Come check out the Patriot Act Action Hub

4:45 pm in Uncategorized by HarryWaisbren

Get FISA Right is proud to announce that we have launched a Patriot Act Action Hub which we will be using heavily in anticipation of and during tomorrow’s Patriot Act business.

This hub will aggregate news and action items through a communal liveblog. It works best with a myriad of voices though, and we would love any and all of your participation—in particular the expert and passionate community here at FireDogLake!

You can help out by signing in and using the liveblog similar to a chatroom. All tweets to #PatriotAct are relayed into the liveblog as well, so you can participate that way too. We also have a series of ongoing campaigns on Twitter and Facebook (based on the #Skittles model Jon Pincus blogged about here), and we wholly endorse the ACLU’s call to action through phone calls to targeted committee democrats.

The American people are not cowards who give up liberty in the name of security without a fight, and those in the Obama administration and in the media who presume we do have gravely misjudged the fortitude of this great country.

Let’s let them know what we’re made of while taking Attorney General Holder up on his offer for a conversation about civil liberties!