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The Green Party Urges the Supreme Court to Strike Down the Affordable Care Act’s Health Insurance Mandates, Sees A Chance for Medicare For All

By: gpus Monday March 5, 2012 11:52 am

WASHINGTON, DC – Candidates and leaders of the Green Party of the United States expressed hope that the Supreme Court will strike down the ‘individual mandate’ section of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) when the court issues a ruling on its constitutionality in late March.

Greens, who support single-payer national health care (Medicare For All), have called the passage of the ACA in 2010 a defeat for meaningful health care reform.

“A Supreme Court decision gutting the ACA’s individual insurance mandate can bring us closer to real universal health care, because we already know that Social Security and Medicare are constitutional. Medicare For All is based on the same model as these successful programs,” said Mayor David Doonan (Green) of Greenwich, New York.

Green Party members participated in protests and civil disobedience in 2009 when Democratic Party leaders held health care reform roundtables that included industry representatives and excluded single-payer advocates, particularly when Senate Financial Committee chair Max Baucus (D-Mont.) declared single-payer “off the table” and President Obama negotiated away the public option in backroom meetings with lobbyists.

“America needs real universal health care, not a direct public subsidy in the form of a health insurance mandate to sustain the private insurance industry,” said Barry Hermanson, Green candidate for Congress in California’s 12th District (San Francisco). “President Obama and Democrats in Congress could have introduced a Medicare For All bill, which would cover every American and drastically reduce medical costs by removing insurance companies from control over our health care. Instead they acted in the interests of insurance and other corporate lobbies. Even with the mandate, the ACA leaves 23 million Americans without coverage and many millions more with inadequate health care.”

Greens strongly oppose proposals by Republicans to make Medicare a voucher program, which would privatize and dismantle Medicare. Greens also criticize Democrats for offering cuts to benefits and physician reimbursements as a compromise for higher taxes on the extremely wealthy.

“Democrats continue to defend the ACA, including mandates, because they want a political victory for President Obama in this election year. In the Green Party, we consider health care for every American and relief for people facing financial ruin over medical costs more important. Democrats pilfered the mandate idea from Republicans who introduced it in the 1990s, even though Republicans now oppose it,” said Carol Brouillet, Green candidate for California’s 18th District.

“Health insurance mandates cannot be compared to the requirement that every car owner purchase car insurance. Driving a car is a privilege for people with drivers’ licenses. Health care is not a privilege. It’s a necessity for the basic right of Americans to stay alive, to be able to enjoy life and make a living,” said Ms. Brouillet.

Medicare For All would cover every American regardless of employment, ability to pay, age, or prior medical condition and which would provide everyone with high-quality low-cost medical treatment and full choice of health-care provider. Decisions about medical treatment would be made by physicians and patients instead of insurance bureaucrats.

Medicare For All would boost the US economy by abolishing the financial burden on businesses to provide health care benefits for employees. Americans would pay for Medicare For All in the same way we pay for Social Security, but we would pay far less because the high cost of private insurance (for executive salaries and bonuses, profit margins, and other overhead) would be eliminated. Private insurance pads health costs up to 30% in administrative overhead, compared to 3% for Medicare. The profit motive is an incentive for insurance companies to restrict or deny needed medical treatment.

Green Party leaders sharply criticized Democratic and Republican legislators in California who defeated the recent statewide single-payer bill.

“California is a sterling example of the huge Titanic Parties playing games with our health. When Republican Schwarzenegger was governor, the Democratic legislature passed single payer twice, knowing it would be vetoed. When Democrat Jerry Brown was elected, it was predicted that the legislature would not pass the bill, and sure enough, they have not. Jerry Brown refused to take a stand on Medicare for All, and the Democratic legislature is leaving him alone. They’re also leaving us alone, with terrible health care,” said Laura Wells, 2010 Green candidate for Governor of California.

The Green Party speaks for a majority of Americans on health care reform: 64% of Americans believe that government should provide a national health insurance program for all Americans, even if this would require higher taxes, according to a 2007 CNN poll.

“Americans already recognize that everyone deserves the right of personal health and safety. That’s why we have public police and fire departments, without requiring insurance for the services they provide. We recognize that people have a right not to spend their final years in destitution. That’s why we have Social Security. The demand for national health care is based on the same principle. It’s time to recognize health care as a human right, instead of a cash cow for corporate middle-men and major shareholders,” said Natale “Lino” Stracuzzi, DC Statehood Green Party candidate for the District of Columbia’s nonvoting seat in the US House.


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Green Party to Obama: Whether Foreign or Domestic, It’s Time For America to Cut Oil and Gas From Our Energy Diet

By: gpus Tuesday January 31, 2012 12:30 pm

Washington, DC - President Obama’s energy policy shows a dangerous disconnect from the real nature of the current energy crisis, said Green Party candidates and leaders, who promoted the “Green New Deal” as a way to alleviate impending climate change and create millions of new jobs.

Jill Stein, candidate for the Green Party’s 2012 presidential nomination: “With his State of the Union speech, President Obama has adopted the ‘Drill, Baby, Drill’ platform of the Republican Party. He has embraced the energy industry position that our public lands and our environment should be sacrificed for the goal of increasing domestic production. This spin ignores the fact that our most pressing problem isn’t foreign oil — it’s what fossil fuels, both foreign and domestic, are doing to our planet. The President’s ‘all of the above’ approach is an alarming denial of the climate emergency we face and the urgent need to substantially reduce the amount of carbon we exhaust into the atmosphere. Our nation and human society around the world are already at serious risk for devastating climate disruption. Obama’s proposals make this risk even worse. With the President’s support of the oil company agenda, the Green Party now emerges as the one clear political voice for a sustainable energy policy that our planet and economy so badly need.”

Audrey Clement, co-chair of the Green Party of the United States: “The White House’s plan to expand natural gas extraction on US public lands, which President Obama talked about during this State of the Union, is a menace to public health and the environment. Hydrofracking contaminates groundwater, releases gases from combustion into the air with worse greenhouse gas emissions than coal or oil, and creates severe toxic waste disposal problems. According to seismologists, it’s likely to have caused small earthquakes in Ohio near sites where shale gas drilling has taken place. The Obama Administration has shown extremely poor judgement in its support for hydrofracking, ‘clean coal’, and offshore drilling in US coastal waters that would place major cities at risk for disasters similar to the BP oil spill in 2010, and its toleration of mountaintop removal mining in West Virginia and other states. We’re pleased that President Obama postponed approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, which NASA scientist James Hansen warned would be ‘game over for the planet’. But we remain concerned that the project will get approved in 2013 by the next Obama Administration or by a new Republican president.”

(See also “Shale Gas A Bridge To More Global Warming” by Stephen Leahy, Inter Press Service, Jan. 24, 2012, and “Methane and the greenhouse-gas footprint of natural gas from shale formations” by Robert W. Howarth, Renee Santoro, and Anthony Ingraffea, Climatic Change)

Kent Mesplay, candidate for the Green Party’s 2012 presidential nomination: ”America can take one of two roads in the coming years. The first road involves denial of climate change or refusal to take it seriously, inadequate measures like emissions trading schemes that allow corporate polluters to keep polluting, and no real effort to reduce fossil fuel consumption. This road will lead to further melting of the polar icecaps and permafrost, release of CO2 and methane into the atmosphere, growing climate instability, flooding and droughts, ‘peak oil’, dwindling access to food and fresh water, and the inevitable wars to gain control of resources. The second road means treating climate change in the same way that the US and its allies treated the Axis powers early in World War II – as an emergency requiring international unity against a threat to civilization. We still have the chance to curb the advance of global warming through democratically enacted means and to use it as an opportunity to put millions of people back to work, jumpstart the damaged economy, and create cooperation and good will among nations. Democratic and Republican leaders are stuck on the first road. The Green Party and its candidates and elected officials insist on the second road – which is why the Green Party is the imperative of the 21st century.”

Howie Hawkins, co-chair of the Green Party of New York State: “The Green Party remains the only party with a set of constructive solutions for the energy crises that we face. Many of these ideas are spelled out in the Green New Deal, which Green candidates have adopted as their agenda. Green solutions include the creation of millions of new jobs in energy conservation projects such as retrofitting homes and other buildings for energy efficiency, innovative technologies for safe and clean energy that don’t rely on nuclear or petroleum-based sources, planning and new construction for cities and towns that will free them from reliance on car traffic, and expanding public transportation. Unfortunately, Democrats lack the political will and Republicans are hostile to the idea that government can initiate public works projects to employ millions of Americans. President Roosevelt proved that such projects can be very successful. Greens are ready to prove it again, when we take public office.” (Mr. Hawkins introduced the Green New Deal during his campaign for Governor of New
York in 2010.)



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Green Party Live Online Chat During State of the Union, January 24th, Will Feature Green Presidential Candidates

By: gpus Tuesday January 17, 2012 9:00 am

WASHINGTON, DC – Green Party presidential candidates will participate in an online discussion immediately following President Obama’s 2012 State of the Union speech on Tuesday, Jan. 24. During the show, to be broadcast on the Green Party’s Livestream channel, viewers can call in with questions for the candidates.

Viewers can also join in an online chat that will take place simultaneously with the State of the Union broadcast, which will be visible on the Livestream page. The public is invited to participate.

The two candidates competing for the Green presidential nomination are Kent Mesplay and Jill Stein. Dr. Mesplay and Dr. Stein will be on the Livestream broadcast via remote webcam. Craig Seeman and Starlene Rankin are producing the show and will serve as hosts.

Green Parties in several states and the District of Columbia will hold presidential primary elections in 2012 similar to the Democratic and Republican primaries.

The Green Party of the United States will hold its 2012 Presidential Nominating Convention in Baltimore, Maryland, July 12 to 15. The party will set up a credentialing page for members of the media who plan to attend.


Green Party of the United States
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Green Party Welcomes News of Troop Withdrawal From Iraq, Urges Further Steps For Peace

By: gpus Monday December 19, 2011 3:10 pm

WASHINGTON, DC – Green Party leaders welcomed the news of the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq by the end of December, calling the presidential order more than eight years overdue. Greens urged President Obama to let the troops come home to be with their families for the holiday, rather than stationed or redeployed elsewhere.

“We’re glad that President Obama is calling all US military personnel home from Iraq and has ignored Republican demands to prolong the occupation. The President is honoring a binding Status of Forces Agreement between the United States and Iraq that President Bush signed. The US must make every effort now to help US troops return to their civilian lives, especially those who’ve been wounded or have suffered psychological trauma because of the war. We owe the troops a great debt and an apology for sending them to fight in a war based on deception and cooked intelligence,” said Carl Romanelli, Pennsylvania Green and member of the party’s International Committee.

Greens noted that the withdrawal is the result of the Iraqi government’s insistence and that the Obama Administration was initially reluctant to comply with the agreement.

The Green Party opposed the invasion of Iraq since its inception in March 2003 and demanded withdrawal afterwards. Greens blamed both Democrats and Republicans for transferring congressional war powers to the White House in Oct. 2002 despite uncertainty about WMD allegations (later revealed to have been the product of manipulated intelligence), forged evidence of nuclear weaponry, and implausible claims of cooperation between Saddam Hussein and Al-Qaeda.

Greens participated in protests throughout the US against the Iraq War, and – unlike many Democrats who claimed to oppose the war – continued to protest after President Obama’s election.

The Green Party called on President Obama to take further steps to ensure peace:

The Obama Administration must also withdraw remaining personnel from private US security firms, whose presence in Iraq would constitute a low-level military occupation. These include thousands of State Department security contractors, despite the abuses and fraud in Iraq by firms like KBR and Xe (formerly Blackwater), which are not subject to the same restrictions and public scrutiny as US military personnel. (See “Out of Iraq: What Will the War Service Industry Do Now?” by Dina Rasor, Truthout, Oct. 26)

The US owes Iraq billions of dollars in reparations for the loss of hundreds of thousands of civilian lives, many more wounded and displaced, and destruction of the country’s infrastructure in an unnecessary war.

The US should cease pressing Iraq to transfer control over much of the country’s oil resources to US and UK energy companies, such as the hydrocarbon law still stalled in the Iraqi Parliament. The Iraqi people have consistently opposed the deal and prefer that their country’s oil be developed and produced by Iraqi state-owned companies.

The Obama Administration must withdraw US troops from Afghanistan, end air strikes in Afghanistan and Pakistan, Libya, Somalia, and other countries, and cancel funding for Israel’s military assaults on Palestinians. The continuing US military action in these countries remains a threat to peace in the region.

Congress must reduce the bloated military budget and reject the Bush-Cheney-Obama policy of warfare for preemptive and aggressive purposes, such as ousting other heads of state. The cost of the Iraq War for the US has surpassed three trillion dollars, an economic loss that aggravated the current economic crisis. The human cost includes nearly 4,500 lost American lives and over 32,000 seriously wounded. (More information: Costs of War)


Green Party of the United States

Greens Urge President Obama to Condemn Police Brutality Against Occupy Protesters

By: gpus Tuesday December 13, 2011 8:30 am

Washington, DC – Green Party leaders called for strong national condemnation of the brutal actions of police forces in their treatment of Occupy Movement protesters in several cities.

“We encourage political leaders, beginning with President Obama, to express revulsion and anger at the violent and destructive behavior of police in their handling of nonviolent protesters, and to take whatever action they can to prevent such brutality. We urge all Americans to understand that police forces that use military tactics and are unaccountable for their actions represent a threat to our freedoms,” said Howie Hawkins, co-chair of the Green Party of New York State.

Greens cited the use of pepper-spray, tear gas, batons, and other weapons, as well as violent manhandling, handcuffs locked tight enough to cause nerve damage, and other tactics that inflict severe pain and injury on peaceful protesters. Incidents like the use of pepper-spray on the faces of sitting protesters by police at the University of California, Davis constitute torture and deserve aggressive investigation and prosecution, said Green leaders.

Greens also called for a probe of the alleged role of the FBI and Homeland Security Department in the suppression of protest.

Greens have participated in Occupy demonstrations throughout the US, in many cases helping to organize protests and speaking at rallies.

“While protesters face shocking brutality in some cities, the Wall Street executives who committed crimes to enrich themselves and wrecked the US economy have gone unpunished. Peddling adjustable-rate subprime mortgages to borrowers unlikely to be able to pay, bundling these high-risk loans into toxic securities, assigning the securities top ratings – these are acts of malfeasance and fraud. It’s shameful that nonviolent protesters face billy clubs, pepper spray, tear gas, and jail, while the Wall Street perpetrators get to enjoy their bailouts and bonuses with impunity. President Obama has expressed sympathy for the Occupy Wall Street protesters, but his administration still acts like it’s on the side of the criminal plutocrats,” said Tamar Yager, co-chair of the Green Party of the United States.

Green candidates, including contenders for the Green presidential nomination, have been outspoken in their support for and participation in Occupy events. Presidential candidate Jill Stein has remained active in Occupy Boston and initiated the “First Amendment Pledge of Non-Cooperation with Police Repression”. Kent Mesplay is also running for the Green nomination; more candidates may declare soon.

Greens compared the more brutal actions by police with the atrocious treatment of Civil Rights Movement participants by law enforcement, under orders from notorious public officials, police chiefs, and sheriffs like Birmingham Public Safety Commissioner Bull Connor during the 1950s and 1960s, and noted that, in too many places, such abuses have continued against Blacks, Latinos, and others up to the present time, usually outside of the media spotlight.

“The Occupy Movement has pulled a culture of violence in many police departments out into the open. The same policy of unaccountability is behind the recent Defense Authorization bill passed in the US Senate that would allow our military to detain US citizens on American soil indefinitely on suspicion of terrorism, without constitutionally guaranteed due process and habeas corpus. If such trends continue without interruption, we’ll soon find ourselves living in a police state,” said Leenie Halbert, co-chair of the Green Party of the United States.

“Police officers themselves, like other public employees, are bearing the burden of reductions in benefits, job security, and workers’ rights in the public sector, as part of the ‘austerity’ that Americans are being asked to tolerate because of Wall Street’s criminal actions. They should be on the side of the protesters,” said Ms. Halbert.


Green Party of the United States

Green Party of the US Endorses, Joins ‘October 2011’ Protest Against the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars, Austerity Budgets

By: gpus Tuesday September 27, 2011 12:37 pm

WASHINGTON, DC – The Green Party of the United States has endorsed the “October 2011″ protests and other events marking the tenth anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan and the beginning of the 2012 federal austerity budget.

On October 6, 2011, thousands will gather on Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC to “occupy the plaza and hold a People’s Assembly where we come up with just and sustainable solutions to the crises we face and demand that these solutions be presented and that the people’s needs be addressed.  We will plan and engage in creative acts of civil resistance and demand that our inherent rights and freedoms be protected, and that our children have a chance to live in peace, to breathe clean air, and to grow edible natural food,” according to the October 2011 web site.

Participants hope that the event will spark a US equivalent to the pro-democracy ‘Arab Spring’ of early 2011.  Green leaders said that, after the changes in the Middle East, the demise of Osama bin Laden, and the severe damage to the nation’s economy and rule of law that resulted from the wars, it’s time to restore peace and sanity in America.

“In making this endorsement, we’re challenging the dangerous political direction of the US.  We also challenge others who support ‘October 2011′ to recognize the Green Party’s leadership on the issues these events will address, such as endless wars, the demand for Medicare For All universal health care and millions of new jobs, and the need to end the control of top corporations over our political system,” said Sanda Everette, member of the Coordinating Committee of the Green Party of California and former co-chair of the Green Party of the United States.  Ms. Everette will participate in the October 6 event.

“If participants in the next month’s events mute their criticism of President Obama and affirm their intention to vote Democrat, despite the numerous retreats and betrayals of the Democratic Party during the past decade, they will undermine the whole point of October 2011.  The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, bloated military spending, economic meltdown and Wall Street bailouts, failure to help people facing home foreclosures and unemployment, attacks on Social Security and Medicare, and abuses of power and violations of the US Constitution – on all of these, the Democrats and Republicans have converged.  Without a strong protest against both ruling parties, there is no chance of change,” Ms. Everette added.

Green Party leaders hope that ‘October 2011′ would shine a light on the following:

• The cost of the wars has reached $3.7 trillion during the past decade and has contributed to the domestic economic crisis.  A report from the Commission on Wartime Contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan notes that “spending on contracts and grants to support US operations [is] expected to exceed $206 billion by the end of the 2011 budget year” and revealed “[w]idespread waste and fraud discovered in wartime spending”.  The ‘War on Terrorism’ after 9/11, with its own high costs, is now the longest war in US history.

The Green Party has opposed the Iraq and Afghanistan wars since President Bush ordered the invasions, and has called for a sharp reduction of military funding, with funds redirected towards job creation and other human needs (See “Green Party, responding to President Obama’s Sept. 8 address, calls ‘Green New Deal’ the key to job creation).

• Hate crimes targeting people who are or perceived to be Muslim, South Asian, and Arab in the US have risen 1700% since 9/11.  Thousands more have suffered months of detention without charges on suspicion of involvement with or sympathy for terrorism, apparently because of their ethnicity or religion and despite lack of evidence.

• Since 9/11, Americans have seen widespread abuses of power and violations of the US Constitution and international law to which the US is signatory, such as indefinite detention and denial of habeas corpus, torture and extraordinary rendition, maintenance of ‘black sites’ outside of legal scrutiny, warrantless surveillance of US citizens, and harassment of whistleblowers.

The Obama Administration has maintained most of these policies and shielded Bush Administration officials who violated the law, while more vigorously targeting whistleblowers and even authorizing extra-judicial killing of suspects who are US citizens.  As Scott Horton noted in a recent Harper’s article, in the wake of 9/11 many US military functions have been privatized and removed from government and public oversight, the CIA has changed from an intelligence agency into a military force, the National Security Agency has migrated from foreign intelligence to domestic surveillance, and the Justice Department has become more and more a tool for political purposes.


Green Party of the United States

Green Party Members Speak Out to Stop Execution of Troy Davis, Urge End of the Death Penalty

By: gpus Friday September 16, 2011 9:02 am

WASHINGTON, DC – The Green Party of the United States today called for a halt to the impending execution of Troy Davis, scheduled for September 21 in Georgia, and cited the case an example of why the death penalty must be abolished.

Green Party members will participate in public events urging the Georgia Board of Pardons and Parole to stop the execution when the board meets on Monday, September 19.

“Supporters of capital punishment insist that it should only used when no doubt remains about the guilt of the accused.  The Troy Davis case shows that death-row inmates are facing execution even when significant doubts emerge.  We know that racial disparities in sentencing and abuses by prosecutors such as the withholding of exculpatory evidence have led to wrongful sentencing.  The only way to prevent erroneous executions is to end capital punishment altogether,” said Leenie Halbert, co-chair of the Green Party of the United States and formerly active in Angels of Mercy in Louisiana and a volunteer with Sr. Helen Prejean’s Moratorium 2000 campaign.

Mounting doubts about the evidence against Troy Davis include seven of the nine witnesses recanting their testimony and the statements by several of the witnesses that they were pressured by the police to identify Troy Davis as the murderer of off-duty police officer Mark Allen MacPhail in 1989.  Of the two remaining witnesses, one is the initial suspect.

Theresa El-Amin, co-chair of the Green Party of the United States, has arranged for a bus from Columbus to Atlanta on Friday afternoon, September 16, for Greens and others to participate in a “Too Much Doubt to Execute!” march and prayer service at Ebenezer Baptist Church with national and local civil rights, faith, and community leaders.  The event is sponsored by Georgians for an Alternative to the Death Penalty, NAACP, and Amnesty International.

Greens noted that the Supreme Court’s McClesky v. Kemp ruling (1987) upheld the death penalty despite evidence of racial discrepancies in sentencing, which amounted to approval by the nation’s highest court for racism in the application of capital punishment.  (Mr. Davis is Black.)  See “United States of America: Death by Discrimination – The Continuing Role of Race in Capital Cases,” Amnesty International, April 23, 2003.

Furthermore, the Supreme Court, in Herrera v. Collins (1993), ruled that the Eighth Amendment’s ban on cruel and unusual punishment does not prohibit the execution of a person known to be innocent, if he or she has already been tried and sentenced to death.  Greens have called this decision a license for the state to murder the innocent.

The Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996, signed into law by President Clinton, has imposed roadblocks, in the name of combatting terrorism, that have made it more difficult for death-row inmates to get new trials.

The Green Party Platform’s section on criminal justice endorses abolition of the death penalty.

“We urge all states to follow the example of Gov. George Ryan of Illinois, who imposed a moratorium on executions in his state in 2000 because of the number of inmates whose sentences were overturned because of the flawed and biased justice system.  Capital punishment is not only irreversible, it’s barbaric and inhumane and a violation of human rights that calls into question all death penalty case convictions.  Capital punishment does not deter crime, but instead has been used to exterminate the poor and people of color who are consistently treated unfairly in the justice system,” said Rev. Darryl Moch of Inner Light Ministries, co-chair of the DC Statehood Green Party and a member of the Green Party Black Caucus.



Green Party of the United States

Greens Endorse September 15 Rally at UN Demanding Self-Determination for Palestinians

By: gpus Wednesday September 14, 2011 1:47 pm

WASHINGTON, DC – The Green Party of the United States has endorsed the Thursday, September 15 Palestine Rally at the United Nations, in support of the right of self-determination for Palestinians.

The march and rally, scheduled to take place in advance of a UN vote on recognition of Palestinian statehood, are sponsored by the Palestine UN Solidarity Coalition.

Participants will call for the US to cut off aid for Israel, for Israel to end its occupation of the Palestinian territories, and for national and international boycott, divestment, and sanctions against Israel until it complies with numerous resolutions promising Palestinians their basic rights.  The Green Party has consistently supported these goals and spoken out publicly for sovereignty, equality, and the right of return for Palestinians, including an end to apartheid inside Israel.

“For too many decades, Palestinian rights have been delayed.  The protests that are taking place in various cities this week will communicate an important message: delaying rights is effectively denying rights.  The time to recognize and implement rights is now,” said Muhammed Malik, member of the Green Party’s International Committee and co-chair of Miami-Dade Green Party.  Mr. Malik will be speaking at the South Florida Palestinian Self-Determination Rally on September 15.

Marchers in New York City will gather at Times Square at 4:30 pm and march to Grand Central and then continue on to the UN at 5:30 pm.  Greens plan to participate and march under the party’s banner.  For events in Washington, DC and other cities, visit “September 15: Real Democracy, Not Hypocrisy“.

“The UN vote alone won’t solve the Middle East conflict and ensure Palestinians their human rights,” said Justine McCabe, co-chair of the International Committee.  ”That’s why the demands of the September 15 rally remain important.  We must place pressure on Israel and push the US to reverse its policy of unquestioning support for Israel’s criminal actions, such as the 2009 invasion of Gaza, occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, and internal apartheid.”

The Green Party has called for a negotiated, peaceful resolution to the conflict that establishes full rights and security for all Israelis and Palestinians, with an immediate end to all violence directed at unarmed civilians.

Green Party leaders view the two-state solution as a half-measure, intended at best to end Israel’s military occupation in some parts of the West Bank, while not addressing the heart of the conflict – the dispossession since 1948 of the majority native population of historic Palestine and Israel’s refusal to allow Palestinian refugees to return home.  Greens have advocated the one-state solution, in which all citizens enjoy full citizenship and rights regardless of ethnicity or religion, and have warned that the two-state solution will result in ongoing conflict and violence, while the formation of a single democratic state would bring greater possibility for sustainable peace.

Greens supported the Gaza-bound flotillas that faced blockades and assaults by the Israeli Navy when they carried food and humanitarian aid to besieged Palestinians.


Green Party of the United States