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Greece: Interview with mother of Pavlos Fyssas (Killah P)

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Source: Revolution News

In this video TV journalists interview Pavlos Fyssas’s mother, the mother of the 34-year old hip hop artist known as Killah P who was murdered by Neo-nazi fascists (Xrysh Avgh) in the early hours of September 18 in Keratsini, Athens.

In this video we learn that an eye witness took a video of the scene of the crime and mistakenly took it to police – and for some reason the video hasn’t been brought up at all as evidence. Pavlo’s girlfriend went to the police to ask for help before the incident, there were 12 riot cops on 6 motorbikes – they said they would not get involved with such “gomaria” (beasts). Click to view videos

After what seems like a set up to have him murdered, a car came up with the killer, who then said he would kill him – and Pavlo was stabbed in the heart and abdomen. Fyssas’s mother claims the murderer was paid [by Golden Dawn].

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Letter from the anti-Fascist militants arrested in Athens on 30/9 and 1/10

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published 04/10/2012 by panos

translation: “Snake” Arbusto, 99GetSmart

Logo of the Greek neo-nazi Golden Dawn party.

Although three days have already gone by since the anti-Fascist motorcycle demonstration-poster distribution on Sunday 30 September, we feel there is a need to make certain clarifications.

On Sunday 30 September, following a public call, a motorcycle-mounted anti-Fascist demonstration and poster distribution was held in downtown Athens, leaving from Exarchia. The demonstration was intended to be a response to the Fascist pogroms and attacks against immigrants perpetrated in several areas of central Athens by Fascist gangs disguised as “citizens’ and merchants’ committees” and assisted by official gangs connected with the government.

The ties between Golden Dawn and the Greek police are well known and have been evidenced many times, and analyzing or explaining that phenomenon is not what we are interested in at the moment.

After the attack on the demonstration by members of Golden Dawn, there was a charge by the DIAS unit, which was following at the rear of the demonstration and in the parallel streets and alleys.

Finally, fifteen anti-Fascist militants were arrested and beaten on various parts of their bodies – head, arms, legs. Tasers (weapons that cause an electric shock) were even used.

We were brought to the seventh floor of the GADA building, in front of the “régime protection” section, where, through the night, we were beaten, threatened, had our hair pulled, and were subjected to burns, and the Delta units who were guarding us took pictures for their personal albums.

Threats along the lines of “Now we know who you are, and we’ll break you the way we did your grandparents during the Civil War” are characteristic of the climate of terror the imbecilic Praetorians of the Delta units attempted to create – not to mention the fact that all communication with attorneys or doctors was prohibited for a period of 19 hours. The following day, after the “perp walk” and picture-taking, we were finally taken to the Evelpidon courthouse.

During our stay there, the MAT riot police attacked the people who had gathered in solidarity, savagely beating several of them, arresting 25 and finally keeping four in custody. After their arrest, these individuals were taken to the seventh floor of the GADA, where the same climate of intimidation was created via humiliating body searches. In a decision of an unprecedentedly vindictive nature, these persons were held for three additional days; the original 15 were held through Thursday, 4 October.

We were all taken to the cells at the GADA, on the eighth floor, in an overcrowded wing (designed to hold 30 persons, whereas 80 are currently “living” there under execrable conditions), to “put us through hell it”; however our experience was one of unique solidarity among the people there, some of whom had been “forgotten” for three months.

In a period of “economic crisis,” with more and more people being dragged into poverty and destitution, with social cannibalism rewarded as a virtue, with Fascism rearing its head in our countries and our neighborhoods, with aggression by the State intensifying at all levels, the choice of self-management and self-organization, solidarity, comradeship, and direct action can not only create a rampart against the fear they want to impose on us, but open the way to another type of social organization.



The militants arrested on the 30/9 and 1/10

(Some of whom are proud descendants of “Anarcho-Communist bandits.”)

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