Spread the word. Tony Gronowicz (G) is running for mayor of NY city 2013.  New York City of course being the birth-place of Occupy.

When he ran for U.S. House earlier this year, he condensed his platform into four points:
1.   A New Deal, WPA -like program that offers a living wage and full employment through public works.

2.   Affordable Housing for NY City residents.

3.   Health care for all

4.   Free College (similar to the CityUniversity from 1847 to 1975)

Tony has a PHD in political science and is an award winning college professor. He agrees with the platform of the New Progressive Alliance. http://newprogs.org/unified-progressive-platform-ratified

To help: http://www.facebook.com/GronowiczForCongress?ref=ts&fref=ts