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Only 8 Days Left!

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My intrepid friend, journalist James Graham (a.k.a. J. Iddhis Bing), has been living in Paris and writing about the disastrous conditions in Greece, where financial collapse has led to widespread violence and homelessness. The situation has been underreported in the mainstream press, and Jim is heading to Greece to research what’s happening and ferret out the implications for the rest of the Europe and the world.

Banking shenanigans by the 1 percent appear to be among the causes of the collapse.

He is crowdsourcing his trip and will send gifts from Greece or other alluring perks to you if you can spare a few bucks. Here’s the link:


Small Axe – Open Letter from Iddhis Bing

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By Iddhis Bing, 99GetSmart

I’ve been writing and reading about European politics, and Greece in particular, for a while now. Long enough, in any case, to call myself reasonably informed. But Greece is a special case. We stay up on the news and know about the Shadow Cabinet in Westminister in great detail; about Angela Merkel’s telephone and her fall on the ski slopes; about François Hollande’s midnight rides on a scooter across Paris to visit his new girlfriend – and yet, apart from sites like 99GetSmart, there’s a kind of news blackout concerning Greece. Maybe people don’t want to know. They can’t bear it. They suspect they might be next.

But Greece really is an exception, isn’t it? So the argument runs. Its ancient culture, its oligarchs, its Mediterreanan dependence on agriculture, its subterreanean ties to the ancient cults in the Near East, all of these things added together… therein lies the contradiction at the heart of what I am going to propose to you: that Greece is different culturally, that many other European states were opposed to its entry into the Union and it only got in through with the help of some imaginative book-keeping, and yet its fate and ours are now inextricably linked. The only meaningful difference being that Greece is ahead of us on line to the scaffold.

And so I got the crazy idea that I would go to Greece and report what I saw. The proposed trip is now up on Indiegogo, the crowdfunding site. The goal is to write a book which gives us a sense of the human reality in a country trapped between the Scylla and Carybdis of the financiers and the politicos.

This idea is a reality because Linda Ross encouraged me, badgered me, supplied me with endless contacts in Greece – which resulted in articles here on 99 and elsewhere – and essentially wouldn’t give up until I said I was going.

I’ve been writing for 99 since it picked up one of my pieces. Actually, Linda lifted an article from another site and reposted it and I wrote her to ask her who the hell did she think she was. (Little did I know back then. I was a newbie.) I was lucky – theft is the sincerest form of flattery. And thus began a conversation that’s still chugging along fruitfully.

The economy of internet journalism is the pits. Everybody knows that. And if you’re not in the business of taking cheesy ads or innovating your way to the next time-saver app, it hurts on the publishing side as well. Nobody knows what’s coming next but Linda meanwhile plugs away and keeps a terrifically informative site currant. Hats off, says I.

You, the reader, can help out. You read 99GetSmart on a regular basis so you know better than most what’s going on in Greece and maybe you feel we should get the word out to a larger public, especially among the Anglos (as the world calls us when they aren’t inventing much kinder names). You can visit Greece and the Future of the European Union and chip in a few dollars or euros or whatever you have laying around. And you can spread the word, both about 99 and the crowdfunding project. Pass it around, post it, repost it, tweet it, let your friends know that a writer is going to Greece and will report back what he sees and hears.

Merci en avance, as they say in these parts.



Greece: Interview with mother of Pavlos Fyssas (Killah P)

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Source: Revolution News

In this video TV journalists interview Pavlos Fyssas’s mother, the mother of the 34-year old hip hop artist known as Killah P who was murdered by Neo-nazi fascists (Xrysh Avgh) in the early hours of September 18 in Keratsini, Athens.

In this video we learn that an eye witness took a video of the scene of the crime and mistakenly took it to police – and for some reason the video hasn’t been brought up at all as evidence. Pavlo’s girlfriend went to the police to ask for help before the incident, there were 12 riot cops on 6 motorbikes – they said they would not get involved with such “gomaria” (beasts). Click to view videos

After what seems like a set up to have him murdered, a car came up with the killer, who then said he would kill him – and Pavlo was stabbed in the heart and abdomen. Fyssas’s mother claims the murderer was paid [by Golden Dawn].

Video Transcript (English Version): Read the rest of this entry →


Greece: Now, albeit slowly, we all know …!

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From StopCartel Newsdesk:

It is the first time the two major factions of the new regime are trying to live together in the most shameless manner, openly before the eyes of the People. Democracy and PASOK, have for the first time, shown their true face and the political essence of the so-called “post-dictatorship”

The tragicomic political developments in the government camp , which sparked the case of ERT , continues unabated after the formal, but not substantial withdrawal of Tourism Services .

The New Democracy and PASOK , seeking now not only a new framework for cooperation , but also a reshuffle of the government scheme that will enable them to impart an artificial fake note “progressivism” and “renewal” in the hope that such things will extend even and for a few months , they remain in power .

It is therefore expected,  the two “mnimoniakes” factions that first time in the years of the new regime will live together without another government partner , engage in an ‘orgy’ contacts, fermentation and classification , in an attempt to appease as soon as possible , concerns of lenders and the European Union on political developments .

Amidst such, bleak landscape , the tripartite government turns into bipartisan , even pretending he is determined to exhaust the four years . A contingency in which one no longer believes , as the country has entered irreversibly on track elections .Elections, which will require a great social majority in order to put an end to austerity and the destruction of the place for aprogressive way out of the current crisis with socialist horizon.

The revision of the terms of the loan agreement that enhance the recession appears to be the main objective of the program agreement SW-PASOK, which process the partisan staffs.

In fact it is the first time that the two major factions of the new regime are trying to live together without other partners.

The new programming agreement have undertaken to formulate the Chrisanthos Lazaridis from ND and Paris Koukoulopoulos by PASOK.

The text will refer and institutional issues to be resolved, such as corruption, the fight against political money, the “breaking” of large regions, but the “hard” issues of anti-racism law and the immigration issue.

The pursuit of partisan staffs is later than T riti have completed their discussions and the final version is to the offices of Antonis Samaras and Evangelos Venizelos.

SYRIZA: Scaling of extreme austerity mnimoniakis

“The New Democracy and PASOK looking for a new framework agreement and a new government scheme that will escalate toextreme mnimoniaki policy of austerity and authoritarianism , “said SYRIZA.

“With increasing their social isolation and their political obsolescence , as they become more plainly the impasses mnimoniakis policy, both seem more determined to dismantle every social right and every public good ‘, highlighted the announcement of Koumoundouros.

Moreover, the position that “the current government is much weaker” expressed MP SYRIZA Dimitris Stratoulis , speaking to T / T Mega.

Still appreciate that the new government scheme ‘ will apply the same mnimoniaki policy and applies it worse ”and that” in September will be forced de facto to discuss new measures and new memorandum. ”

At the same time, Mr. Stratoulis not exclude the possibility to file SYRIZA censure.

As he said, “we will see in the coming days is a weapon we have in mind. When used should be effective. ”

KKE: signaled an escalation of aggression against the people

“Changes in the government scheme and the new programming agreement SW – PASOK, with the connivance of Tourism Services , mark the escalation of aggression against the people and workers, through the new unpopular measures in the offing, “observes the KKE .

In a statement stating that “ the people have a wealth of experience to find that it can not be pinned their hopes on the control of his own harsh reality, in various disguises government or any other government that bows to capitalistic “one-way” and the EU. ”

StopCartel TV broadcasts LIVE from Athens @

StopCartel blog in Greek and English @


Greece: ERT – The Lost Signal of Democracy

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The unprecedented decision by the government to shut down ERT – the Greek Public Broadcaster has been a heavy blow for all. Both me and my colleagues, journalists and technicians, we ran immediately at the ERT Broadcasting Center. Since the beginning, every day we are recording what we see. We just edited quickly nine minutes to not erase from our memory what happened the first day. This is our way to react. We will continue as much as we can.

This is a rough cut sequence, part of the feature-length documentary that we are filming since the beginning of the crisis, for the last three years. It is called AGORÁ – From Democracy to the Market and it is an international co-production of major TV networks. AGORÁ will be released in April 2014.

Best Regards
Yorgos Avgeropoulos
Documentary Filmmaker
Author & Director of Exandas Documentary Series

Main Credits:

Written & Directed by Yorgos Avgeropoulos
Producers: Yorgos Avgeropoulos, Anastasia Skoubri
Picture: Yiannis Avgeropoulos, Anna Prokou
Music: Yiannis Paxevanis
Production Manager: Anastasia Skoubri
Editing: Anna prokou, Vasilis Magos
Researchers: Georgia Anagnou, Achilleas Kouremenos, Andreas Vagias
A Small Planet production © 2013-2014



Greece: “No Signal”

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Thousands of Greek showing solidarity outside the ERT building in Athens

Posted by SnakeArbusto99GetSmart

“No Signal.” That was the last message to be broadcast on June 11 at 11:00 PM (local time) by the Greek public broadcasting network ERT. Broadcasting has ended. The radical – and unprecedented – measure was taken without forewarning just as the leaders of Greece’s “Troika” creditors (EU-ECB-IMF) are in Athens.

Public broadcasting belongs to the many government entities that were to be restructured or merged under the Memorandum of Understanding between Greece and its lenders. According to the unions, in closing ERT, the government is meeting the objective imposed on it by Greece’s creditors – eliminating 2,000 public-sector jobs by the end of June – with one stroke of the pen. It is justifying its decision by citing low ratings for the public radio stations and television channels, and also their lack of financial resources, in particular from advertising.

The government did say that the public entity would re-open someday in another form, with a drastically reduced workforce. Government spokesman Simos Kédikoglou revealed the details of a proposed law on the creation of a “new Greek radio, Internet, and television” to be called Nerit S.A. and which would begin operation by the end of August, with 1,200 employees. In the meantime, the current workforce of 2,656 will receive compensation and will be allowed to apply for jobs with the new company.

“They’re saying they’ll re-open in September. But in Greece, nothing’s more permanent than ‘temporary’,” ERT radio General Manager Dimitris Papadimitriou observed.

An explosive economic measure 

The unions have called on Greeks to take to the streets to protest the shutdown. The protest is supported by certain personalities in Greek public life who are dependent on Greece’s public broadcasting – starting with Archbishop Ieronymos of Athens, Primate of the Greek Church, who immediately joined the movement along with the majority of the priests. “It has to be understood that only public television and radio broadcast the Mass on Sunday morning, every day of Holy Week, the week before Easter, at Christmas and on August 15 (the feast of the Dormition or Assumption). It provided hope and comfort for those among the faithful who are unable to go to church, as well as to Greeks living abroad. Remember that there are as many Greeks abroad as in Greece itself, and the Mass broadcast was a little piece of Greece for them,” the Archbishop said.

Orthodox Catholicism is the state religion in Greece, and 90% of the country’s population, according to official figures, is Orthodox. Religious broadcasts are carried on all four public channels, including the international one.

Greeks in Venezuela, the USA, and Japan called with messages of support for the personnel. One of them said on the air, just before programming was shut down, that the national public network was the only way for him not to forget the language of his native country and be able to observe religious celebrations in his home.

Several hundred persons were still assembled late Wednesday afternoon in front of ERT’s headquarters in Athens’s northeastern suburbs. A solidarity concert was planned for Wednesday evening.

Sophie Rosenzweig / ARTE Journal

Translated by SnakeArbusto

Status of Greek public broadcasting:

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Greece: Repression of the People by the Government

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Today in Athens, the government-of-the-regime showed their real face against the Greek people, the workers and the unions. Within the last two weeks, the rioting police and SWAT teams attacked the metro workers, the municipality workers and now the union PAME. Thirty-five workers, who were engaged in a symbolic occupation of the MInistry of Labor, were arrested and are being held at Police Headquarters.

Photos/Video by Elias Theodoropoulos @


This Is Your Future 3: Greek Medicine and the ICC

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By Iddhis Bing, 99GetSmart

Greek Medicine And The ICC

The Cat only grinned when it saw Alice. It looked good-natured, she thought: still it had very long claws and a great many teeth, so she felt that it ought to be treated with respect. - Alice in Wonderland, chapter VI

An empty hospital hallway

Do cuts to Greek medical care violate human rights laws?

This article is in three parts: excerpts from and brief comments on an amicus brief filed to the International Criminal Court in the Hague; some facts on the ground in Germany at present; the latest information, as of press time, on Doctor Kosmopoulos’s situation in Athens. It’s a long piece, so thanks for your patience.


And so we return to the game of cat and mouse, in which the mouse is Greece, in danger of being swallowed whole. But who is the cat? That’s the part of the picture we don’t see. Like Alice, we see only the smile in the tree – an appropriate place for this Cheshire cat, looking down from high above.

Because discussions are so often seen through a lens of Germany vs. Greece, or Europe vs. the Piigs, with the people of Europe on the sidelines, it might be useful to get other opinions.

This summer, journalists Georgios Tragkas, Panagiotis Tzenos, and Antonios Prekas, along with Dimitrios Konstantaras of the Nea Democratica party, filed suit at the International Criminal Court in the Hague, against Christine Lagarde of the IMF, Herman van Rompuy (President of the European Council), Jose Manuel Barroso (President of the European Commission), German Chancellor Angela Merkel and that country’s Minister of Finance, Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble. The charge: Crimes Against Humanity, as defined by the Rome Statute.1

That passed with little notice. But a curious thing happened in the last week of November. A supporting, or amicus, brief has been filed that backs up the original charges, with compelling evidence.

Sarah Luzia Hassel-Reusing is a practicing psychologist and human rights activist in Wuppertal, Germany. And one non-Greek on whom the meaning of solidarity is not lost.

Her thirty-page ICC filing substantiates, in copious detail, the charge of Crimes Against Humanity for actions carried out as part of the various Greek debt rescues, which have resulted in destruction of Greek medicine, their hospitals, doctors and their all too frequently malnourished patients.2

Readers should do a bit of research on Crimes Against Humanity. Wikipedia has the full text of the Rome Statute. Briefly, a crime against humanity is defined as taking place when someone knowingly attacks a civilian population, and does this either as part of a larger plan or systematically (art. 7 of the Rome Statute). In addition, Hassel-Reusing cites the UN Social Pact (Articles 11 and 12, the universal human rights to food and health). The ICC is now part of the apparatus of world law and as such has prosecuted well-known cases from Serbia to Ruanda.

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Some Get Prizes, Others Jail: Kostas Vaxevanis and a Tale of Two Reporters

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Kostas Vaxevanis

Greek journalist Kostas Vaxevanis, arrested for revealing names of wealthy tax evaders

On the evening of October 27, the Greek journalist Kostas Vaxevanis was awakened by police who arrested him and hauled him off to jail. The charge? Hot Doc, the magazine he writes for and edits, published portions of the  ‘‘Lagarde List” containing the names of 2,059 Greeks who allegedly spirited money out of the country and into the warm embrace of UK-based HSBC’s Swiss offices.

Vaxevanis was charged with the publication of private data, although only names, and not account numbers or amounts, were listed. Vaxevanis did not allege that anyone on the list was guilty of a crime, merely that an investigation into the matter was in order. The List  has been the talk of Greece, although not its newspapers, for months.

Interestingly, a website run by Makis Triantafillopoulos (, published the same list just hours before Hot Doc. No arrests have been made in that case. Triantafillopoulos is widely regarded as having close ties to Greece’s ruling class.

The Lagarde List has a fascinating if brief history. Compiled by Christine Lagarde when she was Finance Minister in the Sarkozy Government, it is said to contain the names of over 22,000 individuals with hidden accounts from across Europe. It was given by Lagarde to members of the Greek government in 2010 and promptly ‘‘lost.” Since then, officials in Greece have been scrambling to find it. Several ministers claim they gave it to another minister in another department…

Since publication of the list on Friday, two men whose names appear on it, Leonidas Tzanis, a former Greek minister who had been under investigation, and Vlassis Kambouroglou, a wealthy businessman in the defense industry, have turned up dead, both apparent suicides.

Kostas Vaxevanis was released from jail on Monday, October 29.

Meanwhile, in France, with la rentrée in full swing, the season of awards is upon us.

The prestigious 2012 Louise Weiss Award for European Journalism has been given to Edouard Perrin for his film Les petits secrets des grandes entreprises. The TV2 documentary was made in conjunction with Panorama, the investigative magazine of BBC1, and is the basis for the Invisible Money series on GroundReport.

According to the prize committee, the documentary, which aired on May 11, 2012 is ‘‘an unprecedented investigation which revealed in copious detail the methods used to achieve what is shamefully called ‘fiscal optimisation.’ ”

The TV2 team had this to say upon receiving the award:

‘‘We  were able to successfully reveal the opaque legal arrangements by which a multitude of large corporations subtract billions of Euros from their tax declarations. The investigation depicted in detail how this takes place with the complicity of Luxembourg’s government. We remain disappointed by the silence of our governments in dealing with the practices we revealed.”

On an angrier note, the documentarian Paul Moreira had this to say on his Facebook page: “I’m pissed. Edouard Perrin’s stunning investigation wins the Louise Weiss Prize and the Budget Ministry completely fails to react… Edouard showed how large European companies avoid paying taxes… We’re not talking about peanuts but tens of billions of Euros. It could give the Budget Ministry a few ideas. Obviously, it would require being a bit rude with the Luxembourgeois, who are, as everyone knows, people with impeccable manners.”

Two journalists, two wildly different scenarios for what are, essentially, facets of the same story – a story Europe’s leaders find simply too hot to touch, let alone discuss publicly. Vaxevanis could not ask for better publicity: his magazine is now known around the world. Perrin did a lot of work the old fashioned way, door to door, office to office, and he nailed the perpetrators in copious detail. Hats off to both gentlemen. Neither story is about to go away.

 By Iddhis Bing99GetSmart under Creative Commons license


Letter from the anti-Fascist militants arrested in Athens on 30/9 and 1/10

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published 04/10/2012 by panos

translation: “Snake” Arbusto, 99GetSmart

Logo of the Greek neo-nazi Golden Dawn party.

Although three days have already gone by since the anti-Fascist motorcycle demonstration-poster distribution on Sunday 30 September, we feel there is a need to make certain clarifications.

On Sunday 30 September, following a public call, a motorcycle-mounted anti-Fascist demonstration and poster distribution was held in downtown Athens, leaving from Exarchia. The demonstration was intended to be a response to the Fascist pogroms and attacks against immigrants perpetrated in several areas of central Athens by Fascist gangs disguised as “citizens’ and merchants’ committees” and assisted by official gangs connected with the government.

The ties between Golden Dawn and the Greek police are well known and have been evidenced many times, and analyzing or explaining that phenomenon is not what we are interested in at the moment.

After the attack on the demonstration by members of Golden Dawn, there was a charge by the DIAS unit, which was following at the rear of the demonstration and in the parallel streets and alleys.

Finally, fifteen anti-Fascist militants were arrested and beaten on various parts of their bodies – head, arms, legs. Tasers (weapons that cause an electric shock) were even used.

We were brought to the seventh floor of the GADA building, in front of the “régime protection” section, where, through the night, we were beaten, threatened, had our hair pulled, and were subjected to burns, and the Delta units who were guarding us took pictures for their personal albums.

Threats along the lines of “Now we know who you are, and we’ll break you the way we did your grandparents during the Civil War” are characteristic of the climate of terror the imbecilic Praetorians of the Delta units attempted to create – not to mention the fact that all communication with attorneys or doctors was prohibited for a period of 19 hours. The following day, after the “perp walk” and picture-taking, we were finally taken to the Evelpidon courthouse.

During our stay there, the MAT riot police attacked the people who had gathered in solidarity, savagely beating several of them, arresting 25 and finally keeping four in custody. After their arrest, these individuals were taken to the seventh floor of the GADA, where the same climate of intimidation was created via humiliating body searches. In a decision of an unprecedentedly vindictive nature, these persons were held for three additional days; the original 15 were held through Thursday, 4 October.

We were all taken to the cells at the GADA, on the eighth floor, in an overcrowded wing (designed to hold 30 persons, whereas 80 are currently “living” there under execrable conditions), to “put us through hell it”; however our experience was one of unique solidarity among the people there, some of whom had been “forgotten” for three months.

In a period of “economic crisis,” with more and more people being dragged into poverty and destitution, with social cannibalism rewarded as a virtue, with Fascism rearing its head in our countries and our neighborhoods, with aggression by the State intensifying at all levels, the choice of self-management and self-organization, solidarity, comradeship, and direct action can not only create a rampart against the fear they want to impose on us, but open the way to another type of social organization.



The militants arrested on the 30/9 and 1/10

(Some of whom are proud descendants of “Anarcho-Communist bandits.”)

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