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The Party Line – April 15, 2011
Three Men in a Room

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Congratulations, America, your federal budget process is now as efficient as New York State’s!

Here is what your grand vision of liberal government looks like–at least for the rest of FY 2011 (PDF). For example, part of Title X aid to family planning was what became shorthanded as the debate to defund Planned Parenthood. (A rider with language that specifically targeted Planned Parenthood was given an up-or-down vote yesterday–part of the Boehner-Obama pact on the continuing resolution. It failed, but Republicans have another vote to use in campaigns against Dems in conservative states come 2012.) As you can see (you can click images to enlarge), Title X wasn’t eliminated, but it was cut by $27 million compared to the original budget request–taking it $10 million below its FY 2010 line.

Bet you won’t find mention of that in Wednesday’s totally awesome speech.

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The Party Line – April 8, 2011:
Are You Ready for Some Shutdown?

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Feeling poleaxed by the audacious hopes it raised during the ‘08 campaign, Team Obama will attempt to lower expectations going into 2012–and nothing lowers expectations like proving yourself irrelevant.

(By the way, for those with questions, we have a government fact sheet with basic information on what will or will not be affected by the shutdown.)

Government Shutdown 411

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With less than half a day to cut a budget deal to delay or prevent a government shutdown, now would probably be a good time to familiarize ourselves with some of the facts about what a shutdown of the federal government would mean.

Neither the White House nor the leadership of either party has taken much time at all to inform Americans about what would happen if the government should have to shutter. Word is, the Obama administration has been afraid to provide authoritative information for fear they would be labeled by the GOP as wishing for a shutdown. By this logic, we shouldn’t fund hurricane prevention for fear of being seen as hoping for another Katrina, but, whatever, we are not afraid of information here at FDL.

Embedded here is about the most straightforward and complete take on who and what will and won’t be affected by a federal government shutdown. Please share it with anyone you think might need the info, and if you have any additional news about a government agency, service, or venue, please let us hear about it in comments.