In this edition of The Party Line, I ask the question: If Stephen Colbert won’t show you Mike Huckabee squirming, can we really hope that anyone in the “serious” media will?

Well, actually, I don’t. I meant to, but I forgot to say it outright. But you have my permission to imagine that is part of what I am saying.

Now, as promised in the video, here are the parts of the show you can see. . . .

And here is the money quote:

The Obama Administration’s Justice Department advised the largest bank in America where to find a corporate hacker to fabricate information that could be used to blackmail American journalists—and they totally blew it.

And, for those that don’t want to take me at my word, this is Raymond Burr in Pitfall (well, not that image, that looks like Dick Powell, but play the video and you’ll see Chris Mike Ray):

Update: I’m not sure this is anything more than some brilliant viral marketing, but that said, this is some brilliant viral marketing.