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Conspiracy Theory Theatre, Undie Bomber #2 Sequel, “The Ruse”

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The AP Spying Story: What You Aren’t Being Told

It is all conspiracy theatre, and it is bad theatre. Yet another False Flag Operation by the Intelligence Community has been compromised. Supposedly, a Saudi or British “double agent” magically fooled the Al Qaeda high command. AP told the world another Al Qaeda Underwear Bomber had been stopped. AP even delayed the story so the Drone Assassins could kill another Al Qaeda leader.

The Secret Government must protect its forbidden history. AP and other reporters are now targets of the Secret Government. It is another war by the Whole of Government against what remains of a free press.

ACT ONE: This Was A CIA Ruse, Not A Journalist-Initiated Disclosure

Is the “leak” to AP, about Undie #2 another Ruse? There was a leaker. The Leaker was John Brennan who leads the CIA and all the Undie Plots. There was another blabbermouth leaker, Rep. Peter King (R-NY). Rep. King has been pursuing the Benghazi scandal, which is another CIA failure. Brennan replaced disgraced General Petraeus. Corrupt bloody Generals and blabbermouth CIA Spymasters, blame the reporters to conceal their incredible failures.

This double agent, Undie #2, was going to attack an airliner with a bomb concealed in his underwear. Then we are supposed to believe that Double Agent, Underwear Bomber #2, would return to Al Qaeda. And he would stop more underwear attacks, for years.

The embedded reporters, are part of the government propaganda community. They routinely repeat leaks from the Intelligence Community to support the wars. Embedded reporters generally are liars. And leaks from the Intelligence Community are generally lies. Jack Shaefer of Reuters supports the spy games.

Echoing King’s comments on CNN, the New York Times, NBC News, the Telegraph and the Los Angeles Times reported that the double agent (or the double-agent operation) had helped the CIA’s drone find and kill Al-Quso.

What not for the U.S. government to like here?

To begin with, the perpetrators of a successful double-agent operation against al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula would not want to brag about their coup for years.

Undie #2 had been given a Undie Bomb to attack an Airliner. Was he going to blow up his underwear then return to Al Qaeda. And maybe blow up more bombs in his underwear for years.

Walter Pincus of WaPo also wants to suppress the Press for revealing this False Flag Operation.

The AP story tied the foiling of an AQAP plot to White House press secretary Jay Carney’s statement the week before that assured “the American public that [the administration] knew of no al-Qaeda plots against the U.S. around the anniversary of bin Laden’s death.” The AP story implied that Carney’s statement was untrue. But Carney was right. This was a CIA ruse, not a terrorist-initiated plot…

Like it or not, they are part of a crime…

The reality is that this is not a whistleblowing case. There are no heroes here, and the press in this instance was not protecting individuals trying to expose government malfeasance.

This was a CIA Ruse, not a terrorist act. This was a CIA False Flag Operation just as Undie #1 was, although Undie #1 was just a patsy. Did the Ruse include blowing up an airplane with a bomb? Undie #1 did ignite his bomb, even though the Government claims they stopped that attack. How would another Undie attack be explained? Why did Jay Carney presidential spokesliar, even answer such a question about what they knew about future attacks?

And we have another official leak. The Ruse was not to stop an Undie Bomb. That is reassuring, or maybe not so reassuring. Why would we expect the Intelligence Community to thwart a terrorist attack? They did not thwart Undie #1. They did not thwart 9/11.

The objective was to “neutralize” the Saudi “al Ashiri”. He is a Master Undie Bomb Maker. And perhaps with enough practice he will kill someone with his undie bombs someday. Some might ask why Undie #2 did not neutralize al-Ashiri when he got the Undie Bomb #2. But this leaker is not any more believable than any of the other official embedded war pimps.

What went completely without mention in the initial coverage was the fact that thwarting this plot was not the objective of the ongoing undercover operation. Its true objective was to gain enough intelligence to locate and neutralize the master bomb builder, Ibrahim Hassan al-Ashiri, who works with an Al-Qaeda affiliate, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). Penetrating AQAP is incredibly difficult.

Perhaps, there was not a leak to AP. Or perhaps, this whole farce was more psyops by the Secret Government. These AP reporters, and the dee cee stenographers have obeyed the Intelligence Community until now. The Government promises to punish anyone who reveals the forbidden history.

ACT TWO: The President’s Speech Inspires Hope And Change

The President gave a speech about the Forever Wars. The speech was full of hope and change and we will have peace in our time…Just kidding.

The speech was more of the same. After a trillion dollars, and twelve years of corrupt generals fighting forever wars, we have light at the end of the war tunnels.

“Today the core of al Qaida in Afghanistan and Pakistan is on the path to defeat.”

The President summarizes the false history, without including the forbidden history.

In the 1990s, we lost Americans to terrorism at the World Trade Center, at our military facilities in Saudi Arabia, and at our embassy in Kenya.

These attacks were all brutal. They were all deadly. And we learned that, left unchecked, these threats can grow.

The 1993 attack on the WTC by the supporters of the Blind Sheikh, was known to the FBI. TThe FBI had an “informant”, a double agent who offered to substitute a phony bomb. The FBI allowed the plot to continue with a real bomb.

Author Peter Lance revealed more forbidden history. Lance was among the first of journalists to be targeted by the Secret Government. Federal Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald is attempting to destroy Peter Lance.

Peter Lance revealed there was an Al Qaeda agent, Ali Mohammed, who helped attack the Kenya Embassy. Ali was a Green Beret and had knowledge of US security procedures. He provided that terror expertise to Al Qaeda, and moved Usama Bin Laden back and forth with the full knowledge of the American Government.

Terrorist Ali Mohammed remains free, while Peter Lance is targeted for revealing forbidden history. President Obama is being dishonest by omitting the true facts of these attacks.

The attack against an airliner on Christmas 2009, was a CIA ruse. The CIA Handler escorted Abdulmutallab through airport security without a search or a visa. The CIA Ruse was used as an excuse to assassinate Anwar Awlaki. Undie #1, known to be a terrorist, was not searched before boarding Flight #253. Perhaps Awlaki was guilty but the Intelligence Community endangered an airliner full of people.

When Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Christmas Day bomber, went to Yemen in 2009, Awlaki hosted him, approved his suicide operation, helped him tape a martyrdom video to be shown after the attack, and his last instructions were to blow up an airplane when it was over American soil.

The first Undie Bomber has become forbidden history. The courageous witness Kurt Haskell, was threatened by the FBI to change his story. The Government claims they stopped the plot. But the bomb was ignited and started potentially catastrophic fire. The Senate Report continued the official false history.

A State Department official reported that this was a False Flag Op. The original story in the Detroit News has been mostly memory wiped. One copy may remain available.

Patrick F. Kennedy, an undersecretary for management at the State Department, said Abdulmutallab’s visa wasn’t taken away because intelligence officials asked his agency not to deny a visa to the suspected terrorist over concerns that a denial would’ve foiled a larger investigation into al-Qaida threats against the United States.

ACT THREE: Gladio B, Here, There, And In Central Asia

But the “Core” will never be defeated. There is no “Core” of Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda is a mercenary criminal gang created by the CIA to fight the Soviets. The CIA uses Al Qaeda or its “Core” or its affiliates or its branches, as a Ruse to terrorize the world.

The CIA and Ollie North were using the corrupt bank BCCI to pay for illegal weapons and launder drug money. North had created ther terrorist mercenaries, the Contras. BCCI was also used for funding Al Qaeda. Perhaps the disgraced North helped create Al Qaeda.

The Intelligence Community set up another secret army in Central Asia, with the help of Al Qaeda. There is a special office in the Pentagon that directs the terror of Al Qaeda.

“In the late 1990s, all the way up to 9/11, al-Zawahiri and other mujahideen operatives were meeting regularly with senior U.S. officials in the U.S. embassy in Baku to plan the Pentagon’s Balkan operations with the mujahideen,” said Edmonds. “We had support for these operations from Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, but the U.S. oversaw and directed them. They were being run from a secret section of the Pentagon with its own office”.

Edmonds clarified, “the FBI counterintelligence investigation which was tracking these targets, along with their links to U.S. officials, was known as ‘Gladio B’, and was kickstarted in 1997. It so happens that Major Douglas Dickerson” – the husband of her FBI co-worker Melek whom she accused of espionage – “specifically directed the Pentagon’s ‘Gladio’ operations in Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan at this time.”…

Edmonds said that the Pentagon operations with Islamists were an “extension” of an original ‘Gladio’ programme uncovered in the 1970s in Italy…

“We’d spoken to several current and active Pentagon officials confirming the existence of U.S. operations sponsoring mujahideen networks in Central Asia from the 1990s to 2001,” said one Sunday Times source. “Those mujahideen networks were intertwined with a whole range of criminal enterprises, including drugs and guns. The Pentagon officials corroborated Edmonds’ allegations against specific U.S. officials, and I’d also interviewed an MI6 officer who confirmed that the U.S. was running these operations sponsoring mujahideen in that period.”

In 2008, reporters for the British newspaper, Sunday Times prepared a story about “Gladio B”. The story was flushed into the memory hole by United States secret government censors.

The original Gladio was a series of assassinations, bombings and other terror attacks. This was a program directed by European espionage services and the CIA against innocent victims. The goal was to falsely accuse leftwing groups of the crimes. Then use the terror for political repression. It was and is, “The Strategies of Tension”.

In the period 1969 to 1987, 491 innocent civilians were killed and 1181 injured in acts of terrorism carried out by Gladio. An example of this is the terrorist attack that took place on the 2nd of August 1980, during which 85 people were killed and 200 injured in the waiting room of a train station in Bologna. In the series of “false flag” terrorist operations the perpetrators always manage to somehow evade the police…

We have also had false flag terror operations in Iraq. In September 2005 for example, in Basra, two members of British Special Forces, the SAS, were arrested by Iraqi police. The Iraqis were surprised to find out that the two Britons were dressed as Arabs, were wearing wigs and had a car full of explosives which they apparently planned to remotely detonate in the busy markets of Basra. It is therefore probable that the British, too, have carried out false flag operations. In this case the Iraqi police could not find out [whether] the British wanted to create terror and make it look [like] Arab terrorism. The reason is that the two SAS [members], who had been put [in] jail in Basra, were liberated by the British army, which stormed the Iraqi police station in Basra and simply flattened the walls with tanks and took the SAS home so they did not have to testify.

ACT FOUR: Oceania Always At War With EastAsia, CentralAsia, WestAsia…

The terror drama has become terror farce. Undie Bombs and Bags of Cash and Medals from the Joint Chiefs of Staff for the Tampa Twins, and String Quartets and mistresses for Generals. The comedy writes itself.

The Wars have come home. Operation Gladio B has come home. The Boston Marathon Bombers were embedded in the conspiracies of CIA spy Graham Fuller. Fuller was supporting Al Qaeda affiliates in Central Asia. And Fuller was part of the Iran-Contra Conspiracy.

This CIA spy helped create Al Qaeda gangs in Central Asia. Fuller was related by marriage to the Boston Marathon Bombers. The Tsardaev brothers seemed to be involved in all sorts of covert CIA operations.

Another CIA terror group, is the “Wolf Brigade”. It was created by other veterans of Iran-Contra.This secret ninja terror armies of General Petraeus are common knowledge. The weapons dealing, and drug dealing and secret assassins, of Ronald Reagan is now official United States policy. The Secret Government is controlled by the conspirators of Iran-Contra.

The elaborate Undie Bomb conspiracies are being replaced by the street violence. Why would emigrants from Dagestan to the USA, terrorize Boston? Why, maybe money, maybe threats against others, maybe they are convenient patsies. A muslim extremist in London murdered a British soldier. Why? One reason is mental illness. The captured suspect had been tortured in Kenya. Then he may have been forced to act as a “double agent”. People snap, even in the USA. A North Carolina Marine went berserk and murdered innocent people in a shooting spree. That is also terrorism to the victims. Right wing Christian terrorism is far more common than right wing Muslim terroism.

All of us pay for the wars, with money and blood. We are all victims of the wars. We are all victims of a form of Post Traumatic Stress. There are new traumas, day after day. We all are targeted. British spies threatened Muslims and their families. American spies help with this secret police brutality.

Desperate, low level thugs of the Intelligence Community are making more enemies. They need to fill their monthly Terrorist Quota.

Each of the five men, aged between 19 and 25, was warned that if he did not help the security services he would be considered a terror suspect…

“If you do not want anything to happen to your family you will co-operate.”…

“The MI5 agent said, ‘Mohamed if you do not work for us we will tell any foreign country you try to travel to that you are a suspected terrorist.’”

You have traumas, make trauma-ade. That is what the war profiteers do. For example, prominent war profiteers, Michael Sheehan and General John Allen, are encouraging long term investments in the Forever Wars.

Sheehan has been fighting and winning the war on terror for years. And he wanted to attack Al Qaeda before 9/11. But the bureaucrats were too timid.

“What’s it going to take to get them to hit al-Qaeda in Afghanistan? Does al-Qaeda have to hit the Pentagon?”

Yes, Al Qaeda does need to hit the Pentagon. Sheehan predicts twenty more years of war profits. War is forever and everywhere.

“In my judgment, this is going to go on for quite a while, yes, beyond the second term of the president…I think it’s at least 10 to 20 years,”…

“This is the most astounding and most astoundingly disturbing hearing that I’ve been to since I’ve been here, King, an independent said, “You guys have essentially rewritten the Constitution today,” King told four senior U.S. military officials who also testified.

It is astounding and disturbing according to Senator Angus King. Also, astounding and disturbing is the tragic story of General John Allen. The General’s dee cee press agents told us it was tragic. The General was commander of the Afghan War, for years. But much of the time, he was in Florida. He had time to exchange thousands of e-mails with the Tampa Twin, Jill Kelley. Jill had parties for all the important Generals. And he had time to help the other Twin, Natalie, in a nasty custody lawsuit.

General Allen has promised the wars will be “long” or forever, whichever comes first. The General failed to win the war himself.

Indeed, in an interview with CBS’ 60 Minutes, Gen. Allen disavowed the 2014 Lisbon Conference date for ending the war, saying “we’re actually going to be here for a long time” and that the troop levels beyond 2014 were yet to be decided.

Both General Allen and Sheehan have something in common. They have a generous pension. They have government subsidized Health Care which is better than most Americans have. They should lose those taxpayer benefits. They have betrayed the people and the Constitution.

Where is their apology to the American people? Where is their explanation for failures large and small? How much have they profited? The both should resign in disgrace. But in Dee Cee, Endless War for Empire is praised.

EPILOGUE: Revolution For The Hell Of It, Again

President Barack Obama has played this brilliantly. By attacking embedded reporters, he publicly brought the war home. Now the Dee Cee Press at least has to pretend that they are outraged. And they can pose as victims. They have victimized the American people with false narratives for twelve years. Will the formerly embedded lead us to the truth? We can dream.

And everyone is angry with everyone else. Accusations are flying, hearts are hardening, and the new battles are there for everyone to fight. How can we help? Just find a secret and disclose it. Or ridicule a Dee Cee War Pimp.

The more secrets to protect, the higher the cost to neo-cons and their National Security State. The many prosecutions against whistleblowers such as Bradley Manning is likely to cost hundreds of millions of dollars, maybe billions. Most of the secrets, are to protect criminals and corporations.

There are two cultures in the Homeland. And Homeland is such an ugly word. This is the United States with a Constitution. One culture, the Militarists, uses torture and lies and assassinations. The other culture, the Resistance, are American heroes.

Defend the truth tellers. As Abbie Hoffman would probably say, STEAL THESE SECRETS!

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The Underwear Bomber Conspiracy Goes Delusional As It Becomes Another Official Coverup And Pretext For More Neo-Con War

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The Christmas Day Bombing of 2009 has now become an official coverup. The SSCI Report about the Christmas Day Bombing is the equivalent of a Seinfeld TV episode. This Report is about nothing and it has no content.

There is nothing in the report about the attempted terrorist attack on Flight 253, or the aftermath. The accounts by passengers and press reports have claimed that the terrorist Abdulmutallab was allowed through security by US Intelligence Officials without a passport, and without being searched. Abdulmutallab was assisted by a possible Al Qaeda double agent who remains at large. Another suspect was taken away after Flight 253 landed. Even though US Intelligence officials were responsible for the "failed" attack, there has been no accountability for their incompetence.

The identity of a possible Al Qaeda double agent who assisted the Bomber is being protected and concealed by Intelligence officials. The CIA has been involved with double agents and terrorists Ali Mohamed and David Headley. At least two attacks blamed on Al Qaeda by the CIA are actually False Flag Ops, the Madrid Train Bombings and the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. Attacks involving Al Qaeda double agents are used as propaganda for more war.

This story does seem delusional with the SSCI Report contradicting the well publicized stories of the witnesses. This is similar to the WMD Irak War delusions and the Torture for False Confessions delusions. Four journalists, Michelle Shephard of the Toronto Star, Paul Koring of The Globe and Mail, Steven Edwards of Canwest News Service and Carol Rosenberg of The Miami Herald had the delusion that Sgt. Joshua Claus was ordered to torture, to support the neo-con Oil Wars. The four journalists were banished from a US "Military Commission" in Cuba for telling about the torturer and the torture.

This is the military way of discipline to control delusions. Punish a few as a lesson to the rest of the corporate stenographers. These corporate cowards could be called the "Press Pen", inspired by the "Veal Pen", which describes the phony Dee Cee activists who are not active.

The military and the neo-con secret police must control all information in order to maintain the perpetual oil wars and impose disaster capitalism. The usual tactic to keep the many other delusions secret is to use the corporate sheep who pretend to be journalists. There are so many secrets to keep, such as the False Confessions from torture, Niger Forgeries, Al Qaeda double agents such as Ali Mohamed, the CIA’s favorite banks, BCCI and Riggs, the Carlyle Group and the Bin Laden business partnership, Nuclear Weapon Technology from Halliburton and Nuclear Weapons plans from the CIA supplied to Iran, and many more. Any disagreement with the official coverup is delusional. Those who disagree are ridiculed. The Dee Cee "Public Relations Firms" and the government "Public Diplomacy" and the "Think Tanks" are secretly paid with taxpayer money to repeat the coverup narratives. The Underwear Bomber Conspiracy has now been added to the list of forbidden topics.

"The Unclassified Executive Summary of the Committee Report on the Attempted Terrorist Attack on Northwest Airlines Flight 253" was released by the SENATE SELECT COMMITTEE ON INTELLIGENCE.

There is a PDF file of the report, but no easily accessible HTML version. TPM did have a version, with some cutting and pasting, an HTML file was put together.

This report has almost zero information about the actual sabotage attempted against Flight 253. It contains numerous falsehoods that contradict government statements and witness testimony. The rest is disinformation from from a corrupt national security establishment. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was known to be a terrorist and was escorted aboard Flight 253 by a US intelligence official or an Al Qaeda double agent. He had no passport or he may have had a false passport. Abdulmutallab was allowed aboard Flight 253 as part of surveillance operation to follow him to other Al Qaeda agents. At least that was one previous government story told on Jan. 27.

None of this is in the Report. There is nothing about Abdulmutallab, and his movements. Nothing about airport security. Nothing about his passport. Nothing about his Handler who told the ticket agent, "He has no passport. He is from the Sudan and we do this all the time." Nothing about why this terrorist was seated above the fuel tank. Nothing about the bomb or Saudi bombmaker. Nothing about the video recording of the terrorist attack. Nothing about the six hour lockdown of passengers, where another suspect was taken away in handcuffs. Nothing about FBI intimidation of passengers. Nothing about the repeated government statements proven to be false. There is not even anything about the passengers and flight crew who quickly subdued the Underwear Bomber.

The Committee found there were systemic failures across the Intelligence Community (IC), which contributed to the failure to identify the threat posed by Ablulmutallab.

There are systemic failures in the system, of that secret right wing cabal called the Intelligence Community. This is after years of continuous fear mongering of 9-11 and billions of dollars to fight 1000 or less terrorists of AQ. Part of the failure is total concealment by top secret classification of any true information about Al Qaeda. The term "Al Qaeda" does not refer to an well organized structure. Rather Al Qaeda is an informal criminal conspiracy supported by the Saudi secret service. The Bin Laden family and Usama in particular provided the funding. The government probably does not know how many Al Qaeda agents there are because the CIA depends on Saudi Arabia for information about AQ. That may explain the successes of AQ. We are told repeatedly there exist Al Qaeda "affiliates" all over the world and how scary they are. But the "IC" does not tell us about the biggest Al Qaeda affiliate, Saudi Arabia.

The SSCI report identifies fourteen specific points of failure—a series of human errors, technical problems, systemic obstacles, analytical misjudgments, and competing priorities—which resulted in Abdulmutallab being able to travel to the United States on December 25, 2009. Those points of failure are:

1. The State Department Did Not Revoke Abdulmutallab’s U.S. Visa.
2. Abdulmutallab Was Not Placed in the "Terrorist Screening Database" (TSDB), on
the Selectee List, or on the No Fly List.
3. Reporting Was Not Distributed to All Appropriate CIA Elements.
4. A CIA Regional Division, at CIA Headquarters, Did Not Search Databases
Containing Reports Related to Abdulmutallab.
5. CIA Did Not Disseminate Key Reporting Until after the 12/25 Attempted Attack.
6. A CIA Counterterrorism Center (CTC) Office’s Limited Name Search Failed to
Uncover the Key Reports on Abdulmutallab.
7. CIA CTC Analysts Failed to Connect the Reporting on Abdulmutallab.
8. FBI Counterterrorism Analysts Could Not Access All Relevant Reports.
9. NCTC’s Directorate of Intelligence Failed to Connect the Reporting on Abdulmutallab.
10. NCTC’s Watchlisting Office Did Not Conduct Additional Research to Find
Additional Derogatory Information to Place Abdulmutallab on a Watchlist.
11. NSA Did Not Pursue Potential Collection Opportunities That Could Have Provided
Information on Abdulmutallab.
12. Analysts Did Not Connect Key Reports Partly Identifying Abdulmutallab and
Failed to Ensure Dissemination of All Relevant Reporting.
13. NSA Did Not Nominate Abdulmutallab for Watchlisting or the Terrorist Identities
Datamart Environment (TIDE) Based on Information Partly Identifying Him.
14. Intelligence Analysts Were Primarily Focused on Al-Qaeda in the Arabian
Peninsula (AQAP) Threats to U.S. Interests in Yemen, Rather than on Potential
AQAP Threats to the U.S. Homeland.

These fourteen points leave something out-the actual events on Christmas Day. The first point seems to blame the State Department because it did not revoke the visa. But the State Department has publicly explained this. Abdulmullatab was put on Flight 253 by intelligence officials. This was reported on Jan. 27 by Nathan Hurst of the Detroit News.

The State Department didn’t revoke the visa of foiled terrorism suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab because federal counterterrorism officials had begged off revocation, a top State Department official revealed Wednesday.

Patrick F. Kennedy, an undersecretary for management at the State Department, said Abdulmutallab’s visa wasn’t taken away because intelligence officials asked his agency not to deny a visa to the suspected terrorist
over concerns that a denial would’ve foiled a larger investigation into al-Qaida threats against the United States.

“Revocation action would’ve disclosed what they were doing,” Kennedy said in testimony before the House Committee on Homeland Security. Allowing Adbulmutallab to keep the visa increased chances federal investigators would be able to get closer to apprehending the terror network he is accused of working with, “rather than simply knocking out one soldier in that effort.”

So Point of Failure #1 is a big fat lie. The other thirteen points of failure are also big fat lies to cover up the first big fat lie. They imply that allowing Abdumullatab aboard was some sort of accidental bureaucratic mistake. But it is worrisome that a terrorist was allowed aboard by claiming to be from the Sudan. And this is done all the time? Are other terrorists similarly given covert cover by our intelligence officials? Kurt Haskell has stuck to his original story about Flight 253. Haskell was interviewed the day after Christmas.

Haskell said he and his wife were sitting on the ground near their boarding gate in Amsterdam, which is when they saw Mutallab approach the gate with an unidentified man.

Kurt and Lori Haskell are attorneys with Haskell Law Firm in Taylor. Their expertise includes bankruptcy, family law and estate planning.

While Mutallab was poorly dressed, his friend was dressed in an expensive suit, Haskell said. He says the suited man asked ticket agents whether Mutallab could board without a passport. “The guy said, ‘He’s from Sudan and we do this all the time.’”

Mutallab is Nigerian. Haskell believes the man may have been trying to garner sympathy for Mutallab’s lack of documents by portraying him as a Sudanese refugee.

The ticket agent referred Mutallab and his companion to her manager down the hall, and Haskell didn’t see Mutallab again until after he allegedly tried to detonate an explosive on the plane.

Also on Dec. 26, Newsweek reported that a Dutch counter-terrorism official government described special security procedures for Abdumullatab. But the issues of the passport and physical search remain uncertain.

Judith Sluyter, spokeswoman for the NCTB, the office of Holland’s national counter-terrorism coordinator, said that before Flight 253 left Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, the passenger list was transmitted in full to U.S. authorities for review…

Sluyter said that not only did the airline have the Flight 253 passenger list reviewed and cleared by U.S. authorities, but also Mudallad went through some kind of security screening at Schiphol Airport after his arrival on a connecting flight from Lagos, Nigeria, and before he boarded Flight 253 for the U.S. She said she could not provide full details of the kind of screening that Mudallad passed at Schiphol, but said she believed it involved at least some basic physical search. She said she could not confirm at this point how thorough the physical search might have been.

The Government responded by denials of the Handler who did the talking for Abdulmutallab. Abdulmultallab did not talk and was described as "dazed"and "unemotional". Even when badly burnt by the device he remained silent, suggesting perhaps he had been drugged. ABC News reported there was a Handler who might be AQ.

Federal agents also tell they are attempting to identify a man who passengers said helped Abdulmutallab change planes for Detroit when he landed in Amsterdam from Lagos, Nigeria.

Authorities had initially discounted the passenger accounts, but the agents say there is a growing belief the man have played a role to make sure Abdulmutallab "did not get cold feet."

If intelligence officials let terrorists travel as refugees from Sudan "all the time", this is assisting terrorism. If "rogue" intelligence officials decided to blow up an airliner it would be easy to smuggle an effective explosive device. The real lessons of the Christmas Day Bombing is

1) Do not let suspected terrorists board airliners and endanger innocent people.
2) Do not let unaccountable spies endanger innocent people with their False Flag Ops.

The official Report says the Dots Did Not Get Connected. The Beltway Press Pen all agree. Those Dots Did Not Get Connected! Spencer Ackerman endorsed the Report, but failed to notice there is nothing in the Report about Flight 253, other than the dots. Except, there are too many dots. He cites the Cato Institute for an analysis of the SSCI Report and ignores the coverup and the facts being covered up.
The Cato Institute story by Julian Sanchez likewise catapulted the neo-con false story about the Christmas Day Bombing. Nothing to see here but too many dots, move along! Sanchez also failed to notice what Ackerman had said that contradicts Big Fat Lie #1, about the Visa. The "Intelligence Community" did not want the State Department to revoke the Visa as reported at FDL.

The Detroit News didn’t “discover” anything — no disrespect to them — they faithfully reported Pat Kennedy’s January testimony about how the intelligence community didn’t want Abdulmutallab’s visa revoked because it would jeopardize their investigation of Abdulmutallab.

The Detroit News story by Nathan Hurst, deserves credit and was one of the few places where this story was featured. Ackerman has had some commendable posts. But Ackerman ignores that the main duty of the Intelligence Community is to suppress the "left", as the Intelligence Community promotes global domination by multinational corporations. In Ackerman’s world, there are no False Flag Ops, no PNAC, no Total Information Awareness, and no Disaster Capitalism.

False Flag Ops , such as the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, TPAJAX, and Operation Gladio, suggest we critically examine the truth about terrorism. The Gladio bombings and murders were used to blame European terrorism on "leftists". The Niger Forgeries was a False Flag Op to provide a pretext for War against Irak. The Taliban support of AQ was a pretext for the Afghanistan War. Al Qaeda and the Taliban are controlled and financed by Saudi Arabia. False Flag Ops and Terrorism require lots of financing. AQ is most of all, a criminal gang that murders for money.

The 9-11 Report said about AQ finances, "Al Qaeda had many avenues of funding." But the 9-11 Report keeps these sources of money secret. The sophisticated financial network of AQ is concealed and protected by neo-cons who created them originally to fight the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Al Qaeda does investment banking with the Saudi Royal Family through the Al Shamal Bank in the Sudan.

Al Shamal Bank in the Sudan was founded by Bin Laden. By 1992 the US government and prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald knew that it was Bin Laden’s bank. Bin Laden was involved in currency and stock market trading, and had an import export business among others. Al Shamal is still in business.

Through the years, the finances of AQ have become as sophisticated as their violence is crude. They copy our own banksters big time stock fraud such as the suspicious airline "puts" prior to 9-11. They also go small time using mortgage fraud. All the financial transactions are concealed by the Intelligence Community, so AQ can maintain their financial networks.

But it was discovered that some of the UAL Puts before 9-11, were wagered by the investment bank AB Brown. This company was run by Buzzy Krongard, who became number three top spy at the CIA. Krongard helped obtain the Assassinations Contract for Blackwater.

The Riggs Bank in Washington DC was a CIA front. Dictators supported by the CIA used Riggs to stash their plundered loot. Saudi Arabia financed 9-11 through Riggs. Prior to that the CIA used the BCCI Bank to finance the Iran-Contra-Cocaine weapons and drug deals. Bin Laden also used BCCI.

Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., who conducted an investigation into the fraud-ridden Bank of Credit and Commerce International, said bin Laden held a number of accounts with BCCI…

Levin said bin Laden allegedly provided the AlShamal Islamic Bank ( with $50 million in start-up capital.

Levin said he believes that at least until last year, bin Laden had been the leading shareholder of the bank. Levin also pointed out that in testimony given earlier this year at the embassy bombing trials, one witness testified that bin Laden’s network had half a dozen accounts at the AlShamal Bank to fund their activities. One account was in bin Laden’s own name.

The AlShamal bank’s Web site says it has correspondent relationships with major banks in financial capitals, Levin said. They include Credit Lyonnaise (based in Geneva), Commerz Bank in Germany, ING Bank in Indonesia, and Standard Bank in South Africa.

Immediately after the attack against Flight 253 the usual warmongers made the usual political posturing. Specifically, President Obama was soft on terror. Dots were not connected. X-ray scanners that can cause cancer are now needed to protect us from terrorists. Anwar Al-Awlaki, AQ leader and US citizen was declared eligible for assassination. More war in Yemen. Military Commissions were necessary because torture should be used for terrorists.

DNI Spy Chief Dennis Blair wanted the spies to take over law enforcement and he publicly criticized the FBI for their legal interrogation. But Abdumuttallab was talking, without torture, and perhaps talking too much. An early story said there was a Saudi Arabian who made the bomb. Blair resigned and the SSCI Report of course did not say if it was Blair who approved the plot for Abdulmutallab to travel to Detroit as a Sudanese refugee.

Even the right wing critics realized that the Flight 253 passengers were talking and the government statements kept changing. This story needed to be put to rest. Thus we have a report about the Christmas Day Bombing that has nothing at all about the Christmas Day Bombing. This attack is being covered up at the same time it is used as an excuse for more War in Yemen, and Torture in Military Commissions and even Assassinations of US citizens.

Coverups, Torture and Assassinations are a feature, not a bug of the Intelligence Community. During that horror movie called the War in Vietnam, Operation Phoenix was an assassination program that murdered tens of thousands of the "enemy". But sometimes those enemies were Americans, such as Bobby Garwood.

In this world, torture, assassination, even the killing of fellow Americans were given official, if unwritten, sanction. We are told that United States ”hunter-killer” teams, working from a list of suspected American deserters and defectors, had standing orders to kill them on sight. And, according to at least one former marine, that in 1973, after the signing of the peace accords, the C.I.A. assembled five-man sniper teams and paid them $12,000 to $25,000 a head for assassinating alleged renegade Americans.

There was also the War At Home. COINTELPRO by the FBI and the illegal Operation CHAOS by the CIA were espionage operations against anti-war Americans. Some of these were ops were getting people fired from jobs. Or provocateurs would promote violence or bombings. Or local police would be told to use an arrest for drugs, that is marijuana to harass and disrupt the anti-war freaks. The information gathered on dissidents was quite detailed.

As campus anti-war protest activity spread across the nation, the CIA reacted by implementing two new domestic operations. The first, Project RESISTANCE, was designed to provide security to CIA recruiters on college campuses. Under this program, the CIA sought active cooperation from college administrators, campus security, and local police to help identify anti-war activists, political dissidents, and "radicals." Eventually information was provided to all government recruiters on college campuses (6) and directly to the super-secret DOD on thousands of students and dozens of groups. The CIA’s Office of Security also created Project MERRIMAC, to provide warnings about demonstrations being carried out against CIA facilities or personnel in the Washington area. (7)

Under both Projects, the CIA infiltrated agents into domestic groups of all types and activities. It used its contacts with local police departments and their intelligence units to pick up its "police skills" and began in earnest to pull off burglaries, illegal entries, use of explosives, criminal frame-ups, shared interrogations, and disinformation. CIA teams purchased sophisticated equipment for many starved police departments and in return got to see arrest records, suspect lists, and intelligence reports. Many large police departments, in conjunction with the CIA, carried out illegal, warrantless searches of private properties, to provide intelligence for a report requested by President Johnson and later entitled "Restless Youth." (8)

Would the USA use similar tactics today against anti-war citizens? Probably not, except for indefinite detentions, enhanced interrogations and targeted assassinations. In the current Global War On Terror everywhere is a battlefield (except for Saudi Arabia). That includes the new digital communications. That battlefield requires cognitive censorship to conceal the web of wars, gunrunning, international bankers, drugs, secret armies, and oil pipelines supporting neo-con/globalist imperialism.

Ackerman is similar to the the government in not being able to handle criticism. I do not mind the invective Ackerman directs at me. But I do object to his Posts which have contained false information. I also object to his consistent support, for the neo-con wars and concealment of neo-con crimes. As I previously discussed, he used the Christmas Day Bombing Plot to portray AQ terrorists as mentally ill, and "Conspiracy theorists" are also mentally ill. If this reporting sounds as if it is government propaganda, it probably is. Ackerman has a source who is an insider, CIA "analyst" Philip Mudd, AQ expert.

I hesitate to disagree with Phil Mudd, who has forgotten more about al-Qaeda than I’ll ever know

Mudd was part of "enhanced interrogation", that is torture to get false confessions to justify the Oil Wars. Mudd has "retired" assuming spies retire. He is a "senior fellow" at the New America Foundation. The New America Foundation "invests in new thinkers and new ideas to address the next generation of challenges facing the United States".

You can certainly expect new ideas from their Board of Directors. Christine Todd Whitman lied to New Yorkers about the safety of breathing the air after 9-11. Walter Russell Mead, is a Henry Kissinger Senior Fellow. Francis Fukuyama signed the PNAC manifesto for supporting global domination by neo-cons.

The NAF does have a few "liberals" but it is doubtful they do anything to offend the NAF globalist donors. The NAF donors includes billionaires, The Rockefeller Foundation, Peter G. Peterson Foundation, Levi Strauss Foundation, and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This is a perfect place for a "retired" CIA expert to catapult the neo-con propaganda, without any annoying conspiracy theorizing bloggers.

Mudd may be an expert about AQ, but he ignores the finances of AQ and how they profit from terror. Mudd gives the government approved coverup in a Newsweek article.

The question Al Qaeda faced before 9/11 was how to increase that pressure. How could a relatively small, stateless organization really take on an adversary as powerful as the United States?

Because AQ is not stateless. It is Saudi Arabian sponsored terrorism, and Saudi Arabia provides protection and safe haven. The Saudi Wahhabi are as extreme as AQ and by 1997, the CIA considered Saudi Secret Service, a

Still, there’s cause for optimism. The leaders of this revolution have increasingly faced tough questions about the murders they commit, even from people who share their anger and frustration. (None other than Ayman al-Zawahiri, Al Qaeda’s No. 2, felt compelled to defend himself in an Internet interview in 2008, when he got a question from Algeria about how Al Qaeda justifies killing so many innocents.) Our goal should be to magnify this growing disillusionment.

I agree we should magnify the disillusionment with killing innocents. The last nine years of Afghanistan and seven years of Irak War For Oil has had hundreds of thousands killed. Possibly some of the victims of PNAC’s staged wars were innocent. These wars and their associated torture violate international law. It is possible killing hundreds of thousands whether guilty or innocent, causes hatred against America. The upside is war profiteers have continued to make more enemies of America for more wars. The unmanned killer drones are also the coward’s way of killing and it is terrorism that violates international law.

In a recent New America Foundation article Mudd uses the Mumbai attacks, the Spanish Train Bombing and the Christmas Day bombing among others, to justify the War On Terror. The "failure" of Abdulmutallab is claimed to be evidence of success by the Intelligence Community.

Patience, though, and steady resolve also pay dividends for us. An attacker failed on Christmas Day on a plane bound for Detroit.

The cowardly crimes that Mudd lists are horrible. But these attacks cannot be compared to the violence and mass murder of the Irak and Afghanistan wars. Mudd uses the excuse of terrorism to promote more war. Perhaps when Mudd was officially at the CIA, he was involved in the CIA’s secret support of Al Qaeda.

They have seen their attacks on Manhattan and Morocco, Bombay and Bali, Saudi Arabia and Spain, all conducted in the span of a decade, many not by al Qaeda members but by individuals inspired only by the group’s message.

They may have been "inspired". But the Spanish Train Bombings were False Flag attacks, not AQ. Informers for the Spanish Civil Guard Bomb Squad stole the explosives and provided them to the AQ inspired killers who did make the bombs. The FBI confused the investigation by falsely blaming a Oregon lawyer of being part of the conspiracy.

The 2008 (26/11) Mumbai (Bombay) attacks killed 173, including 6 Americans, and wounded over 300 people. These attacks had little or nothing to do with AQ. This was another False Flag attack. The Indian Secret Service provided SIM cards for cell phones to the Pakistan terror group, Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) which was likely supported by Pakistan’s ISI. Perhaps for spies such as Mudd, it is considered professional courtesy not to reveal the False Flag Ops of other espionage services. Mudd tells us we should be grateful to the spies.

Intelligence, law enforcement and foreign security allies have crippled al Qaeda affiliates in Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

This is a good example of disinformation by Mudd. But the irony, Mudd mentions "a Pakistani-American from Chicago who was affiliated with the Mumbai murderers". That is, another murdering AQ affiliate terrorist can be anywhere, even Chicago. Mudd is talking about Daood Gilani, who also used the name David Headley. Headley is double agent, affiliated with DEA and CIA. Mudd neglects to mention that. But affiliated is not exactly correct. Headley helped plan the murders, and it was reported he was one of the leaders of the attacks.

Headley was born in Washington DC, to a Pakistani diplomat father and American mother. He was raised in both the US and Pakistan. Headley was convicted of Heroin Smuggling but was released from prison early to work as a secret DEA informer. Indian officials think he may have gone "rogue".

“The feeling in India is that the US has not been transparent,” said B. Raman, a former counter-terrorism chief in the Indian foreign intelligence service, the Research and Analysis Wing.

“That Headley was an agent for the DEA is known. Whether he was being used by the CIA as well is a matter of speculation, but it is almost certain that the CIA was aware of him and his movements across the subcontinent.”

It is not known when Headley stopped working for the DEA and started working for LeT. But he first infiltrated the terrorist group LeT in 2002. He made at least five trips to Mumbai to survey targets. He was also under surveillance himself by the FBI, before the attacks. This included tape recordings of some of his conversations. People he met in Mumbai, called him "Agent Headley".

The plot thickens as the Indian Consulate in Chicago cannot find the visa papers of Headley, allowing travel to India. It was considered unusual that a Pakistani convicted of heroin drug charges, could easily travel back and forth to India. A recent news report said Headley was with LeT commanders who were directly controlling the operation on 26/11. The United States has refused India’s request to extradite Headley.

Who handles AQ double agents best? That would be AQ expert Patrick Fitzgerald, the same prosecutor who covered up the Niger Forgeries. Fitz is personally handling the Headley Case. Fitz also handled AQ double agent Ali Mohamed. Fitz handled Ali by letting him loose time and time again to assist Bin Laden and AQ. Is Ali working on another terrorist attack? Only Fitz knows.

There are so many AQ double agents, we will need a scorecard to count them. Ali Mohamed helped murder hundreds at the African Embassy Bombings and Ali is getting a US government pension. We should also ask how much the DEA paid Headley to plan the Mumbai terror attacks. Underwear Bomber’s handler got a bomb through security and then the handler vanished. The handler may be a double agent, because his existence has been denied by the Intelligence Community.

Headley and Ali pled guilty to at least some of their crimes, so there was no embarrassing court trial. I do not expect an open trial for Abdulmutallab, other than a guilty plea. It would be too revealing of secrets that the Intelligence Community want suppressed.

by Frank33

SSCI Committee Report on the Attempted Terrorist Attack on Northwest Airlines Flight 253

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SSCI Committee Report on the Attempted Terrorist Attack on Northwest Airlines Flight 253

[The SSCI Report was released as a PDF file. TPM did provide a version, which required some editing, to produce this HTML version.]

Unclassified Executive Summary of the
Committee Report on the Attempted Terrorist Attack on Northwest Airlines Flight 253
May 18, 2010

Background: On December 25, 2009, a 23 year-old Nigerian man, Umar Farouk
Abdulmutallab (hereafter Abdulmutallab) attempted to detonate a concealed non-
metallic device containing the explosive pentaerythritol tetranitrate (PETN) on
Northwest Airlines Flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit, Michigan, as the plane was
descending into Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport.

Committee Investigation: Chairman Feinstein and Vice Chairman Bond of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) announced on December 31, 2009, that the Committee would conduct hearings on the attempted Christmas Day terrorist attack and "collect all intelligence related to Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab held by various intelligence agencies in order to determine who had what, and how the information was handled. In addition, the Committee [would] review national security policies on sharing information and terrorist watchlisting." [ SSCI Press Release, "lntelligence Committee Announces Hearings into Failed Christmas Day Terrorism Attack," available at]

Background on Report: This report contains information gathered by the Committee through hearings, briefings, and document requests from the following agencies:

• Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI)
• National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC)
• Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
• National Security Agency (NSA)
• Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
• Department of State
• Department of Homeland Security (DHS)—including agencies under its purview, such as the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), and the Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A).

Findings and Conclusions: The Committee found there were systemic failures
across the Intelligence Community (IC), which contributed to the failure to identify the
threat posed by Ablulmutallab. Specifically, the NCTC was not organized adequately
to fulfill its missions. Following 9/ l l, Congress created the NCTC and charged it with
serving as "the primary organization in the United States Government for analyzing and

Page l of 12

integrating all intelligence possessed or acquired by the United States Government pertaining to terrorism and counterterrorism …. " [50 U.S.C. 404o(d)]. In practice, however, the Committee found that no one agency saw itself as being responsible for tracking and identifying all terrorism threats. In addition, technology across the IC is not adequate to provide search enhancing tools for analysts, which contributed to the failure of the IC to identify Abdulmutallab as a potential threat.

The SSCI report identifies fourteen specific points of failure—a series of human
errors, technical problems, systemic obstacles, analytical misjudgments, and competing
priorities—which resulted in Abdulmutallab being able to travel to the United States on
December 25, 2009. Those points of failure are:

1. The State Department Did Not Revoke Abdulmutallab’s U.S. Visa.

2. Abdulmutallab Was Not Placed in the "Terrorist Screening Database" (TSDB), on
the Selectee List, or on the No Fly List.

3. Reporting Was Not Distributed to All Appropriate CIA Elements.

4. A CIA Regional Division, at CIA Headquarters, Did Not Search Databases
Containing Reports Related to Abdulmutallab.

5. CIA Did Not Disseminate Key Reporting Until after the 12/25 Attempted Attack.

6. A CIA Counterterrorism Center (CTC) Office’s Limited Name Search Failed to
Uncover the Key Reports on Abdulmutallab.

7. CIA CTC Analysts Failed to Connect the Reporting on Abdulmutallab.

8. FBI Counterterrorism Analysts Could Not Access All Relevant Reports.

9. NCTC’s Directorate of Intelligence Failed to Connect the Reporting on Abdulmutallab.

10. NCTC’s Watchlisting Office Did Not Conduct Additional Research to Find
Additional Derogatory Information to Place Abdulmutallab on a Watchlist.

11. NSA Did Not Pursue Potential Collection Opportunities That Could Have Provided
Information on Abdulmutallab.

12. Analysts Did Not Connect Key Reports Partly Identifying Abdulmutallab and
Failed to Ensure Dissemination of All Relevant Reporting.

13. NSA Did Not Nominate Abdulmutallab for Watchlisting or the Terrorist Identities
Datamart Environment (TIDE) Based on Information Partly Identifying Him.

14. Intelligence Analysts Were Primarily Focused on Al-Qaeda in the Arabian
Peninsula (AQAP) Threats to U.S. Interests in Yemen, Rather than on Potential
AQAP Threats to the U.S. Homeland.

Page 2 of 12

Based on the information provided, the Committee concludes that the Intelligence
Community failed to connect and appropriately analyze the information in its possession
prior to December 25, 2009 that would have identified Abdulmutallab as a possible
terrorist threat to the United States. The Committee believes the IC, and other parts of
the U.S. Government, should have taken steps to prevent Abdulmutallab from boarding
Northwest Flight 253 to Detroit, Michigan, on Christmas Day.

Points of failure #1 and #2 relate to failures of the systems and procedures in
place to prevent suspected terrorists from entering the United States. Points of failure
#3 through #14 discuss why the relevant intelligence was not connected. Doing so may
have led analysts to link sufficient threat and biographical information on Abdulmutallab to place him on the watchlists.

Committee Action: On March 16, 2010, the Committee unanimously approved a 55-page report and provided it to the Intelligence Community for a classification review. This unclassified Executive Summary was prepared based on that Intelligence Community review.

In the Committee’s March 16th report, each point of failure includes a
description, a Committee conclusion, Committee recommendations, and a discussion of
the corrective actions being taken by the Intelligence Community. Because the other
parts of the report remain classified, this Executive Summary only contains unclassified
portions of the Committee’s conclusions and recommendations about each failure.

The SSCI report also includes classified appendices which describe: (1) the
intelligence collected on Abdulmutallab prior to the terrorist plot and what was or was
not done with that intelligence; (2) the terrorist watchlisting process and standards as
they existed at the time; and (3) additional biographical information on Abdulmutallab.

In addition to the review conducted by the Committee, the Director of National
Intelligence created an Intelligence Community Review Panel that was chaired by John
McLaughlin, former Deputy Director of the CIA. That panel’s report endorsed three of
the specific classified recommendations made by the SSCI report. The panel also
disagreed with one of the Committee’s recommendations to expand access to certain
counterterrorism information. The Committee stands by its recommendation.

Note on Historical Hindsight: As is the case with many reports analyzing the past performance of the IC, the SSCI report presents information that was relevant to the Flight 253 plot in hindsight. Briefers and intelligence officials stated frequently that the intelligence described in the classified SSCI report was among thousands of other intelligence reports and that other terrorist threats were assessed to be more pressing at

Page 3 of 12

the time. Thus, while the SSC] report presents the information as it was known, and as
it could have been known, the Committee recognizes the benefit of "20-20 hindsight" in
our evaluation of the lC’s performance.

I. The State Department Did Not Revoke Abdulmutallab ’s U.S. Visa.


The State Department could have revoked Abdulmutallab ’s US. visa based on
the information available to the Department. The State Department consular officer in
Abuja, Nigeria should have used all of the tools available, including using "fuzzy logic"
or a passport number, to search for a visa for Abdulmutallab. Had this occurred, it is
likely that Abdulmutallab’s active U.S. visa would have been located in the
Department’s database.

The State Department has an independent obligation to evaluate a non-U.S. person’s
suitability for entry into the U.S., but instead relies on the lC’s assessment of whether an
individual meets the standard for placement on the terrorist watchlists. The Committee
believes Abdulmuta1lab’s visa should have been identified and revoked independently
by the State Department based on the information provided to the consulate by other
embassy officers, which included an assessment that Abdulmutallab should be
watchlisted because of suspected "involvement with Yemeni-based extremists?


• The State Department must use its independent judgment and authority to revoke
visas for anyone suspected of being involved with terrorism or a terrorist group,
and must be able to do so in real-time in coordination with the Intelligence

• The Director of NCTC should make recommendations to deny or revoke a US.
visa based on terrorism related intelligence. In addition to exercising its own
independent authority to revoke visas, the State Department should accept the
Director of NCTC ’s recommendations.

• The State Department should develop a system for electronically notifying all
airlines of individuals whose visas have been revoked.

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2. Abdalmutallab Was Not Placed in the "Terrorist Screening Database" (TSDB), on
the Selectee List, or on the No Fly List.


The standards to place an individual on the Terrorist Watchlists were interpreted too rigidly and may be too complicated to address terrorist threats. Although U.S. Embassy officials in Abuja recommended that Abdulmutallab be placed on the No Fly List, the determination was made at CIA Headquarters and at the NCTC Watchlisting Office that there was only sufficient derogatory information to enter Abdulmutallab’s information in the general "Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment" (TIDE) database, but not sufficient derogatory information to place him on any of the watchlists. Because of the language of the watchlisting standard, the manner in which it was being interpreted at the time, or both, analysts responsible for making the watchlisting determination did not believe they had the ability to give additional weight to significant pieces of information from the field, such as the report that resulted from the meeting with Abdulmutallab’s father.


• The Administration, in consultation with Congress, should simplify, strengthen,
and add flexibility to watchlisting practices to better protect the U.S. homeland.

• intelligence officers responsible for watchlisting terrorist suspects should have the
flexibility to give added weight to significant information, such as
recommendations from Chiefs of Station or other experienced intelligence
professionals, in determining whether to place an individual on a watchlist.

3. Reporting was Not Distributed to All Appropriate CIA Elements.


The inconsistencies in distributing key intelligence reports may have
contributed to the failure of the Intelligence Community to identify Abdulmutallab as
a potential threat. While there was no intent to limit access to the reports, processes
failed to disseminate relevant intelligence to all offices and individuals with a need to

Page 5 of 12


• Classified recommendation excluded

4. A CIA Regional Division (at CIA Headquarters) Did Not Search Databases
Containing Reports Related to Abdulmutallab.


CIA had reports related to Abdulmutallab, but a regional division failed to search
other databases that would have identified relevant information. CIA tasked this
division with the responsibility, but not the tools to adequately identify terrorism-related
reporting. Inadequate technological search tools and the fragmented nature of the
Intelligence Community’s databases made it difficult to find additional intelligence
related to Abdulmutallab.


• The Director of the CIA should report to the congressional intelligence
committees within 30 days on the increased access to its all-source
counterterrorism database. The report should include the total number of
personnel with increased access and the positions these individuals occupy.

• Classified recommendation excluded

5. CIA Did Not Disseminate Key Reporting Until After the 12/25 Attempted Attack.


Had the CIA intelligence report been disseminated, other intelligence officers
outside of the CIA and NCTC who tracked intelligence on Yemen and AQAP may
have made the connection between the information provided.


• The CIA should set standards to ensure that all intelligence reports are
disseminated promptly—within two days for counterterrorism and all other high
priority issues.

Page 6 of 12

• The CIA and other intelligence agencies must ensure that critical intelligence
functions are not delayed when personnel are temporarily deployed to other

• The CIA should provide broader access to operational traffic for all analysts with
a need to know, whether those analysts are employed by the CIA or by another
agency in the Intelligence Community.

6. A CIA CTC Office’s Limited Name Search Failed to Uncover the Key Reports on


CTC conducted a limited name search of CIA’s all-source database, which
included key reports on Abdulmutallab, to determine if there was other available
information. Because of the limited nature of the search, it failed to uncover key reports
on Abdulmutallab. Thus, CTC failed to draw the link between Abdulmutallab’s father’s
information and the key reports.

7. CIA CTC Analysts Failed To Connect Reporting on Abdulmutallab.


The failure of CIA CTC analysts to connect the reporting contributed to the
failure of the Intelligence Community to identify Abdulmutallab as a potential threat.
Like other Intelligence Community analysts, according to CIA, CTC analysts were
focused on Yemen-based AQAP-related threats and supporting operations to counter
these threats.

Recommendations for 6 and 7:

• The Director of the CIA should ensure that CIA personnel understand their
responsibility to connect related all—source information and disseminate all
possible threat reporting, particularly reports that might help identify homeland

• The DNI should develop a comprehensive plan to implement advanced
information technology systems that can draw connections among related
intelligence reports and assist in the prioritization of terrorism threat streams. The

Page 7 of 12

DNI should notify congressional intelligence committees of the progress made in
implementing the plan on a biannual basis.

8. FBI Counterterrorism Analysts Could Not Access All Relevant Reports.


The misconfiguration of an analyst ’s computer profile prevented her from
accessing relevant intelligence reports, despite their existence in FBI systems. Had
the FBI counterterrorism analyst ’s computer profile been configured appropriately,
the analyst may have been able to identify the threat stream on Abdulmutallab.


• The Director of the FBI should conduct a review of FBI’s information
technology systems to ensure all FBI analysts have access to the necessary
intelligence databases and that the FBI information systems are appropriately
configured to support intelligence analysis. The Director should provide a report
to the congressional intelligence committees within 90 days on the changes made
as a result of this review.

9. NCTC ’s Directorate of Intelligence Failed to Connect the Reporting on


NCTC personnel had the responsibility and the capability to connect the key
reporting with the other relevant reporting. The NCTC was not adequately organized
and did not have resources appropriately allocated to fulfill its missions.

NCTC has the primary role within the IC to bring together and assess all-source
terrorism-related intelligence. One of the NCTC’s missions, as outlined in the
Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 (IRTPA), is:

"to serve as the primary organization in the United States Government for
analyzing and integrating all intelligence possessed or acquired by the United
States Government pertaining to terrorism and counterterrorism. . ." [50 U.S.C. 404o(d)].

Page 8 of 12

NCTC has the primary role within the IC to bring together and assess all-source
terrorism-related intelligence. Prior to 12/25, NCTC’s Directorate of Intelligence was
not staffed adequately and analysts were not tasked to track or identify all threat streams
related to the AQAP threat to the U.S. homeland. Like other analysts in the Intelligence
Community, NCTC’s analysts were primarily focused on Yemen—based AQAP-related


• The Director of the NCTC should ensure that all NCTC analysts understand their
responsibility to connect related all-source information and disseminate all
possible threat reporting, particularly reports that might help identify homeland

• The Director of the NCTC should ensure that NCTC is organized and resourced
to fulfill its responsibility to track, analyze, and report on all terrorist threats to
the United States emanating from terrorist groups overseas.

• Classified recommendation excluded

10. NCTC ’s Watchlisting Office Did Not Conduct Additional Research to Find
Additional Derogatory Information to Place Abdulmutallab on a Watchlist.


NCTC had the responsibility and the capability to connect the key intelligence
reporting with the other relevant reporting. Doing so could have produced sufficient
information to recommend that Abdulmutallab be placed on the terrorist watchlists.
The NCTC was not adequately organized and did not have resources appropriately
allocated to fulfill its missions.

Under IRTPA a primary role of the NCTC is:

"to serve as the central and shared knowledge bank on known and suspected
terrorists and international terror groups," [50 U.S.C. 404o(d)]
Prior to 12/25, NCTC’s standard practice was to process watchlisting information
it received, but not to conduct additional analysis or enhance existing records with more
derogatory information. Thus, even though NCTC created a basic terrorist record for

Page 9 of 12

Abdulmutallab in TIDE, NCTC did not conduct additional research to identify other
intelligence related to Abdulmutallab—intelligence that may have placed
Abdulmutallab in the TSDB, and potentially on the Selectee Lists or the No Fly List.


• NCTC should keep the congressional intelligence committees fully informed of
resources needed to perform the watchlisting function Without compromising its
other missions.

11. NSA Did Not Pursue Potential Collection Opportunities That Could Have
Provided Information on Abdulmutallab.


NSA did not take all available actions which contributed to the failure of the
Intelligence Community to identify Abdulmutallab as a potential threat.


• Classified recommendation excluded
• Classified recommendation excluded
• Classified recommendation excluded

12. Analysts Did Not Connect Key Reports Partly Identifying Abdulmutallab and
Failed to Ensure Dissemination of All Relevant Reporting.


The failure of analysts to connect and disseminate all relevant reports may have
contributed to the failure of the Intelligence Community to identify Abdulmutallab as
a potential threat


• Classified recommendation excluded
• Classified recommendation excluded

Page 10 of 12

• Classified recommendation excluded

13. NSA Did Not Nominate Abdulmutallab for Watchlisting or the Terrorist
Identities Datamart Environment (TIDE) based on Information Partly Identifying


The policy of not making nominations to TIDE based on information partly
identifying Abdulmutallab may have contributed to the failure of the Intelligence
Community to identify him as a potential threat.


• NSA should immediately clear the backlog of reports that require review for

• NCTC should change its practices to allow for nominations to TIDE of partially
identifying or other incomplete information to assist in enhancing terrorist
identities records and other agencies should change their policies accordingly.

14. Intelligence Analysts were Primarily Focused on AQAP Threats to US. Interests
In Yemen, Rather than on Potential AQAP Threats to U.S. Homeland.


Analysts ’ competing priorities contributed to the failure of the Intelligence
Community to identify Abdulmutallab as a potential threat. Prior to the 12/ 25 plot,
counterterrorism analysts at NCTC, CIA, and NSA were focused on the threat of
terrorist attacks in Yemen, but were not focused on the possibility of AQAP attacks
against the U.S. homeland. These other priorities contributed to the failure of analysts
to recognize and collate the several pieces of intelligence reporting that mentioned


• The DNI should review the roles and responsibilities of counterterrorism analysts
throughout the Intelligence Community to ensure that all agencies understand
their counterterrorism role, their role in identifying and analyzing threats to the

Page 11 of 12

U.S. homeland, and that counterterrorism analysts actively collaborate across the
Intelligence Community to identify such threats. This review should also
investigate how to expand access to counterterrorism intelligence throughout the
Intelligence Community, including whether counterterrorism analysts within each
IC component should be provided access to all counterterrorism intelligence. In
conducting this review, the DNI should be mindful of the intent of Congress to
give NCTC the primary role and responsibility within the IC to bring together and
assess all-source terrorism-related intelligence in [RTPA. The DNI should report
the results of this review to congressional intelligence committees within 60 days.

• The DNI should examine whether adequate intelligence resources are directed
against the homeland threat.

Page 12 of 12

by Frank33

Elena Kagan: It Is OK To Murder US Citizens And It Is OK To Murder The Constitution

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We are at war and it will never end. The Constitution is dead. Elena Kagan promises to bury it.

GRAHAM: OK. Now, if one’s at war — let me ask this. Do you believe we’re at war?
KAGAN: I do, Senator.

Do you believe we are at war? The nation did not know we were at war before 9-11. I cannot tell you who we are at war with because it is a secret. Hint: It is Saudi Arabia. Also, Sen. Graham is not allowed to tell you that Ali Mohamed, double agent, helped Bin Laden with the Embassy Bombings and the first WTC bombing and Ali was later convicted, and then he was let loose. The Al Qaeda double agents, however many there are, go free and commit more acts of terror.

GRAHAM: OK. Well, that would make him your boss, yes. But it seems to be — I think he’ll be a good boss. And I think you’d be very qualified for you job. [. . .] I asked him, "Do you think we’re at war"? And he said, "I don’t think there’s any question but that we’re at war." I think, to be honest, I think our nation didn’t realize that we’re at war when, in fact, we were.

When I look back at the ’90s and the Tanzania, the embassy bombings, the bombing of the Cole, I think we, as a nation, should have realized that, at that point, we were at war. We should not have waited until September 11, 2001 to make that determination. Do you agree with that?
KAGAN: It’s easy to agree with my boss in that circumstance.

Where is the battlefield? Usually it is where there is a battle. But now we have to explain to ninth graders where the battlefield is. There is the physical battlefield in Afghanistan along with physical war profiteering. There are potential battlefields, and cyber battlefields. And there is the hearts and minds battlefields. That is the battlefield of official censorship and coverups and disinformation to keep the fraud and war profiteering of the Global War On Terror. One place that is not a battlefield is Saudi Arabia.

GRAHAM: OK. And I asked him where the battlefield might be. If we’re at war, I asked him, "Where would the battlefield be." And he gave what I thought was a — I said, "If you’re trying to explain to a civics class, a ninth grade civics class about the battlefield in this war, what would it be"? And he said, "The battlefield, there are physical battlefields, certainly in Afghanistan. But there are battlefields potentially we know in our nations. They’re cyber battlefields that we’re going to have — we going to have to engage."
There’s also — and this sounds a little trite, but I think it’s real.

There’s a battlefield, if you want to call it that, with regard to hearts and minds of the people in the Islamic world. We have to do things in a way — to conduct ourselves in a way that we can win that battle as well, so that people, who might otherwise well intentioned, do not end up on the wrong side and against us. Do you agree with that?

It is a war without end. There is no defined end. It is a war without end. There is no defined end. It is a war without end. There is no defined end. It is a war without end. There is no defined end……

GRAHAM: But because the is a war without end, that will not end on — with a ceremony on the USS Missouri, there will be no defined end, I am all for giving more due process.

When you are at war truth is censored and enemy combatants can be imprisoned forever. Lindsey Graham has said that criminal trials as required by the Constitution would reveal secrets. They cannot have a trial because it would reveal Ql Qaeda commits terror in order to profit from stock market manipulation. This is similar to Goldman Sachs. There is no trial because a trial would reveal the double agents who supply Al Qaeda with national security secrets. The double agents, such as Ali Mohamed, are given these secrets by US national security officials.

GRAHAM: So America needs to get ready for this proposition that some people are going to be detained as enemy combatants, not criminals. And there will be a process to determine whether or not they should be let go, based on the view that we’re at war, and it would be foolish to release somebody from captivity that’s a committed warrior to our nation’s destruction.

Now, the point we have to make with the world, would you agree, Dean Kagan, is that the determination that led to the fact that you’re an enemy combatant has to be transparent?
KAGAN: It does, indeed.
GRAHAM: It has to have substantial due process.
KAGAN: It does, indeed.

Sen. Graham uses suspicion and emotion and fears of terrorism to imprison people for the rest of their lives, and prevent them from talking about their Saudi financiers. Solicitor General Elena Kagan agrees with him, ABSOLUTELY. Pretend there is no double agent Ali Mohamed who may be committing more terrorism. Pretend the Stock Market Fraud before 9-11 did not occur. Pretend there is no Censored 9-11 Report revealing Saudi Arabia murdered three thousand people. Pretend the Constitution has not been murdered. It is a legal process based on the values of John Yoo, Jay Bybee, Lindsey Graham and Elena Kagan, fraud, lies, and war crimes.

GRAHAM: And it should have an independent judiciary involved in making that decision beyond the executive branch. Do you agree with that?
KAGAN: Absolutely.
GRAHAM: So we can go tell the world that this person is being held off the battlefield, not because one person says so, but because there’s a process that led to that determination where you have an independent judiciary involved. Do you think that’s important for the nation to make sure we have that kind of process?
KAGAN: I do, Senator.
GRAHAM: OK. I’ll look forward to working with you and the — this new administration. I’ve come up with a process that will make that statement, to let the world know that no one is being arbitrarily held based on just suspicion or — or — or emotions, but based on evidence and a legal process. And some of these people are going to be held, maybe for the rest of their lives. But it will be based on our values, not theirs.

Lindsey Graham has worked with Kagan and the Federalist Society has given her a standing ovation and she has hired conservatives instead of leftists. Leftists are not allowed any power in Washington DC or Chicago or Cambridge. Kagan is a neo-lib which is the same as a neo-con. She may be appointed to the Supreme Court and she can continue to protect the neo-con genocide. She will also protect the Oil Sheikhs as she already has. It is all about protecting the State Secrets and the National Security Police State.

She was brought back into the Obama Administration last year, where as solicitor general, the government’s top litigator, she has been central to the Obama Administration’s claims of executive power. This includes several controversial decisions to continue core facets of Bush Administration policy on issues like state secrets, military commissions and the denial of due-process rights to detainees at Bagram air base in Afghanistan.

A Solicitor General is supposed to represent the President. Kagan represents and supports the Assassinations, Torture and War Crimes of Bush. These issues now belong to President Obama. The intelligence services have been protecting Saudi Arabia since at least 2003. Kagan protected and defended Saudi murderers when families of 9-11 victims went to Court for Justice. The Oil Sheikhs got the Justice. Kagan destroyed documents proving Al Qaeda and the Taliban are part of the Saudi terror network.

Today the Obama Administration filed in the Supreme Court a document that expressed the Administration’s decision to stand with a group of Saudi princes and against the right of American citizens — 9/11 family members — to have our day in court.

Let there be no doubt: The filing was political in nature and stands as a betrayal of everyone who lost a loved one or was injured on September 11, 2001. We are deeply dismayed by this decision, filed by the solicitor general of the United States in response to the Supreme Court’s February 23, 2009 invitation for the government to express its views in the 9/11 families’ request to appeal a portion of the case to the Court. The Administration’s filing mocks our system of justice and strikes a blow against the public’s right to know the facts about who financed and supported the murder of 3,000 innocent people. It undermines our fight against terrorism and suggests a green light to terrorist sympathizers the world over that they can send money to al Qaeda without having to worry that they will be held accountable in the U.S. Courts for the atrocities that result.

The Administration apparently gave less weight to the principles of justice, transparency, accountability and security, which our case embodies, and more weight to political concerns and pleadings of a foreign government on the behalf of a handful of members of its monarchy and others who stand accused of financing the attacks that murdered our loved ones.

Kagan has not spoken publicly about the Assassinations policy of Barack Obama. She probably agrees absolutely. Any citizen can be murdered by a President. Apparently any non-citizen can be murdered by US out-of-control psychopaths who control the intelligence services.

The Obama administration has taken the extraordinary step of authorizing the targeted killing of an American citizen, the radical Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who is believed to have shifted from encouraging attacks on the United States to directly participating in them, intelligence and counterterrorism officials said Tuesday. . . .

American counterterrorism officials say Mr. Awlaki is an operative of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the affiliate of the terror network in Yemen and Saudi Arabia. They say they believe that he has become a recruiter for the terrorist network, feeding prospects into plots aimed at the United States and at Americans abroad, the officials said.

Awlaki is an advocate for terror and war, and sounds quite similar to neo-cons such as Bill Kristol and Max Boot. Awlaki is part of the Christmas Day, Underwear Bomber Conspiracy which is another reason to kill him. Lindsey Graham said that a "civilian" trial would be confusing for Mr. Underwear, and Mr. Awlaki. But What about the US intelligence official who put the Underwear Bomber on Flight 253 with no passport and and a bomb? What about the Saudi Arabian Bomber who was revealed by FBI interrogation? What about the other suspect who was taken away in handcuffs?

These conspirators no longer exist and Graham uses this "intelligence failure" to criticize the FBI for not letting the intelligence officials do the interrogation. The intelligence officials should have been allowed to use torture to get a false confession. Then no one would know about the Saudi bombmaker or that intelligence officials nearly helped destroy an airliner. I am sure Kagan would agree absolutely.

The Global War On Terror is the biggest fraud in American history. It is an excuse for endless wars and endless war crimes. Every day, globalists and neo-cons get more and more control of all institutions. That is why these institutions are failing and why people do not believe them. Every day "leftists" are targeted and marginalized and neutralized and purged from any positions of power. A leftist is someone who refuses to be corrupted by the neo-con new world order.

Cass Sunstein has been suggested for appointment to the Supreme Court. Just the same as Kagan, Sunstein will obey his corporate masters without question. Who would be worse, Kagan or Sunstein?. It is a tie. They are both equally corrupt, equally immoral and equally fascist. As for anything that is remaining of the Bill of Rights and Constitutional freedoms, smoke ‘em if you got ‘em, because they will not be around for too much longer.

by Frank33

Sen. Lindsey Graham, Solicitor General Elena Kagan And Neo-Cons Conceal, Protect And Enable Al Qaeda Terrorists

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Sen. Lindsey Graham claims Al Qaeda is an army and so we must fight a War on Terror. But Al Qaeda is only a small number of spies and mercenaries supported by Al Qaeda. Graham claims that free and fair legal trials will release secret information that will help AQ. But the only example given is the List of Un-indicted Co-conspirators from the Day of Terror Trial in1995. This list was sent to Bin Laden by Ali Mohamed a Master Al Qaeda Spy except Graham ignores that the list was released by prosecutor Andrew McCarthy. McCarthy also neglects to mention Ali Mohamed. McCarthy does support neo-con Michael Ledeen who was part of the Niger Yellowcake forgeries, that was used as a pretext for war with Irak.

Solicitor General Elena Kagan defended and protect Saudi Arabian terrorists in a lawsuit brought by 9-11 victims. Kagan also destroyed documents proving Saudi Arabia was responsible for the 9-11 attacks. Kagan does not defend American citizens who may be legally assassinated by the US government. But she defended Saudi Oil Sheikhs who created Al Qaeda Terrorism. Lawyers who covered up Ali Mohamed’s spying or covered up torture or covered up Saudi Arabia’s terrorism, have been promoted and rewarded. Anyone who is critical of the the 9-11 coverup is penalized and punished. The Underwear Bomber Conspiracy was a US intelligence plot that almost destroyed Flight 253. This possible False Flag Operation is also ignored and concealed. Neo-cons, such as Dana "Pig Missile" Perino continue the falsehoods. But it has been revealed that torture was used for false confessions to justify the Irak War. This torture is a war crime.

The War On Terror is a fraud. It is a war on democracy and the Bill of Rights. There is no Al Qaeda, at least as an organized army of terrorists. There is no AQ Order of Battle. There is no AQ military organization. AQ, as an organization, has been used by neo-cons to describe a very small number of Islamic Jihadists. Most of these terrorists got their start by fighting the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, secretly supported by the United States. AQ is a criminal gang. But AQ is protected by treasonous neo-cons who need an enemy to justify their wars, torture and assassinations. There is also the financial profiteering from terrorism.

The Saudi Arabian government is a shaky dictatorship of Oil Sheikhs who use their petro dollars to promote Islamic extremism. They also buy off AQ. This loose confederation of spies and mercenaries has been used and supported and financed by the Bin Laden Family and Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Arabian government was financing at least some of the 9-11 hijackers. Pakistan and its secret service, the ISI, also has been allied with the Oil Sheikhs. The ISI was caught paying 9-11 hijacker Mohammed Atta $100,000.

Prince Bandar, head of Saudi Espionage, laundered money through the infamous CIA Riggs Bank. Some of this money went to 9-11 hijackers. The 9-11 Commission Report claims the Saudi government did not finance the terrorists, and the money trail to the terrorists was not even important. But the not-so-secret classifed 28 page appendix, does provide evidence that Saudi Arabia attacked the United States on 9-11. The Above Top Secret Neo-con National Police State has concealed this.

The government, probably through the National Security Agency is attempting to censor all information about the 9-11 attacks, other than approved by Cass Sunstein. This includes stories about the lawsuit against Saudi Arabia. Families and survivors of 9-11 brought a lawsuit against Saudi Arabia. Elena Kagan, supposedly a brilliant lawyer and Solicitor General, defended the murderers against US citizens. Saudi Arabia is immune from the crimes but our citizens can be deprived of all freedoms at any time.

Solicitor General Elena Kagan said in the brief to the Supreme Court that her office agreed with the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit “that the princes are immune from petitioners’ claims,” although she pointed to somewhat different legal rationales in reaching that conclusion.

Ms. Kagan noted that the Supreme Court had historically looked to the executive branch to take the lead on such international matters because of “the potentially significant foreign relations consequences of subjecting another sovereign state to suit.”

The government said in its brief that the victims’ families never alleged that the Saudi government or members of the royal family “personally committed” the acts of terrorism against the United States “or directed others to do so.” And it said the claims that were made — that the Saudis helped to finance the plots — fell “outside the scope” of the legal parameters for suing foreign governments or leaders.

The Oil Sheikhs murdered 3000 people and Kagan says “that the princes are immune from petitioners’ claims”. But United States citizens are not immune from being murdered by our neo-con government. Kagan not only publicly defended Al Qaeda, she also destroyed evidence to continue the coverup. Kagan and Justice Department themselves have violated the law by destruction of evidence to protect Al Qaeda murderers. Kagan and the DOJ lawyers should have their legal licenses taken away. Then they should be put on trial and then put in prison.

Adding to the intrigue, classified American intelligence documents related to Saudi finances were leaked anonymously to lawyers for the families. The Justice Department had the lawyers’ copies destroyed and now wants to prevent a judge from even looking at the material.

The Supreme Court chose to follow Kagan and support Saudi terrorists. Kagan may be selected to the Supreme Court. There she will certainly continue the 9-11 Coverup. This is a similar pattern as other corrupt lawyers have similarly been rewarded for concealing the truth about 9-11, Dietrich Snell, Jamie Gorelick, Andrew McCarthy, Philip Zelikow, John Yoo and Jay Bybee. This is the new Loyalty Oath. Never question the government lies and you will be rewarded. Any dissent about 9-11 and you are purged from any position in government, as happened to Van Jones.

Again, Al Qaeda is a criminal gang. Their crimes are not committed because they hate us for our freedom. They murder for the enormous payoff. AQ has allies who game the financial system to profit from acts of terror. Terrorist crimes such as blowing up airliners cause large changes in stock prices, such as Airlines and Oil. There is a problem because there are recordings of financial transactions and suspicious "puts" are suspicious. There were plenty of these suspicious transactions before 9-11.

Shortly after 9/11, an Italian newspaper will report, “Six or seven years ago, probably in 1995, secret services from various European countries investigated the possibility that al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden’s organization, was using a Milan stockbroker firm to operate on Europe’s money

German central bank president Ernst Welteke later reports that a study by his bank indicates, “There are ever clearer signs that there were activities on international financial markets that must have been carried out with the necessary expert knowledge,” not only in shares of heavily affected industries such as airlines and insurance companies, but also in gold and oil…

“Between 6 and 7 September, the Chicago Board Options Exchange [sees] purchases of 4,744 put option contracts [a speculation that the stock will go down] in UAL versus 396 call options—where a speculator bets on a price rising. Holders of the put options would [net] a profit of $5 million once the carrier’s share price [dive] after September 11. On September 10, 4,516 put options in American Airlines, the other airline involved in the hijackings, [are] purchased in Chicago. This compares with a mere 748 call options in American purchased that day…

“To the embarrassment of investigators, it has also[learned] that the firm used to buy many of the ‘put’ options… on United Airlines stock was headed until 1998 by ‘Buzzy’ Krongard, now executive director of the CIA.” Krongard was chairman of Alex Brown Inc., which was bought by Deutsche Bank. “His last post before resigning to take his senior role in the CIA was to head Bankers Trust—Alex Brown’s private client business, dealing with the accounts and investments of wealthy customers around the world.”

The problems with neo-cons profiting from terror attacks with stock market fraud was solved by the Pentagon. The Policy Analysis Market was set up by Total Information Awareness Czar, John Poindexter. Indicted and convicted Iran-Contra co-conspirator Poindexter had the idea to make bets on wars, hijacked aircraft, assassinations of world leaders and other terrorist attacks. Then neo-cons could easily pull off terror attacks and legally take their profits from PAM. As soon as it became public, the program was canceled and Poindexter and PAM were gone but TIA remains.

The Pentagon office that proposed spying electronically on Americans to monitor potential terrorists has a new experiment. It is an online futures trading market, disclosed today by critics, in which anonymous speculators would bet on forecasting terrorist attacks, assassinations and coups.

Traders bullish on a biological attack on Israel or bearish on the chances of a North Korean missile strike would have the opportunity to bet on the likelihood of such events on a new Internet site established by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

The Pentagon called its latest idea a new way of predicting events and part of its search for the ”broadest possible set of new ways to prevent terrorist attacks.” Two Democratic senators who reported the plan called it morally repugnant and grotesque. The senators said the program fell under the control of Adm. John M. Poindexter, President Ronald Reagan’s national security adviser.

Iran-Contra was part illegal weapon sales and part drug running. US weapons were stolen and sold to Iran. The profits were used to fund a Contra mercenary army of thugs and finance illegal drug deals in Central America. Other Iran-Contra co-conspirators were recruited for a new conspiracy, creating a war with Irak. This includes Elliot Abrams and Michael Ledeen. Ledeen is alleged to have been a participant in the Niger Forgery Conspiracy.

Ledeen belongs to the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, which is actually a foundation for the defense of neo-cons. Another member is Andrew McCarthy, former prosecutor under Patrick Fitzgerald. McCarthy prosecuted the terrorists at the Day of Terror trial. But he also publicly defended Ledeen and denied that the Iran-Contra co-conspirator had anything to do with the Niger Forgeries. Further the Niger Forgeries had nothing to do with the launching of the Irak War.

Michael had utterly nothing to do with the forgeries (the source has actually been identified); the forgeries were not the basis for the president’s statement; the president did not claim Saddam obtained yellowcake — merely that intelligence reports indicated that Saddam had sought to obtain it…

Essentially, Michael received information from Manucher Ghorbanifar, a controversial figure with Iranian sources who has, over many years, provided the U.S. and other Western intelligence agencies with information the quality of which has been hotly debated.

The only debate was how worthless the information actually was, and was Ghorbanifar an agent of Iran. Ghorbanifar was a partner in crime with Ledeen during the Iran-Contra Conspiracy and he worked with Ledeen on the Irak War Conspiracy. Why would a former anti-terrorist federal prosecutor defend such unsavory characters as Ledeen and Ghorbanifar who were involved in illegal weapons deals with Iran? Because McCarthy is a dedicated neo-con, and he is dedicated to covering up the truth about AQ and the truth about neo-con takeover of national security and the truth about the Irak War. He is also dedicated to Military Commissions and torture and keeping AQ secrets, secret. McCarthy is also a dedicated liar.

Mr. McCarthy has written, for example, about learning that a document he provided in the discovery process in 1995 to defense lawyers in the sheik’s case — a long list of names of potential unindicted co-conspirators — was passed on to Mr. bin Laden, whose name was also on the list.

Mr. McCarthy has cited the episode as an example of how terrorists could use civilian trials as a kind of intelligence gathering tool. But two former Southern District prosecutors who studied the episode noted that the government had not sought a pretrial protective order — a procedure that would have restricted the document’s dissemination.

“We are not aware of any security breaches” in cases where such an order was sought, the authors said in a 2008 report for Human Rights First, which endorsed civilian justice for terrorism cases.

Also, McCarthy opposes legal representation for terrorists. Then there is obviously no way to "Cop a plea" and have a defendant testify who is paying and controlling him. Anything that describes the leaders and tactics of AQ has been kept secret because it would be an intelligence bonanza for AQ.

Mr. McCarthy has also criticized the private lawyers who have been assisting detainees at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, in challenging the legality of their confinements through habeas corpus petitions in federal court.

“The country’s at war and they’re volunteering their services to the enemy,” Mr. McCarthy said of the lawyers.

Mr. Dratel, a lawyer who represented one such detainee, said: “Is that Andy McCarthy or Joseph McCarthy? It doesn’t merit a response. That form of demagoguery was floated a few years ago and was promptly and roundly rejected by the entire organized bar. Those lawyers he criticizes have done an invaluable service for the United States.”

The issue of Military Commissions is more important than ever, as "civilian" trials are planned for the notorious KSM, and the "Underwear Bomber". These Commissions are top secret and they allow the coverups to continue. An open, fair trial with judge and jury is one of the genuine foundations for democracy. An open trial would reveal the truth about AQ, that they are just criminals supported by Saudi Arabia. The mockingbirds of the Dee Cee press corps have already set false narratives about both these terrorists. Even John Yoo, torture enabler continues the coverup, as if anyone would believe him about anything.

John Yoo wrote that trying KSM in civilian court would provide an “intelligence bonanza” for Al-Qaeda. While we shouldn’t be surprised by now of Yoo’s unparalleled ability to look the other way when the law repudiates his personal beliefs, it is worth noting that military commissions use the same law to protect sensitive national security evidence as the federal courts, the Classified Information Procedures Act (“CIPA”).

Sen. Linsey Graham should be labelled neo-con. He supports the Oil Wars indefinitely along with the continuing coverups. He also opposes Trials for terrorists because classified information has been released. He cites the Day of Terror Trial in 1995, where McCarthy was prosecutor. The List Of Un-Indicted Co-Conspirators, LOUICC, with 172 names was obtained by Bin Laden.

No other examples have been given of classified information being revealed at open trials. But what could be so important that this be kept secret? Bin Laden knows who the co-conspirators are. Again, there are only a few hundred AQ. This list should have been released and the public asked to provide information and help nab missing terrorists, un-indicted or not.

In the 1995 trial, because of civilian court rules, the government was required to disclose the identity of all known co-conspirators to the defense.

One of the conspirators — relatively obscure at the time — was Osama bin Laden.

Our intelligence services later learned this list made its way back to bin Laden tipping him off about our surveillance.

A conviction was obtained in that trial, but valuable intelligence was compromised. The rest is history.

Civilian trials create confusion. Our soldiers and intelligence services are already uncertain as to what rules apply.

Court trials can be confusing with all those facts and evidence for twelve ordinary people to judge. It is definitely confusing when one of the witnesses is a double agent, or triple agent or an eleven-dimensional agent. One of the missing terrorists was Ali Mohamed, Egyptian spy, Al Qaeda spy, Green Beret spy, FBI spy, CIA spy, and he married a California woman he met while traveling to the US. Ali was missing during the Day of Terror trial in 1995 because Andrew McCarthy told him not to testify at the Day of Terror trial. At least that is what Peter Lance, author of "Triple Cross", says.

Mohamed supposedly responds that he did get the subpoena, but that McCarthy advised him to ignore it and not testify and that McCarthy would cover up for him. Had Mohamed testified, McCarthy would have had a more difficult time getting a conviction, and the revelations of Mohamed’s ties to the CIA, FBI, and US military would have been highly embarrassing. Author Peter Lance will later note also that had Mohamed testified in the high profile trial, he would have become too well known to continue working as an informant and double agent.

Ali Mohamed is missing now even though he pleaded guilty to numerous crimes. Ali may be retired in California, with his wife Linda. Or he may be planning a new terror attack, for instance with Marc Grossman that will be another excuse for more wars and torture and stock market manipulation. Amazingly Ali got to know US secrets about national defense strengths and weaknesses of the Army, FBI and CIA. He had access to classified documents which he stole unless they were given to him.

Peter Lance suggests the LOUICC may have been given to Ali by McCarthy. McCarthy denies this. This feud has been going on for years. But Federal Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald is using the Department of Justice to end the feud. The government is trying to censor Lance’s book and steal every penny that Lance has with a lawsuit. This suggests "Triple Cross" has some credibility, and Fitzgerald has none.

But Mohamed continued to snooker McCarthy. On February 2, 1995, just after the start of trial, McCarthy sent the list of unindicted co-conspirators to various defense attorneys in the Day of Terror case. Somehow Ali Mohamed got a copy of it. Did McCarthy give it to him? We don’t know, but a copy was found in Mohamed’s house when the Feds searched it more than three years later.

Ali later admitted that "I obtained a copy of the co-conspirator list for the Abdel Rahman trial. I sent the list to El Hage in Kenya expecting that it would be forwarded to bin Laden in Khartoum."

Speaking of Fitz, Fitz did not hear the term "Al Qaeda" until after 1995. But Ali used the term AQ as early as 1993. This seems to be one of the earliest reference to AQ. It has been claimed "Al Qaeda" refers to a US government database. On pg. 224 of Triple Cross, Ali is quoted in 1993 saying

Bin Laden ran an organization called Al Qaeda and was building an army which may be used to overthrow the Saudi Government.

The Washington Independent published a story "In Much-Cited Precedent for 9/11 Trial, Tools for Protecting Information Went Unused", and subtitled "Former Prosecutor Andrew McCarthy Concedes He Could Have Done More to Stop Crucial Leak". This story basically says that CIPA provides sufficient protections for classified information in civilian trials, and quotes McCarthy supporting them. But McCarthy is changing his story and there is much left out of this account.

McCarthy, whom a February New York Times profile identified as one of the most influential conservative voices in the current debate over the propriety of trying terrorists in civilian courts, added, “I think too much is made of the example of the co-conspirator list.”

To call McCarthy a "influential conservative" is already misleading. McCarthy supported Ledeen and Ghorbanifar and regularly blogs neo-con disinformation. McCarthy was the one who has been making an example of the LOUICC. Lindsey Graham also used this as an example of "valuable compromised intelligence". WI and McCarthy and Graham ignore the real issue, Mohamed Ali, who obtained the list and faxed it to Bin Laden. Did McCarthy himself give this list to Ali? McCarthy has never revealed what he and Ali talked about during their conversations.

But McCarthy did give the LOUICC to several defense lawyers. Presumably, that is how Ali got it. McCarthy is responsible for the leak of the list. But WI and McCarthy and Graham are concealing the master spy Ali. Is this because Ali repeatedly assisted AQ and Bin Laden with US approval. Is Ali still an active spy? Do McCarthy and WI think they can play us with this propaganda?

Yet a review of the court records commissioned by TWI found no evidence that McCarthy and his fellow prosecutors made use of all the tools at their disposal to protect the list…An individual close to the case who would not speak for attribution said there was never any protective order over the co-conspirator list, a finding borne out by TWI’s examination of the court record. Mukasey, through a spokesman, declined to comment.

But McCarthy does think trials always help the enemy that we are at war with. Testimony EDIFIES the enemy. But the enemy has how many soldiers, or should we say Saudi Arabian spies, 200, 400 even 1000? A trial might reveal the true nature of the enemy. McCarthy assisted Ali Mohamed and Ali assisted Bin Laden and McCarthy knew it. McCarthy is lying. WI is assisting McCarthy with these falsehoods. WI has a pattern of pretending to be liberal while promoting neo-con propagandists such as McCarthy and Max Boot. WI also has a similar pattern of repeating neo-con lies. Ali, the master spy who punked McCarthy, is totally ignored by WI. WI is trying to punk us.

“The co-conspirator list is just a single instance of a much broader problem in terrorism cases,” McCarthy said. “Everything that goes on in the way of not only disclosure under the rules, but more importantly, testimony in a courtroom is a problem in terms of the degree to which it edifies the enemy. These are rules that are made for normal trials that don’t involve national security situations when you’re dealing with a faction that you’re at war with."

The Washington Independent does not allow "Conspiracy Theories" especially about 9-11. Wi has endorsed Philip Zelikow’s coverup and WI suppresses anything contrary. However, WI does tell us what we are supposed to think about 9-11 and we cannot question it. WI continues to use "anonymous intelligence officials" who cannot be questioned either.

I objected when a claim was made by WI that AQ and the Christmas Bomber and KSM were simply mentally ill. Further, we are told to believe that anyone who questions the coverups are also mentally ill. Also, WI falsely claimed the 2005 Madrid Bombings were due to AQ. WI continued to ignore the facts about Underwear Bomber. I informed WI that this was some sort of US espionage operation. The bomb was supplied by a Saudi. The Nigerian bomber was personally escorted through security by a US intelligence official without being searched. The events were denied by our incompetent national security officials, until they were proven true. WI continues to deny it. The Saudi bomb maker is being ignored and is likely being protected from any further investigation. Perhaps he is making another bomb for another patsy. The response to my criticisms by WI, was vulgar high school epithets.

Neo-cons and the Washington Independent and Lindsey Graham follow the same script of lies. WI wants us to believe that CIPA is a reasonable solution to protect important national secrets. What secrets? The biggest secret is that the US has turned into a police state modeled on the Soviet Union. CIPA itself is a fraud and is more destruction of Constitutional protections. CIPA was abused during Iran-Contra and protected CIA gun running and drug dealing. CIPA is used to conceal neo-con crimes.

A trial would be confusing if it showed that this is NOT a war against AQ because AQ is not an army. AQ was used as a pretext for oil wars and AQ is needed to keep these wars going. Lindsey Graham wants torture used in order to produce false confessions. Graham wants terrorists such as Underwear Bomber tortured immediately. Then there would be a false confession and no one would know about the Saudi Arabian Bombmaker.

Civilian trials create confusion. Our soldiers and intelligence services are already uncertain as to what rules apply.

Case in point — the Christmas Day bomber. As we all know, this was a failed attempt to blow up an airliner over Detroit by a trained Al Qaeda operative.

After being captured and fresh off the battlefield, he was read his Miranda rights within one hour of questioning and asked for a lawyer.

Days later and only after his parents encouraged him to cooperate did he begin talking again. Can we really rely on the parents of future terrorists to work with the FBI?

And is reading Miranda Rights to terrorists any way to fight a war?

Underwear was anything but trained. But he almost destroyed an airliner without training. What battlefield? Saudi Arabia? His father, a rich Nigerian reported his conversion to Jihadism, and his possible use of violence, as much as six months before Christmas. Underwear might have been read his rights, but Underwear talked.

McCarthy’s colleague at the National Review, Dana "Pig Missile" Perino, comically repeats the WI and Lindsey Graham narrative. No Handler for Abdulmutallab to get him through security without a passport. No video recording of Abdulmutallab during the flight. No six hour lockdown in Detroit for the passengers of Flight 253. No government intimidation of Flight 253 passengers. No admission about the Saudi Bombmaker. No reporting about the government denials.

The administration last week admitted that the none of the intelligence services was consulted when Abdulmutallab was Mirandized after 50 minutes of questioning and then charged as a criminal defendant.

Perino is criticizing the FBI for properly doing their job. The "intelligence services" put the Bomber aboard the flight, not the FBI. Intelligence services should not usually perform law enforcement. But the intelligence services have gotten out of control and are destroying our freedoms. If that bomb had exploded, and destroyed Flight 253, President Obama would have been blamed and possibly impeached. No one would know it was an intelligence blunder or maybe something more sinister.

But the intelligence agencies did publicly criticize the FBI and the President. Was it because the NSA wanted to conceal that Saudi Arabia made another attack against the United States? Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair, needs to publicly explain his attempt to take over law enforcement from the FBI. Did Blair want to use torture for another false confession? Administration officials were furious. Perhaps the rest of us should get furious and demand answers from Blair about his secret political police.

At the Tuesday hearing, Panetta also said special interrogation teams to handle terrorism suspects are operational.

“We’re participating with the FBI,” Panetta told the panel. “We have been doing it in teams in anticipation of [the formal launch]. The concept has been in place since last fall and we have used it on a number of occasions.”

At a Homeland Security Committee hearing earlier this month, Blair told senators that the new team—dubbed HIG, for “High Value Interrogation Group”—should have handled Abdulmutallab’s interrogation instead of the FBI.

Administration officials were furious, and Blair later released a statement saying his remarks had been “misconstrued” and that the HIG teams were not yet operational.

Perino complains about releasing information to the public, because it is political. It prevents finding the other terrorists. Perino does not mention Abdulmutallab’s handler, or the Saudi Bomber. She does not mention Ali Mohamed either who is walking around freely somewhere.

It is bad practice to tell the world that a terrorist has agreed to spill the beans on his fellow terrorists who are still walking around free overseas. That is, of course, unless the principal motivation is to try to save political hides at home, even at the expense of actually finding the terrorists Abdulmutallab worked with.

Perino concludes by endorsing torture for KSM. The torture of KSM may have produced an enormous amount of intelligence. But there is no evidence that much of it was true. KSM has confessed to every crime ever, except for kidnapping Patty Hearst. After nine years of torture why has it not succeded?. Will another nine years of torture and coverups defeat AQ? There is evidence that the intelligence services used torture to produce false confessions

The CIA interrogation program disbanded by President Obama produced an enormous amount of intelligence from people like KSM, according to former CIA Director Hayden. KSM most assuredly did not get a deal for his cooperation.

Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.

Yes, Pig Missile you are making it up. The CIA interrogation program was a program of torture. The torture was used to produce false confessions linking Irak and 9-11. Most of the tortured were innocent of anything. Bush and Cheney personally approved these war crimes and their coverup.

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, who was chief of staff to former Secretary of State Colin Powell during George W. Bush’s first term in office, said Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld knew the "vast majority" of prisoners captured in the so-called War on Terror were innocent and the administration refused to set them free once those facts were established because of the political repercussions that would have ensued.

"By late August 2002, I found that of the initial 742 detainees that had arrived at Guantánamo, the majority of them had never seen a US soldier in the process of their initial detention and their captivity had not been subjected to any meaningful review,"…
For Cheney and Rumsfeld, and "others," Wilkerson said, "the primary issue was to gain more intelligence as quickly as possible, both on Al Qaeda and its current and future plans and operations but increasingly also, in 2002-2003, on contacts between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein’s intelligence and secret police forces in Iraq."

"Their view was that innocent people languishing in Guantánamo for years was justified by the broader war on terror and the capture of the small number of terrorists who were responsible for the September 11 attacks, or other acts of terrorism," Wilkerson added. "Moreover, their detention was deemed acceptable if it led to a more complete and satisfactory intelligence picture with regard to Iraq, thus justifying the Administration’s plans for war with that country."…

Wilkerson said that he discussed the Guantanamo detainees issue regularly with Powell and, based on those discussions, Wilkerson discovered that "President Bush was involved in all of the Guantanamo decision-making."

Most television news, cable news, most newspapers, such as The Washington Post have chosen to deceive the American people about AQ. But we know the Washington Post is a shill for the globalists and their wars. Among the worst phonies are the Washington Independent, whose story tellers are clumsy propagandists for the national security police state. WI has also slandered and smeared Firedoglake, and they have spread their toxic lies and venom far and wide. They are not reporters. They are yuppies yearning to someday work on K-Street as corporate lobbyists. Do not believe anything that the Washington Independent claims about Al Qaeda. As I have proven, they are liars for war criminals.

by Frank33

Huffington Post Shills For Cass Sunstein And Continues The Underwear Bomber Coverup

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Huffington Post continues the coverup of the Underwear Bomber and the failed Al Qaeda conspiracy. The Nigerian terrorist was allowed on board Flight 253 by US security officials and he nearly blew up an airliner. The Cognitive Infiltration of Cass Sunstein includes censorship of this story. Was it incompetence or a failed False Flag Op?

Huffington Post censors certain topics as instructed by Cass Sunstein’s Department of Information Infiltration. HuffPo is censoring and spreading neo-con disinformation just as the Washington Independent has been doing. Also WaPoop, GE tee vee, Fox Noise and the other millionaire shill bubbleheads who pretend to be journalists are covering up the "Intelligence" failure of the Underwear Bomber.

Underwear had been identified as a terrorist. But he was allowed through airport security by US Intelligence officials. They had known all about Underwear for months because his wealthy father had informed them about his patsy son. This story is being disappeared. Underwear’s handler was either an Al Qaeda agent or a counter intelligence clown. Handler has disappeared also. Witnesses, or should I say survivors of Flight 253 who responsibly reported this were smeared by our STASI-like government.

On board the plane, Underwear was being videotaped by a passenger. After landing in Detroit, the passengers were locked down for six hours. Another man was taken away in handcuffs. This was also denied at the time. Underwear was interrogated without torture. He talked, and the bombmaker was from….Saudi Arabia. Surprise.

If Underwear’s Saudi Arabian bomb had exploded Al Qaeda would be blamed and we would lose more of our civil liberties, if we have any remaining liberties. As I reported a Washington Independent reporter confirmed that this near disaster was part of a government investigation. But on this issue, and anything about Al Qaeda, the Washington Independent has been anything but independent. HuffPo is merely ridiculous. HuffPo wants the X-Ray body scanning machines, which can cause cancer.

A Nigerian man, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, has been charged with boarding a Detroit-bound airliner on Christmas Day with a bomb hidden in his underwear. One of the reasons the alleged bomber was able to board the flight in Amsterdam was that his name was not on a U.S. terror watch list.

Underwear’s handler told airport security, "We do this all the time." US officials allow terrorists with bombs on board all the time?

In the past three months, senior U.S. security officials have been meeting with foreign countries to discuss how to improve aviation security, and many countries have adopted enhanced screening methods, including the use of body-scanning machines.

To improve aviation security, put terrorists ON the no-fly list instead of taking them OFF. Of course, our neo-con national security officials mainly use the no-fly list to harass dissident lefties.

The U.S. does not have the authority to screen passengers in foreign airports. But if air carriers do not agree to follow the U.S. guidelines for international aviation security, they could be fined and potentially banned from operating flights to the U.S.

But US security officials will not be fined if they are incompetent or if they carry out a False Flag Op and blow up an airliner. Why do our "intelligence officials" protect Saudi Arabia and conceal their crimes against our citizens?

by Frank33

The WASHINGTON INDEPENDENT Continues To Catapult Neo- Con Disinformation About Underwear Bomber And “Al Qaeda”

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The Washington Independent publishes story after story about victory over Al Qaeda, same as most corporate journalists. The "Underwear Bomber" is used for their narratives because of his failure. But he was almost successful because US Intelligence Officials allowed him on board without being searched. This covert operation continues to be ignored by Washington Independent, except a Washington Independent reporter did confirm the story. The narrative about "Al Qaeda" is the same one repeated by most reporters but it is neo-con disinformation. The Madrid Bombing has been mistakenly blamed on Al Qaeda.

The success of Al Qaeda on 9-11 is due to secret assistance from Saudi Arabia and some bizarre coincidences. The 9-11 REPORT contains an incomplete and deceptive history about Al Qaeda. But Adam Arias is a 9-11 hero who deserves recognition. The 9-11 Commission ignored Arias and the 9-11 REPORT is a coverup. The Director of the 9-11 Commission Philip Zelikow now claims to be a victim of a neo-con conspiracy.

On Mar. 19, The Washington Independent declared that there was light at the end of the tunnel, in the great war against Al Qaeda, "Al-Qaeda’s Ambitions Diminish Further?"

If that’s a problem for spy agencies, it’s one of those good problems. Al-Qaeda would not lower its ambitions away from Huge and Simultaneous and Redundant if it had a choice in the matter. If Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab is the future — and remember, he came from al-Qaeda’s Yemen affiliate, not the central, Pakistan core that has previously directed U.S.-focused attacks, an indication of pressure on the senior leadership — well, the guy didn’t even detonate correctly. Even if he had, he would have been a vicious murderer of 300 people, an order of magnitude fewer than those al-Qaeda murdered on 9/11.

This good news also refers to an LA Times article, "Al Qaeda’s new tactic is to seize shortcuts"

An examination of recent plots, including the bombing attempt on a Detroit-bound airliner on Christmas Day, has convinced U.S. counter-terrorism analysts that Al Qaeda is becoming more opportunistic, using fewer operatives and dramatically shrinking the amount of planning and preparation that goes into an attack…

Similarly, the Christmas Day plot showed how quickly Al Qaeda’s affiliate in Yemen was able to devise an operation taking advantage of the arrival in its midst of a Nigerian with a U.S. visa. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab arrived in Yemen in August, and within a matter of months was on a flight to the United States with a bomb sewn into his underwear.

Both of these stories are inaccurate and are from anonymous intelligence officials. Umar came from one of the wealthiest families in Nigeria and was educated in London. Umar was in Yemen during 2005. He also was there for about four months before he became the Underwear bomber. To say he is from the "Yemen affiliate" of AQ is deceiving, unless the Yemeni AQ are financed by Saudi Arabia. Umar may be a patsy, spy, fanatic or mentally ill. But his time in Yemen was brief and he hardly is a typical AQ terrorist.

But AQ is a myth, and both these reports are false. Neither should use Underwear as an example of any type of success. Neither mentions that Umar’s father reported his son’s fanaticism to security officials. Umar had no passport or luggage. He was escorted by an unidentified well dressed man who helped him get through airport security. It was admitted that Umar was allowed to board because US intelligence officials knew he was a terrorist. There is no evidence he was searched or went through any security as other airline passengers are required. Who chose seat 19A?

He was carrying only hand luggage. Even at this late stage, American authorities could have stopped him. Details on every passenger on a US-bound flight, including suspicious ticket purchases and baggage details, are forwarded to the Department of Homeland Security before take-off.

It is not known whether Abdulmutallab chose his seat, 19A, but it was near a fuel tank that would still contain reserves at the end of the flight. David Learmount, an aviation expert, said it was “pretty much the best possible seat in the plane to have the highest chance of bringing it down”.

The explosion would have been similar to a hand grenade and would have probably punctured a hole through the fuselage, rupturing the fuel tank.

Allowing Abdulmuttalab on board risked hundreds of lives. Or to speculate, perhaps it was a False Flag Op to bring down a Democratic President. The story about utterly incompetent intelligence officials, was not reported until Jan. 27, by the Detroit News. Then it mostly disappeared.

Patrick F. Kennedy, an undersecretary for management at the State Department, said Abdulmutallab’s visa wasn’t taken away because intelligence officials asked his agency not to deny a visa to the suspected terrorist over concerns that a denial would’ve foiled a larger investigation into al-Qaida threats against the United States.

“Revocation action would’ve disclosed what they were doing,” Kennedy said in testimony before the House Committee on Homeland Security. Allowing Adbulmutallab to keep the visa increased chances federal investigators would be able to get closer to apprehending the terror network he is accused of working with, “rather than simply knocking out one solider in that effort."

Why do we have no-fly lists if the terrorists are exempt from it? Was this clumsy operation done to embarrass the President? Or was it to have a staged public victory against AQ? Sell X-ray body scanning machines? Blow up an airliner? Will these counter intelligence clowns be promoted to do this again?

In fact this testimony of a State Department official was hardly noticed elsewhere. Except, a WI reporter confirmed it to me. First, the WI reporter tried to disrespect the Detroit News exclusive "bombshell". He confirmed "Pat" Kennedy’s testimony and expanded on it, except for his confusing double negatives. It was an investigation, except Underwear’s underwear was not investigated. The material I presented was evidence of a conspiracy. It just is not clear what the conspiracy actually was. I am not the only person that a Washington Independent reporter has smeared.

The Detroit News didn’t “discover” anything — no disrespect to them — they faithfully reported Pat Kennedy’s January testimony about how the intelligence community didn’t want Abdulmutallab’s visa revoked because it would jeopardize their investigation of Abdulmutallab.

That is not anything conspiratorial, it’s a legitimate intel/law enforcement challenge. It’s not a “false flag” or “inside job” operation. And it’s not “allowing” Abdulmutallab onto the plane with a bomb. It’s a legitimate investigative concern, and the trouble is that Abdulmutallab wasn’t not subsequently placed on a no-fly list where he could have been stopped from boarding a plane.

You simply don’t understand the very material you’re presenting as evidence of a conspiracy theory. Nothing I say or do will ever change your mind, and accordingly, I don’t care. It was a mistake for me to respond to your foolish ranting and the mistake ends this moment.

As the Dee Cee Village Wise Men catapulted the usual AQ narrative, another story was ignored. Kurt Haskell was an accidental witness to official utter incompetence. He deserves thanks for his courage while pressure was put on him to stay silent. His whistleblowing forced Pat Kennedy and Michael Leiter to reveal a little bit of the truth. It seems government "Counter intelligence" operatives even tried some minor intimidation against Haskell. Every detail Haskell stated was denied by the "official authorities". But every statement Haskell made was found to be true.

Now it all becomes apparent. Let me detail everything we know about the "Sharp Dressed Man" (SDM).
1. While being held in Customs on Christmas Day, I first told the story of the SDM.

2. My story has never changed.

3. The FBI visited my office on December 29, 2009, and showed me a series of approximately 10 photographs. None were of the SDM. I asked the FBI if they brought the Amsterdam security video to help me identify the SDM, but they acted as though my request was ridiculous. The FBI asked me what accent the SDM spoke in and I indicated that he had an American accent similar to my own. I further indicated that he wore a tan suit without a tie, was Indian looking, around age 50, 6’0" tall and 250-260 lbs. I further indicated that I did not believe that he was an airline employee and that he was not on our flight.

4. During the first week of January, 2010, Dutch Military Police and the FBI indicated that over "200 Hours" of Amsterdam airport security video had been reviewed and it "Shows Nothing".

5. The mainstream media picked up the "Shows nothing" story, which slanders my story. After visiting my office twice for a flight 253 special, Dateline NBC and Chris Hanson indicated that my story was "Unsubstantiated rumor dispelled as myth" and our story did not air during the tv special.

6. On January 2, 2010, I receive a call from a flight 253 passenger who indicated to me that it may be in my best interest to stop talking publicly about the SDM because he believes I am "wrong" in what I saw. He did not make any claim that he saw the SDM boarding gate incident at all. This call was made out of the blue after he made a "revelation" of this event on January 1, 2010. I later discover that this caller has ties to the U.S. Government.

7. On January 20, 2010, current Director of the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), Michael E. Leiter, made a startling admission. Leiter indicated that: "I will tell you, that when people come to the country and they are on the watch list, it is because we have generally made the choice that we want them here in the country for some reason or another."

8. On January 22, 2010, CongressDaily reported that intelligence officials "have acknowledged the government knowingly allows foreigners whose names are on terrorist watch lists to enter the country in order to track their movement and activities."

Haskell suggests that that Underwear was escorted by a US official, because of the comment he overheard, "He is from Sudan, we do this all the time". But Underwear is not from Sudan. This is one more reason to have an investigation of this counter-intelligence failure. But we will get *crickets*.

The SDM could not be from Al Qaeda. When speaking at the counter in Amsterdam, the SDM said the following "He is from Sudan, we do this all the time". Who is "we"? If it is Al Qaeda, you surely don’t make such a statement to an airport security official.

To be fair, WI has done some decent reporting. But its reporting of AQ is same old same old. For instance, from six months ago (one Friedman Unit), "Al-Qaeda Is (Almost) Finished".

AQ will never be finished unless we terminate with extreme prejudice the Saudi Arabian oil sheikhs that attacked America on 9-11. These depraved murderers are the leaders of Al Qaeda.

Al Qaeda is a small, deadly group of mercenaries and psychopaths. Bin Laden seems to be, or was its financier and banker. The Bin Laden family fortune is rumored to be in the billions of dollars, and family members have channeled some of that money to AQ. Of course, the close relation between the Bush and Bin Laden families is never questioned by Bin Laden experts, such as Patrick Fitzgerald. Probably no more than a few hundred terrorists have been mythologized to provide a pretext for perpetual mideast wars. But the public record shows the successes of AQ has been due to covert support from other governments, especially Saudi Arabia. This small army of killers was created as a secret army to fight Russia’s occupation of Afghanistan.

Al-Qaeda, meaning "the base", was created in 1989 as Soviet forces withdrew from Afghanistan and Osama Bin Laden and his colleagues began looking for new jihads.

The organisation grew out of the network of Arab volunteers who had gone to Afghanistan in the 1980s to fight under the banner of Islam against Soviet Communism.

During the anti-Soviet jihad Bin Laden and his fighters received American and Saudi funding. Some analysts believe Bin Laden himself had security training from the CIA.

The "Arab Afghans", as they became known, were battle-hardened and highly motivated…

Some analysts have suggested that the word al-Qaeda is now used to refer to a variety of groups connected by little more than shared aims, ideals and methods.

The anonymous sources have set the narrative, exaggerating the power and capabilities of AQ, while concealing AQ’s ties to Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. The latest story to be censored is the Underwear Bomber. Although, comical, this terrorist almost destroyed a jet airliner with a bomb. But what is censored is that he was allowed aboard the airliner by US intelligence officials. If he had succeeded the President would be blamed for a terrorist strike and hundreds of deaths. The utter incompetent intelligence officials who were part of this conspiracy would have never revealed their blunder, assuming it was a blunder.

Al Qaeda has been lucky with their attacks, helped by chaos, confusion and utter incompetence from our Government officials. Some of these failures have been kept secret also. The incompetent officials have frequently been rewarded and promoted. Jamie Gorelick invented a imaginary "legal" wall to stop investigations of AQ. As a member of the 9-11 Commission, she concealed her conflicts of interest. Dietrich Snell was an assistant to Patrick Fitzgerald. Snell, was on the 9-11 Commission and wrote much of the 9-11 Report. He was responsible for the false claims that Saudi Arabia did not help finance the attacks. It is not clear who wrote the following in the REPORT, but I am guessing Snell.

To date, the U.S. government has not been able to determine the origin of the money used for the 9/11 attacks. Ultimately the question is of little practical significance. Al Qaeda had many avenues of funding. If a particular funding source had dried up, al Qaeda could have easily tapped a different source or diverted funds from another project to fund an operation that cost $400,000–$500,000 over nearly two years.

This is a lie and a coverup. The question is critically significant, finding the puppet masters who financed murder. Saudi Arabia’s Prince Bandar was financing at least some of the 9-11 terrorists using the CIA front, the Rigg’s Bank owned by the neo-con Allbritton family.

Snell also protected the AQ double agent, Ali Mohamed. Ali was part of the first WTC attack in 1993, and the African Embassy Bombings. For years he trained AQ terrorists, and helped move Bin Laden around from country to country. Ali did this while working for the Green Berets and FBI.

PETER LANCE: Because he is a one-man 9/11 commission. Ali Mohamed, if he ever told the full truth under oath, would expose all the years of negligence by the Southern District. Amy, look, Patrick Fitzgerald and the Southern District prosecutors have had an almost unblemished reputation for years as being the primary, you know, terror-busters. You know, Vanity Fair did this glowing article on him, in which they described him as the bin Laden brain, scary smart intelligence.

No one has ever, ever gone back and audited Patrick Fitzgerald in the Southern District. The 9/11 Commission didn’t, because Dietrich Snell was a co-prosecutor with Fitzgerald, is the one who wrote Staff Statement 16 on the origin of the plot. And he literally pushed the plot, the 9/11 plot forward from Manila, the Philippines, with Yousef and Khalid Shaikh. He moved it to 1996, claiming that Khalid Shaikh wasn’t even a member of al-Qaeda at the time.

Fast forward to Christmas, 2009. Underwear sets his pants on fire, but other passengers heroically save Flight 253 from sabotage. Immediately, President Obama was called soft on terrorism, and accused of almost murdering hundreds of people. There was outrage that Underwear be tortured instead of being treated as a mere criminal. But it is reported that Underwear immediately started singing like Fiona Apple, without being tortured.

The suspect in the Northwest Airlines attack told FBI agents he lived with the al Qaeda leader in Yemen for about a month and was not allowed to leave as he was trained in what to do and how to do it, authorities said.

At some point, according to the account, Abdulmutallab said he was joined by a Saudi citizen whom he described as an al Qaeda bomb maker.

The device intended to blow up the Northwest flight was made at the location in Yemen, according to Abdulmutallab, and consisted of a six-inch packet of powder and a syringe with a liquid. Both were sewn into the student’s underwear so they would be near his testicles and unlikely to be detected, he told agents.

Was the handler who took Underwear to airport security, the Saudi Arabian bombmaker who made the underwear bomb?

WI’s national security reporter may correctly claim AQ is redundant and simultaneous. But it is incorrect to say Madrid was an AQ operation. The narrative of WI about Madrid is not valid but most other news sources repeat the same propaganda. The Christmas Bombing did not occur as it was planned because witnesses objected and told the truth. Underwear did not act alone. He was assisted by US intelligence officials.

First, al-Qaeda’s signatures are redundance and simultaneity. Think 9/11, Madrid, London: all used multiple operatives focused on multiple targets, acting in unison. That’s to ensure something blows up if and when something goes wrong. But here Abdulmutallab acted alone.

The Madrid Train bombing was not part of AQ signatures because it was not AQ. The bombings were carried out by Islamic extremists, INSPIRED by AQ.

Not assisted or directed or instructed. It was also a False Flag Operation, although it is not obvious who the Spanish secret services were trying to blame. Hundreds of pounds of explosives were provided to the bombers by a Spanish police informer. The informer had the telephone number of a high ranking officer, in charge of investigating bombings. The informer and several Islamic "extremists" were convicted. Many of the bombers were also police informers, and had been under surveillance.

Speaking of False Flag Ops, Dr. Philip Zelikow is an expert in terrorism, secret intelligence, the State Department, propaganda, government coverups, pre-emptive war against Irak, and also torture. But his leadership of the 9-11 Commission and 9-11 REPORT was a very incompetent coverup. He did have to take orders from Karl Rove. The WI cheered the bipartisan, authoritative history by wise men.

The 9/11 Commission was not without its flaws, but it demonstrated that a group of wise men can avoid rancor, maintain the good faith of both political parties, display independence, yield an authoritative history of an American trauma and do this all in an election year.

There is a story about a 9-11 hero, not in the REPORT. It should be but it conflicts with Zelikow’s false narrative. The story of Adam Arias does not seem to be widely know. His sister, Lorraine Arias-Beliveau, has campaigned against a civilian trial for the terrorist KSM who was the supposed mastermind of Planes-as-missiles. She described Adam Arias heroic actions in the South Tower that saved lives before WTC 2 was hit at 9:03 am on 9-11-2001. Flight 175 struck the floors 77 through 85. Arias’ office was on the 84th floor.

I heard over the radio about the second tower being hit. I had that terrible feeling because my brother worked in that building! The phone lines were down, I could not call anyone, so I drove to my parent’s house a few blocks away to tell them not to go out. 

I heard later that Adam had been seen running all over his office urging and pleading his co-workers to get out of the building and get as far away as possible. Our other brother, Lt. Col Don Arias who worked for the Air Force, had called Adam, VP of Operations for Euro Brokers on the 84th floor, and told him “get out, it is a hijacking!” 

There were reports that he even forced some people out to safety, and many people today credit Adam with saving their lives. Reports say he was last seen outside the towers helping the firefighters leading people to safety. Adam stayed to the very last minute, trying to get as many people out as he could, but he did not make it away from the towers before they collapsed. We were notified on the 8th day that Adam’s remains had been found.

After AA Flight 11 hit the North Tower at 8:46, New York City Fire Fighters were heroically fighting the fire and saving lives. Adam Arias was saving lives in the South Tower before and after 9:03 and was killed when the South Tower collapsed.

This story was reported a few weeks later. Donald Arias was Air Force information officer whose job was to make a public statement about hijacked Flight 77. Maj. Arias was informed about 8:46 about the first hijacking, and was watching CNN. He may or may not have been told about the second hijacking. This call to his brother, is estimated about 8:52.

Don Arias, public affairs officer for the 1st Air Force, was in his Tyndall office when hijacked airliners crashed into the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon.

"I have CNN on all the time in the office," he said, so he saw that a plane had hit Tower 1.
Don Arias had been notified that a hijacked plane was heading for New York.

"I knew my brother was working in Tower 2, so I called right away.

Was Adam told about a second hijacking?

"He said, ‘You wouldn’t believe what we’re seeing: people falling out of the building next door, bodies flying through the air.’ 
"I said, ‘That’s no accident. Get out of there. Go home.’
"He said, ‘I gotta go. I’ll see ya.’ That was the last I talked to him."

The reports indicate that Adam Arias got out and then returned to help others escape.

"He chased everyone out," his brother said, "and then he went back in when he heard there were people still in the office."
Some of the survivors reported seeing him on the 50th floor, heading down. Others saw him on the street, helping firefighters direct people away from the buildings.

Much later, there were more details to this story.

Maj. Don Arias of the First Air Force at Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida was on the phone to his brother, who worked on the 84th floor of the World Trade Center, Tower 2. He was learning about a commercial jetliner that had just flown into Tower 1 and of the smoke and horror and people jumping to their deaths…

This account says Maj. Arias did not know the South Tower might be hit by the second hijacked plane, United Flight 175. But he did warn his brother to leave.

Arias, a New York Air Guardsman in public affairs with the First Air Force in Florida and NORAD’s U.S. region that oversees the western sector, had an inkling that a hijacked jet report out of Boston that morning was the jet his brother could see had rammed the adjoining tower.

"My last words to him were ‘Go home,’ " Arias recalls.
Arias, who sports a metal wristband to the memory of his brother, Adam, had no such sense that another jet was about to ram the second tower. Adam Arias, vice president of operations for Eurobank, already was getting people out of the office. He made it out of the tower but died in the building’s collapse.

Major Arias, who was a member of New York Fire Department Ladder Company 36 and Engine Company 239 before going on active duty, recalls those unit’s losses and notes: "I lost 343 colleagues (from the fire companies) that day as well as my brother."

NEADS, Northeast Air Defense Sector, was at the center of the action. NEADS’s job was to alert everyone who should know and even "scramble" jet fighters when commercial airliners are hijacked. Minutes counted for them and NEADS reacted quickly. But there was an unusual amount of confusion that day.

Sept. 11 was Day II of "Vigilant Guardian," an exercise that would pose an imaginary crisis to North American Air Defense outposts nationwide. The simulation would run all week, and Deskins, starting her 12-hour shift in the Operations Center as the NORAD unit’s airborne control and warning officer, might find herself on the spot.

Day I of the simulation had moved slowly. She hoped the exercise gathered steam. It made a long day go faster.

Who could have anticipated that AQ would simultaneously hijack four airliners. Who could have guessed they would choose a day, when the Air Force "exercise", or war game, "Vigilant Guardian" was planned. This was a simulation of terrorists hijacking airliners. At times no one knew which was which.

Newhouse News reported that NEADS learned about the first hijacking at 8:40 and the second about 8:43. NEADS should have been told 27 minutes sooner according to protocols.

At 8:40, Deskins noticed senior technician Jeremy Powell waving his hand. Boston Center was on the line, he said. It had a hijacked airplane.

"It must be part of the exercise," Deskins thought.

At first, everybody did. Then Deskins saw the glowing direct phone line to the Federal Aviation Administration.

On the phone she heard the voice of a military liaison for the FAA’s Boston Center.

"I have a hijacked aircraft," he told her.

American Airlines Flight 11, headed to Los Angeles, had veered off course, apparently toward New York. The liaison said to get "some F-16s or something" airborne.

Forty-one minutes earlier, Flight 11 had left Logan Airport with 81 passengers. For the last 27 minutes, it had not responded to ground control.

NEADS learned about hijacked United Flight 175 at 8:43 heading toward New York by listening to Boston air traffic controllers.

At 8:43 a.m., Dooley’s technicians, their headsets linked to Boston Center, heard of a second plane, United Flight 175, that also was not responding. It, too, was moving to New York.

At about 8:46 two F:15 fighters were launched from Otis Air Base, in Falmouth Mass., and Col. Dawne Deskins made a phone call to Adam Arias’ brother. About this time WTC 1 was hit.

Deskins ran to a nearby office and phoned 1st Air Force Chief Public Affairs Officer Major Don Arias in Florida. She said NEADS had a hijacked plane — no, not the simulation — likely heading for JFK.

Several minutes later, NEADS learned Flight 11 had hit the North Tower. Deskins called Arias again who called his brother. Did Deskins tell Arias about the second hijacked plane? The REPORT says NEADS did not know about the second plane until 9:03. Adam Arias acted as if he knew.

Several minutes passed before Boston Center said Flight 11 had hit the Trade Center.

"I had a feeling of helplessness," Dooley said. "I think everybody did. We were doing everything in our power."

Again, Deskins phoned Maj. Arias in Florida. "We think the aircraft that just hit the World Trade Center was American Airlines Flight 11," she reported.

To this day, Arias says he cannot recall his reply, such was his state of mind.

Deskins can’t forget it.

"Oh, God," he told her. "My brother works in the World Trade Center."

Then Maj. Arias possibly violated military regulations and made a call to his brother. Perhaps, he should have called OEM, the Office of Emergency Management, responsible for New York emergencies, located in WTC 7. But NEADS likely did, certainly if they believed there was a second plane-as-missle heading toward the World Trade Center. There is no record about who told OEM. Somebody did.

After Deskins’ call, Arias phoned his brother in Tower II to say that the crash next door was a hijacking, and he should get out. Adam P. Arias roused people throughout the 84th floor, exhorting them to leave. Several credit him with saving their lives.

His body was one of the first found in the wreckage.

The REPORT says that about 8:49, someone over the South Tower loudspeaker, presumably security, told employees to return to work. Unnamed "security officials" on the ground floor told employees to return to work. About the same time OEM Director Richard Sheirer was evacuating himself along with WTC 7 before the South Tower was hit. Adam Arias may not have known another hijacked plane was heading toward New York, but Sheirer believed hijacked airliners were heading toward the WTC. Sheirer abandoned the OEM emergency center when it was needed most.

Without evidence Zelikow slanders the New York Fire Department. The REPORT claims FDNY made the announcement telling people to return to work. Some employees who did return were killed. The fire safety directors, who were accused by Zelikow of making the announcement, were killed. They did their duty and did not abandon their posts as Sheirer did. If more planes were heading toward the WTC, who did Sheirer warn?

The 9-11 Commission apparently did not question OEM, Securacom or other "security officials" about who made the announcement. Sheirer testified that he ordered WTC 7 evacuated about the same time that WTC 2 employees were told to return to work. But he had been warned about three planes.

"Almost instantly after the South Tower had been hit, I contacted the EOC to confirm that air support was on its way to New York. At that time, the EOC informed me that there were still planes unaccounted for that may have been heading for New York. I relayed this information to the command post in the North Tower lobby. At the same time, OEM evacuated the EOC. The rest of 7 World Center had been evacuated earlier, but after the report of a possible third plane, we had to get our people out of the building."

The REPORT says NEADS only discovered that Flight 175 had been hijacked at 9:03. Adam Arias is not mentioned.

We are supposed to believe a half dozen impossible things happened before Flight 175 hit the South Tower. Only two national guard jets were available for protection against planes-as-missiles during an important Air Force exercise practicing defense against planes-as-missiles. That is weird. Further, an hour after the first hijackings, no jets were protecting Washington DC at 9:38, when Flight 77, or something, hit the Pentagon.

One person was not confused, chaotic maybe, and that was Dick Cheney. The highly publicized Norman Mineta testimony definitely shows Cheney was in charge. Mineta said he arrived at the White House War Room, the PEOC about 9:20 or 9:25. The REPORT put Cheney in the PEOC at 9:58. Cheney was directing air traffic control, or at least Flight 77.

During the time that the airplane was coming into the Pentagon, there was a young man who would come in and say to the Vice President…the plane is 50 miles out…the plane is 30 miles out….and when it got down to the plane is 10 miles out, the young man also said to the vice president “do the orders still stand?” And the Vice President turned and whipped his neck around and said “Of course the orders still stand, have you heard anything to the contrary!?

A distance of 50 miles suggests a time of flight between 5 to 10 minutes. There was some controversy about Cheney, and whether there was a "shoot down" order. As if Cheney would have any trouble shooting something. But the rumors are that Washington DC and the Pentagon have enough anti-aircraft missile defenses to satisfy even Cheney. The anti-air fixed defenses were not used and the Pentagon was hit at 9:38. The REPORT says Flight 77 was not observed heading toward DC until 9:32. But Cheney was observing it.

The REPORT says that NEADS was not aware that Flight 77 had been hijacked. This contradicts the Newhouse News story. Their story says NEADS had identified Flight 77, as hijacked, at the same time Cheney had it in his sights. This is also what NORAD’s press release a week later, confirms.

9:24 A.M.: FLIGHT 77

A third plane, American Airlines Flight 77 from Washington to Los Angeles, changed course and stopped responding.

Instantly, Rome scrambled fighter jets from the nearest air base, Langley in Virginia. Again, Fox dispatched the jets without targets. That would come later.

Now, NEADS was phoning Air Guard commanders across the Northeast, posing questions that hours earlier would have seemed ludicrous. Did the unit have available pilots? Mechanics? Crew chiefs? What could it get airborne in two hours? In 24 hours? In 48?…

Increasingly, attention turned to Flight 77. The FAA’s Washington Center could not find it on radar, the transponder was turned off.

In the Ops Room, radar technicians focused on a blip and watched it closing on Washington.

"NORAD’s Response Times", was a press release from NORTH AMERICAN AEROSPACE DEFENSE COMMAND, a week after 9-11. It still seems to be available online.

American Airlines Flight 11 – Boston enroute to Los Angeles
FAA Notification to NEADS                       0840*
Fighter Scramble Order (Otis Air National Guard Base, Falmouth, Mass. Two F-15s)           0846**

United Airlines Flight 175 – Boston enroute to Los Angeles
FAA Notification to NEADS                                                                                             0843
Fighter Scramble Order (Otis ANGB, Falmouth, Mass. Same 2 F-15s as Flight 11) 0846

American Flight 77 –Dulles enroute to Los Angeles
FAA Notification to NEADS 0924


Perhaps we should expect corporate journalists to be timid. The war profiteering from 9-11 hysteria is immense and requires concealment using the secrecy powers of a police state. The National Security Agency has records of everyone and everything and they use their power to protect the neo-con conspiracies. Journalists who investigate 9-11 are put under surveillance by the "Q" Group of NSA.

WI usually deprecates conspiracy theories. But WI found a Bushie insider, who was the victim of a neo-con conspiracy. It was PHILIP ZELIKOW! To his credit Zelikow opposed torture in 2005 and wrote a memo putting it on the record, the secret record. To his discredit, he did not publicly oppose torture which might have stopped it. Incredibly the memos are GONE and somebody has DESTROYED them. It is a "Campaign of Suppression"! So many suspects. Imagine, neo-cons destroying evidence of their criminal villainy! Oh the ironic irony. Who could have predicted Dr. of Conspiracy Theory Debunking getting PUNKED by the Bushies. Laughing Out Loud, as another warmonger ChickenHawk fails to save a reputation and a career.

by Frank33

Spencer Ackerman: Dedicated Conspiracy Theorists, Bad; Dedicated “Intelligence Officials” Assisting The Underwear Bomb Conspiracy, Good

6:04 pm in Uncategorized by Frank33

Spencer Ackerman presents the unproven claim that Al Qaeda terrorists are mentally ill. This ignores the historical and political and economic motivations that fester in the MidEast. Ackerman has presented the official story that the “Underwear Bomber” was allowed to board Flight 253 because there was no evidence that Abdulmutallab was a terrorist. But almost from the capture of this terrorist, witnesses have claimed that this terrorist received help boarding the flight from security officials. This was denied, until the government admitted it had lied.

Abdulmutallab was under investigation and was allowed to board an airliner without a passport but with a bomb. Ackerman continued to present a false story in posts at Firedoglake, based on his anonymous government sources, even though he apparently was aware that “intelligence officials’ were assisting this terrorist. Ackerman’s response, is to go into stonewall mode, because he disapproves of Conspiracy Theories.

In the post,“The Disturbed” by Spencer Ackerman, describes the reasons and motivations for Al Qaeda, and specifically, KSM and the Underwear Bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. It is mental illness. This is based on an anonymous source who knows a lot about Al Qaeda. Perhaps, this is a government source, but this meme has no evidence to support it. Ackerman has no experience in Psychiatry but he can read the minds of KSM and Underwear Bomber. It is deceptive to echo this nonsense, which probably should be considered neo-con disinformation.

Al Qaeda does not really exist as an organization. It is a small, loose confederation of mercenaries, spies and murderers, who are sometimes deadly, and frequently incompetent. It is not a real organization with a fixed membership such as Skull And Bones. But the evidence is that their motivation is a legitimate and logical to them. The exploitation of the Mideast by Oil Companies and the violent crimes against the people of Palestine is more than enough reasons for a few people to take up violence. Certainly some of them are psychopaths and religious extremists, but so are neo-cons.

Spencer implies that “dedicated conspiracy theorists” are also mentally ill.. That is people who use DISPERATE, not DESPERATE, facts without much rigor. Spencer is dedicated to creating a world free of Conspiracy Theories. With the help of his many anonymous high government secret sources, Spencer fights against these foolish rants.

“If you’ve ever talked to a dedicated conspiracy theorist, you know how much rigor goes into marshaling disperate facts into a superficially-coherent theory.”

Spencer, himself has been a Dedicated Conspiracy Theorist (DCT). He certainly was one when he supported the Irak War repeating the propaganda about non-existent weapons of mass destruction. The Warmongers created false propaganda that Saddam Hussein was a sufficient threat to require War, and Spencer helped in a small way with this effort. These same corporate criminals from Goldman Sachs and Enron and the Oil Companies, are still directing the wars and the Shock Doctrine of Disaster Capitalism.

Spencer at one time was a Dedicated 9-11 Conspiracy Theorist. He believed that Saudi Arabia was behind the 9-11 attacks.

"Certain Sensitive National Security Matters." The section cites "specific sources of foreign support for some of the September 11 hijackers," which most commentators have interpreted to mean Saudi contributions to Al Qaeda-linked charities. But an official who has read the report tells The New Republic that the support described in the report goes well beyond that: It involves connections between the hijacking plot and the very top levels of the Saudi royal family. "There’s a lot more in the 28 pages than money. Everyone’s chasing the charities," says this official. "They should be chasing direct links to high levels of the Saudi government. We’re not talking about rogue elements. We’re talking about a coordinated network that reaches right from the hijackers to multiple places in the Saudi government."

Now Spencer is a very important Dee Cee Poser. He has access to Very Important Anonymous Officials, which makes you very special in Dee Cee. He has moved from the wingnut propaganda rag of the New Republic to one of the best blogs ever, FDL.

But Spencer is a young, and did not go through the clusterfuck of VietNam and COINTELPRO with the US government waging war against its own citizens. Spencer does not understand the VietNam War at all. He claimed that Democrats had to support the War in Irak because they were "haunted by
. Only neo-cons are haunted by VietNam, the rest of us have the Bushie oil wars to haunt us. Same as it ever was, then as now with a secret unaccountable government, that needs public shills to catapult the propaganda. You pay a price to be embedded in bankster Secret Government which controls a corrupt national security “community”.

Governments always lie if they can, and government spies always lie. We now have the government secretly hiring Public Relations companies and Corporate Lobbyists to manipulate facts and create wars. But the reason there are conspiracy theories is because there are conspiracy facts. Governments, without the knowledge of their people has carried out many False Flag Operations usually to help Multinational Corporations. Destruction of he Reichstag, numerous “Coups” by the CIA to overthrow democratically elected governments., such as Iran, The Gulf Of Tonkin, Watergate, COINTELPRO, Iran-Contra, Operation Gladio, the 2004 Madrid Train Bombings, Russian Apartment bombings in 1999, are just a few examples. Certainly the Underwear Bomb Plot on Christmas, 2009, received assistance from “Intelligence Officials”.

Spencer’s ATTACKERMAN poses as a fearless national security expert. This is questionable. Ackerman claims that Al Qaeda was responsible for the Madrid bombings in 2004. This claim is false. He has failed to pursue the real issues and stories, Ledeen and the Niger Forgeries, the many Cheney False Flag Ops, Sibel Edmonds revelations, the assassinations of David Kelly and Pat Tillman and Benazir Bhutto the admission by Zelikow that Irak was fought for Isreal and of course the National Security Agency’ spying on us all while carrying out a secret war against DCT’s. Crickets….

I respectfully explained that the evidence showed Underwear bomb attack was apparently an inside job according to witnesses. Then Spencer insulted me and did not comment on the facts, until I persisted. The facts were reported in the Detroit News, but not the Washington Independent. Here is a slightly edited version of the comments.

Frank33 March 11th, 2010 at 9:31 am
UnderWear Bomber, Inside Job. Oh just a Conspiracy Theory you say. The Detroit News discovered that Underwear was allowed to board an airliner with a bomb. It was a conspiracy by “intelligence officials” according to the State Department. You may recall the official denials about this incredibly clumsy False Flag Op. Is Dougie Feith still running these? Of course the Village Stenographers in Dee Cee have chosen to cover this up as usual.

At least they have some real reporters in Detroit. But these intelligence officials did put that airliner at risk, allowing a real bomb. The first WTC attack had a similar scenario. In 1993, Federal agents knew all about Al Qaeda Bomb plot and allowed it to proceed and six people were killed.

Patrick F. Kennedy, an undersecretary for management at the State Department, said Abdulmutallab’s visa wasn’t taken away because intelligence officials asked his agency not to deny a visa to the suspected terrorist over concerns that a denial would’ve foiled a larger investigation into al-Qaida threats against the United States.

“Revocation action would’ve disclosed what they were doing,” Kennedy said in testimony before the House Committee on Homeland Security. Allowing Adbulmutallab to keep the visa increased chances federal investigators would be able to get closer to apprehending the terror network he is accused of working with, “rather than simply knocking out one solider in that effort.”


Spencer Ackerman March 11th, 2010 at 9:57 am
I think my point was just proven.


Frank33 March 11th, 2010 at 10:48 am
In response to Spencer Ackerman @ 4 (show text)
So who tells you what “conspiracy theories” to deprecate? Cass Sunstein? Got any linkies to prove you understand the mind of the Underwear Bomber-controlled by “US officials”. Do you have any linkies about the harmful versus the government approved Conspiracy Theories?
Here is one from 1993.


Frank33 March 11th, 2010 at 11:55 am
COGNITIVE INFILTRATION! Oh please comment on how UnderWear B, son of a multi millionaire bankster, could be so depressed. Since we are now practicing psychiatry without a license. Since Spencer has access to so many important guvmint officials, he needs to ask them how they can endanger hundreds of people with their stupid conspiracy.
Spencer, you keep attacking the Conspiracy Theorists, and you will get some K-Street Credibility.


Spencer Ackerman March 11th, 2010 at 11:58 am
In response to Frank33 @ 7 (show text)
That’s what I want. Me and the other Jews. And then we will come to eat your braiiiiiiiiiin


Frank33 March 11th, 2010 at 12:12 pm
In response to Spencer Ackerman @ 8 (show text)
Oh, playing the Jew Card. That is a mistake. Once again, ask your high level sources if the Dept. of State is lying about the Dept. of False Flag Ops. Is the Detroit News lying?


Spencer Ackerman March 11th, 2010 at 12:47 pm
In response to Frank33 @ 9 (show text)
The Detroit News didn’t “discover” anything — no disrespect to them — they faithfully reported Pat Kennedy’s January testimony about how the intelligence community didn’t want Abdulmutallab’s visa revoked because it would jeopardize their investigation of Abdulmutallab. That is not anything conspiratorial, it’s a legitimate intel/law enforcement challenge. It’s not a “false flag” or “inside job” operation. And it’s not “allowing” Abdulmutallab onto the plane with a bomb. It’s a legitimate investigative concern, and the trouble is that Abdulmutallab wasn’t not subsequently placed on a no-fly list where he could have been stopped from boarding a plane.
You simply don’t understand the very material you’re presenting as evidence of a conspiracy theory. Nothing I say or do will ever change your mind, and accordingly, I don’t care. It was a mistake for me to respond to your foolish ranting and the mistake ends this moment.


Frank33 March 11th, 2010 at 1:22 pm

And it’s not “allowing” Abdulmutallab onto the plane with a bomb.

Oh just incompetent security who failed to search Underwear or at least make him take off his shoes. He was escorted onto the plane by Security by the way. This would still be secret but passengers reported it.

It’s a legitimate investigative concern, and the trouble is that Abdulmutallab wasn’t not subsequently placed on a no-fly list where he could have been stopped from boarding a plane.

You are incredibly supportive of the national security neo-cons who have one failure after the other.

Nothing I say or do will ever change your mind, and accordingly, I don’t care. It was a mistake for me to respond to your foolish ranting and the mistake ends this moment

Perhaps you should go to DKos where “Conspiracy Theories” are censored. I present facts that you first deny then admit are true. The government allowed a known terrorist aboard an airliner, and failed to search him. I also presented evidence that the first WTC attack was known to “Security officials”. Then these officials lied about both of these attacks.

Your “meme” about the psychological reasons for “Jihad Terrorism” is doubtful. Your knowledge of KSM and Al Qaeda also is quite incomplete, and seems to follow the fiction of Philip Zelikow. You call me foolish and have insulted me but I have called you no names. I may start.

When confronted with too many facts, Attacker man RETREATED. I am so sad he decided to not talk to me anymore. To summarize, “intelligence officials” assisted Abdulmutallab aboard a jetliner, although he was carrying a bomb. He was being investigated already, but we still do not know where the bomb came from. If he had been under surveillance, should we not know where the bomb came from? Spencer endorses the “legitimate investigative concerns” and has no criticism of these officials and does not apologize for the false information in his posts at Firedoglake.

Was this known terrorist even searched? Public reports say that he had three ounces of explosives, which might not have caused much serious damage. But 8 or 10 ounces could damage a critical component and bring down an airliner. If Underwear had successfully carried out his mission, there would have been no witnesses to expose US Government complicity. President Obama would be called weak against terrorism and he would be blamed for killing hundreds of people. Spencer would be the first one to explain how and why Al Qaeda crazy. No one would ever know that “intelligence officials” helped blow up an airliner. As far back as 1994, Ramzi Yousef had planned attacks against airliners by placing small bombs above the plane’s fuel tank. Security officials allowed Underwear to be seated above a fuel tank, with a bomb in his pants, according to

Had the PETN explosion occurred according to plan and had it penetrated downward, there may indeed have been a "Christmas Day massacre"— seat 19A, where Abdulmutallab spent the flight, is conveniently located about 7 or 8 feet above the fuel tanks. From Abdulmutallab’s lap, the blast would have had to go through his body, the seat cushion, the aluminum and titanium floorboards, and a lot of plastic. If he’d placed the PETN on the floor next to the wall, he would have been more likely to succeed.*

It has not been widely reported that assistance was given to Terrorist by the US Government. It is amazing that Mr. Kennedy said that Underwear was not on the No-Fly List because he was a dangerous terrorist. That seems to suggest if you are on the No-Fly List, you are not dangerous, but it is punishment for being a political dissident. Spencer casually refers to “Pat” Kennedy suggesting they are acquainted. Perhaps we should invite Pat, to visit here to explain why this should not be called a False Flag Op.

Spencer reported on Dec. 31, that Underwear was allowed to board Flight 253 because there was not sufficient evidence that Underwear was a terrorist. But this was not an intelligence failure. Flight 253 was not destroyed. On Feb. 15, at FDL, we learned “al-Qaeda Growing More Cartoonishly Evil, Substantively Pathetic”. Spencer failed to mention the January testimony of Kennedy, effectively continuing the coverup.

Spencer ignored very public reports that were initially denied by the US Government.

A US couple on Flight 253 said they saw a tall, well-dressed man aged about 50 with Abdulmutallab at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport before he boarded the plane.

Kurt and Lori Haskell claimed the man spoke for Abdulmutallab and attempted to get him aboard the flight without a passport, the Reuters news agency reported.p>

Kurt Haskell told his story publicly, and also posted the events of that day. On Dec. 31, Kurt Haskell posted a detailed statement, critical of the FBI.

Today is the second worst day of my life after 12-25-09. Today is the day that I realized that my own country is lying to me and all of my fellow Americans…

When the bomb sniffing dogs arrived, 1 dog found something in a carry on bag of a 30 ish Indian man. This is not the so called "Sharp Dressed" man. I will refer to this man as "The man in orange". The man in orange, who stood some 20ft away from me the entire time until he was taken away, was immediately taken away to be searched and interrogated in a nearby room. At this time he was not handcuffed. When he emerged from the room, he was then handcuffed and taken away…The FBI has, since we landed, insisted that only one man was arrested for the airliner attack (contradicting my account). However, several of my fellow passengers have come over the past few days, backed up my claim, and put pressure on FBI/Customs to tell the truth. Early today, I heard from two different reporters that a federal agency (FBI or Customs) was now admitting that another man has been held…

For the last five days I have been reporting my story of the so called "sharp dressed man." For those of you who haven’t read my account, it involves a sharp dressed "Indian man" attempting to talk a ticket agent into letting a supposed "Sudanese refugee" (The terrorist) onto flight 253 without a passport. I have never had any idea how it played out except to note that the so called "Sudanese reefugee" later boarded my flight and attempted to blow it up and kill me…Please note that there is a very easy way to verify the veracity of my prior "sharp dressed man" account. Dutch police have admitted that they have reviewed the video of the "sharp dressed man" that I referenced. Note that it has not been released anywhere, You see, if my eye witness account is false, it could easily be proven by releasing the video.

We have seen widespread coverup of not just Underwear Bomber, but also many other crimes commited in the name of national security. Huffington Post and Daily Kos routinely censor posts. Hopefully, this little old lake will continue to allow us troublemakers a forum. I wonder if the Washington Independent also practices censorship. I am guessing YES!