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David Allen Green: War! Pimp! Get Some! Now!

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Leaked Cables: US Pressured Spain to Drop Case of Journalist Killed in Army Attack in Baghdad

One shout out deserves another. When David Allen Green, used understated British sarcasm to insult me, I was crushed. My first trans-atlantic flame war. But it is a war. The Resistance versus the One Percent. David Allen Green, DAG is a pimp for war. Green is a liar for the American Secret Government of torturers and assassins. And Green has earned some Total Information Awareness because of his vast ignorance.


Yes, it is a war. Every attack by Establishment shills needs to be counterattacked. Green is trying to slander and destroy Julian Assange and Wikileaks, with Big Brother Orwellian Doublespeaking falsehoods. Everyday that Assange remains free of the neo-con torture terrorists is a victory against Green. But this lackey is only a small part of the hundreds of Espionage and Secret Police organizations, with thousands of taxpayer supported goons, trying to destroy Assange and the Antiwar activists. Just the siege against the Ecuador Embassy in London, is costing the British people millions of Pounds.

Freedom Fighter, Kevin Gosztola reported on the journalistic malpractice of Green. I made a comment. That coward Green decided to tweet about my comment, instead of an actual response So Green gets no respect. My comment:

Outstanding Post. But this is another US False Flag Operation, to destroy not just journalists, but to destroy the antiwar movement. Actually President Obama and his National Security War State have suppressed most dissent. But there are still a few journalists who tell the truth, such as Assange.

All these phony Pentagon shills pretend to be SO CONCERNED about women. If these people were so concerned they would bring attention to the thousands of US women service personnel who are sexually assaulted.

The US Government with KKKarl Rove’s help pressured Sweden and these two women because they have nothing else to use against Assange. One of their favored dirty tricks, that covert ops use to destroy someone, is with false charges concerning sex. Assange and his lady friends are adults. Whatever happened in a consensual situation, the women are just pawns in the Pentagon’s world war against Assange and Wikileaks and antiwar activists.

The majority of corporate journalists are also lying, but they have help. Victoria Nuland is the State Dept. SpokesShill. She has publicly lied, saying the US Government is not the reason for these alleged persecution of Assange. Then it was discovered that the US ordered Britain to arrest or kill Assange, “under all circumstances”.

Nuland worked for Darth Cheney. That means she herself is part of the Secret Government. Her husband is Robert Kagan, of the Kagan’s, a psychotic family of war profiteers. Kagan is also a regular public war pimp for the Beltway propaganda machine. Perhaps, the Kagan’s control the Secret Government.

My comment is classic. The statements about rape in the military are accurate. Thousands of women in the military are raped every year. One in five military women are victims of sexual assault.

Is there a Secret Government? One secret has been revealed. It has been reported that anyone who supports Wikileaks is an enemy of the United States. This also proves Vickie Nuland of the State Dept., Mrs. Kagan, is a rotten dirty liar who claimed the US Government was not persecuting Assange.

Here is the war pimp’s tweet, in response to my comment.

Third comment under @kgosztola‘s post on me is absolute classic: featuring KKKRove and Darth Cheney, amongst others.

— Jack of Kent (@DavidAllenGreen) September 3, 2012

If I did use the Tweeter, my answer to this arrogant bully, would be WAR! PIMP! GET SOME! NOW! That translated means, we fight back. This was inspired by a Tweet directed at a somewhat popular blogger at FDL. It was in the context of the War Against Women, “WAR. bitch. get some.”

There are advantages to being a shameless self promoter, and self described tech expert who knows nothing about tech. That makes Green, perfect for the Twitter Machine. The Twitter has changed the world and allowed punks such as Green to gain a “following” of tens of thousands of people.

DAG, as his many followers call him, uses his 140 characters of tweet length, to pontificate with legal advice on any subject. Let us call DAG, Daggie. Daggie is also a war pimp, and rape monger. He is part of the world wide conspiracy, to destroy Julian Assange and anyone else who gets in the way of The One Percent and their permanent wars. He works for a small PR/Law Firm, Preiskel, that has some undefined sketchy relationship with the telecommunication industry. DAG obviously wants himself and Preiskel to have the Recording Industry Association of America, RIAA, as a client, as well as Total Information Awareness.

DAG does not discuss actual tech or telecom issues, such as Telecom Fusion Centers, Telecom hardware backdoors, Stellar Wind or internet kill switches. He probably does not know the difference between bits and bytes.

He is not a journalist but he plays one on the Twitter. He uses his tweets to catapult the US Military and Department of State propaganda. Daggie says the rape allegations against Julian Assange are serious, and so Assange should be handed over to the American Gulag for Indefinite Detention and Extraordinary Rendition.


But this pretend Twitter journalist is not alone in using rape victims, for sinister reasons. Senate Candidate Todd Akin has opposed “legitimate rape”, as part of his campaign. Akin’s wife has compared the Republicans who no longer support her husband, to rapists. A Republican candidate for State Attorney General, accused the Democratic opponent of being “soft on rape,” until one of the victim’s father objected to that lie.

And then there are the mandatory Transvaginal Probes, a form of rape, being passed into law by the Teabagging Republicans. The War Against Women is alive and well, DAG has not noticed that. Daggie has only noticed the rapes committed by Assange. He has not noticed the rapes in the US Military or the taxpayer funded raping of young boys by our Afghan allies.

For a journalist, he has not noticed much about the Iraq or Afghanistan wars, or US torture and Assassinations. He does care about “Due Process” for the two women who had a consensual relationship with Assange. DAG has not noticed the treasonous “Patriot Act” has taken Due process away for US citizens. But Britain does not have Due Process either, because they also have a Secret Government. The British people are “subjects” and can be prosecuted by “The Official Secrets Act”, the model for the despicable Patriot Act.

There has been no due process for the victims of the phony war on terror. And the hundreds of thousands of dead from the wars did not have due process. There was no due process for Adnan Latif, who was killed by the American Gulag. There was no due process for the eleven victims of “Collateral Murder” including Reuters photographer, Namir Noor-Eldeen, and his driver, Saeed Chmagh.Perhaps this was Collateral Assassination, and these reporters were deliberately targeted for death. Many other unembedded journalists have been murdered. There are no hearts and minds being won by this violence.

The two women who may or may not have been raped by Julian Assange, are victims. But due process for them is impossible. The Conspiracy against Wikileaks is a far bigger game and we do not know what pressure has been put on them by the Swedish Government, KKKarl Rove, and the CIA. The women went to bed with a reckless celebrity a few days after meeting him. There is no evidence Assange used violence, but violence will be used on him, with the help of questionable rape charges.

The woman Anna A. did not seem to traumatized 48 hours after an alleged rape. At a dinner party with Assange, Anna A. was even tweeting, about the good time they were having, “with the world’s coolest, smartest people”. And there is a photo.

Anna A. has visited Cuba and worked with “The Ladies In White”. This is a CIA front which has the public support of CIA mass murderer, assassin Luis Posada Carriles.This CIA connection is hard to ignore.

The other woman, Sofia W., had sex with Assange, and the Soap Opera produced some hurt feelings, about who was screwing who. Sofia apparently refused to sign the original statement to the police. Basically, reckless people are especially reckless with respect to sex and this is a situation where, she said, he said, she said.

Daggie ignores all this and he also ignores the role of KKKarl Rove. Daggie fails to mention that Rove is an “Advisor” to the right wing Swedish Government. He also ignores that the Swedish Government helped US torturers torture people. Rove and the Secret Government tried to destroy Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson.

Claes Borgstrom is the lawyer for Anna and Sofia. Borgstrom is a partner with Thomas Bodstrom. Bodstrom was the “Minister of Justice” in 2001 and approved the torture and extradition of Mohammed El Zari and Ahmed Agiza. The torture started before they left Sweden. The US torturers were directed by Darth Cheney.


Julian Assange is reckless journalist and imperfect human being. And he has made mistakes. But he has terrorized an evil empire, with the truth. You have to be reckless to be a journalist and report on the Oil Wars and world wide Corporate Fascism. Assange had a deadly weapon to help him, a computer, Assange and Wikileaks revealed the biggest War Story of the last ten years, the corruption and failure of the US Empire. For that crime, Assange and any other unembedded journalist can be killed.

The killers in the Apache helicopter that engaged the Reuters journalists, Noor-Eldeen, and Chmagh used a deadly weapon, a 30 mm cannon. Engage means murder without warning. The helicopter had another weapon, a camera, that recorded their blood-fest. They engaged the reporters because the reporters had a deadly weapon, a camera.

Kevin Gosztola photographed undercover government goons. The goons do not enjoy being photographed, and they tend to run away. A camera is one way to defend against COINTELPRO.

During the siege of the Ecuador Embassy, a reporter, Lewis Whyld, with a deadly weapon discovered the Police had been ordered by the Secret Government to arrest Julian Assange “under all circumstances”.

These are small victories against a mighty war establishment. The war profiteers have planned on never ending war. To make that happen they must control information and journalists. Most newspapers and magazines, and all electronic mass communications have been occupied by Total Information Awareness. For ten years, the lamestream, mainstream has only been allowed to report news that supports the wars. The Internet is one of the few places not totally controlled by the Pentagon war mongers.

Darth Cheney and his cohorts believe the Vietnam War was lost because reporters reported on the war. They decided that their illegal Oil wars should not have independent reporters. They invented “embedded reporters” who are just the servants of the Police State. The Pentagon shill George Little, another Bushie neo-con, claims that the Pentagon and Military and NSA does not monitor journalists twenty-four hours a day. They monitor everyone twenty-four hours a day.

“The Department of Defense does not conduct electronic or physical surveillance of journalists,” Pentagon press secretary George Little wrote in a letter to the Pentagon Press Association, released Friday.

There is a taxpayer funded college for Total Spectrum Dominance of information. The National Defense University trains the leaders of our Secret Government. It is not about finding truth, it is about leveraging information to oppress American citizens, and journalists.

The National Defense University Information Resources Management College(NDU iCollege) (Formerly IRMC) prepares leaders to direct the information component of national power by leveraging information and information technology for strategic advantage. Primary areas of expertise include leadership; process management; information technology, policy, and security; transformation; and management of acquisition processes and reform.

The Information Resources Management College, has a program, Chief Information Officer (CIO) to train government officials how to use deception, distraction and disinformation against the American people. The curriculum includes, “Software Acquisition Leadership”, “Governance in Cyberspace”, and “Cyber Security for Information Leaders”.

There is also “Information, Warfare, and Military Strategy “, but it is secret and may require a security clearance. I can guess what is taught in this course. Reporters should be under total surveillance. Every story written by targeted reporters is analyzed. Personal weaknesses of reporters are collected and the reporters are blackmailed if necessary. And if necessary, there is the option to murder journalists.


Breaking news: DAG Haz A Sad! Is he sad about the violence and bloody casualties of the wars and assassination squads? No. Is he sad about the loss of our freedoms and the rise of a Fascist Big Brother Police State? No. Is he sad about the unpleasant and relentless people you cannot avoid on social media? Sometimes. But DAG is genuinely, tweeter sad because Amnesty International wants to save Julian Assange from assassination by the US Government.

This is why DAG is not a journalist. Everything is all about him and how he feels. But he never discovers anything. Julian Assange has discovered more than most reporters ever will. Julian Assange has changed the world.

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Bradley Manning And Julian Assange Have Defeated Hillary, Barack, And The Bloody Secret Government

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This one battle is over. Another day has passed and Julian Assange remains free from the torturers of the American Gulag. Bradley Manning is not free of torture, but he has survived another day. The Resistance against the Secret Government has won a victory. It is perhaps a small victory against the Secret Government. But we take what we can, after eleven years of official and covert criminality.

It is not just that Bradley Manning and Julian Assange have captured the imagination of the world. The revelations of Wikileaks proved the wars are lies. That threatens the war profiteers and so Wikileaks was targeted. Their Resistance has been incredibly effective, embarrassing the thugs of an all-powerful government Empire, such as Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton.

Assange and Manning have become Heroic Symbols.

Holder and Hillary, Panetta and Petraeus have become symbols also, of oppression, fascism and torture.

Bradley Manning has been accused of releasing Wilileaks, Whether he did or did not, he was tortured and he survived three years of government brutality. Yes, the Government can still “break” him with more torture. He might still be forced to incriminate others, such as Julian Assange. But the world knows, the US Government prosecution against Manning is a “Show Trial”, similar to the Show Trials of the old Soviet Union.

Then the War Maniacs decided to bring the full power of the Police State against Julian Assange. Assange requested sanctuary at the Ecuador Embassy. The British Government planned to invade the Ecuador Embassy to kidnap or murder Assange.

Julian Assange was willing to go to Sweden, if he was assured he would not be handed over to US war criminals. Sweden refused. It is well known KKKarl Rove is part of this neo-con conspiracy. Of course, neo-con, includes the Obama Administration. But maybe KKKarl is in the Secret Government. None of the Bushie’s have left. In fact, neo-con Philip Zelikow is still a member in good standing.

The US Government publicly says Assange should be punished for raping two women. Except, it was consensual sex. There are supposedly no criminal charges yet filed in the US or in Sweden. But we can be sure that there are secret criminal charges, because everything changed after 9-11. The change was, the USA became a bloody dictatorship. The “Patriot Act”, or more accurately, the “Treason Act” has set up a permanent secret Kangaroo Court, to conceal government crimes.

The sweeping power, one of the most controversial in the law, allows the secret FISA court to authorize broad warrants for most any type of record, including those held by banks, internet companies, libraries and doctors. The government does not have to show a connection between the items sought under a section 215 warrant and a suspected terrorist or spy: the authorities must assert the documents would be relevant to an investigation. Those who receive such an order are not allowed to tell anyone, ever, that such records were requested.

Wikileaks revealed nonconsensual sexual crimes against children. DynCorp, which is a corporation that provides mercenaries for the wars, has a long history of profiting from sexual slavery. DynCorp provided young boys to be raped by our Afghan allies. A Wikileaks document, actually a State Department document revealed this and revealed the US Government concealed these crimes and protected the rapists. Remember, the name Karl Eikenberry, US Ambassador to Afghanistan. Eikenberry protected DynCorp and the obscene tradition of “Bacha Bazi”. These crimes were paid for by taxpayers, The State Dept. and the DynCorp pimps remain free to rape more children

Of course, the Secret Government could assassinate Bradley Manning or Julian Assange, or you or I or anyone at anytime. We have seen other assassinations, of Pat Tillman and David Kelly because they threatened to expose the lies and crimes of the Irak and Afghanistan Wars. Wikileaks released the “Collateral Murder” video, where stormtroopers of the Empire murdered eleven people, including two Reuters journalists, Saeed Chmagh and Namir Noor-Eldeen. The Kangaroos of the Kangaroo Court, are going to use the video of an assassination by the US Military, as evidence against Manning.

This attack was a planned assassination. The stormtroopers used the excuse that the reporter’s cameras were deadly weapons. And reporters with cameras are the most deadly weapon to the Empire. The majority of our so-called journalists are just propagandists. This is why fewer and fewer people pay any attention to these shills. The few actual war reporters are closely monitored and followed and if they do not obey the Empire, they are exterminated.

One of the most powerful executives in the cable news business, CNN’s Eason
Jordan, was brought down after he spoke out of school during a panel
discussion at the World Economic Forum in January. In a rare moment of candor,
Jordan reportedly said that the US military had targeted a dozen journalists
who had been killed in Iraq.

We have a New World Order, where the US Government can murder anyone, for any reason. . Assassination is a tool that every dictatorship uses, but we thought the USA was different.

However modern technology strikes again! The police action against the Ecuador Embassy proved the International Conspiracy against a journalist, Julian Assange.

The photographer Lewis Whyld took a photo of a police officer’s briefing notes. Being digital photos, they can be enlarged. The United States is at war with Julian Assange and they are pressuring every government in the world.

BRIEF – EQ. Embassy brief – Summary of current position Re Assange.

Action required – Assange to be arrested under all circumstances.

He comes out with dip. immun., as dip bag, in dip bag (risk to life) in dip. vehicle. – ARRESTED.

Discuss possibilities of distraction. …

There is a new spokesliar at Hillary’s State Dept. Victoria Nuland is not that good a liar. She is not as good a liar, as PJ Crowley, who she replaced.

The United States said Thursday it was had no intention of “persecuting” WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and denied charges that it was pressuring Britain to seize him.

State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland declined comment on Ecuador’s offer of asylum to Assange but rejected assertions by WikiLeaks and Quito that the Internet activist needed protection against the United States.

“With regard to the charge that the US was intent on persecuting him, I reject that completely,” Nuland told reporters.

Nuland got angry because no one believes her. Nuland also told Ecuador and Organization of American States, that they better behave or they will be waterboarded.

US State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland has angrily condemned both WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and the nation of Ecuador today, after the former criticized the US “war on whistleblowers” in a speech from the Ecuadorean embassy.

She accused Assange of making up “wild accusations” about US plans to prosecute him in an attempt to distract attention from sex crime allegations in Sweden…

Nuland likewise condemned Ecuador for calling an emergency meeting of the Organization of American States last week, calling it a “sideshow” and that the OAS has “no role” in the situation.

Vickie, I have news for you. The US Secret Government is pressuring, persecuting and prosecuting somebody.

I arrived in the UK from a trip abroad on 15 August 2012 and was immediately contacted by a very senior official within the Foreign and Commonwealth Office who was very concerned. He had knowledge that an attempt by the British authorities to force entry to the Embassy of Ecuador was possibly imminent. I suggested that this must be impossible, and he said that unfortunately it was not. He said that he had been party to formal discussions over a three week period between different British government departments on the legality of such a move. It had concluded that the provisions of the Diplomatic Premises Act of 1987 gave the authorities the domestic power to do this, in spite of the Vienna Convention of 1961…

I asked how on earth such an illegal decision could have been reached. My ex-colleague said that political pressure exerted by the administration of the United States of America on Mr William Hague and Mr David Cameron had outweighed the views of British diplomats.

P J Crowley is running his own PsyOps against Assange, Ecuador, President Rafael Correa, Hugo Chavez, the Organization of American States, the New York Times, and WhistleBlowers. Crowley does agree it is a victory for Assange. But the US Government promises to make it bittersweet. Plus, Assange does not have the “creature comforts” that Crowley has earned from his service supporting the US War Empire. The New York Times may also get waterboarded.

Asshole Crowley is funniest when he refers to the “rule of law”. He promises Assange’s “prospects are diminishing rapidly”.

Ecuador has garnered support for its right to offer asylum to Julian Assange. But the victory for both Mr Assange and his host nation could be bittersweet. Ecuador partied at the Organisation of American States (OAS) on Friday at the expense of Britain and the United States. But after all the rhetorical confetti settles, President Rafael Correa and his new best friend, Julian Assange, face a lengthy diplomatic hangover…

While invoking the sanctity of diplomatic protocols, less was said about the rule of law.

It is impossible to distinguish Mr Assange’s actions from those of the mainstream media, including venerable outlets like The New York Times…

But now his [Assange] prospects are diminishing rapidly…

While trying to avoid a legal extradition he contested and lost, Julian Assange has instead imprisoned himself on an air mattress in a small room in an embassy with few creature comforts

Crowley is also a Twit, hijacking the Internet for the Counter-Revolution!

Plus, he contributes sports trash talk, because there is not enough of that already. It is amazing and remarkable that Total Information Awareness has discovered the Twitter. We cannot have any nice things, because the government lying goons have to pollute it.

Philip J. Crowley ‏@PJCrowley
#Assange’s description of his legal troubles as a “war against whistleblowers” is remarkable. That #Ecuador believed him is amazing.

Philip J. Crowley ‏@PJCrowley
#Ecuador is trying to make the #JulianAssange case more than it is, a question of justice in #Sweden. But for now they are stuck with him.

It is fun to mock Crowley. But the US Police State is on the offensive against its citizens who pay for the wars. The wars are epic failures. So the critics of the wars have to be silenced by official and unofficial methods. Who will be blamed when these foreign adventures turn very bad? We, the Anti-War “Crowd” will be blamed. We can expect vigilante actions, violence, frameups, and any dirty trick will be used.

The newest Vigilantes are “OpSec”. OpSec has all sorts of spies and Special Operators, some retroactively retired, so they can join in suppressing Wikileaks, anti-war citizens, Occupy, journalists (the genuine reporters, not the Beltway type), and of course Muslims.

Talk about amazing and remarkable, that OpSec was given office space by the TrailBlazer Group. Not one of the Dee Cee beltway shills has reported that TrailBlazer Group is actually the Belly of the Republican Beast. The directors of TrailBlazer are organizing The Republican Convention in Tampa. We can expect to see OpSec featured prominently as these heroic veterans direct some hate toward any number of targets. Assuming God does not smite Tampa with a Hurricane.

There are not many heroes in the Oil Wars. There are a few, Pat Tillman, Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, Ethan McCord. But their heroism comes from fighting for peace.

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Bradley Manning And The Resistance Versus Secrecy, False Flag Terror, And The American Police State

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The U.S. Troops Massacre civilians in Bala Baluk, Western Afghanistan (Granai)

*** The Empire Versus Bradley Manning ***

It does seem that The Project for a New American Century has been mostly successful. These neo-conservatives had a dream, a world wide corporate, dictatorship maintained by terror. They themselves created the terror. The most modern tools of government repression are used against anyone who questions the Torture, the Kangaroo Courts, the False Flag Operations by a criminal Secret Police. The techniques of the Soviet Gulag are used against American citizens, such as psychological torture with drugs.

Bradley Manning has been targeted with a possible death sentence. His “trial” is as phony as any of the “Show Trials” of the Soviet Union. The Secret Police State and Secret Laws and Secret Courts used torture and murder against dissenters. These techniques have been copied, by a Secret Cabal, that has given American citizens ten years of terror and war and propaganda. Bradley Manning has been isolated so we do not have his story. Manning is accused of “aiding the enemy”. The real “enemy” is The One Percent who planned the terror, torture and the wars.

The WikiLeaks documents that Manning is accused of releasing, do show the public statements of the US Government are almost always falsehoods. This trial is all about protecting the liars and their coverups.

Rainey Reitman reported some of the petty bullying, and prosecutorial misconduct. Transcripts are not provided. Certain targeted reporters are banned, as are the lawyers for Wikileaks. Reporters are not allowed to use the internet, or record the tee vee feed. We can assume the “Public Affairs Officers” vet every reporter, read every story, find every weakness to use against reporters as part of Total Information Awareness. These dirty tricks are not needed against most corporate, “mockingbird” stenographers, and the corporate tee vee and newspapers.

At its heart, the Bradley Manning trial is about secrecy, about understanding how our own government as a world power operates in complex international waters, about debating the sacrifices we’re willing to make to advance our interests. Whatever interests the military may have in conducting its case against Manning behind closed doors, we as a society cannot tolerate attempts to rob us of knowledge of the court proceedings. This trial will change the history of our country; I only hope we get to be in the room when it happens.

The Government’s vicious, physical and psychological abuse of Bradley Manning suggests their actual evidence may be sparse. If there is no evidence against Manning, the Government will forge evidence to destroy Manning. If necessary, they will invoke “Classified” to conceal any evidence of Manning’s innocence. Manning defense lawyer has already been prevented from presenting a defense, other than the “disturbed personality” nonsense. The government presented evidence they claimed was revealed by Manning. Some of their evidence, include video recordings of mass murder and other evidence of criminal atrocities committed by the US Government.

But the Manning Trial is History, as part of the resistance against a new, ugly world order. For ten years, we have had no history. We have had only lies by Liars who stole a Presidential Election, retired Liar Generals, Corporate Liar Journalists embedded in the Pentagon, and the Liars of the American Secret Police. A massive cover-up is necessary to conceal that the Irak War and Afghan War and “War on Terror”, were criminal conspiracies that violated international law and the US Constitution.

The neo-conservatives have decided on a new war with Iran, because all their other wars have been so successful. This requires more secrecy, more censorship, more threats against truth tellers and whistleblowers. Bradley Manning has done the impossible by enduring abuse and punishment meant to break him, as an example to others who might reveal government misconduct. The truth about the past oil wars might have negative effect on their next war. Everything is automatically secret. The War profiteers, the Billionaires, the One Percent, decide what is secret.

But if information is classified, because it risks lives, then it must be physically protected. It must be secured and physically stored in a protected environment, such as in a locked metal safe. The classified information supposedly released by Manning, was protected by computer passwords. SIRPNet is a “classified” network, with an estimated three million users. It is a joke to claim that a three million user network can be made secure enough for genuine classified information. Secrets are no longer secrets when they are digitized, and protected by a password!

The Manning Trial can be compared to the Chicago 8, or The Ellsberg Trial as it captures the imagination of the Resistance. A great patriot, and War Resistor named Dan Ellsberg similarly revealed Government crimes, corruption and misconduct. Ellsberg endured the full power of a criminal government including threats against his life, as Manning is enduring.

[Manning] was treated abusively—I would say illegally—for over 10.5 months of prolonged isolation, which amounts to torture…

I would say that this trial started the same way mine did, and it should end the same way mine did, which is that the charges were dismissed on the grounds of governmental misconduct. There’s been very clear governmental misconduct of a prolonged kind here. But of course they won’t—that would be admitting their guilt, and the government is not ready to do that…

We’ve had a number of wars that would have been averted if we’d had a Bradley Manning, and preferably at a higher level, with access to this information. I think there wouldn’t have been an invasion and an aggression against Iraq; if people knew that this was a disastrous course, that would have averted the war if it was done before the war. Likewise, the escalation in Afghanistan was done in opposition of most of the president’s military and civilian advisers…

People write about this as though it’s very obscure what his motives were. He’s really very explicit in the chat logs as to what his concern was. He saw torture, atrocities, corruption at all levels, and he felt the public should have this information. You need this information to make decisions. And he was prepared to pay the price. I see the same motives I had, and I admire him—he’s a hero of mine.

The villains are epic, with New World Order mercenary armies, spies spying everywhere, and total government and corporate control of most mass communications. They want us to believe resistance is futile. But Bradley Manning has resisted and that is a serious threat to our Neo-Con Stasi. The “secrecy” excuse will be used when necessary, by the same neo-cons who stopped investigations of terror, and who created False Flag Terror. Perhaps, some of these goons will be attending the Trial, the secret parts. Judge, Prosecutor and Persecutor Almanza, went Full Metal Neo-con by accusing Manning of “Aiding the Enemy”.

The prosecutorial misconduct is laughable with the judge who is also a prosecutor. Manning was not allowed to present a defense. But the Government presented a new kind of legal evidence. The Government’s evidence against Manning include evidence of war crimes by the Empire’s Storm Troopers. The Storm Troopers are not being prosecuted for their casual mass murder.

Almanza wants to punish Manning for revealing “The Collateral Murder” incident, where eleven Iraki civilians were butchered.

An even greater atrocity was admitted as evidence, the Granai Massacre, where more than one hundred civilians, mostly children, were murdered. But revealing anything about the wars is a crime because the wars are just one atrocity after another.

Early news accounts and the US military reported that fighting had taken place in Granai with the Taliban firing from civilian compounds. Smallman says this is “absolute bullshit.” The villagers he spoke to insisted the Taliban never entered the village. “We walked the length and breadth of that village … we never saw a single bullet-hole or single shell casing anywhere.”

The bombing, carried out by a B-1B bomber, started at least an hour after the end of the fighting. “From the villagers’ point of view, they didn’t have a clue what was going on,” says Smallman. “As far as they were concerned there was no reason for their village to be bombed.” He notes there were two concentrations of air strikes in Granai, the first outside a mosque where a crowd had gathered after evening prayers. “You could see that trees were snapped in two by the bombs, so you can only imagine what happened to the people there,” he says.

Understandably, this air strike produced “blind panic” among the villagers, with the elderly, women and children evacuated to a compound at the far end of the settlement. “A single 2,000lb bomb was then dropped in to the middle of them,” says Smallman. “That was where there was the biggest loss of life. That is why the number of children killed was so high. A 2,000lb bomb vaporises literally everything at its epicentre.”

*** Aiding The Enemy Before And After The System Was Blinking Red ***

That Enemy is of course, the imaginary Al Qaeda. Usama Bin Laden was the leader of the criminal gang, which could have had as many as hundreds of members. Bin Laden was their Banker and their Hedge Fund manager. He made money from the Terror Attacks with “market” investments. Bin Laden probably learned Hedge Fund Managing from his relatives in the Carlyle Group. Iran Contra terrorist John Poindexter, took it to the next level, A Terror Stock Market. Details remain classified.

Originally, the Al Qaeda bombers were incredibly incompetent although they occasionally killed someone. They became much more dangerous with training from Ali Mohamed, a CIA/Al Qaeda double agent. Ali was in the Green Berets and he supplied terrorists with US Classified information that helped with their terror. Ali moved Usama Bin Laden twice, although it is not known who moved Bin Laden to Pakistan. Ali also helped murder more than 200 people, and was convicted as part of the African Embassy Bombings Conspiracy. Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has allowed this terrorist to be free even though he was convicted for terrorism. Ali is free to commit more terror while Bradley Manning is indefinitely imprisoned.

We should give the President credit for tracking down and terminating Usama Bin Laden. Apparently, Navy SEALs found evidence that Bin Laden was making more terror conspiracies. There is “classified” digital evidence of Bin Laden’s activities while sheltered in Pakistan by the ISI. If the information obtained was made public, the Bin Laden financial terror network could be terminated. The President should reveal the information that was obtained instead of keeping it secret. Why are these details classified? Perhaps the neo-cons want to save the Bin Laden network for the next Al Qaeda #2.

The electronic gear hauled away by an assault team of Navy SEALs reportedly included five computers, 10 hard drives, and scores of removable media including USB sticks and DVDs.

Everything about the Oil Wars and Al Qaeda has been kept secret from the American people by neo-con spymasters. Neo-con CIA spymaster George Tenet said, “The System Was Blinking Red” before the 9-11 attacks. Two blinking lights were the two 9-11 hijackers, Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar. These two seem to be two more Al Qaeda double agents that the CIA concealed and protected before and after 9-11.

There were numerous alerts, warnings from other governments and law enforcement investigations of the Al Qaeda criminal gang. The CIA responded to the discovery of the Bin Laden network by stopping the investigations. Numerous FBI investigations were similarly stopped, and the details as always remain classified, secret. The system was blinking red. So, the blinking, red, warning lights were turned off, secretly.

We can add the Joint Forces Intelligence Command (JFIC) to the long list of Blinking Red Lights that were turned off. Capt. Dundas, only a Captain, was able to stop an investigation of the Bin Laden Terror Network.

“a DIA employee in the Defense HUMINT Management Office, Policy and Plans Division,” who was “personally involved in JFIC intelligence activities related to al-Qa’ida and the 9/11 attacks and had first hand knowledge of circumstances surrounding that alleged false reporting to the Secretary of Defense and Congress.”…

According to the narrative in the IG report, a previous JFIC deputy director of intelligence said that the JFIC commander, identified elsewhere in the report as Capt. Janice Dundas, US Navy, “directed him to stop tracking Usama Bin Ladin.”…

Has Captain Dundas stopped other investigations of Al Qaeda? Concealing information about terrorists is Aiding the Enemy. Perhaps “DO5″ created some of the terrorism, to aid the enemy more.

“The DO5 supported the JTF-CS exercises by establishing fictional terrorist organizations that would mimic real world terrorist groups.”

The Able Danger program identified a number of 9-11 hijackers. Able Danger was shut down after they alerted the “intelligence community” to the Al Qaeda threat. The government officials who shut down Able Danger have not been identified because it is classified secret. But the Pentagon lawyer, Tony Gentry seems to have aided the Enemy by ordering the destruction of massive amounts of data about Al Qaeda. He also used the threat of prison, against members of Able Danger who reveal the Al Qaeda threat.

The order to destroy the data and documents is given to Kleinsmith by Army Intelligence and Security Command General Counsel Tony Gentry, who jokingly tells him, “Remember to delete the data—or you’ll go to jail.”

The “intelligence community” assists the Enemy terrorists, as their COINTELPRO targets American citizens. There is massive disinformation to keep the wars endless. Retired CIA Spymaster Phil Mudd is the public voice of the Intelligence Community. But spies rarely retire and Mudd’s cover is anti-terror expert for War Monger Dee Cee “Think Tanks”. Establishment stenographers repeat what Mudd says, word for word. But Mudd is aiding the enemy, because his False Narrative protects “Al Qaeda”.

Mudd went public, warning of “westernized Al Qaeda” such as David Headley. Headley was a leader of the 2008 Mumbai Terror Attacks, and was one of many Al Qaeda double agents who were protected by the CIA. Mudd spins a very bad cover story, for a very bad Al Qaeda terrorist who also worked for the CIA.

First, the case of David Coleman Headley, a Pakistani-American, reveals an “A-level” plotter who operated in the United States. Headley was involved with plotting attacks for Lashkar-i-Tayyiba (LT, or LeT), a South Asian terrorist group that has at least some ties to al-Qa`ida. Headley, who was born in Washington, D.C. and most recently lived in Chicago, was arrested in October 2009 in the United States for involvement in the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks and for plotting against employees of a newspaper in Copenhagen, Denmark…Headley’s ability to operate in the United States underscores that group’s capabilities should it decide to attack within U.S. border

Headley was able to operate in the US because the CIA allowed him to operate. Headley was reported as a terrorist to “authorities” by ex-wives and girl friends. But the CIA always cleared him as they deny he was a CIA agent. He travelled freely and frequently to Pakistan and India, for his “immigration business”. There is no evidence that he did any work for the “First World Immigration Services”. Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has not told anyone what this strange business actually did. This “business” had offices in Chicago, New York and Toronto. Patrick Fitzgerald and Phil Mudd have totally ignored the issue of Headley bringing terrorists into the United States.

David Harris, a former officer with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service and currently a security and anti-terrorism consultant with INSIGNIS Strategic Research, says law enforcement and government officials would be wise to look into Rana’s business and former clients. “It would seem prudent,” says Harris, “that when one has a suspected terrorist, especially of a major sort, running some kind of immigration service, that that service, that everything that it has been doing, come under some kind of scrutiny.”

It is amazing that Mudd thought he could use Mumbai and Headley as examples of Al Qaeda terrorism. It was not Al Qaeda. It was a “False Flag Op”, by Pakistan’s Secret Police, the ISI. It was intended as a 9-11 type attack against India, with Al Qaeda taking the credit, or L-E-T another terror group, one of many created by the ISI. Pakistan has attacked India many times, with these types of terror attacks. ISI purchases, teenage sons of poor, uneducated families to be a State sponsored terrorists. Adjmal Kasab survived Mumbai, and described his recruitment, training and his part in this murder spree.

Pakistan military equipment, supplied by the US taxpayers, was used for VOIP communications. A command center in Karachi or Lahore directed the killers. Some reports say Headley was there also. Within days, the India government released recordings of ISI actually giving orders to their “Al Qaeda” Commandoes, to murder as many people as possible. The US Government continues to pretend that “Al Qaeda” killed more than 160 people in Mumbai. It is even more amazing that the true story of Mumbai has been suppressed.

U.S. agencies had received six warnings about Headley from his wives and associates from October 2001 to December 2008. Yet federal agents didn’t place him on a terrorist watch list or open a full investigation until July 2009, eight months after the Mumbai attacks.

Mudd aids the Enemy with more lies. Mudd catapults the scary Al Qaeda narrative further with The UnderWear Bomber. Undie Bomber, tried to blow up an airliner, with a bomb in his underwear, as it was landing in Detroit. Abdulmutallab was assisted by the US Intelligence Community. His “Handler” falsely identified him as Sudanese refugee. He had no passport, or possibly a forged passport. He had been reported as a terrorist by his multi-millionaire Father. And the “Intelligence Community” later claimed he had been under surveillance. He was cleared by security and allowed on an airliner. So Al Qaeda, or the Al Qaeda franchise, should only get partial credit for Abdulmutallab’s attack.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who studied at a university in London, attempted to detonate explosives on a Northwest Airlines commercial aircraft just outside Detroit on December 25, 2009.[5] Subsequent investigations revealed that al-Qa`ida’s Yemen affiliate, AQAP, was behind the plot, showing its intent and capability to direct operations within the United States.

Undie did not just attempt to detonate his bomb. He did detonate it and it started a fire, that was fortunately extinguished. Was this just a clumsy attempt by Homeland Security to install the Chertoff Rapescan Machines ? Whistleblower Kurt Haskell observed Undie and his Handler get special treatment, without going through normal airport security. Then the cast of characters in this near disaster, becomes ridiculous.

One passenger was video recording the entire event. After landing in Detroit, another passenger was handcuffed and taken away. Abdulmutallab was badly burned, but said nothing and appeared to be drugged. It was reported that the FBI questioned him and he revealed a Saudi Arabian Bombmaker as part of the plot. Then, this attempted attack became the reason for a new war against Yemen and the mysterious Anwar al-Awlaki. The government terror experts such as Mudd, were not concerned about the Handler or the Saudi Bombmaker. Awlaki was the real villain, because he had a website. Also Awlaki visited the Pentagon after 9-11, and had a nice visit with some of the Bush War Criminals. Was Awlaki a double agent? Aren’t they all?

*** Some of The WhistleBlowers Are Crazy, But Not As Crazy As Neo-cons ***

The Scooter Libby Trial was another Show Trial. The warmongers won, Scooter Libby walked after he payed a fine. Libby and other neo-con war planners, violated the law and released the classified information about Valerie Plame’s identity. They had previously released classified information, to start the Irak War. That was the reason for Joe Wilson’s trip to Niger. Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald let them all get away with it because he always protects the Torturers and the Warmongers. Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame were targeted by the Police State, but they ended up with fame and fortune. Not all Resistors are so fortunate. Government employees who reveal crimes have diminishing legal protections, or none.

It is OK to release classified information if you are a neo-con, and you want to start a war. The Irak War was started by criminal neo-cons, who selectively releasing untrue classified information, about Yellowcake uranium and the Niger Forgeries. It is OK to release classified information, if you are Bob Woodward, chief Mockingbird and War Profiteer, of the Washington Post. Bob Woodward revealed the secret weapon that won the Irak War. Woodward’s books are best-sellers with lots of classified gossip. As history, his books are worthless. But being embedded in the Pentagon’s posterior, has made him wealthy.

CIA Asset Susan Lindauer.. Can Now Speaks 10 years after 2001-9-11

Susan Lindauer seems to be another victim of neo-con treason. Her story is crazy, and the “intelligence community” has been trying to destroy her, by calling her crazy. Lindauer was so crazy the Spy Warlords kept her in involuntary detention for a year, at an Air Force Base. She was accused of spying for Irak, or illegal financial transactions, or getting $100 worth of lunches from an Iraki diplomat. Lindauer is probably guilty of eating the lunches. After five years of persecution, the Government dropped the bogus criminal charges.

The psychological warfare against Lindauer included threats of involuntary medication. That is the new torture, using psychoactive drugs as a way to induce mental illness. Actually, it is not new. The Jailers of the Soviet Gulag used similar techniques against political dissidents.

Lindauer does make some crazy claims. She says she was a “Back Channel” to Irak, working for the CIA. Before, the 9-11 attacks, she claims the CIA was preparing for the attack and was preparing to blame Irak if it happened. And then there are her 9-11 Inside Job allegations, which are obviously too crazy to talk about.

To protect their cover-up scheme, I got locked in federal prison inside Carswell Air Force Base, while the Justice Department battled to detain me “indefinitely” up to 10 years, without a hearing or guilty plea. Worst yet, they demanded the right to forcibly drug me with Haldol, Ativan and Prozac, in a violent effort to chemically lobotomize the truth about 9/11 and Iraqi Pre-War Intelligence…

I had personal knowledge of the CIA’s advance warnings about 9/11, and how Republican leaders thwarted efforts to preempt the attack. Secondly, I had direct knowledge of Iraq’s contributions to the 9/11 investigation, and how Republican leaders rejected financial documents on early Al Qaeda figures like Ramzi Youssef and Sheikh Abdul Rahmon of Egypt and Sheikh al Zawahiri —who replaced Osama bin Laden as Al Qaeda’s leader. That would have shut down the financial pipeline for terrorism, if Washington cared about results. Finally, my team had successfully negotiated a peace framework with Baghdad that would have achieved all objectives in Iraq without firing a shot.

Oh I was a threat to the Washington elite, no doubt. Without the Patriot Act, the Cover Ups of 9/11 and Iraq would have failed. Given normal due process, I would have shouted truth from the rooftops and exposed them all.

Even crazy people should not be subjected to enhanced interrogation or CIA dirty tricks. Her claims about the treasonous “Patriot Act” are crazy enough to be true.

According to history buff, Alan Batterman, the German word for “Gestapo” is an acronym of GEheim STAdt POlezi.

Translation: “Homeland Security.”

Unhappily, for free thinking Americans, Batterman’s analysis is correct. Paragraph for paragraph, clause for clause, laws establishing fascist control over the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany are replicated in the Patriot Act today.

Like the iron fist of the Nazis and Communists, Americans must submit to “roving surveillance” and warrantless searches, without the requirement of a Judge’s authorization. Surveillance laws are part of a larger arsenal of weapons against political dissidents and whistle blowers.

Most Americans don’t know the Patriot Act authorizes secret charges relying on secret evidence and secret grand jury statements. Under the Patriot Act, Americans have no right to know who has accused them of what criminal activities, or the dates of the alleged offense.

They’re not even told what law was broken. The government has power to lock up Americans on military bases or other prisons without a hearing or trial. We can be detained indefinitely without any rights of due process at all.

The Secret Police imprisoned Lindauer on a military base. That allows complete isolation, and complete loss of Constitutional rights. Lindauer was threatened with indefinite detention, or worse. That gives her, and her narrative credibility. Why should the Fascists in the Department of (In)Justice, who imprisoned her, have any credibility?

What is crazier than giving Nuclear Weapons plans to a terrorist nation such as Iran? The answer is, it is crazier if the CIA gives Nuclear Weapons plans to Iran, to use as a pretext for another criminal war. What is crazier than that? If the CIA makes it a False Flag Operation, blaming the Russians for nuclear proliferation, that is crazier. Presumably, these plans were classified secret. It is OK to release classified information, plans for a Nuclear Weapon, if you are the CIA, and you need another war.

How many laws did the CIA break giving Iran classified information about nuclear weapons? The WhistleBlower who revealed this nuclear terrorism should be rewarded!. Not exactly. The Nuclear terrorists in the Government want to imprison Jeffrey Sterling because he violated the Espionage Act. But it is the CIA who are guilty of espionage, giving classified nuclear secrets to Iran. They claim Sterling revealed classified information. CIA misconduct and incompetence, and nuclear terrorism is classified. It is further claimed that Sterling revealed this, and other secrets to author James Risen, for his book, “State of War”.

This trial will have a Star Witness, Condi “These Boots Are Made For Walking” Rice, former Secretary of State. However, this Trial is problematic for the Jailers of the Gulag. It is difficult to convict honest people, who tell the truth. So, the evidence and witnesses are declared secret and classified. Better yet, do not allow the defense and Sterling to cross examine witnesses. The Prosecuters want to prohibit the defense from cross examining Condi. After all, Condi is special, and the Right to face accusers is inconvenient for a Gulag.

Prosecutors asked U.S. District Court Judge Leonie Brinkema to allow them to show the jury talking points Rice used at the session warning of the grave consequences that could flow from publishing details of the CIA operation. However, the prosecution indicated it wanted to show the jury the talking points without calling Rice as a witness.

The grave consequences should be to purge the CIA of these criminals, who give weapons of mass destruction to nations they want to invade. And Condi Rice is also part of CIA nuclear terrorism and coverup, to give nuclear weapons to Iran. WHO COULD HAVE ANTICIPATED THAT ?

Thomas Drake worked at the most super duper secret agency, the top of the Spying Priesthood, the National Security Agency. Drake released classified information. It is classified because it protects the neo-con secret police, who control an agency embedded in corruption and illegality. He revealed that citizens are subjected to massive and unconstitutional spying. This violates the Espionage Act, and so Drake was targeted.

In my case, while a senior official at the National Security Agency, I found out about the use of electronic eavesdropping on Americans, turning this country into the equivalent of a foreign nation, for the purposes of blanket surveillance and data mining, blatantly disregarding a 23-year legal regime that was the exclusive means for the conduct of such electronic collection and surveillance, which carried criminal sanctions when violated.

And that is just the government. We can assume the corporate, privatized spies, hire the corrupt NSA and CIA spies. Then, they can outsource the COINTELPRO against Peaceniks, Occupiers and Hard Left Bloggers, for fun and profit.

But oops. More crazy, 9-11 Inside Job talk. Drake claims that NSA covered up 9-11, and possibly allowed 9-11 to happen. Move along. Nothing to see here. Ironically, the NSA has been assigned the task of suppressing investigations of 9-11.

I also discovered that NSA had withheld critical and crucial intelligence prior to 9/11 and after 9/11, as well as data and information that was available but remained undiscovered, and if shared—if shared—could have made a decisive difference alone in preventing the 9/11 attacks from ever happening.

I also learned about a massively expensive and failing surveillance program under development called Trailblazer that largely served as nothing more than a funding vehicle to enrich government contractors and keep government program managers in charge, when a cheap, highly effective, and operational alternative called ThinThread was available in-house that fully protected Americans’ privacy rights under the law, while also providing superior intelligence to this nation.

*** The System Versus The Anti-System Radicals And WikiLeaks ***

Bradley Manning is being tortured to break him and provide testimony to destroy Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. These documents belong to taxpayers and taxpayers should have them. But these secrets revealed by WikiLeaks, are the lowest levels of secrecy. These low level secrets that have been revealed, are more than enough, to arouse total disgust. War crimes, corporate corruption, covert operations to steal resources from tribal peoples and so on. The secret government is fighting a world war against the Anti-System Radicals and the Ultra-Leftists.

But, it is hard to believe American citizens are supporting and paying for Child Rape. The Government had successfully quashed public reports of this horrid crime. Gulag Jailer Almanza should introduce as evidence against Manning, the Memo of June 24, 2009, “The Dancing Boys Scandal”.The Military Contractor DynCorp has been involved in child sexual procurement for many years. The Afghan Government wanted the US Government to conceal that DynCorp had obtained a child to be raped by our Afghan allies. It is part of their cultural tradition, probably similar to “Bohemian Groves”. DynCorp makes US taxpayers pay for Child Rape Parties, and there is even a video.

Atmar reiterated his insistence that the U.S. try to quash any news article on the incident or circulation of a video connected with it…

Ambassador Mussomeli discussed a range of issues with Minister of Interior (MoI) Hanif Atmar on June 23. On the Kunduz Regional Training Center (RTC) DynCorp event of April 11 (reftel), Atmar reiterated his insistence that the U.S. try to quash any news article on the incident or circulation of a video connected with it. He continued to predict that publicity would “endanger lives.”

He disclosed that he has arrested two Afghan police and nine other Afghans as part of an MoI investigation into Afghans who facilitated this crime of “purchasing a service from a child.”

Yes, it endangers lives, because it endangers war profits. And who cares about some Afghan child. Certainly, not Hillary’s Deptartment of State. The story was “quashed”. Censorship in Afghanistan and Irak, is a feature, not an anomaly.

But there is more that is astonishing, and not in a good way. There is an obvious way to prevent this sexual abuse by the Serial Rapists of DynCorp. US Military Officers should oversee military contractors, as suggested by the Afghans. Who knew that the US Military does not oversee military contractors. Apparently DynCorp is a Mercenary Army that gives orders to the US Military and US Government.

Placing military officers to oversee contractor operations at RTCs is not legally possible under the current DynCorp contract.

But the Military can murder women and children. The Military can imprison American citizens indefinitely. The Military can even torture its own soldiers to break them. But the US Military cannot stop DynCorp from raping children. What a sad, pathetic War.

Did the treasonous Patriot Act, give corporations such as DynCorp, secret powers? The Patriot Act may have even made President Obama a puppet of the National Security State. The President formerly was Commander in Chief, and was the final authority on what is “classified”. But Barack Obama admits he no longer has that power, and “classified” before this puppet President, “wasn’t classified in the same way”

Who makes the rules for President Obama? General Petraeus, the failed General of two wars, now leads the CIA in its War against Freedom and the Constitution. Petraeus is the Supreme Leader of the President, and allows him to pretend that he is a President. The President declared Manning guilty.

And if you’re in the military…And I have to abide by certain rules of classified information. If I were to release material I weren’t allowed to, I’d be breaking the law.

We’re a nation of laws! We don’t let individuals make their own decisions about how the laws operate. He broke the law.

[Q: Didn't he release evidence of war crimes?]
What he did was he dumped…

[Q: Isn't that just the same thing as what Daniel Ellsberg did?]
No it wasn’t the same thing. Ellsberg’s material wasn’t classified in the same way.

The President is not being truthful. Ellsberg and Manning face similar legal prosecution for similar reasons. These brave patriots revealed Government crimes. The Trial of Manning is an espionage Black Op by a corrupt government with overwhelming tools of oppression. To paraphrase ultra lefty, Revolutionary agitator, Tom Paine, “These are the times that try Patriots souls.” Each day, that Bradley Manning’s soul survives another day of torture, is a victory for the Resistance.

by Frank33

Endless Wars, Endless Lies, As the Obama Administration Pays Pakistan To Kill Americans

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The neo-con oil wars continue to destroy lives while enriching billionaires. Now WikiLeaks has revealed the US government helps Pakistan kill American soldiers and sailors in Afghanistan. The Taliban is a branch of the Pakistan secret service, the ISI. This not-so-secret revelation and other slow motion disasters are on the way to destroy another American President. Barack Obama was awarded a Nobel Prize for Peace. Rahm Emanuel must have told him War Is Peace and it was really a prize for war. Yes, War is Peace, and that is proven by the QDR, the Quadrennial Defense Review. The QDR is published by the United States Institute of Peace and the QDR Report demands indefinite war.

The views, findings, and recommendations of this report are those of the Quadrennial Defense Review Independent Panel itself and do not necessarily reflect the views of the United States Institute of Peace

The Report certainly does not reflect the views of peace. The QDR does reflect the views of a Corporate Fascist Elite that are creating a Military/Secret Police Dictatorship for the USA. It describes the methods and plans for permanent war. controlled by a secret dictatorship. The QDR Report (PDF) is similar to the PNAC Manifesto for world conquest by multinational corporations. Of course that is because it is written by neo-cons, many who are PNAC war criminals, and all are war profiteers. These Vampires of the Empire have blood on their hands and want more.

Stephen J. Hadley, Co-Chairman
Richard Armitage, J.D. Crouch, Charles Curtis, Rudy deLeon, Joan Dempsey, Eric Edelman, Sherri Goodman, David Jeremiah, George Joulwan,
William J. Perry, Co-Chairman, John Keane, Richard Kohn, John Lehman, Alice Maroni, John Nagl, Robert Scales, James Talent, Paul Van Riper, Larry Welch

This Report is delusional, and does not include any actual information, "Meeting America’s National Security Needs In the 21st Century" It totally ignores the Oil Wars and the increasing world wide unpopularity of these criminal policies. There is nothing about the neo-con corruption and failures in everything they do. There is nothing about the False Confessions from Torture, the illegal pretexts for war such as the Niger forgeries, the failures in Irak and Afghanistan do not exist. There is nothing about the real terrorists, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.To the QDR warmongers there are problems because the United States needs more wars. The wars will go on year after year without end, "indefinitely". That is what they say and that is what they want.

the United States has routinely failed to match capabilities to commitments. Many believed that the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union would lead to an era of lasting peace and a decline in American military commitments, but the opposite has proven to be true. In fact, the tempo of active American deployments over the last 20 years has far exceeded planning expectation. Most obviously, the number, duration, and character of conflicts in the greater Middle East have been unanticipated…

The conflict with Iraq…an effort that—if successful—will stretch indefinitely into an ongoing strategic partnership. But Iraq is neither the only example nor an anomaly: the American commitment to Afghanistan is in its ninth year and disengagement is likely to be many years away.

Who could have anticipated that The Afghan War Diary would be released by WikiLeaks? The secrets have already been revealed about Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. These two outlaw nations sponsor the World Wide Jihadist Jihad that makes the Global War On Terror possible and profitable.

Since 1979 Presidents and Congresses have been deluding the American People about secret wars for multinational corporate imperialism. The Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan was an excuse for endless wars and the rise of the neo-con Vulcans. This required massive US aid to Pakistan and support of blood thirsty Jihadists, such as Usama Bin Laden. But the PNAC Manifesto needed a cataclysm and a catastrophe and the 9-11 attacks conveniently occurred. The rest is history except for the new history of WikiLeaks. Now there is proof the US Government has known since always,
that Pakistan ISI sponsors the Taliban. The US taxpayers pay to support the enemy in a war against the USA.

The "most damning collection of data" in Wikileaks’ massive trove of secret documents from Afghanistan are 180 files that show the Pakistani intelligence service helping Taliban insurgents in their fight against US forces. The documents are dark reading indeed: They describe Pakistani agents meeting directly with the Taliban, supporting commanders of the insurgency, and even training suicide bombers. But for anyone versed in the contemporary history of Afghanistan, they are hardly news. The Wikileaks data dump is just the tip of the iceberg; ISI black ops and double-crosses date back at least three decades. Pakistan’s Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence, or ISI, is merely feeding a monster it helped create back in the 1990s—with the full knowledge of the United States. Indeed, in concert with the CIA, the Pakistani spy agency also helped create Al Qaeda, and continued to support it long after it had gone astray of US interests.

Of course the Information Battlefield is where our military does its best and most effective work, war propaganda. The top Admiral is dishonorable liar and is fighting a losing battle with the truth. His Big Lie is that this puts the troops in danger. That is the same lie we are always told. But it is Admiral Mullen who hurts the troops by sending them to be killed. Admiral Mullen gets promoted for this. But for Generals and Admirals to criticize others for having blood on their hands is almost funny. That is the same as saying, "No fighting in the war room!", or "We had to destroy this village to save it."

"Mr. Assange can say whatever he likes about the greater good he thinks he and his source are doing, but the truth is they might already have on their hands the blood of some young soldier or that of an Afghan family," Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, said at a news conference at the Pentagon.

So many neo-cons have been discredited that the Secret Government turned to Iran-Contra-Crack Cocaine conspirator Robert Gates to lead the Department of War, that is Defense. He is worried about relationships with our allies. But all these partners of the US all are aware that Gates sold weapons to Iran to support Central American genocide while assisting Irak in the Iran-Irak War. They have no trust in the United States and in fact no country has any trust in our neo-con Secret Government.

In equally stern comments and at the same session, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said the massive leak will have significant impact on troops and allies, giving away techniques and procedures.

"The battlefield consequences of the release of these documents are potentially severe and dangerous for our troops, our allies and Afghan partners, and may well damage our relationships and reputation in that key part of the world," Gates said. "Intelligence sources and methods, as well as military tactics, techniques and procedures will become known to our adversaries."

Gates said the United States has been contacted by Afghanistan, Pakistan and "other governments" concerned about the leak. One of the lasting impacts, he said, is rebuilding trust that the U.S. military can keep secrets secret.

Robert Gates is one of the more dangerous neo-cons. Gates helped Ollie North set up an Off-the-shelf, self-sustaining private armies of privatized killers, first in Central America, then in Pakistan. The Jihadist army was set up to fight the Soviet Union except it went rogue and became Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Gates has been protecting Pakistan which has committed not just state sponsored terrorism, but war crimes against India and Afghanistan. But they have brought the wars home. Gates and Stephen Hadley and Richard Armitage and Peter Peterson and Stephen Friedman and Richard Perle have also created an off-the-shelf self-sustaining secret army, with 800,000 domestic spies in the United States to neutralize dissenters. Just the same as Pakistan.

Two years ago, Pakistan bombed the Indian Embassy in Kabul, killing 54 people. Our government had absolute knowledge "based on intercepted communications between Pakistani intelligence officers and militants who carried out the attack". Several months later, Pakistan tried a 9-11 False Flag Operation against Mumbai India, killing more than 160 people. The Indian secret service intercepted the ISI communications giving orders to the attackers. Pakistan military officers and ISI agents were assisted by US spy and probable Al Qaeda double agent, David Headley.

When the next terrorist attack occurs from Al Qaeda or the Taliban or L-e-T or TTP, it is actually Pakistan or Saudi Arabia. The US neo-cons have protected these terrorist nations for years but the plausible deniability is gone and it is only implausible deniability. Pakistan and Gates are oh so concerned about "leaks". Gates does not care about the six Americans killed in Mumbai as he has helped conceal the attacks in Kabul and Mumbai. Gates and the US government will try "damage control" to save Pakistan. But it is a problem to suppress more proof that the Global War On Terror is a fraud and itself is a cover for war crimes.

With allies such as Pakistan and Saudi Arabia who needs friends? The USA has fewer and fewer friends and allies as a corrupt President and Congress prepares for a another generation of neo-con terrorism. The electronic and print propaganda has tried to maintain popularity for the official falsehoods. But even the Establishment is having doubts. The most surprising statement yet is from the Pakistan Ambassador to the United Nations, Abdullah Hussain Haroon

"In my personal opinion, the way the war is being fought, it doesn’t seem winnable," Haroon said…

"The concentration of al Qaeda has shifted to Yemen, number one, and, number two, in Afghanistan itself in the province of Kunar in the north, which everyone in Afghanistan and Pakistan knows is where the Taliban and al Qaeda have put a very formidable enclave, why isn’t anyone doing anything about it?" asked Haroon. "Has the ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) forces gone into Kunar? They want us to do more. We have limited resources."

General David Petraeus, who won the War in Irak, does not see the existential threat posed by Pakistan. General Petraeus has been totally fooled by Pakistan, or he is a Liar, from June 11, 2009,

In Pakistan, there is no question, I think, at this point that the Pakistanis see very clearly the existential threat that is posed to their country by the extremists, in particular by the Pakistani Taliban.

After the WikiLeaks revelations, an anonymous government official says there are "concerns" about the ISI. More lies from the Obama Administration as they continue supporting the ISI and shifting the blame to the previous incompetent President.

“I don’t think anyone who follows this issue will find it surprising that there are concerns about the ISI and safe havens in Pakistan. In fact, we’ve said as much repeatedly and on the record,” one official explained. “The period of time covered in these documents (January 2004-December 2009) is before the President announced his new strategy.

The official spokesman for President Obama does go on the record to say nothing has changed. The President will give Pakistan money to kill Americans. Nothing new to see here about any relationship issues, move along.

"What is known about our relationship and our efforts in both Afghanistan and Pakistan are not markedly changed by what is in these documents," Gibbs said. "There’s no broad new revelations in this."

The National Security Advisor conceals Pakistan’s crimes and says we will continue to support Pakistan. It is WikiLeaks that is "irresponsible", rather than ISI.

These irresponsible leaks will not impact our ongoing commitment to deepen our partnerships with Afghanistan and Pakistan; to defeat our common enemies; and to support the aspirations of the Afghan and Pakistani people.

The CIA also defends Pakistan, our partners in a crucial relationship. Except "that relationship is often marked by mistrust as the two countries wage an aggressive spy battle against each other."

”It’s a crucial relationship,” CIA spokesman George Little said. ”We work closely with our Pakistani partners in fighting the common threat of terrorism.

JCSC Admiral Mullen is concerned with positive relationships, and does consider some ISI relationships dysfunctional and unacceptable. He has been to Pakistan 18 times, and perhaps Pakistan and its Dictator General Kayani might think the Admiral is a bit too clingy.

ADM. MULLEN: I think the heart of your question goes to the ISI. And specifically — and I’ve said before and would repeat that it’s an organization that, actually, we have, in ways, a very positive relationship, very healthy relationship between our intelligence organizations.
And there have been — that said, there have been elements of the ISI that have got relationships — a relationship with extremist organizations, and that we — you know, I, we, consider that unacceptable.

Admiral Mullen has even provided evidence that Pakistan is assisting the Taliban. It is always difficult in a relationship to confront a cheating partner. But the Admiral and the War Leaders do not worry about their relationship with Congress. Don’t ask, don’t tell when it is Congress.

Several Congressional officials said that despite repeated requests over the years for information about Pakistani support for militant groups, they usually receive vague and inconclusive briefings from the Pentagon and CIA.

There is a reason for vague and inconclusive briefings. There is a reason the Government spies on military officers and journalists and everyone else, including Congress. The secrets must be kept.

The two NSA whistleblowers, Adrienne Kinne and David Murfee Faulk, were interviewed by ABC News’ Brian Ross.  Kinne said that "US military officers, American journalists and American aid workers were routinely intercepted and ‘collected on’ as they called their offices or homes in the United States."  He also said his co-workers "were ordered to transcribe these calls."   Faulk told Ross:  "when one of my co-workers went to a supervisor and said:  ’but sir, there are personal calls,’ the supervisor said: ‘my orders were to transcribe everything’."   He said that the intercepted calls included highly personal and intimate conversations and even phone sex.

One of the spymasters who spies on everyone is Michael Hayden, who ran the NSA until 2005. Hayden is trying to create a Gestapo Police state in the United States. He thinks the upside is Pakistan is a difficult partner. But Wikileaks is a tragedy, especially for warmongers.

Hayden is not a pseudo-romantic and he is not neurotically attached to his own self importance.

First of all, let’s look at the "up" side of this release. These documents "prove" that war is grittier when viewed by an infantryman than by a policymaker; that Pakistan’s intelligence service, the ISI, is a difficult partner; that in war innocent civilians sometimes die; and that the Taliban has been growing in strength over the past several years. Not quite "stop the presses" kind of revelations…

And all of this because of some corrupted view of the inherent evils of the modern state, a pseudo-romantic attachment to the absolute value of transparency, a casual indifference to inevitable consequences and a neurotic attachment to one individual’s self importance. Rarely have we seen such a dangerous combination of arrogance and incompetence.

Perhaps we should ask heaven to help us, because our intelligence services will surely be less able to do so.

With help such as Michael Hayden who needs heaven or the ISI. But Michael Hayden and his fellow war criminals do have help. The QDR Report sets out the blueprint. It describes how to infiltrate even more neo-cons into the national security "community", and purge the unreliable liberals and defeatists. All agencies of the government will now serve neo-con national security goals. Their fascist takeover has a name, "Whole Of Government".

Both the QDR and the recently released National Security Strategy (NSS) use the term ―whole of government, to denote the integration of all tools of national power (defense, diplomacy, economic, development, democratic reform and human rights, homeland security, intelligence, strategic communications, and the American people and the private sector) in support of U.S. national security goals and objective.

There is also something called "continuum-of-service". This would allow government employees to move fluidly between the private sector and "other employment". This other employment would include difficult jobs that should not be publicized such as, Assassins, Torturers, Secret Informants and work in False Flag Operations.

Instituting a continuum-of-service model that allows service members to move fluidly between the active and reserve components and between the military, private sector, civil service, and other employment.

Relationships are always difficult, especially between bloodthirsty governments such as the USA and Pakistan. Pakistan has promised Hillary Clinton and the clingy Generals and Admirals it will not use "strategy in depth" anymore, that is funding terrorism directed against the US military occupiers. Because without Pakistan support, the War on Terror cannot be won. Without US taxpayers, Pakistan would have to pay terrorists much less. But the ISI is getting a new financial bailout, $500 million, just as Goldman Sachs gets bailouts. Hillary is also getting clingy with General Kayani.

This month, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, in one of the frequent visits by American officials to Islamabad, announced $500 million in assistance and called the United States and Pakistan “partners joined in common cause.”

Someone should also tell President Obama, that declaring victory in 2011 and bringing the troops home is not an option. Stephen Hadley and Richard Armitage have a better plan, more war. Destroying the Obama Presidency is a small but necessary price to pay for the neo-cons wars.