Some of you have followed the current Hutto Independent School District (HISD) revenue crisis here, here, and here. HISD called for an increased Maintenance and Operations tax rate, triggering a tax ratification election. A similar measure failed by a 10 point margin last year. This past Saturday, September 1st, was the official election date, following 2 weeks of early voting.

The results are in, and Proposition 1 passed in a landslide, 854 (66.67%) voting ‘FOR’, 427 (33.33%) voting ‘AGAINST’.

Early voting brought in 987 total votes, with 1281 total votes being cast in the entire election cycle. With Proposition 1 the only thing on the ballot, voter turnout was roughly 12%, a huge number for an off-cycle, single-issue election.

In early voting, ‘FOR’ votes outnumbered ‘AGAINST’ votes 722 to 265.

This is a huge victory for HISD and – more importantly – for the children they educate.

Hippos United worked hard during the lead up to voting, throughout early voting, and even on Election Day itself. We are incredibly proud of our community, our voters, our volunteers, and the community organizations and leaders that helped us along the way.

We, collectively, have secured a quality education for our children for the coming 4-5 years, with no need to fear further cuts from the state.

We, collectively, have proved that a huge impact can still be made at the local level. We’ve shown that communities, even in the middle of a vast Conservative State, can still be swayed to contribute to the good of the whole.

We’re Happy Hutto Hippos today.

This is what activism looks like.

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