I became a liaison with Occupy Supply for Occupy Kansas City. We have been blessed here in KC in a number of ways. Our police have been very good to us and have tolerated the camp that is located just across from the Federal Reserve and just south of the Liberty Memorial (A world war 1 memorial).

I received the small shipment of hats and scarves and socks and couldn’t wait to get them out to the campers. I called another fellow who is also a liaison and he and I met up at the camp. My normal contact wasn’t there and I had a list of what and who that she had fixed up for me and I found a camper that helped us distribute the goods.  People really liked the hats and the warm ski masks.

The next day I was really thrilled to see the occupy supply logo looking back at me from camper’s heads.

A great number of folks are in DC this week giving our congresscritters heck and what for. I am hoping that their return and the next shipment occur about the same time. Like all of the upper midwest we are experiencing a cold snap. So I think the items will really be a boon and a blessing.

One of the great things about being in the middle of the country is that we get people coming through from all over. I think the movement of people throughout the Occupies is like yeast and it will cause us to bake some very fine pastry to go along with the Christmas gooses we are looking to cook.