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Debunking Crazy UFO Conspiracy Theories, Easier Than Disclosing Neo-con War Conspiracies

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Former Astronaut Explains The UFO Cover-Up 2013

There are more conspiracy theories than ever. This is a serious problem and serious journalists need to be debunking these Conspiracy Theories. Cass Sunstein and Markos Moulitsas of Daily Kos, cannot do all the debunking by themselves.

White House Denies CIA Teleported Obama to Mars, What the FBI’s UFO Memo Shows About American Intelligence, White House Can’t Afford Its Shapeshifting Alien Reptile Guards

The DANGER ROOM has expanded their reporting of ConspiracyTheories. And it is a regular feature. The clever writers have a good old time making fun of silly people who tell ridiculous stories. Danger Room does tend to ignore the neo-con conspiracies that got us into wars that violate international law.

Tinfoil Tuesday, Danger Room’s occasional look at the internet’s most insane
conspiracy theories

As a public service, we can assume. They do their best to debunk the most amazing and unbelievable crazy conspiracies such as extra-terrestrials and UFOlogy and Exopolitics. Exopolitics is the politics of human and extra-terrestrial interactions. Government disinformatiom about UFO’s is quite similar to the government disinformation about the wars and the terrorists.

Researcher Richard Dolan specifically links the rise of the National Security State and their criminal wars, to the secret government that has controlled information about Unidentified Flying Objects.

The National Security reporters at WIRED do try to be young, hip and edgy, or at least hip and edgy. They play computer games, read comic books and listen to punk rock. They serve the “Hacker Community”, by showing us the latest Pentagon bright and shiney deadly toys, that are almost as much fun as video games. But these hipsters are not much different from the war pimps of the New York Times, or the Washington Post, or the cable tee vee news readers. Their job is to deceive us forever, about the forever wars.


These stenographers are sometimes allowed to interview genuine neo-cons who created the wars. They always assure us how fortunate we are to have these brilliant war makers and spies protecting us from the Terrorists who hate us for our freedoms. As the first decade of the Irak Clusterfuck ends, we might expect some retrospection after ten yearts of war. But, WIRED is too busy with other disinformation, such as debunking the Unidentified Flying Objects.

The wars themselves remain a mystery protected by secrecy. We know nothing about how or why the United States is fighting or assassinating poor villagers by the thousands in countries thousands of miles away. What is victory? Or is it just permanent war for the sake of war profiteering? Duh.

UFO conspiracy theorists want Disclosure, of evidence concealed by the Secret Government. Likewise, anti-war conspiracy theorists want Disclosure of the truth about neo-con wars, torture and assassinations. Also, the secret government’s war against the American people, and Whistleblowers needs Disclosure.

The embedded Beltway stenographers sometimes go beyond mere gatekeeping. They also help the Secret Government by being snitches. Kevin Poulsen a WIRED editor, conspired with government snitch Adrian Lamo. They were able to entrap Bradley Manning. And they also wanted to put Julian Assange into the American Gulag. It is clear the jailers of the Gulag will torture and murder their prisoners. Manning had previously tried to tell some of the truth about the wars to the NY TIMES amd Washington Post. They were not interested. Perhaps they snitched on Manning also.

One of the greatest military failures of history is the celebrated General Petraeus. When it was discovered that his biographer was his mistress, the members of Team Patraeus had to invent a new myth, that it was only sex. Spencer Ackerman says he was punked by the publicity machine of the military.

Ackerman does admit to being a member of the Petraeus cult.

When it came out that CIA Director David Petraeus had an affair with his hagiographer, I got punked…

Another irony that Petraeus’ downfall reveals is that some of us who egotistically thought our coverage of Petraeus and counterinsurgency was so sophisticated were perpetuating myths without fully realizing it.

None of this is to say that Petraeus was actually a crappy officer whom the press turned into a genius.

Ackerman punked the readers of his war propaganda, the propaganda approved by Petraeus. But the embedded coverage was not ironic as much as it was a conspiracy against the American people. The embedded reporters protected and
helped war criminals. And Petraeus was a historic failure as a military leader.

Scott Shane of the NY Times, is an even more dedicated member of the Petraeus cult.

He was the pre-eminent military officer of his generation

“It’s a personal tragedy, of course, but it’s also a tragedy for the country,”
said Bruce Riedel, a C.I.A. veteran and a presidential adviser.

Shane quotes a CIA spy about what a tragedy this was. The dead victims of Petraeus and his wars and assassins, are tragedies that Shane ignores. The ordeal of General John Allen is another tragedy to the Embedded shills. Daniel Klaidman of Newsweek says it is two tragedies of two generals, The Tragedy of John Allen & the Petraeus Scandal

He’d been away from his wife and two daughters for more than 50 of the previous 72 months, most of it in war zones. According to an Allen aide, he hadn’t taken a vacation with his wife since their two daughters, now grown, were children.

Such a tragedy, that General Allen had to be away from his family for 50 months.
And the Afghans, they had to endure tragedies brought to them by General Allen
and General Petraeus.

General Allen was exchanging thousands of e-mails with the bizarre Tampa Florida
Twin, Jill Kelley. It was reported that there was nothing much improper about
the e-mails, other than a few. The e-mails remain secret. Apparently a secure
military network was used. But these sex scandals, are more disinformation.

Klaidman, Shane, Ackerman, and the many other embedded war pimps are trying to distract from the real corruption of Petraeus and Allen. This scandal is about war profiteering Generals.

Jill Kelley was arranging multi-billion dollar “Clean Coal Energy” deals between the Generals and military contractors and the Government of South Korea. Jill’s parties provided a “cover” for the Generals and military contractors.

In return, Petraeus and Allen wrote nearly identical letters to a judge presiding over Natalie Khawam’s custody case. Kelley and her twin sister Natalie also tried to recruit White House “staffers” as part of their network.

This whole conspiracy is now in Total Information Lockdown, including who was visited at the White House. Jill Kelley received a Medal from the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Petraeus presided over this disgraceful ceremony by corrupt Generals.

No one knows the reason, how a Tampa “socialite” was officially honored and “decorated” by the top military leadership. Perhaps, WIRED or the Times or the Post, should use Freedom of Information Act, to get a video of the medal ceremony.


And WIRED now debunks UFO’s and the people who chase them! What is that all about? Are too many people watching YouTube UFO videos, instead of watching television?

“White House Can’t Afford Its Shapeshifting Alien Reptile Guards” is just silly, based on a Youtube video of a Secret Service Agent. Using digital effects, anyone can be made to look reptillian. With digital technology and Hollywood special effects, almost any type of forgery can be made. And there are many YouTube videos that are hoaxes and probably some that are disinformation. That includes outer space aliens, UFO’a and Bin Laden videos.

The forgery, “Innocence of Muslims”, sparked Benghazi hysteria.

WIRED should have talked about the real shape-shifting alien reptiles, who secretly control the world. They are the neo-cons who create more enemies and more wars for America. Until proven otherwise, any outer space people, including
reptillians, are unlikely to be as depraved and psychotic as the neo-con conspirators of the Project for a New American Century.

WIRED decided to debunk the 1950 FBI memo to J Edgar Hoover, “What the FBI’s UFO Memo Shows About American Intelligence”. The memo says that three vehicles with advanced technology crashed in New Mexico. The dead occupants were not exactly human. Hopefully they were not neo-cons.

Sexy as secret intelligence reports sound, just because an intelligence or
investigative agency writes up a report like that does not mean the agency
vouches for the credibility of such reports. Former CIA analyst Nada Bakos
recently recalled for Danger Room the shoddiness of intelligence ahead of the
Iraq war that resulted in part from policymakers mining raw reports for evidence to suit their pet theories.

Policy makers were mining reports to suit their own pet war monger theories. Other policy makers were torturing innocent people to get false confessions to support their pet theories about the necessity of war for oil. And there were forgeries, from some of the conspirators of Iran-Contra scandal, to support the pet theories. Actually, The pet theories of neo-cons and military contractors have led to trillion dollar wars by secret armies of assassins.

This is very shoddy debunking. Annie Jacobsen’s recent book “Area 51″ does a far more entertaining job of debunking UFO crashes of the 1940′s. It was actually a conspiracy by Josef Mengele and Josef Stalin. Mengele was a diabolical Nazi torturer. Stalin was the cruel Dictator of the Soviet Union. This cover story was used many times,
that anything unusual was a crashed Soviet technology.

Was the Roswell UFO really a Soviet-built circular craft that contained a “crew” of Nazi-based, surgically-altered youngsters built for the purpose of causing hysteria in America?

An unnamed source told Jacobsen the story of how ex-Soviet leader Josef Stalin recruited ex-Nazi Josef Mengele to be part of a scheme where a “UFO with aliens” was created to scare Americans.

According to the tale, Mengele — the infamous Nazi “angel of death” who experimented on children at concentration camps — surgically altered a group of youngsters to look like aliens.

When the remote-controlled Soviet-built craft — and its pseudo ET crew — crashed in New Mexico, the legend of Roswell was born.

Jacobsen was told this by an employee of EG&G a mysterious super secret company, obviously part of the secret government. The source was discovered. No one knows what EG&G does, but it is rumored they construct underground shelters, that the oligarchs can use for shelter in case of a cosmic catastrophe. EG&G probably makes “Fusion Centers”.

Alfred O’Donnell is nearly 89 years old and he is one of Annie Jacobsen’s key sources about this Roswell crash story “interpretation.” O’Donnell is indeed exactly who he claims to have been. In the early 1950’s he was at the “Nevada
Test Site” where atomic bombs were tested regularly. O’Donnell was indeed part of the nucleus of top management and engineers for EG&G- one of our nation’s top defense contractors.

Founded as Edgerton, Germeshausen and Grier (EG&G) the
company was acquired by URS Corporation some years ago. URS employs over 50,000 and is the leading designer and builder of federal classified facilities in the United States. They work with military as well as with the Intelligence Community (particularly the NSA) in constructing and operating some of our nation’s most sensitive and secret facilities.

A crashed and retrieved flying disk, near Aztec, New Mexico, was described in the book, “Behind the Flying Saucers” by Frank Scully. The book, one of the first about those annoying UFO’s, was hastily written and the science was flawed. It became a bestseller. Scully was a talented and snarky writer for VARIETY, an entertainment magazine. Scully claimed eight or nine scientists were sources for his story of a flying disk with unknown technology. The disk contained sixteen deceased crew members. A team of scientists were able to enter the vehicle and it was disassembled and any evidence of the crash was cleaned up.

Scully never retracted his story. He was especially critical of the “Pentagonians” and the tactics used against him. Today we would call it COINTELPRO. But it resulted in a somewhat sensational court conviction. Two of Scully’s sources, Silas Newton and Leo GeBauer were convicted of oil lease fraud. They were punished with probation and Court costs. The Establishment considered it a victory that proved Scully’s book was a hoax.

The Scully Debunker was J. P. Cahn. Cahn wrote an article for “True” magazine that identified “Dr. Gee” as GeBauer. Cahn said he received phone records. Perhaps, he received them from the FBI which was very interested in Scully’s sources. How else could GeBauer be identified unless the calls were recorded?

“I won’t go into the method of delving here. Let’s say simply that the telephone is a great invention, and Newton is a great telephoner. A checkup revealed that he phoned often to Phoenix, Arizona. He spoke there with a Leo GeBauer.”

Cahn does not seem to have done any other debunking. But it is interesting that he was an “associate member” of Bohemian Groves. Bohemian Groves is a California hideaway for some of the most important people in the world. They go there to network, and to worship a thirty foot giant owl, and to plot world domination.

Fast forward more than thirty years. Researcher William Steinman researches and writes a book about the Aztec crash. The book includes a letter from Scully’s widow, Alice. She thanks him for his efforts but she also says she is surprised to learn about Government efforts to discredit Scully, (p. 392).

One thing I didn’t realize is that the U S Government was behind the scandalous way of discrediting BEHIND THE FLYING SAUCERS…

You have really done a scholarly piece of research, and I’m glad you did it, and that through it all you came to the conclusion that Frank Scully was telling the truth. For this I am grateful to you.

Wendelle Stevens worked with Steinman as co-author. Stevens was a WWII vet, who chased UFO’s in Alaska after the war. Stevens commanded a unit of B-29 aircraft in Alaska. They were loaded with cameras and other detection equipment and made frequent patrols. About once a week, something of the Unidentified variety was identified and recorded. The data obtained was forwarded and remains secret.

Stevens published the book with some difficulties, as manuscripts were lost in the mail. His phone was tapped. He was under electronic surveillance. His home was broken into and files were stolen. UFO Crash At Aztec, by Steinman and Stevens, has become a minor collector’s item.

Could there really be disinformation and dirty tricks against people who chase UFOs? Who would know better than someone who chased UFOs for the government. Actually, retired Sergeant Clifford Stone claims that he retrieved crashed UFO’s. He was part of a secret military unit. The usual cover story was that crashed Soviet vehicles were being recovered.

The military, I know for a fact, has established what’s called “disinformation programs”. Officially sanctioned deception programs. This is covered by a regulation at Department of Defense level that’s secret. This is the case with the Unidentified Flying Objects.

Clifford Stone and the story he tells about his experiences are more incredible and unbelievable than just retrieving crashed objects. And Stone used Freedom of Information Act, to discover documents about Project Moon Dust, and Project Blue Fly.

Stone claims he investigated the incidents at the Bentwaters Air Force Base in 1980. Officially, there was no investigation, other than an informal inquiry and brief memo by the deputy base commander Col. Charles Halt.

Rendlesham Forest /The Rest of The Story

The events at Rendlesham at the end of 1980 were never supposed to be revealed. It was a time of high tension between the USSR and the “Free World”. The US military base at Bentwaters England, adjacent to the Rendlesham forest had many secrets and enough security to keep those secrets. One secret was that beams of lights from a hovering craft were directed into the Weapons Storage Area at Bentwaters. This was only one of many high strangeness events that happened on three nights between Dec. 26 and Dec. 28, 1980.

These mysterious beams of light were observed by Col. Charles Halt as he was chasing other lights in the Rendlesham forest. Halt made a tape recording and there were cameras. The weapons in the Weapon Storage Area were reported to have been adversely affected. Dozens or even hundreds of military personnel had a part in the events and the coverup.

Larry Warren broke through the secrecy and brought the story to the world. It took about four years before Freedom Information Documents revealed the “Halt Memo”.Warren told his story with co-author Peter Robbins, “Left At East Gate”.

After enlisting in the Air Force, Warren was transferred to Bentwaters base and assigned as a security guard. In the pre-dawn hours of Dec. 28. 1980, Warren says dozens of security personnel were ordered to carry out a “Covered Wagon”, Security Option Three, exercise. That is, a military procedure to physically secure a nuclear weapon. But the mysterious object or craft was not in the realm of this world, according to witnesses.

Warren claims there was a brutal interrogation against the airmen who had been witnesses. They were forced to take sodium pentathol and may have been hynotized. They were threatened with death if they failed to keep the events
secret. Warren was told “Bullets are cheap.” Most of the witnesses were quickly transferred to other military bases. As years went by, many of the witnesses had physical symptoms similar to exposure to nuclear radiation.

Larry Warren was, and is, edgy and hip. And he is a courageous Whistleblower and Patriot, exposing corruption and coverups such as other patriots, Bradley Manning, and Sibel Edmonds and Susan Lindauer and Thomas Drake and John Kiriakou and on and on and on…

This event and the witnesses and the controversies continue to escalate, especially in Britain. Charles Halt has been part of the disinformation campaign trying to discredit and slander Warren. Rendlesham mania is becoming a major industry.

Halt has been featured in Huffington Post. as one of the highest ranking military officers to support the claim of UFO Coverup. And Halt, himself is being discredited and perhaps slandered by HIS former commanding officer at Bentwaters, Col. Ted Conrad.

Col Conrad is scathing about his former deputy.

“He should be ashamed and embarrassed by his allegation that his country and England both conspired to deceive their citizens over this issue. He knows better,” he said.

First rule of UFO Fight Club…So it goes.


We all wonder who they are. Who are the men who rule this land with such a thoughtless hand.

I wonder who they are
The men who really run this land
And I wonder why they run it
With such a thoughtless hand

What are their names
And on what streets do they live
I’d like to ride right over
This afternoon and give
Them a piece of my mind
About peace for mankind
Peace is not an awful lot to ask-David Crosby

Our inside the beltway national security reporters are unsung heroes of the wars. They have complied with the Pentagon Propaganda Machine, to create victory from failed, oppressive and violent military occupations. They have created heroic Generals who were actually corrupt assassins. They deserve a medal, because they have contributed to victory. Jill Kelley got a medal. The Drone Operators were also supposed to get a medal. The Times, the Post, and WIRED deserve a medal.

It has been known for years that Presidents are just puppets. The real puppetmasters are on secret committees, with names that change frequently such as 54/12 Group, or the 303 Committee. Corporations are fronts for the secret government, Lockheed, SAIC, EG&G and the oil companies. Generals retire and work for military contractors, and when necessary they publicly promote the wars. The Spymasters such as Torture Czar Michael Hayden work for Front companies or “Think Tanks”, after they retroactively retire.

The company, Blackwater has been guilty of numerous war atrocities. It is just a CIA front company. Who could have guessed?

But according to the documents Blackwater submitted in its defense—as well as an email exchange I had recently with Prince—the contractor’s relationship with the CIA was far deeper than most observers thought. “Blackwater’s work with the CIA began when we provided specialized instructors and facilities that the Agency lacked,”

Prince told me recently, in response to written questions. “In
the years that followed, the company became a virtual extension of the CIA because we were asked time and again to carry out dangerous missions, which the Agency either could not or would not do in-house.”

The terror is outsourced and very profitable. There are many other secret mercenary armies that the secret government uses for Terrorism. General Petraeus had his own mercenaries, the Wolf Brigade, outside the regular chain of command. The secret army tortured and murdered innocent people, which is its purpose. The Wolf Brigade may be doing covert ops against Afghans. Create enemies. Create wars. Create heroic Generals with their own private jets and their own private mistresses.

And if UFOs are your thing, then, “Go on believing in UFOs if that’s your thing.” If General Petraeus is your thing, then join the Petraeus cult. A cult is a religion usually based on special secret knowledge, and worship of a charismatic leader.

Classified secrecy, is a cult. It is the state religion of the USA. The secret keepers, four million members, have their own government and they receive special rewards. They have been very successful employing the tools of repression to silence the anti-war majority. The Internet remains a problem, not being fully incorporated into our corporate dictatorship.

Danger Room has failed the hacker community, and everyone else, by not revealing the intrusive fascist espionage to destroy the Anti-War Resistance.

by Frank33

Bradley Manning And Julian Assange Have Defeated Hillary, Barack, And The Bloody Secret Government

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This one battle is over. Another day has passed and Julian Assange remains free from the torturers of the American Gulag. Bradley Manning is not free of torture, but he has survived another day. The Resistance against the Secret Government has won a victory. It is perhaps a small victory against the Secret Government. But we take what we can, after eleven years of official and covert criminality.

It is not just that Bradley Manning and Julian Assange have captured the imagination of the world. The revelations of Wikileaks proved the wars are lies. That threatens the war profiteers and so Wikileaks was targeted. Their Resistance has been incredibly effective, embarrassing the thugs of an all-powerful government Empire, such as Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton.

Assange and Manning have become Heroic Symbols.

Holder and Hillary, Panetta and Petraeus have become symbols also, of oppression, fascism and torture.

Bradley Manning has been accused of releasing Wilileaks, Whether he did or did not, he was tortured and he survived three years of government brutality. Yes, the Government can still “break” him with more torture. He might still be forced to incriminate others, such as Julian Assange. But the world knows, the US Government prosecution against Manning is a “Show Trial”, similar to the Show Trials of the old Soviet Union.

Then the War Maniacs decided to bring the full power of the Police State against Julian Assange. Assange requested sanctuary at the Ecuador Embassy. The British Government planned to invade the Ecuador Embassy to kidnap or murder Assange.

Julian Assange was willing to go to Sweden, if he was assured he would not be handed over to US war criminals. Sweden refused. It is well known KKKarl Rove is part of this neo-con conspiracy. Of course, neo-con, includes the Obama Administration. But maybe KKKarl is in the Secret Government. None of the Bushie’s have left. In fact, neo-con Philip Zelikow is still a member in good standing.

The US Government publicly says Assange should be punished for raping two women. Except, it was consensual sex. There are supposedly no criminal charges yet filed in the US or in Sweden. But we can be sure that there are secret criminal charges, because everything changed after 9-11. The change was, the USA became a bloody dictatorship. The “Patriot Act”, or more accurately, the “Treason Act” has set up a permanent secret Kangaroo Court, to conceal government crimes.

The sweeping power, one of the most controversial in the law, allows the secret FISA court to authorize broad warrants for most any type of record, including those held by banks, internet companies, libraries and doctors. The government does not have to show a connection between the items sought under a section 215 warrant and a suspected terrorist or spy: the authorities must assert the documents would be relevant to an investigation. Those who receive such an order are not allowed to tell anyone, ever, that such records were requested.

Wikileaks revealed nonconsensual sexual crimes against children. DynCorp, which is a corporation that provides mercenaries for the wars, has a long history of profiting from sexual slavery. DynCorp provided young boys to be raped by our Afghan allies. A Wikileaks document, actually a State Department document revealed this and revealed the US Government concealed these crimes and protected the rapists. Remember, the name Karl Eikenberry, US Ambassador to Afghanistan. Eikenberry protected DynCorp and the obscene tradition of “Bacha Bazi”. These crimes were paid for by taxpayers, The State Dept. and the DynCorp pimps remain free to rape more children

Of course, the Secret Government could assassinate Bradley Manning or Julian Assange, or you or I or anyone at anytime. We have seen other assassinations, of Pat Tillman and David Kelly because they threatened to expose the lies and crimes of the Irak and Afghanistan Wars. Wikileaks released the “Collateral Murder” video, where stormtroopers of the Empire murdered eleven people, including two Reuters journalists, Saeed Chmagh and Namir Noor-Eldeen. The Kangaroos of the Kangaroo Court, are going to use the video of an assassination by the US Military, as evidence against Manning.

This attack was a planned assassination. The stormtroopers used the excuse that the reporter’s cameras were deadly weapons. And reporters with cameras are the most deadly weapon to the Empire. The majority of our so-called journalists are just propagandists. This is why fewer and fewer people pay any attention to these shills. The few actual war reporters are closely monitored and followed and if they do not obey the Empire, they are exterminated.

One of the most powerful executives in the cable news business, CNN’s Eason
Jordan, was brought down after he spoke out of school during a panel
discussion at the World Economic Forum in January. In a rare moment of candor,
Jordan reportedly said that the US military had targeted a dozen journalists
who had been killed in Iraq.

We have a New World Order, where the US Government can murder anyone, for any reason. . Assassination is a tool that every dictatorship uses, but we thought the USA was different.

However modern technology strikes again! The police action against the Ecuador Embassy proved the International Conspiracy against a journalist, Julian Assange.

The photographer Lewis Whyld took a photo of a police officer’s briefing notes. Being digital photos, they can be enlarged. The United States is at war with Julian Assange and they are pressuring every government in the world.

BRIEF – EQ. Embassy brief – Summary of current position Re Assange.

Action required – Assange to be arrested under all circumstances.

He comes out with dip. immun., as dip bag, in dip bag (risk to life) in dip. vehicle. – ARRESTED.

Discuss possibilities of distraction. …

There is a new spokesliar at Hillary’s State Dept. Victoria Nuland is not that good a liar. She is not as good a liar, as PJ Crowley, who she replaced.

The United States said Thursday it was had no intention of “persecuting” WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and denied charges that it was pressuring Britain to seize him.

State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland declined comment on Ecuador’s offer of asylum to Assange but rejected assertions by WikiLeaks and Quito that the Internet activist needed protection against the United States.

“With regard to the charge that the US was intent on persecuting him, I reject that completely,” Nuland told reporters.

Nuland got angry because no one believes her. Nuland also told Ecuador and Organization of American States, that they better behave or they will be waterboarded.

US State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland has angrily condemned both WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and the nation of Ecuador today, after the former criticized the US “war on whistleblowers” in a speech from the Ecuadorean embassy.

She accused Assange of making up “wild accusations” about US plans to prosecute him in an attempt to distract attention from sex crime allegations in Sweden…

Nuland likewise condemned Ecuador for calling an emergency meeting of the Organization of American States last week, calling it a “sideshow” and that the OAS has “no role” in the situation.

Vickie, I have news for you. The US Secret Government is pressuring, persecuting and prosecuting somebody.

I arrived in the UK from a trip abroad on 15 August 2012 and was immediately contacted by a very senior official within the Foreign and Commonwealth Office who was very concerned. He had knowledge that an attempt by the British authorities to force entry to the Embassy of Ecuador was possibly imminent. I suggested that this must be impossible, and he said that unfortunately it was not. He said that he had been party to formal discussions over a three week period between different British government departments on the legality of such a move. It had concluded that the provisions of the Diplomatic Premises Act of 1987 gave the authorities the domestic power to do this, in spite of the Vienna Convention of 1961…

I asked how on earth such an illegal decision could have been reached. My ex-colleague said that political pressure exerted by the administration of the United States of America on Mr William Hague and Mr David Cameron had outweighed the views of British diplomats.

P J Crowley is running his own PsyOps against Assange, Ecuador, President Rafael Correa, Hugo Chavez, the Organization of American States, the New York Times, and WhistleBlowers. Crowley does agree it is a victory for Assange. But the US Government promises to make it bittersweet. Plus, Assange does not have the “creature comforts” that Crowley has earned from his service supporting the US War Empire. The New York Times may also get waterboarded.

Asshole Crowley is funniest when he refers to the “rule of law”. He promises Assange’s “prospects are diminishing rapidly”.

Ecuador has garnered support for its right to offer asylum to Julian Assange. But the victory for both Mr Assange and his host nation could be bittersweet. Ecuador partied at the Organisation of American States (OAS) on Friday at the expense of Britain and the United States. But after all the rhetorical confetti settles, President Rafael Correa and his new best friend, Julian Assange, face a lengthy diplomatic hangover…

While invoking the sanctity of diplomatic protocols, less was said about the rule of law.

It is impossible to distinguish Mr Assange’s actions from those of the mainstream media, including venerable outlets like The New York Times…

But now his [Assange] prospects are diminishing rapidly…

While trying to avoid a legal extradition he contested and lost, Julian Assange has instead imprisoned himself on an air mattress in a small room in an embassy with few creature comforts

Crowley is also a Twit, hijacking the Internet for the Counter-Revolution!

Plus, he contributes sports trash talk, because there is not enough of that already. It is amazing and remarkable that Total Information Awareness has discovered the Twitter. We cannot have any nice things, because the government lying goons have to pollute it.

Philip J. Crowley ‏@PJCrowley
#Assange’s description of his legal troubles as a “war against whistleblowers” is remarkable. That #Ecuador believed him is amazing.

Philip J. Crowley ‏@PJCrowley
#Ecuador is trying to make the #JulianAssange case more than it is, a question of justice in #Sweden. But for now they are stuck with him.

It is fun to mock Crowley. But the US Police State is on the offensive against its citizens who pay for the wars. The wars are epic failures. So the critics of the wars have to be silenced by official and unofficial methods. Who will be blamed when these foreign adventures turn very bad? We, the Anti-War “Crowd” will be blamed. We can expect vigilante actions, violence, frameups, and any dirty trick will be used.

The newest Vigilantes are “OpSec”. OpSec has all sorts of spies and Special Operators, some retroactively retired, so they can join in suppressing Wikileaks, anti-war citizens, Occupy, journalists (the genuine reporters, not the Beltway type), and of course Muslims.

Talk about amazing and remarkable, that OpSec was given office space by the TrailBlazer Group. Not one of the Dee Cee beltway shills has reported that TrailBlazer Group is actually the Belly of the Republican Beast. The directors of TrailBlazer are organizing The Republican Convention in Tampa. We can expect to see OpSec featured prominently as these heroic veterans direct some hate toward any number of targets. Assuming God does not smite Tampa with a Hurricane.

There are not many heroes in the Oil Wars. There are a few, Pat Tillman, Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, Ethan McCord. But their heroism comes from fighting for peace.