertoff Rapescan Machines ? Whistleblower Kurt Haskell observed Undie and his Handler get special treatment, without going through normal airport security. Then the cast of characters in this near disaster, becomes ridiculous.

One passenger was video recording the entire event. After landing in Detroit, another passenger was handcuffed and taken away. Abdulmutallab was badly burned, but said nothing and appeared to be drugged. It was reported that the FBI questioned him and he revealed a Saudi Arabian Bombmaker as part of the plot. Then, this attempted attack became the reason for a new war against Yemen and the mysterious Anwar al-Awlaki. The government terror experts such as Mudd, were not concerned about the Handler or the Saudi Bombmaker. Awlaki was the real villain, because he had a website. Also Awlaki visited the Pentagon after 9-11, and had a nice visit with some of the Bush War Criminals. Was Awlaki a double agent? Aren’t they all?

*** Some of The WhistleBlowers Are Crazy, But Not As Crazy As Neo-cons ***

The Scooter Libby Trial was another Show Trial. The warmongers won, Scooter Libby walked after he payed a fine. Libby and other neo-con war planners, violated the law and released the classified information about Valerie Plame’s identity. They had previously released classified information, to start the Irak War. That was the reason for Joe Wilson’s trip to Niger. Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald let them all get away with it because he always protects the Torturers and the Warmongers. Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame were targeted by the Police State, but they ended up with fame and fortune. Not all Resistors are so fortunate. Government employees who reveal crimes have diminishing legal protections, or none.

It is OK to release classified information if you are a neo-con, and you want to start a war. The Irak War was started by criminal neo-cons, who selectively releasing untrue classified information, about Yellowcake uranium and the Niger Forgeries. It is OK to release classified information, if you are Bob Woodward, chief Mockingbird and War Profiteer, of the Washington Post. Bob Woodward revealed the secret weapon that won the Irak War. Woodward’s books are best-sellers with lots of classified gossip. As history, his books are worthless. But being embedded in the Pentagon’s posterior, has made him wealthy.

CIA Asset Susan Lindauer.. Can Now Speaks 10 years after 2001-9-11

Susan Lindauer seems to be another victim of neo-con treason. Her story is crazy, and the “intelligence community” has been trying to destroy her, by calling her crazy. Lindauer was so crazy the Spy Warlords kept her in involuntary detention for a year, at an Air Force Base. She was accused of spying for Irak, or illegal financial transactions, or getting $100 worth of lunches from an Iraki diplomat. Lindauer is probably guilty of eating the lunches. After five years of persecution, the Government dropped the bogus criminal charges.

The psychological warfare against Lindauer included threats of involuntary medication. That is the new torture, using psychoactive drugs as a way to induce mental illness. Actually, it is not new. The Jailers of the Soviet Gulag used similar techniques against political dissidents.

Lindauer does make some crazy claims. She says she was a “Back Channel” to Irak, working for the CIA. Before, the 9-11 attacks, she claims the CIA was preparing for the attack and was preparing to blame Irak if it happened. And then there are her 9-11 Inside Job allegations, which are obviously too crazy to talk about.

To protect their cover-up scheme, I got locked in federal prison inside Carswell Air Force Base, while the Justice Department battled to detain me “indefinitely” up to 10 years, without a hearing or guilty plea. Worst yet, they demanded the right to forcibly drug me with Haldol, Ativan and Prozac, in a violent effort to chemically lobotomize the truth about 9/11 and Iraqi Pre-War Intelligence…

I had personal knowledge of the CIA’s advance warnings about 9/11, and how Republican leaders thwarted efforts to preempt the attack. Secondly, I had direct knowledge of Iraq’s contributions to the 9/11 investigation, and how Republican leaders rejected financial documents on early Al Qaeda figures like Ramzi Youssef and Sheikh Abdul Rahmon of Egypt and Sheikh al Zawahiri —who replaced Osama bin Laden as Al Qaeda’s leader. That would have shut down the financial pipeline for terrorism, if Washington cared about results. Finally, my team had successfully negotiated a peace framework with Baghdad that would have achieved all objectives in Iraq without firing a shot.

Oh I was a threat to the Washington elite, no doubt. Without the Patriot Act, the Cover Ups of 9/11 and Iraq would have failed. Given normal due process, I would have shouted truth from the rooftops and exposed them all.

Even crazy people should not be subjected to enhanced interrogation or CIA dirty tricks. Her claims about the treasonous “Patriot Act” are crazy enough to be true.

According to history buff, Alan Batterman, the German word for “Gestapo” is an acronym of GEheim STAdt POlezi.

Translation: “Homeland Security.”

Unhappily, for free thinking Americans, Batterman’s analysis is correct. Paragraph for paragraph, clause for clause, laws establishing fascist control over the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany are replicated in the Patriot Act today.

Like the iron fist of the Nazis and Communists, Americans must submit to “roving surveillance” and warrantless searches, without the requirement of a Judge’s authorization. Surveillance laws are part of a larger arsenal of weapons against political dissidents and whistle blowers.

Most Americans don’t know the Patriot Act authorizes secret charges relying on secret evidence and secret grand jury statements. Under the Patriot Act, Americans have no right to know who has accused them of what criminal activities, or the dates of the alleged offense.

They’re not even told what law was broken. The government has power to lock up Americans on military bases or other prisons without a hearing or trial. We can be detained indefinitely without any rights of due process at all.

The Secret Police imprisoned Lindauer on a military base. That allows complete isolation, and complete loss of Constitutional rights. Lindauer was threatened with indefinite detention, or worse. That gives her, and her narrative credibility. Why should the Fascists in the Department of (In)Justice, who imprisoned her, have any credibility?

What is crazier than giving Nuclear Weapons plans to a terrorist nation such as Iran? The answer is, it is crazier if the CIA gives Nuclear Weapons plans to Iran, to use as a pretext for another criminal war. What is crazier than that? If the CIA makes it a False Flag Operation, blaming the Russians for nuclear proliferation, that is crazier. Presumably, these plans were classified secret. It is OK to release classified information, plans for a Nuclear Weapon, if you are the CIA, and you need another war.

How many laws did the CIA break giving Iran classified information about nuclear weapons? The WhistleBlower who revealed this nuclear terrorism should be rewarded!. Not exactly. The Nuclear terrorists in the Government want to imprison Jeffrey Sterling because he violated the Espionage Act. But it is the CIA who are guilty of espionage, giving classified nuclear secrets to Iran. They claim Sterling revealed classified information. CIA misconduct and incompetence, and nuclear terrorism is classified. It is further claimed that Sterling revealed this, and other secrets to author James Risen, for his book, “State of War”.

This trial will have a Star Witness, Condi “These Boots Are Made For Walking” Rice, former Secretary of State. However, this Trial is problematic for the Jailers of the Gulag. It is difficult to convict honest people, who tell the truth. So, the evidence and witnesses are declared secret and classified. Better yet, do not allow the defense and Sterling to cross examine witnesses. The Prosecuters want to prohibit the defense from cross examining Condi. After all, Condi is special, and the Right to face accusers is inconvenient for a Gulag.

Prosecutors asked U.S. District Court Judge Leonie Brinkema to allow them to show the jury talking points Rice used at the session warning of the grave consequences that could flow from publishing details of the CIA operation. However, the prosecution indicated it wanted to show the jury the talking points without calling Rice as a witness.

The grave consequences should be to purge the CIA of these criminals, who give weapons of mass destruction to nations they want to invade. And Condi Rice is also part of CIA nuclear terrorism and coverup, to give nuclear weapons to Iran. WHO COULD HAVE ANTICIPATED THAT ?

Thomas Drake worked at the most super duper secret agency, the top of the Spying Priesthood, the National Security Agency. Drake released classified information. It is classified because it protects the neo-con secret police, who control an agency embedded in corruption and illegality. He revealed that citizens are subjected to massive and unconstitutional spying. This violates the Espionage Act, and so Drake was targeted.

In my case, while a senior official at the National Security Agency, I found out about the use of electronic eavesdropping on Americans, turning this country into the equivalent of a foreign nation, for the purposes of blanket surveillance and data mining, blatantly disregarding a 23-year legal regime that was the exclusive means for the conduct of such electronic collection and surveillance, which carried criminal sanctions when violated.

And that is just the government. We can assume the corporate, privatized spies, hire the corrupt NSA and CIA spies. Then, they can outsource the COINTELPRO against Peaceniks, Occupiers and Hard Left Bloggers, for fun and profit.

But oops. More crazy, 9-11 Inside Job talk. Drake claims that NSA covered up 9-11, and possibly allowed 9-11 to happen. Move along. Nothing to see here. Ironically, the NSA has been assigned the task of suppressing investigations of 9-11.

I also discovered that NSA had withheld critical and crucial intelligence prior to 9/11 and after 9/11, as well as data and information that was available but remained undiscovered, and if shared—if shared—could have made a decisive difference alone in preventing the 9/11 attacks from ever happening.

I also learned about a massively expensive and failing surveillance program under development called Trailblazer that largely served as nothing more than a funding vehicle to enrich government contractors and keep government program managers in charge, when a cheap, highly effective, and operational alternative called ThinThread was available in-house that fully protected Americans’ privacy rights under the law, while also providing superior intelligence to this nation.

*** The System Versus The Anti-System Radicals And WikiLeaks ***

Bradley Manning is being tortured to break him and provide testimony to destroy Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. These documents belong to taxpayers and taxpayers should have them. But these secrets revealed by WikiLeaks, are the lowest levels of secrecy. These low level secrets that have been revealed, are more than enough, to arouse total disgust. War crimes, corporate corruption, covert operations to steal resources from tribal peoples and so on. The secret government is fighting a world war against the Anti-System Radicals and the Ultra-Leftists.

But, it is hard to believe American citizens are supporting and paying for Child Rape. The Government had successfully quashed public reports of this horrid crime. Gulag Jailer Almanza should introduce as evidence against Manning, the Memo of June 24, 2009, “The Dancing Boys Scandal”.The Military Contractor DynCorp has been involved in child sexual procurement for many years. The Afghan Government wanted the US Government to conceal that DynCorp had obtained a child to be raped by our Afghan allies. It is part of their cultural tradition, probably similar to “Bohemian Groves”. DynCorp makes US taxpayers pay for Child Rape Parties, and there is even a video.

Atmar reiterated his insistence that the U.S. try to quash any news article on the incident or circulation of a video connected with it…

Ambassador Mussomeli discussed a range of issues with Minister of Interior (MoI) Hanif Atmar on June 23. On the Kunduz Regional Training Center (RTC) DynCorp event of April 11 (reftel), Atmar reiterated his insistence that the U.S. try to quash any news article on the incident or circulation of a video connected with it. He continued to predict that publicity would “endanger lives.”

He disclosed that he has arrested two Afghan police and nine other Afghans as part of an MoI investigation into Afghans who facilitated this crime of “purchasing a service from a child.”

Yes, it endangers lives, because it endangers war profits. And who cares about some Afghan child. Certainly, not Hillary’s Deptartment of State. The story was “quashed”. Censorship in Afghanistan and Irak, is a feature, not an anomaly.

But there is more that is astonishing, and not in a good way. There is an obvious way to prevent this sexual abuse by the Serial Rapists of DynCorp. US Military Officers should oversee military contractors, as suggested by the Afghans. Who knew that the US Military does not oversee military contractors. Apparently DynCorp is a Mercenary Army that gives orders to the US Military and US Government.

Placing military officers to oversee contractor operations at RTCs is not legally possible under the current DynCorp contract.

But the Military can murder women and children. The Military can imprison American citizens indefinitely. The Military can even torture its own soldiers to break them. But the US Military cannot stop DynCorp from raping children. What a sad, pathetic War.

Did the treasonous Patriot Act, give corporations such as DynCorp, secret powers? The Patriot Act may have even made President Obama a puppet of the National Security State. The President formerly was Commander in Chief, and was the final authority on what is “classified”. But Barack Obama admits he no longer has that power, and “classified” before this puppet President, “wasn’t classified in the same way”

Who makes the rules for President Obama? General Petraeus, the failed General of two wars, now leads the CIA in its War against Freedom and the Constitution. Petraeus is the Supreme Leader of the President, and allows him to pretend that he is a President. The President declared Manning guilty.

And if you’re in the military…And I have to abide by certain rules of classified information. If I were to release material I weren’t allowed to, I’d be breaking the law.

We’re a nation of laws! We don’t let individuals make their own decisions about how the laws operate. He broke the law.

[Q: Didn't he release evidence of war crimes?]
What he did was he dumped…

[Q: Isn't that just the same thing as what Daniel Ellsberg did?]
No it wasn’t the same thing. Ellsberg’s material wasn’t classified in the same way.

The President is not being truthful. Ellsberg and Manning face similar legal prosecution for similar reasons. These brave patriots revealed Government crimes. The Trial of Manning is an espionage Black Op by a corrupt government with overwhelming tools of oppression. To paraphrase ultra lefty, Revolutionary agitator, Tom Paine, “These are the times that try Patriots souls.” Each day, that Bradley Manning’s soul survives another day of torture, is a victory for the Resistance.

by Frank33

Sen. Lindsey Graham, Solicitor General Elena Kagan And Neo-Cons Conceal, Protect And Enable Al Qaeda Terrorists

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Sen. Lindsey Graham claims Al Qaeda is an army and so we must fight a War on Terror. But Al Qaeda is only a small number of spies and mercenaries supported by Al Qaeda. Graham claims that free and fair legal trials will release secret information that will help AQ. But the only example given is the List of Un-indicted Co-conspirators from the Day of Terror Trial in1995. This list was sent to Bin Laden by Ali Mohamed a Master Al Qaeda Spy except Graham ignores that the list was released by prosecutor Andrew McCarthy. McCarthy also neglects to mention Ali Mohamed. McCarthy does support neo-con Michael Ledeen who was part of the Niger Yellowcake forgeries, that was used as a pretext for war with Irak.

Solicitor General Elena Kagan defended and protect Saudi Arabian terrorists in a lawsuit brought by 9-11 victims. Kagan also destroyed documents proving Saudi Arabia was responsible for the 9-11 attacks. Kagan does not defend American citizens who may be legally assassinated by the US government. But she defended Saudi Oil Sheikhs who created Al Qaeda Terrorism. Lawyers who covered up Ali Mohamed’s spying or covered up torture or covered up Saudi Arabia’s terrorism, have been promoted and rewarded. Anyone who is critical of the the 9-11 coverup is penalized and punished. The Underwear Bomber Conspiracy was a US intelligence plot that almost destroyed Flight 253. This possible False Flag Operation is also ignored and concealed. Neo-cons, such as Dana "Pig Missile" Perino continue the falsehoods. But it has been revealed that torture was used for false confessions to justify the Irak War. This torture is a war crime.

The War On Terror is a fraud. It is a war on democracy and the Bill of Rights. There is no Al Qaeda, at least as an organized army of terrorists. There is no AQ Order of Battle. There is no AQ military organization. AQ, as an organization, has been used by neo-cons to describe a very small number of Islamic Jihadists. Most of these terrorists got their start by fighting the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, secretly supported by the United States. AQ is a criminal gang. But AQ is protected by treasonous neo-cons who need an enemy to justify their wars, torture and assassinations. There is also the financial profiteering from terrorism.

The Saudi Arabian government is a shaky dictatorship of Oil Sheikhs who use their petro dollars to promote Islamic extremism. They also buy off AQ. This loose confederation of spies and mercenaries has been used and supported and financed by the Bin Laden Family and Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Arabian government was financing at least some of the 9-11 hijackers. Pakistan and its secret service, the ISI, also has been allied with the Oil Sheikhs. The ISI was caught paying 9-11 hijacker Mohammed Atta $100,000.

Prince Bandar, head of Saudi Espionage, laundered money through the infamous CIA Riggs Bank. Some of this money went to 9-11 hijackers. The 9-11 Commission Report claims the Saudi government did not finance the terrorists, and the money trail to the terrorists was not even important. But the not-so-secret classifed 28 page appendix, does provide evidence that Saudi Arabia attacked the United States on 9-11. The Above Top Secret Neo-con National Police State has concealed this.

The government, probably through the National Security Agency is attempting to censor all information about the 9-11 attacks, other than approved by Cass Sunstein. This includes stories about the lawsuit against Saudi Arabia. Families and survivors of 9-11 brought a lawsuit against Saudi Arabia. Elena Kagan, supposedly a brilliant lawyer and Solicitor General, defended the murderers against US citizens. Saudi Arabia is immune from the crimes but our citizens can be deprived of all freedoms at any time.

Solicitor General Elena Kagan said in the brief to the Supreme Court that her office agreed with the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit “that the princes are immune from petitioners’ claims,” although she pointed to somewhat different legal rationales in reaching that conclusion.

Ms. Kagan noted that the Supreme Court had historically looked to the executive branch to take the lead on such international matters because of “the potentially significant foreign relations consequences of subjecting another sovereign state to suit.”

The government said in its brief that the victims’ families never alleged that the Saudi government or members of the royal family “personally committed” the acts of terrorism against the United States “or directed others to do so.” And it said the claims that were made — that the Saudis helped to finance the plots — fell “outside the scope” of the legal parameters for suing foreign governments or leaders.

The Oil Sheikhs murdered 3000 people and Kagan says “that the princes are immune from petitioners’ claims”. But United States citizens are not immune from being murdered by our neo-con government. Kagan not only publicly defended Al Qaeda, she also destroyed evidence to continue the coverup. Kagan and Justice Department themselves have violated the law by destruction of evidence to protect Al Qaeda murderers. Kagan and the DOJ lawyers should have their legal licenses taken away. Then they should be put on trial and then put in prison.

Adding to the intrigue, classified American intelligence documents related to Saudi finances were leaked anonymously to lawyers for the families. The Justice Department had the lawyers’ copies destroyed and now wants to prevent a judge from even looking at the material.

The Supreme Court chose to follow Kagan and support Saudi terrorists. Kagan may be selected to the Supreme Court. There she will certainly continue the 9-11 Coverup. This is a similar pattern as other corrupt lawyers have similarly been rewarded for concealing the truth about 9-11, Dietrich Snell, Jamie Gorelick, Andrew McCarthy, Philip Zelikow, John Yoo and Jay Bybee. This is the new Loyalty Oath. Never question the government lies and you will be rewarded. Any dissent about 9-11 and you are purged from any position in government, as happened to Van Jones.

Again, Al Qaeda is a criminal gang. Their crimes are not committed because they hate us for our freedom. They murder for the enormous payoff. AQ has allies who game the financial system to profit from acts of terror. Terrorist crimes such as blowing up airliners cause large changes in stock prices, such as Airlines and Oil. There is a problem because there are recordings of financial transactions and suspicious "puts" are suspicious. There were plenty of these suspicious transactions before 9-11.

Shortly after 9/11, an Italian newspaper will report, “Six or seven years ago, probably in 1995, secret services from various European countries investigated the possibility that al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden’s organization, was using a Milan stockbroker firm to operate on Europe’s money

German central bank president Ernst Welteke later reports that a study by his bank indicates, “There are ever clearer signs that there were activities on international financial markets that must have been carried out with the necessary expert knowledge,” not only in shares of heavily affected industries such as airlines and insurance companies, but also in gold and oil…

“Between 6 and 7 September, the Chicago Board Options Exchange [sees] purchases of 4,744 put option contracts [a speculation that the stock will go down] in UAL versus 396 call options—where a speculator bets on a price rising. Holders of the put options would [net] a profit of $5 million once the carrier’s share price [dive] after September 11. On September 10, 4,516 put options in American Airlines, the other airline involved in the hijackings, [are] purchased in Chicago. This compares with a mere 748 call options in American purchased that day…

“To the embarrassment of investigators, it has also[learned] that the firm used to buy many of the ‘put’ options… on United Airlines stock was headed until 1998 by ‘Buzzy’ Krongard, now executive director of the CIA.” Krongard was chairman of Alex Brown Inc., which was bought by Deutsche Bank. “His last post before resigning to take his senior role in the CIA was to head Bankers Trust—Alex Brown’s private client business, dealing with the accounts and investments of wealthy customers around the world.”

The problems with neo-cons profiting from terror attacks with stock market fraud was solved by the Pentagon. The Policy Analysis Market was set up by Total Information Awareness Czar, John Poindexter. Indicted and convicted Iran-Contra co-conspirator Poindexter had the idea to make bets on wars, hijacked aircraft, assassinations of world leaders and other terrorist attacks. Then neo-cons could easily pull off terror attacks and legally take their profits from PAM. As soon as it became public, the program was canceled and Poindexter and PAM were gone but TIA remains.

The Pentagon office that proposed spying electronically on Americans to monitor potential terrorists has a new experiment. It is an online futures trading market, disclosed today by critics, in which anonymous speculators would bet on forecasting terrorist attacks, assassinations and coups.

Traders bullish on a biological attack on Israel or bearish on the chances of a North Korean missile strike would have the opportunity to bet on the likelihood of such events on a new Internet site established by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

The Pentagon called its latest idea a new way of predicting events and part of its search for the ”broadest possible set of new ways to prevent terrorist attacks.” Two Democratic senators who reported the plan called it morally repugnant and grotesque. The senators said the program fell under the control of Adm. John M. Poindexter, President Ronald Reagan’s national security adviser.

Iran-Contra was part illegal weapon sales and part drug running. US weapons were stolen and sold to Iran. The profits were used to fund a Contra mercenary army of thugs and finance illegal drug deals in Central America. Other Iran-Contra co-conspirators were recruited for a new conspiracy, creating a war with Irak. This includes Elliot Abrams and Michael Ledeen. Ledeen is alleged to have been a participant in the Niger Forgery Conspiracy.

Ledeen belongs to the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, which is actually a foundation for the defense of neo-cons. Another member is Andrew McCarthy, former prosecutor under Patrick Fitzgerald. McCarthy prosecuted the terrorists at the Day of Terror trial. But he also publicly defended Ledeen and denied that the Iran-Contra co-conspirator had anything to do with the Niger Forgeries. Further the Niger Forgeries had nothing to do with the launching of the Irak War.

Michael had utterly nothing to do with the forgeries (the source has actually been identified); the forgeries were not the basis for the president’s statement; the president did not claim Saddam obtained yellowcake — merely that intelligence reports indicated that Saddam had sought to obtain it…

Essentially, Michael received information from Manucher Ghorbanifar, a controversial figure with Iranian sources who has, over many years, provided the U.S. and other Western intelligence agencies with information the quality of which has been hotly debated.

The only debate was how worthless the information actually was, and was Ghorbanifar an agent of Iran. Ghorbanifar was a partner in crime with Ledeen during the Iran-Contra Conspiracy and he worked with Ledeen on the Irak War Conspiracy. Why would a former anti-terrorist federal prosecutor defend such unsavory characters as Ledeen and Ghorbanifar who were involved in illegal weapons deals with Iran? Because McCarthy is a dedicated neo-con, and he is dedicated to covering up the truth about AQ and the truth about neo-con takeover of national security and the truth about the Irak War. He is also dedicated to Military Commissions and torture and keeping AQ secrets, secret. McCarthy is also a dedicated liar.

Mr. McCarthy has written, for example, about learning that a document he provided in the discovery process in 1995 to defense lawyers in the sheik’s case — a long list of names of potential unindicted co-conspirators — was passed on to Mr. bin Laden, whose name was also on the list.

Mr. McCarthy has cited the episode as an example of how terrorists could use civilian trials as a kind of intelligence gathering tool. But two former Southern District prosecutors who studied the episode noted that the government had not sought a pretrial protective order — a procedure that would have restricted the document’s dissemination.

“We are not aware of any security breaches” in cases where such an order was sought, the authors said in a 2008 report for Human Rights First, which endorsed civilian justice for terrorism cases.

Also, McCarthy opposes legal representation for terrorists. Then there is obviously no way to "Cop a plea" and have a defendant testify who is paying and controlling him. Anything that describes the leaders and tactics of AQ has been kept secret because it would be an intelligence bonanza for AQ.

Mr. McCarthy has also criticized the private lawyers who have been assisting detainees at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, in challenging the legality of their confinements through habeas corpus petitions in federal court.

“The country’s at war and they’re volunteering their services to the enemy,” Mr. McCarthy said of the lawyers.

Mr. Dratel, a lawyer who represented one such detainee, said: “Is that Andy McCarthy or Joseph McCarthy? It doesn’t merit a response. That form of demagoguery was floated a few years ago and was promptly and roundly rejected by the entire organized bar. Those lawyers he criticizes have done an invaluable service for the United States.”

The issue of Military Commissions is more important than ever, as "civilian" trials are planned for the notorious KSM, and the "Underwear Bomber". These Commissions are top secret and they allow the coverups to continue. An open, fair trial with judge and jury is one of the genuine foundations for democracy. An open trial would reveal the truth about AQ, that they are just criminals supported by Saudi Arabia. The mockingbirds of the Dee Cee press corps have already set false narratives about both these terrorists. Even John Yoo, torture enabler continues the coverup, as if anyone would believe him about anything.

John Yoo wrote that trying KSM in civilian court would provide an “intelligence bonanza” for Al-Qaeda. While we shouldn’t be surprised by now of Yoo’s unparalleled ability to look the other way when the law repudiates his personal beliefs, it is worth noting that military commissions use the same law to protect sensitive national security evidence as the federal courts, the Classified Information Procedures Act (“CIPA”).

Sen. Linsey Graham should be labelled neo-con. He supports the Oil Wars indefinitely along with the continuing coverups. He also opposes Trials for terrorists because classified information has been released. He cites the Day of Terror Trial in 1995, where McCarthy was prosecutor. The List Of Un-Indicted Co-Conspirators, LOUICC, with 172 names was obtained by Bin Laden.

No other examples have been given of classified information being revealed at open trials. But what could be so important that this be kept secret? Bin Laden knows who the co-conspirators are. Again, there are only a few hundred AQ. This list should have been released and the public asked to provide information and help nab missing terrorists, un-indicted or not.

In the 1995 trial, because of civilian court rules, the government was required to disclose the identity of all known co-conspirators to the defense.

One of the conspirators — relatively obscure at the time — was Osama bin Laden.

Our intelligence services later learned this list made its way back to bin Laden tipping him off about our surveillance.

A conviction was obtained in that trial, but valuable intelligence was compromised. The rest is history.

Civilian trials create confusion. Our soldiers and intelligence services are already uncertain as to what rules apply.

Court trials can be confusing with all those facts and evidence for twelve ordinary people to judge. It is definitely confusing when one of the witnesses is a double agent, or triple agent or an eleven-dimensional agent. One of the missing terrorists was Ali Mohamed, Egyptian spy, Al Qaeda spy, Green Beret spy, FBI spy, CIA spy, and he married a California woman he met while traveling to the US. Ali was missing during the Day of Terror trial in 1995 because Andrew McCarthy told him not to testify at the Day of Terror trial. At least that is what Peter Lance, author of "Triple Cross", says.

Mohamed supposedly responds that he did get the subpoena, but that McCarthy advised him to ignore it and not testify and that McCarthy would cover up for him. Had Mohamed testified, McCarthy would have had a more difficult time getting a conviction, and the revelations of Mohamed’s ties to the CIA, FBI, and US military would have been highly embarrassing. Author Peter Lance will later note also that had Mohamed testified in the high profile trial, he would have become too well known to continue working as an informant and double agent.

Ali Mohamed is missing now even though he pleaded guilty to numerous crimes. Ali may be retired in California, with his wife Linda. Or he may be planning a new terror attack, for instance with Marc Grossman that will be another excuse for more wars and torture and stock market manipulation. Amazingly Ali got to know US secrets about national defense strengths and weaknesses of the Army, FBI and CIA. He had access to classified documents which he stole unless they were given to him.

Peter Lance suggests the LOUICC may have been given to Ali by McCarthy. McCarthy denies this. This feud has been going on for years. But Federal Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald is using the Department of Justice to end the feud. The government is trying to censor Lance’s book and steal every penny that Lance has with a lawsuit. This suggests "Triple Cross" has some credibility, and Fitzgerald has none.

But Mohamed continued to snooker McCarthy. On February 2, 1995, just after the start of trial, McCarthy sent the list of unindicted co-conspirators to various defense attorneys in the Day of Terror case. Somehow Ali Mohamed got a copy of it. Did McCarthy give it to him? We don’t know, but a copy was found in Mohamed’s house when the Feds searched it more than three years later.

Ali later admitted that "I obtained a copy of the co-conspirator list for the Abdel Rahman trial. I sent the list to El Hage in Kenya expecting that it would be forwarded to bin Laden in Khartoum."

Speaking of Fitz, Fitz did not hear the term "Al Qaeda" until after 1995. But Ali used the term AQ as early as 1993. This seems to be one of the earliest reference to AQ. It has been claimed "Al Qaeda" refers to a US government database. On pg. 224 of Triple Cross, Ali is quoted in 1993 saying

Bin Laden ran an organization called Al Qaeda and was building an army which may be used to overthrow the Saudi Government.

The Washington Independent published a story "In Much-Cited Precedent for 9/11 Trial, Tools for Protecting Information Went Unused", and subtitled "Former Prosecutor Andrew McCarthy Concedes He Could Have Done More to Stop Crucial Leak". This story basically says that CIPA provides sufficient protections for classified information in civilian trials, and quotes McCarthy supporting them. But McCarthy is changing his story and there is much left out of this account.

McCarthy, whom a February New York Times profile identified as one of the most influential conservative voices in the current debate over the propriety of trying terrorists in civilian courts, added, “I think too much is made of the example of the co-conspirator list.”

To call McCarthy a "influential conservative" is already misleading. McCarthy supported Ledeen and Ghorbanifar and regularly blogs neo-con disinformation. McCarthy was the one who has been making an example of the LOUICC. Lindsey Graham also used this as an example of "valuable compromised intelligence". WI and McCarthy and Graham ignore the real issue, Mohamed Ali, who obtained the list and faxed it to Bin Laden. Did McCarthy himself give this list to Ali? McCarthy has never revealed what he and Ali talked about during their conversations.

But McCarthy did give the LOUICC to several defense lawyers. Presumably, that is how Ali got it. McCarthy is responsible for the leak of the list. But WI and McCarthy and Graham are concealing the master spy Ali. Is this because Ali repeatedly assisted AQ and Bin Laden with US approval. Is Ali still an active spy? Do McCarthy and WI think they can play us with this propaganda?

Yet a review of the court records commissioned by TWI found no evidence that McCarthy and his fellow prosecutors made use of all the tools at their disposal to protect the list…An individual close to the case who would not speak for attribution said there was never any protective order over the co-conspirator list, a finding borne out by TWI’s examination of the court record. Mukasey, through a spokesman, declined to comment.

But McCarthy does think trials always help the enemy that we are at war with. Testimony EDIFIES the enemy. But the enemy has how many soldiers, or should we say Saudi Arabian spies, 200, 400 even 1000? A trial might reveal the true nature of the enemy. McCarthy assisted Ali Mohamed and Ali assisted Bin Laden and McCarthy knew it. McCarthy is lying. WI is assisting McCarthy with these falsehoods. WI has a pattern of pretending to be liberal while promoting neo-con propagandists such as McCarthy and Max Boot. WI also has a similar pattern of repeating neo-con lies. Ali, the master spy who punked McCarthy, is totally ignored by WI. WI is trying to punk us.

“The co-conspirator list is just a single instance of a much broader problem in terrorism cases,” McCarthy said. “Everything that goes on in the way of not only disclosure under the rules, but more importantly, testimony in a courtroom is a problem in terms of the degree to which it edifies the enemy. These are rules that are made for normal trials that don’t involve national security situations when you’re dealing with a faction that you’re at war with."

The Washington Independent does not allow "Conspiracy Theories" especially about 9-11. Wi has endorsed Philip Zelikow’s coverup and WI suppresses anything contrary. However, WI does tell us what we are supposed to think about 9-11 and we cannot question it. WI continues to use "anonymous intelligence officials" who cannot be questioned either.

I objected when a claim was made by WI that AQ and the Christmas Bomber and KSM were simply mentally ill. Further, we are told to believe that anyone who questions the coverups are also mentally ill. Also, WI falsely claimed the 2005 Madrid Bombings were due to AQ. WI continued to ignore the facts about Underwear Bomber. I informed WI that this was some sort of US espionage operation. The bomb was supplied by a Saudi. The Nigerian bomber was personally escorted through security by a US intelligence official without being searched. The events were denied by our incompetent national security officials, until they were proven true. WI continues to deny it. The Saudi bomb maker is being ignored and is likely being protected from any further investigation. Perhaps he is making another bomb for another patsy. The response to my criticisms by WI, was vulgar high school epithets.

Neo-cons and the Washington Independent and Lindsey Graham follow the same script of lies. WI wants us to believe that CIPA is a reasonable solution to protect important national secrets. What secrets? The biggest secret is that the US has turned into a police state modeled on the Soviet Union. CIPA itself is a fraud and is more destruction of Constitutional protections. CIPA was abused during Iran-Contra and protected CIA gun running and drug dealing. CIPA is used to conceal neo-con crimes.

A trial would be confusing if it showed that this is NOT a war against AQ because AQ is not an army. AQ was used as a pretext for oil wars and AQ is needed to keep these wars going. Lindsey Graham wants torture used in order to produce false confessions. Graham wants terrorists such as Underwear Bomber tortured immediately. Then there would be a false confession and no one would know about the Saudi Arabian Bombmaker.

Civilian trials create confusion. Our soldiers and intelligence services are already uncertain as to what rules apply.

Case in point — the Christmas Day bomber. As we all know, this was a failed attempt to blow up an airliner over Detroit by a trained Al Qaeda operative.

After being captured and fresh off the battlefield, he was read his Miranda rights within one hour of questioning and asked for a lawyer.

Days later and only after his parents encouraged him to cooperate did he begin talking again. Can we really rely on the parents of future terrorists to work with the FBI?

And is reading Miranda Rights to terrorists any way to fight a war?

Underwear was anything but trained. But he almost destroyed an airliner without training. What battlefield? Saudi Arabia? His father, a rich Nigerian reported his conversion to Jihadism, and his possible use of violence, as much as six months before Christmas. Underwear might have been read his rights, but Underwear talked.

McCarthy’s colleague at the National Review, Dana "Pig Missile" Perino, comically repeats the WI and Lindsey Graham narrative. No Handler for Abdulmutallab to get him through security without a passport. No video recording of Abdulmutallab during the flight. No six hour lockdown in Detroit for the passengers of Flight 253. No government intimidation of Flight 253 passengers. No admission about the Saudi Bombmaker. No reporting about the government denials.

The administration last week admitted that the none of the intelligence services was consulted when Abdulmutallab was Mirandized after 50 minutes of questioning and then charged as a criminal defendant.

Perino is criticizing the FBI for properly doing their job. The "intelligence services" put the Bomber aboard the flight, not the FBI. Intelligence services should not usually perform law enforcement. But the intelligence services have gotten out of control and are destroying our freedoms. If that bomb had exploded, and destroyed Flight 253, President Obama would have been blamed and possibly impeached. No one would know it was an intelligence blunder or maybe something more sinister.

But the intelligence agencies did publicly criticize the FBI and the President. Was it because the NSA wanted to conceal that Saudi Arabia made another attack against the United States? Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair, needs to publicly explain his attempt to take over law enforcement from the FBI. Did Blair want to use torture for another false confession? Administration officials were furious. Perhaps the rest of us should get furious and demand answers from Blair about his secret political police.

At the Tuesday hearing, Panetta also said special interrogation teams to handle terrorism suspects are operational.

“We’re participating with the FBI,” Panetta told the panel. “We have been doing it in teams in anticipation of [the formal launch]. The concept has been in place since last fall and we have used it on a number of occasions.”

At a Homeland Security Committee hearing earlier this month, Blair told senators that the new team—dubbed HIG, for “High Value Interrogation Group”—should have handled Abdulmutallab’s interrogation instead of the FBI.

Administration officials were furious, and Blair later released a statement saying his remarks had been “misconstrued” and that the HIG teams were not yet operational.

Perino complains about releasing information to the public, because it is political. It prevents finding the other terrorists. Perino does not mention Abdulmutallab’s handler, or the Saudi Bomber. She does not mention Ali Mohamed either who is walking around freely somewhere.

It is bad practice to tell the world that a terrorist has agreed to spill the beans on his fellow terrorists who are still walking around free overseas. That is, of course, unless the principal motivation is to try to save political hides at home, even at the expense of actually finding the terrorists Abdulmutallab worked with.

Perino concludes by endorsing torture for KSM. The torture of KSM may have produced an enormous amount of intelligence. But there is no evidence that much of it was true. KSM has confessed to every crime ever, except for kidnapping Patty Hearst. After nine years of torture why has it not succeded?. Will another nine years of torture and coverups defeat AQ? There is evidence that the intelligence services used torture to produce false confessions

The CIA interrogation program disbanded by President Obama produced an enormous amount of intelligence from people like KSM, according to former CIA Director Hayden. KSM most assuredly did not get a deal for his cooperation.

Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.

Yes, Pig Missile you are making it up. The CIA interrogation program was a program of torture. The torture was used to produce false confessions linking Irak and 9-11. Most of the tortured were innocent of anything. Bush and Cheney personally approved these war crimes and their coverup.

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, who was chief of staff to former Secretary of State Colin Powell during George W. Bush’s first term in office, said Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld knew the "vast majority" of prisoners captured in the so-called War on Terror were innocent and the administration refused to set them free once those facts were established because of the political repercussions that would have ensued.

"By late August 2002, I found that of the initial 742 detainees that had arrived at Guantánamo, the majority of them had never seen a US soldier in the process of their initial detention and their captivity had not been subjected to any meaningful review,"…
For Cheney and Rumsfeld, and "others," Wilkerson said, "the primary issue was to gain more intelligence as quickly as possible, both on Al Qaeda and its current and future plans and operations but increasingly also, in 2002-2003, on contacts between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein’s intelligence and secret police forces in Iraq."

"Their view was that innocent people languishing in Guantánamo for years was justified by the broader war on terror and the capture of the small number of terrorists who were responsible for the September 11 attacks, or other acts of terrorism," Wilkerson added. "Moreover, their detention was deemed acceptable if it led to a more complete and satisfactory intelligence picture with regard to Iraq, thus justifying the Administration’s plans for war with that country."…

Wilkerson said that he discussed the Guantanamo detainees issue regularly with Powell and, based on those discussions, Wilkerson discovered that "President Bush was involved in all of the Guantanamo decision-making."

Most television news, cable news, most newspapers, such as The Washington Post have chosen to deceive the American people about AQ. But we know the Washington Post is a shill for the globalists and their wars. Among the worst phonies are the Washington Independent, whose story tellers are clumsy propagandists for the national security police state. WI has also slandered and smeared Firedoglake, and they have spread their toxic lies and venom far and wide. They are not reporters. They are yuppies yearning to someday work on K-Street as corporate lobbyists. Do not believe anything that the Washington Independent claims about Al Qaeda. As I have proven, they are liars for war criminals.

by Frank33

What Does Melanie Sloan And CREW Think About Torture, Assassinations And Illegal Wars? Let It Bleed!

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Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) is a non-profit legal watchdog group dedicated to holding public officials accountable for their actions. Sometimes, except neo-cons are free to LET IT BLEED.

First, let us quote Mick Jagger, for all you Sweet Neo-Cons "I think that you’re a crock of shit!" What! Do we need yet another report on the hypocrisy and incompetence of CREW? The facts show, Melanie Sloan and her "government watchdog" organization CREW has mostly ignored the neo-conservatives and their criminal conspiracies to destroy our Constitution. The government of the United States, and all the national security resources, has been subverted by traitors who gave us secret government sponsored murder and torture, and wars for Oil. CREW has given us… (*chirping crickets*)

To be fair, some of CREW’s work is decent and admirable. CREW has taken some legal actions against the Bush Crime Family. They have at least acknowledged PTSD of Iraq Vets, disappeared Bushie e-mails, secrecy at the Federal Reserve, military use of perchlorate and a few others. But their Legal challenges are frequently ineffective, late and sometimes questionable. CREW’s vendetta against John Murtha is classic obsessive, compulsive disorder. CREW’s extreme complaint against the Armenian National Committee of America is perhaps just a sneaky way to get donations from Turkey, which was responsible for Armenian genocide a hundred years ago.

Torture, Assassinations and Oil Wars, these totally horrible and immoral crimes continue. For our discussion, let us call them TAW for short. TAW has been generally neglected by CREW. It is easy to examine CREW’s priorities on their list of Lawsuits, Freedom of Information Requests, and Requests For Investigations. The public record of Melanie Sloan, confirms CREW’s failure to fight TAW, compared with such courageous muckrakers as Digby, Jason Leopold, and Marcy Wheeler.

One recent action by CREW is outrageous and and could be considered racist. This has been described already and it needs to be explored further. CREW’s Most Corrupt Democrats selections could not be more phony. CREW must apologize and retract, at least most of these false charges. CREW is LYING about these Democrats! Five of the eight are African Americans and all of the eight are anti-Iraq War.

Melanie has not revealed her conflict of interest concerning the Iraq War. Her husband Eric C. Anderson was involved in secret operations in Iraq, and now works for the criminal corporation SAIC. SAIC was involved in creating the Iraq War and they continue to profit from it, and apparently they will never let the Iraq war end. SAIC also works with NSA who spy on anti-war citizens. Is it too paranoid to worry that this could be an SAIC False Flag Op targeting Democrats for that reason?

CREW calls it corruption when these Democrats were aggressively serving their constituents, just as they were elected to do. Many of the bogus charges deal with incomplete financial reporting. CREW completely conceals all of its own finances. Most of the other charges are laughable and slanderous. There is nothing to suggest that these Democratic Congress members have concealed anything elated to CREW’s charges.

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. is accused of talking about a possible campaign fund raiser. Sen. Roland Burris had a conversation with impeached Governor Blagojevich about a possible campaign fund raiser. Rep. Charlie Rangel "Improperly used Congressional Stationary" and "Improperly Stored a Vehicle". Rep. Laura Richardson had problems with a home foreclosure, and "city inspectors reported they found junk and debris in the driveway". Rep. Maxine Waters used her influence to try to get a minority owned bank some of the TARP Funds. This is no different from what was done for Goldman Sachs, except for much smaller amounts. Rep. Alan Mollohan was successful at getting "earmarks" for his District, just as most other Congress members do. Rep. Pete Visclosky and Rep. John Murtha are some what more problematic. But there are many more genuinely corrupt pro Iraq War Democrats, that are not listed. But, ethics is one thing, but most everyone in Congress does their best to help their donors, friends and constituents.

So what does this all amount to? It’s worth being clear that no one has formally alleged any wrongdoing by Murtha or Visclosky (or any other lawmakers) in connection with PMA or Kuchera. And as a legal matter, it’s generally very hard to prove an illegal quid pro quo in these sorts of cases.

CREW can be inconsistent, depending on if you are an R or a D. When Sen. David Vitter’s was discovered paying women for sex, CREW asked for an investigation. When Eliot Spitzer was discovered to have paid expensive, but beautiful women for their company, CREW wanted prosecution with the Mann Act, something very different. The threat of the Mann Act is wacky for many reasons. This law has been abused for political and racial purposes, such as punishing doctors who provided medical care to prostitutes. Jack Johnson, the first African American heavy weight boxing champion, and Chuck Berry, the inventor of Rock and Roll, were put in jail. Melanie wanted Spitzer to resign and wanted the Full Metal Mann Act against Spitzer for 20 years.

Given the reports that New York Governor Eliot Spitzer was heard on a wiretap arranging for a prostitute to travel from New York to Washington to meet in his hotel room, it appears that he has violated the Mann Act. This federal law carries a penalty of up to 20 years imprisonment for knowingly persuading or inducing any individual to cross state lines for the purposes of prostitution.

The Scooter Libby Case is a gift that just keeps on giving. One person usually not mentioned, who was part of the Leak Conspiracy is Andrew Card. Card also appeared at John Ashcroft’s hospital bed to get approval for the NSA Spying on Americans program. CREW wants the Cheney testimony concerning the Libby Leak released. Melanie represented Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame versus Scooter Libby, in a civil lawsuit, but Andrew Card was ignored. The Obama Adminstration chose to keep the testimony of Cheney secret, from 2004.

Melanie Sloan, executive director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, said, "It is astonishing that a top Department of Justice political appointee is suggesting other high-level appointees are unlikely to cooperate with legitimate law enforcement investigations. What is wrong with this picture?"

There is nothing wrong but it is astonishing that CREW has not been concerned with the torture approved by the high level appointees Alberto Gonzales and John Yoo and David Addington. CREW’s main complaint against Gonzales is that he helped his client, George Bush avoid jury duty. There have been legal complaints against these torturers. Unlike CREW, there are honorable people, lawyers and otherwise, that stand up for justice, without SAIC’s crooked voting machines. For instance, the VELVET REVOLUTION and VotersForPeace and the GRIEVANCE PROJECT say NO to the neo-cons and they will not LET IT BLEED without a fight against TAW.

If Melanie had included Andrew Card in her lawsuit perhaps it would not have been thrown out of the US District Court. Melanie did not include yet another neo-con, Richard Armitage, who was leaking like a case of diarrhea, the secret identities of Valerie Plame and Brewster Jennings. Armitage, who was #3 at the State Dept., told Bob Woodward and everyone else about Plame. Woodward defended Armitage and said his comments were unimportant and just offhand gossip. Melanie followed the Woodward narrative until she changed her mind that Armitage actually was part of the conspiracy. She added Armitage to the lawsuit which probably helped get it tossed out by the Judge.

There is another even more sinister neo-con that Melanie ignored, Marc Grossman. As the evidence accumulates, it appears Grossman is guilty of Treason and belongs in prison for the rest of his worthless life. Grossman was one of many who supposedly told Libby that Plame was a CIA covert agent. It is alleged that Grossman revealed Plame’s identity in 2001 Also Grossman is an agent of the Turkish government who sold nuclear weapon technology to the highest bidder.

It appears the White House has been spooked by Edmonds and hopes to absolve the U.S. officials allegedly involved in the illegal sale of nuclear technology to private Turkish "entities." One of those officials is likely Marc Grossman, the former ambassador to Turkey during the Clinton administration who also served in the State Department from 2001-2005. Grossman has been named by Edmonds, who claims he was directly involved in the nuclear smuggling ring that she says has allowed the intelligence agencies of Pakistan, Israel, and Turkey to operate in the U.S. with impunity. Totally complicit in the nuke trade, the U.S. government, according to Edmonds, has known of other vast criminal activities of these foreign nations inside the U.S., including drug trafficking, espionage, and money laundering.

Edmonds says "several arms of the government were shielding what was going on," which included an entire national security apparatus associated with the neoconservaties who have profited by representing Turkish interests in Washington. As Justin Raimondo recently reported in "…this group includes not only Grossman, but also Paul Wolfowitz, chief intellectual architect of the Iraq war and ex-World Bank president; former deputy defense secretary for policy Douglas J. Feith; Feith’s successor, Eric Edelman; and Richard Perle, the notorious uber- neocon whose unique ability to mix profiteering and warmongering forced him to resign his official capacity as a key administration adviser…. Edmonds draws a picture of a three-sided alliance consisting of Turkish, Pakistani, and Israeli agents who coordinated efforts to milk U.S. nuclear secrets and technology, funneling the intelligence stream to the black market nuclear network set up by the Pakistani scientist A.Q. Khan. The multi-millionaire Pakistani nuclear scientist then turned around and sold his nuclear assets to North Korea, Libya, and Iran."

Sibel Edmonds notified the FBI about this criminal conspiracy, but the FBI says the information does not exist. Grossman who worked at the State Dept under Condi Rice, now receives over a million dollars a year to lobby for a Turkish company IHLAS Holding. But Neo-con criminals and high priced lobbyists still secretly control the government and Grossman is one of the shadowy puppetmasters of that secret government.

Melanie Sloan recently married Dr. Eric C. Anderson. Dr. Anderson is intelligent and talented. It is a shame he has been captured by the Dark Side. He seems to be a member of the secret neo-con government. He was in "intelligence" for several years in Iraq and now works for SAIC. SAIC carries out super secret projects such as NSA’s Total Information Awareness, an American Stasi. His employment does create issues because he profits from the Iraq War which also benefits Melanie. Dr. Anderson has promoted assassinations of "al Qaeda", because they are such a threat to our way of life.

Congressional outrage over not being told the Central Intelligence Agency had a secret program to kill a select list of al-Qaeda leaders is a needless tempest in a teapot…Quite frankly, this country needs a well-run assassination program…According to Parks, the United States recognizes three forms of self defense — against an actual use of force, or hostile act; pre-emptive self defense against an imminent use of force; and self defense against a continuing threat…Washington does not condone assassination as an instrument of national policy, but the president is authorized to take whatever steps are necessary to defend the United States. This includes assassination.

There are reports that assassinations have been outsourced to BLACKWATER/XE. Bob Woodward has discussed a super secret program of assassinations in Iraq. The arguments of Woodward and Dr. Anderson,and John Yoo are very similar. They are reading from the same script which was probably written by John Yoo. Al Qaeda is a threat to us, so murder is justified. They leave out an important fact. Al Qaeda is controlled and financed by Saudi Arabia and Pakistan ISI. This inconvenient truth is always ignored by the war mongers.

More than 6,000 Families and victims of the 9-11 attacks are trying to get justice against the murderers that were sent by Saudi Arabia. There also is increasing evidence that "Al Qaeda in Iraq" are False Flag Ops. That is, much of the violence in Iraq and attacks on our soldiers, are acts of war carried out by a secret mercenary army. Dr. Anderson also fails to consider that some of the Iraki "insurgents" who are targets of Eric Prince’s Blackwater assassins, are fighting to free their country from a foreign military occupation.

There is a pattern that the neo-cons use in the secret government. But they do not seem to realize that their phony act is getting old. First, they put out public trial ballons suggesting that torture or murder is necessary because we are at war. But the neo-con lawyers, such as John Yoo, have already written documents to make it legal, in secret. Then hired guns, start doing their dirty, violent, sick work. First, John Yoo made Torture legal. Then he made Assassination legal. But it is also necessary to corrupt the legal system, and who knows what else they have corrupted. Guess what else John Yoo has made legal? FALSE FLAG OPERATIONS!

The U.S. must ask the courts to give us flexibility to combat fundamentalist Islam as it would any other hostile ideology, such as communism during the Cold War.

Another tool would have our intelligence agencies create a FALSE TERRORIST ORGANIZATION. It could have its own websites, recruitment centers, training camps and fundraising operations. It could LAUNCH FAKE TERRORIST OPERATIONS AND CLAIM CREDIT FOR REAL TERRORIST STRIKES, helping to sow confusion within Al Qaeda’s ranks, causing operatives to doubt others’ identities and to question the validity of communications.

Renewing the Patriot Act and staying the course at Guantanamo Bay remain important tools for gaining the intelligence that can prevent another Sept. 11. But we should realize that these measures remain fundamentally defensive. In order to prevail, we must develop an offensive strategy that focuses less on controlling territory or cities, none of which Al Qaeda possesses, and more on new ways to disrupt and destroy networks.

There was a story about CREW and Marcy Wheeler by the GRIEVANCE PROJECT. An attempt was made to enlist CREW to file complaints against the corruption in the Department of Justice. It seems CREW is lazy and used the strategy of the Grievance Project without giving either assistance or credit. The Grievance Project even provided legal documents to CREW to use. At least CREW should have said thank you for the work and the documents.

As far back as 2006, I began contacting various parties-including CREW-to suggest that an organized effort to file grievances would be an effective tactic for responding to the litany of attorneys engaged in questionable ethical conduct…CREW never responded…As attorney after attorney continued to violate their ethical obligations with impunity, my frustration grew that there was no organized effort to promote a grievance strategy. As a result, I launched The Grievance Project in October, 2007…

I began preparing a grievance complaint against Michael J. Elston for his conduct described therein as well as for his role in the firing of United States Attorneys, including John McKay, Bud Cummins, Carol Lam and Paul Charlton. When I first saw Marcy Wheeler’s headline today declaring that CREW had filed grievances against Mr. Elston, my initial thoughts were that I just got "scooped" by CREW and that I had wasted a lot time working on my Elston complaint. Almost immediately, I was quite pleased that CREW had finally adopted a (my?) grievance strategy and had filed the complaints….

Marcy Wheeler notes that this may have an affect on the law firms that have hired Mr. Elston and Ms. Esther Slater McDonald, stating that "[a]t the very least, one would hope this would embarrass the big corporate firms these two alleged law-breakers work for."…Although Mr. Elston is a member of the Illinois, Kansas, Missouri and Virginia Bars, CREW filed a complaint against Mr. Elston only in Virginia and only sent copies of Virginia complaint to the the Illinois, Kansas and Missouri Bars. I believe a stronger approach would not just provide these states with a copy of the Virginia complaint but would also be to file official complaints against Mr. Elston in Illinois, Kansas and Missouri…

Because Mr. Elston is also in violation of his ethical obligations due to his involvement with his role in the firing of United States Attorneys, including John McKay, Bud Cummins, Carol Lam and Paul Charlton, I will finish my Elston complaint with respect to to these violations. Now that CREW has adopted a (my?) grievance strategy, I’ve prepared grievance complaints against Alberto Gonzales, Kyle D. Sampson, Lisa Murkowski, Harriet E. Miers, Mark Everett Fuller, and John Yoo that are ready for CREW to simply print and file.

CREW has claimed a righteous, ethical standard, except this does not apply to themselves. In a perfect world, CREW would be defending the victims of torture and neo-conservative wars, secret or not. But it is not perfect. CREW has provided NO PROOF their "corrupt Democrats" are actually corrupt. They need to retract their lies, or prove their claims. CREW also must release their IRS Form 990 that shows their financial supporters. Melanie Sloan needs to reveal what financial benefits both she and her husband receive from SAIC.

If you claim to be a real government watch dog, your own honesty is an absolute requirement. But in the brutal Washington DC political battlefield, most of all, you have to be half Bloodhound and half Pit Bull. CREW is a Toy Poodle. But FireDogs are awesome!