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Nobel Prize for Monsatan?

By: Gamma Globalist Sunday June 9, 2013 3:51 pm


OSLO (Roiders News Service) – A week after the announcement that its prestigious Peace Prize has been aptly renamed the “Rest in Peace” Prize, the Nobel Committee revealed a front-runner for its 2013 award.  At a press conference in the Norwegian capital, spokesman Hans Hellfalken told reporters the mammoth biotech firm Monsatan is this year’s heavy favorite.

“It was a challenge to find a recipient as worthy of the Rest in Peace Prize as our 2009 winner [Obama].  But Monsatan’s genetic pollution of staple food crops could put more people to rest than Obama ever dreamed of with his mere drones and ‘humanitarian’ wars.”

Reacting to the news in the Ruse Garden (formerly the Rose Garden), Obama was clearly delighted.  ”It takes audacity to turn crops into crap and watch people gobble it up.  Did you know that I appointed Monsatan’s chief lobbyist as America’s food safety czar?”  A hearty round of laughter ensued.

“With modern technology the elite no longer need billions of human laborers hanging around.  And we’re certainly not going to wait for some kind of socialist movement to start brewing.  Making the surplus masses, including Americans, rest in peace will not be an easy task — but together Monsatan and I can do it.  Yes we can.”


Frankenfoods: The Monsanto Monstrosity

By: Gamma Globalist Sunday September 23, 2012 2:49 am

We interrupt our regularly-scheduled deprogramming to cover breaking news on the Health beat.  Earlier this week results were published from a new study on genetically-modified (GM) foods.  Such studies involve feeding GM foods to laboratory rats over a period of time, and measuring the incidence of disease and premature death.

The results, which the research team has deemed “alarming,” showed premature deaths were higher by 66 percent among male rats and an outrageous 350 percent among female rats — compared with rats on a non-GM diet.  The animals on the GM diet were found to suffer disproportionately from mammary tumors as well as severe liver and kidney damage.

This was the first long-term safety study of its kind, covering the entire two-year life span of the rats.  Previous studies, relied upon for regulatory approval of GM crops, were limited to just 90-day time spans.  We’re talking about GM crops currently in the food supply, particularly in free-market America (and developing countries like Brazil and India).  The GM crop used in this study was corn, genetically engineered to tolerate increased levels of herbicide.

GM crop production began innocuously enough with the 1994 introduction of a delayed-ripening tomato.  But the most alarming contributions in this field have come from the infamous biotech and chemical giant Monsanto.  This conglomerate developed the technique for making corn and other crops resistant to its “Round-Up” herbicide.  The technique entails insertion of bacteria genes into the natural plant DNA.

Genetically-modified corn, the kind fed to these rats, now accounts for around 90 percent of the US corn crop.  Corn is likely your largest source of GM crop exposure, since it exists not only in vegetable form but also in cereals, snack foods, as cooking oil, and as a sweetener widely used in beverages and processed foods (high fructose corn syrup).  Virtually all processed foods sold in the US contain genetically-modified ingredients.

America’s status as the world leader in genetically-modified food, with no labeling requirements whatsoever, comes despite overwhelming skepticism by the American people.  Polls show that over 90 percent favor mandatory labeling rules; instead we have a Monsanto executive being cynically appointed as America’s “Food Safety Czar.”  So much for “democracy.”

It is only now, thanks to the California citizens’ initiative process, that GM labeling may become a reality in the US as it has been in Europe.  A victory for Proposition 37 would come despite Monsanto and other corporate “persons” spending over $40 million to defeat the citizen-sponsored ballot measure.

The Philosophy is Kindness

By: Gamma Globalist Saturday September 15, 2012 12:03 pm

This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own mind, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.

-Dalai Lama

 In the world today there are nine nuclear-armed countries possessing a total of about 4,400 active nuclear warheads.  While this number is down sharply from the high of 65,000 reached in 1985, the risk of nuclear Armageddon remains very real. Anything that can happen eventually will.

  • United States – 2,150 active nuclear warheads.
  • Russia – 1,800 active n/w
  • France – 290 active n/w
  • United Kingdom – 160 active n/w
  • China – 240 total n/w
  • Pakistan – 90 to 110 total n/w
  • India – 80 to 100 total n/w
  • North Korea – under 10 total n/w
  • Israel (undeclared nuclear power) – estimated 80 to 200 total n/w

Almost all of these weapons are in the hands of people who profess to worship — and derive power from — various invisible, supernatural beings.  In other words, our fate is in the hands of lunatics.  This must change if humanity is to survive.  We don’t need freedom of religion, we need freedom from religion.

Some religions are worse than others.  The worst by far is one which fosters a deadly hypocrisy: countenancing evil under a cloak of righteousness.  Under this particular religion, Christianity, the ruling elite have taken hypocrisy to the ultimate extreme — worshiping a god of evil (Lucifer) within occult secret societies, while pretending to worship a god of goodness (Christ).

The socialist (Marxist) movement was mankind’s first realistic attempt to break free of religion.  Socialists correctly view religion as an elitist device of power and control.  And in the case of Christian nations, the elite use religion to marshal the people behind their perverse Luciferian agenda — which includes capitalism, corporatism and the most vicious militarism.

In the former Soviet Union, the world’s first socialist state, the government took an official position of atheism but did not ban organized religion.  This turned out to be an unsatisfactory approach, at least for a Christian-dominated country.  As in all Christian countries, the elite (including religious leaders) profess Christianity but are actually Luciferians.  These occultist elites are well organized within the highly structured secret society known as Freemasonry.  So, in the USSR, it was just a matter of time before those elitist forces infiltrated the government and put an end to socialism.  This is exactly what happened when the suspected Freemason Mikail Gorbachev succeeded in bringing down the Soviet Union in 1991.

Learning from the Soviet experience, it’s clear that if a new socialist movement is ever born the approach to religion must be flipped around.  Instead of declaring official atheism while tolerating the church, there should be no official declaration but with a total ban on the church.  Individuals must have the right to contemplate and discuss any beliefs — but never to organize for religious worship.

Although organized religion is a most undesirable product of culture, there is nothing wrong with the innate human feelings called “spirituality.”  The sages inform us that those feelings must be explored as individuals; the true spiritual journey is a solitary one.  In this light, a ban on the church is not only socially efficacious but also serves the needs of the spirit — assuming there is such a thing.

Zionists? Or Lyin’ ists?

By: Gamma Globalist Wednesday September 12, 2012 5:30 am

Are Washington’s neocons really Zionists — heartfelt supporters of the Jewish state and people?  Or is Zionism a marriage of convenience, fitting nicely for the time being within their larger geopolitical objectives?

Nothing can be taken for granted when it comes to neocons, who comprise 99 percent of congressional Republicans and at least two-thirds of the Democrats (including Obama).

  • They claim to be populists but are elitists
  • They claim to have family values but harm families at every turn
  • They claim to be patriotic but outsource American jobs and import foreign labor by the millions
  • They claim to honor the military but use soldiers as disposable pawns in global chess
  • They claim to love freedom but are fascists to the core
  • They claim to hate Al Qaeda but use it as a terrorist proxy brigade
  • They claim to be fighting terror but made America the #1 state sponsor of terrorism
  • They claim to be fighting drugs but profit immensely from the drug trade
  • They claim to protect whistle-blowers but actually torture and imprison them
  • They claim to honor the 9/11 victims but were fully complicit in the 9/11 inside job
  • They claim to be Christians but are occultist Luciferians

It’s not easy to see why a bunch of Luciferians, traitors to their own country, would be sincere about  Zionism.  These people aren’t the least bit sincere about anything.  Insincerity and deception are at the core of their occult practices as well as their profession (politics).

Now add to that the fact that America’s elite, just a couple of generations ago, supported Nazism and actually cultivated the fascist movement into existence.  They were the unseen power behind Hitler and the Holocaust.  But once Adolf got whopped by the Red Army, all of his elitist backers suddenly became Zionists and the neocon age was born.

This conversion to Zionism was necessary for several reasons.  First of all it shielded the capitalist elite from being held responsible for Nazism and the Holocaust.  But it also opened the way for a renewed paradigm of conflict and war — America’s house specialties.  If you are an elitist, conflict and war are your bread and butter.

Israel’s once-hostile neighboring states were all subdued long ago and under secular rule.  If neocons were really Zionists, concerned about Israel’s security, they should have been satisfied.  But instead they have created extremist groups like Al Qaeda which are virulently anti-Zionist.  They have backed and actually instigated Islamist revolutions in formerly peaceful, secular Arab states.  None of this can bode well for the future of Zionism.

America, land of the neocon, is a treacherous and diabolical entity.  The only thing worse than having America as an enemy is having it as a “friend.”

O Canada, Stand on Guard

By: Gamma Globalist Monday September 10, 2012 4:27 am

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
God keep our land glorious and free!
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

[from the Canadian national anthem]

It is a travesty that conservatism has infected Canada from below, with the right-wing Stephen Harper holding power as prime minister since 2006.  This past week the Canadian government abruptly severed diplomatic relations with Iran, for no discernible reason beyond neocon scheming in sync with Washington.

Before tagging along on Washington’s next militaristic adventure, Canadians would do well to re-examine one such excursion from their own past: the Dieppe massacre of World War II (Operation Jubilee).  A force consisting primarily of Canadian soldiers was, in August 1941, dispatched to the French port of Dieppe — an area firmly controlled by the Germans from behind steep natural cliffs.  Upon going ashore the sacrificial Allied contingent was predictably routed.  Allied command sent these men on a suicide mission for political purposes — and opted for Canadians to bear the brunt of it.

It should first of all be understood that World War II was not the event portrayed by historians.  The fascist movement, which led to the war, sprung up because of the Great Depression.  And the elitist powers in America which engineered the Great Depression did it for that specific purpose: to create a fascist movement in the West as counterpoint to the growing socialist movement in the East.

Now it should be clear why America was so tardy to oppose the Nazis.  Our elites were not only covertly backing the Third Reich but they actually created it.  Nazism, the fascist version, was America’s baby all along.  In this light Hitler’s “perplexing” invasion of the USSR is not so perplexing.  The whole scheme of events — Great Depression >> Fascism >> WWII — was designed for that invasion to take place.  The capitalist elite, the Illuminati,  brought us the horror of World War II in an attempt to vanquish “evil” socialism by way of Nazi fascism.

Hitler’s number one job, as determined by his elite capitalist sponsors, was to invade and conquer the Soviet Union.  The other half of the plan was for America to antagonize Japan into war, thereafter subjugating it to capitalism.  We already knew that the Pearl Harbor “sneak” attack was both provoked and allowed to happen, and now we can see why.  The true alignment of forces in World War II, contrary to fable, was the Nazis and America vs. the Soviets and Japan.

During 1941 the Soviet Union, under a tremendous onslaught from the Nazis, had been pressing hard for its supposed “allies” to help out by opening a western front.  Of course this was not about to happen since the western elite were really behind Hitler.  Various lame excuses were provided, and this is where the Dieppe incident comes in.  By sending that one contingent of Canadians to be slaughtered in France, at a place impossible for them to land, Allied command was then able to politically justify its inaction on the western front.  Indeed, even the Soviets stopped insisting on a western front after Dieppe.

Although Canada is economically dependent on trade with the monster below, the good Canadian people must understand the type of “friend” they are dealing with.  Now is the time to “stand on guard.”  Do not follow us foolish Americans into that Devil’s playground known as neoconservatism.

Stuck in Reverse

By: Gamma Globalist Tuesday September 4, 2012 6:36 pm

Horns and tails: the official hand sign of Luciferians

Obama already knows whether he will “serve” another term in Washington, or perhaps retire to his native Hawai’i as the honorary King Kissama’ass.  The same powers that delivered two elections for George Bush, and guided Obama’s own skyrocketing path into the White House, choose the major candidates and decide which one will “win.”

Some things are hard to accept.  Like the fact that our supposed democracy is really an occultist synarchy (government by secret society).  And that our ruling elites, regardless of party, are Luciferians.  Hard to accept, and yet don’t their actions speak for themselves?

If actions alone — all the warmongering, barefaced lying, death and destruction — aren’t enough, the elite make a point to flaunt evidence of occultism right under our noses.  One example is provided by the remarkable video below, which has garnered nearly four million views on YouTube.

The video is a reverse speech analysis of Obama’s historic 2008 Chicago victory address.   You’ll recall that the ’08 campaign slogan — meaningless cynicism as we soon found out — was Yes We Can.  Well, it turns out that when played backwards, “Yes we can” sounds an awful lot like “Thank you, Satan.”  Maybe not so meaningless after all… But that’s just for starters.

In his acceptance speech, the president-elect used the “Yes we can” phrase seven times.  The reverse analysis shows that all seven times, the phrase was embedded within an elaborate, occult-themed, reverse speech message.  This goes well beyond the possibility of random occurrence.  The rest of the speech, in reverse, is just unintelligible noises as should be expected.

Unfortunately, the maker of the video does not have the keenest ear and several of his transcriptions miss the mark.  Following is an improved rendering of the seven hidden messages.  (All but the first two have changes from the video captions.)

  1. Thank you, Satan.  And hear from the grandma. [Apparently a reference to Rosa Parks.]
  2. The Lord said the new Arab sins are with him.  Thank you, Satan.
  3. Thank you, Satan.  So birth the mark that’s now sooner.
  4. Hear my composite self for the Pharisees.  Thank you, Satan.  Yes, so we serve confidently.
  5. Woman, don’t ask God’s name.  Thank you, Satan.  Marker will lash you.
  6. Our First N—–, he with game.  Thank you, Satan.  Sure enough’s n—– game but I is honest.
  7. The time of us gives us an army to serve our agenda.  We shall fight with naif.  Thank you, Satan.  Will be with another Arab sin.

When listening to the messages, note how the vocal inflections and tone match perfectly with the content – particularly on segments 5, 6 and 7.  Also note the racial sarcasm and jovial use of Ebonics on #6.  This is followed by the chilling militarism of segment 7; was the reference to “another Arab sin” a foreshadow of Obama’s “humanitarian” raping of Libya?

There is simply no possibility of all this existing by mere chance.  And if you think the reverse audio was doctored you can easily replicate it on your own.

With our nation stuck in reverse for so long, we had best not be too dismissive of evidences such as this reverse speech video.


Slaughter, Rinse, Repeat

By: Gamma Globalist Sunday September 2, 2012 11:45 pm

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.


Before we can learn from history, we need to know real history — as opposed to the politically-approved narratives of our schooling.  Historians, servants of the establishment, are paid to bury the truth and whistle past the graveyard; so we must approach their work like a homicide detective approaching a crime scene.

Knowing real history begins with a fundamental observation: that 9/11 was, beyond any doubt, an inside job.  Once that threshold is crossed, its implications make many other things fall into place.  It becomes clear that, just as you don’t lose any sleep thinking about the animal you had for dinner, the elite never have qualms about sacrificing thousands, even millions, of us in the lesser classes to achieve their objectives.  It’s the elitist principle of superiority; same one that justified slavery, the Holocaust and countless other atrocities both ancient and modern.

History of the past hundred years has been defined by one particular struggle: the elite’s war on socialism.  Beginning with the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, socialism emerged as the greatest threat ever posed to elitism.  Socialists had the audacity to attack all three pillars of modern elitism: fake-democracy, capitalism, and organized religion.  The socialist “threat” was indeed growing rapidly at one time; and this mobilized the elite into full battle mode.

The elite have their own brain trust, the occultist Illuminati.  To combat the socialist movement in the East, their strategy was to sponsor a militant and murderous far-right movement in the West: fascism.  But such movements require specific conditions; the main one being a sudden and shocking economic collapse.  So, during the roaring twenties, the elite pumped things up as high as they could – and on Black Tuesday, 1929, they burst the bubble.

Tuesday, incidentally, is considered by occultists the most propitious day of the week for executing a major event.  This is because Tuesday is named after the Norse god of single combat, Tiw — and single combat represents Lucifer’s fight against God.  Thus it is not happenstance that 9/11 was also a “Black Tuesday” event.  Our ruling elite are occultists (Luciferians), very much into symbolism as well as numerology.  The date 9/11, for instance, is loaded with occult and numerological significance.

Now we have seen that the Great Depression, like all major events, was nothing accidental but was part of a larger plan.  The Depression not only served to concentrate wealth but – more importantly – it set the stage for fascism, World War II, and invasion of the USSR.  This was all part of the elitist strategy, their response to the grave “threat” of socialism.

Germany’s Nazi party (National Socialism) initially held an anti-capitalist platform, before the ascendancy of Hitler.  Many who in 1933 voted the party into power thought they were voting for socialism, not fascism.  But Hitler was of the far-right faction, which included Hermann Göring, Heinrich Himmler and Reinhard Heydrich.  Nazism under Hitler enjoyed the backing of top industrialists and other capitalists — the western elite.  The Bush family, through its patriarch Prescott Bush, is among many elite American families and top corporations which had direct ties with the Third Reich.  As a fellow occultist, a racist and a warmonger, Hitler was just the man the elite were looking for.

Continental Europe went quietly under Nazi domination; this is understandable since the capitalist elite of both America and Europe were covertly backing Hitler.  Remember, the plan all along was to create a fascist movement that would conquer the socialist movement.  The Holocaust was a great bonus for the banking elite, since they were able to seize assets - likely totaling billions of dollars – from the accounts of their murdered Jewish depositors.

Although Japan was nominally an Axis power and the USSR nominally one of the Allies, the real plan was for America to conquer Japan while the Nazis conquered the Soviet Union.  Japan was indeed brought under the capitalist umbrella, but the Red Army heroically turned the tide against the Nazis.  It was only then, when the Soviets were poised to conquer and claim all of Germany, that the western “Allies” came galloping in.

Having failed to vanquish socialism vis-à-vis Nazism, the elite turned to Cold War tactics while absorbing the former-Nazi brain trust into their own (Operation Paperclip, Operation Bloodstone).  America has since been on a steady descent towards its own brand of fascism in ways too numerous to mention.  But the two most salient events along this road have been the JFK inside job and the 9/11 inside job — both carried out by the same political forces.

The socialist USSR did finally dissolve, but the western elite remain fixated on their “New World Order” scheme.  To that end, America has become a militant crypto-fascist state as well as the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism.

So, what can we learn from all this history?  Looking at the elaborate homages America has built up around JFK and the 9/11 victims, it’s fair to say this: the more tributes and adulation heaped on someone, the more we want to avoid the truth about their fate.



Neither a Borrower Nor a Lender Be

By: Gamma Globalist Saturday September 1, 2012 1:14 am

There is a gentlemen’s agreement among economists and politicians not to speak of a certain subject — at least not if they value their careers.  That subject is debt-free currency – the alternative to privatized, central bank currencies which are really coupons of debt.

Doesn’t it seem odd that national governments, all of which have the inherent right to coin money, instead go around borrowing money — and thus putting their people deeply in debt to globalist elites?  One of the few American politicians to ask that question, Dennis Kucinich, has been rewarded by getting redistricted out of office.

Kucinich, by the way, is also one of the three politicians to have questioned the official 9/11 story, the central lie of our times.  All three, including Alan Grayson and Cynthia McKinney, have been successfully dislodged from that den of traitors known as Congress.  If you’re wondering what 9/11 has to do with money and globalist elites you need to be paying more attention.  For starters you can add the true-left website Global Research to your RSS feeds.

There are essentially three different types of currency; three systems with very distinct characteristics and economic effects.

  1. Commodity currency (usually gold, or gold certificates)
  2. Debt-based currency (coupons issued by a central bank such as the Federal Reserve and loaned into circulation)
  3. Debt-free currency (money issued by a sovereign state and spent, not loaned, into circulation)

Commodity currency is the siren song of Libertarians and the far right.  They claim that money not backed by gold is “worthless.”  This position reflects either juvenile thinking (as to the far-right rabble) or cynicism (as to the elites).  Gold has always been the preferred currency of elitists; its scarcity makes gold currency a natural instrument for financial oppression.  The gold standard, for example, enabled the Great Depression to be inflicted on the masses — giving rise to the Third Reich and very nearly global fascism.  But gold, as a commodity, has little utility beyond adornment — so its much vaunted “intrinsic value” is dubious at best.

The other two currency types are fiat monies; so-named because money is created by decree rather than by accumulation of gold.  A system of fiat money can be bad or good, depending first of all on whether it is debt-based or debt-free.  Gold bugs such as Ron Paul throw around the term “fiat money” as a disparagement, giving their followers the misleading impression that “fiat” is always a bad thing.  Ron Paul is right about the Federal Reserve being a detrimental institution, but it’s not because they issue fiat money.  The real reason is that the Fed issues debt-based money — making them a central player in our unsustainable economy of ever-increasing debt.

The entire western world has been captured in the web of central banking — this scheme of currency being issued not by national governments but by separate entities, central banks, integrated with the supranational banking industry.  When a central bank decides to issue (create) money, it doesn’t spend that money but rather loans it out — either to governments (through purchase of bonds) or other banks.  The U.S. dollar, in this light, is not money but rather a coupon of debt; as it inevitably represents debt owed by someone to the banking system.  That kind of elemental debt, coupled with interest charges, is by nature unrepayable except through incurring more debt.  It’s an abuse of language to call such a thing “money.”

This perversion of the monetary system has produced the U.S. “debt ceiling crisis” as well as the European “sovereign debt crisis.”  Such crises give impetus to neoliberal “austerity” measures, which translate as drastic cuts in standard of living (except for the elite, of course).  And there’s the core of the issue — the eternal intrigue of elites sabotaging the masses through covert financial and political manipulation.

A proper currency is neither chained by gold nor privatized by the banking elite.  Money is rightfully issued by each sovereign state as a public asset, used to pay the operating expenses of the state.  This imbues fiat money with intrinsic value: the value of those goods and services for which it was initially exchanged.  Thus fiat currency could be debt-free and possess a more solid intrinsic value than that of some glittery metal.

Now the question arises:  How does one control inflation under a debt-free system?  And the answer is that controlling inflation is the proper role of taxes.  With debt-free currency, since the state can issue whatever money it needs, taxation is only necessary as a means to soak up any excess money supply.  When inflation is low, tax rates would automatically go down.  If inflation should spike, tax rates must immediately rise according to a pre-established scientific formula.  But so long as the money being created is not wasted, its intrinsic value poses an effective barrier to inflation.

To the ruling elite, the power of debt-free money is a Holy Grail to be kept under tightest security.  It is a can of economic “whoop-ass” which they only allow to be opened at certain times and places.  In America, the Grail was once handed to Abraham Lincoln; his debt-free “greenbacks” enabled the North to win the Civil War.  More recently the western elite passed the Grail to their fascist prodigy Adolf Hitler; debt-free currency allowed him to transform Germany from an economic basket case into a militant superpower.   Had it not been for the heroic Red Army, this maneuver would have enslaved the entire world under fascism — the ultimate dream for which the elite are still feverishly striving.

Let us put this great power, the power of sovereignty, to use for the people — rather than having it stashed away as a secret weapon of the elite.  Let us also reject the deadly allure of a debt-based economy.  Neither a borrower nor a lender be.