Border Crossing From The Caribbean Into U.S.A.

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Mona Passage map

The Mona Passage is another dangerous route for undocumented immigrants.

The immigration reform debate is once again national front page news. It would seem at present U.S. is on the verge of really tackling the issue and reaching political reform consensus. Yet the nation may just kick the immigration can down the road once again. Which may be the best outcome of the current debate, maybe the only possible outcome. For the nation has been at this same juncture a few times before in its history.

Anti-immigrant sectors in the U.S. currently demand that a path to legal status not be implemented, or even considered, until the borders are “secure”. Not the border on the north, between U.S and Canada, which does not seem to alarm us too much. The border which must be plugged or sealed or secured, is of course, the Mexican-American border. It runs almost 2000 miles, across four American states and six Mexican districts. I blog about survivors of crossing the southern border at, this blog is about the appalling conditions that awaits those daring to cross another border, one into Puerto Rico.

Anti-immigrant sectors will likely dismiss any sympathy over the horrendous trip immigrants endure. Sadly, a fraction of the U.S. may be pleased to learn that the conditions on this border are beyond horrifying, since the immigration act is considered “illegal”. Therefore, a desperate mother who risks her life in a journey that may take years, is considered just as illegal or immoral as a drug cartel assassin! I wonder if the anti-immigrant crowd also justifies the cruel treatment their ancestors probably faced once, for after all ours is a nation of immigrants.

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