For more than two hundred years America has embraced a Capitalist model of development that makes the pursuit of money or (more precisely stated) profit the basic economic driving force in society. Today, America is the strongest capitalist power in the world and along with being number one in this sense goes the worst symptoms of this economic disease.

The overwhelming majority of Americans including Progressives still believe, following the Founding Fathers, that we can rationally control and regulate the capitalist machine, but this is an illusion or a myth because an economy that runs on self-interest and money-making always has, and always will, give rise to a group or class of individuals who take over and force the laws and institutions (including the media) to serve their special interests. In other words, an economic system that permits and encourages the unlimited accumulation of wealth in private hands enables the strong, the winners, the rich to govern for their own good rather than the common good, and history shows that this is in fact what has happened.

And it will continue to happen because it is simply not realistic to expect that people brought together for the purpose of augmenting the bottom line of businesses, companies, and/or corporations can then put on another hat, so to speak, and become true representatives of all the people. The capitalist economy creates a personality type of selfishness and greed that makes people unfit for public office. Whoever wins, rises to the top, gains power, is not the kind of person who is good at putting the general good first (even if there are some exceptions here and there, now and again).

Capitalism is primarily a type of economy, and democracy is a kind or form of government, which makes Democratic Capitalism an unsustainable and self-defeating society because it sets up a contradiction in human nature: on the one hand, the citizen is taught/told to be private/competitive/selfish economically, and on the other hand, s/he is taught/told to be concerned with the common good politically, but people will not behave one way in a money-driven economic lifestyle and another way in Government. Democratic Capitalism is an oxymoron, a myth, a lie because a capitalist economy inevitably corrupts and destroys democracy.

We need a New Economy if we want Democracy.