Trying something new starting today. . . . Over the course of the week, I often find myself having conversations or coming across ideas or issues that don’t quite make it into post form, or I see posts by others here that get me thinking or deserve more attention. . . or there are just things that I know are going to come up during the weekend and I want to start the conversation early. So, I thought I would try to put some of those thoughts and observations on tape. (Tape? Listen to me—phh!) I am calling it The Party Line, in part because, like the party lines of days long ago, there is the possibility that others are listening in, and also because this would be so much more fun if it were a conversation had at a cocktail or dinner party, rather than having to talk to an empty room with a Flip cam in it.

I haven’t quite mastered that “party” atmosphere, yet, but you gotta start somewhere. So, without further adieu, I give you the inaugural edition of The Party Line.