Harriet Miers’ Testimony in US Attorney Firings Spotlights Again Why She is Unfit to Practice Law

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It took two (2) years and a judicial scolding by United States District Judge John D. Bates, but Harriet Miers’ has finally testified in the U.S. Attorney firing investigations:

In a low-key session on Capitol Hill, former White House Counsel Harriet Miers was deposed Monday by House Judiciary Committee staffers probing the alleged politicization of the Bush Justice Department.

Miers testified, behind closed doors, after months of wrangling between Congress and former members of the Bush administration.

But just as the thief is not absolved from the crime of theft even if he returns the stolen property, Harriet Miers is not absolved of her prior unethical conduct just because she has now testified. To the contrary, her testimony this week serves to again expose her unethical conduct which demonstrates that she is unfit to practice law.

These excerpts from the Memorandum to the Members of the Committee on the Judiciary from Rep. John C. Conyers, Jr., Chairman, dated July 24, 2007, are just as true today as they were when I first wrote about Harriet Miers back in October of 2007:

Even more extraordinary than the executive privilege claims in this matter is the assertion that Ms. Miers, a former White House official not Read the rest of this entry →