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The Bradshaw Family, Progressive Champions of Carbondale IL, Jessica-City Council & Paula-U.S. House (CD-12)

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Jessica Bradshaw (G) is running for a Spring City Council Election in Carbondale, IL. Jessica is a local activist who has been involved in the Compassionate Cities movement and the Non-Violent Carbondale organization. She has been a board member of her Northwest Carbondale Neighborhood Association and is currently the chair of the City Human Relations Commission.

Making Carbondale more accessible is one of her top priorities. She wants to direct effort to make the city more more pedestrian-, bicyclist-, and handicapped-friendly. She wants use her love of the city and her knowledge of Land Use Planning to create a more sustainable and liveable city. She would achieve this through:
-Repairing sidewalks and installing more traffic signals and crosswalks.
-Analyzing the City’s greenhouse gas emissions, in order to meet the “Cool Cities Initiative” targets.
- and much more

To help:
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Paula Bradshaw
(IL-12) (G) ran one of the most successful alternative campaigns for U.S. House this year.  Up against both major parties, she managed to get into the debates and pull off 5.6%.  She is running for again for U.S. House.  From her blog, “THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUPPORT! Can’t wait for 2014!”

Paula strongly distinguished herself from her district opponents, she calls for:
-Reversing the attacks on the Bill of Rights, starting with repealing the PATRIOT Act, and then taking on the Military Commissions Act, the Homegrown Terrorism Act, the Protect America Act, and the National Defense Authorization Act.

-Creating a carbon-free AND nuclear-free energy and transportation system. Not only can it be done – it MUST be done, and doing so will put millions of workers to work.

- Supporting a single-payer system like the one existing in Canada. Specifically, the Expanded & Improved Medicare for All Act (HR 676), establishing a single authority responsible for paying for health care for all Americans.

- Emphasizing that the Defense Department must focus on actual defense, not domination of other nations. Then, according to Bradshaw, we could easily reduce the $700 billion-plus spent of the military by 50 percent, or more. And we would be a safer nation for it.
- These among many other stances listed on her website.

Like her campaign page and donate if you would like:

Rochester NY’s Progressive Option: Drew Langdon

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An announcement of a completely grass-roots campaign for Rochester, NY City Council. Drew Langdon (G) previously ran for state assembly.  His campaign is receiving some attention in Green Youth circles, but word hasn’t spread far beyond.

As this is a 2013 election, campaign preparation are in very beginning stages.   In previous campaigns, Drew has called  for an end to evictions & foreclosures of City residents and has stood for citizen-controlled participatory budgeting.  He has a passion for the environment and also stands for a change to large-scale organic, urban permaculture and agriculture.

Drew Langdon has just begun fund-raising efforts here:
To visit his old site for state assembly (which may be updated soon):
To like his Facebook Page: