May Day 2012 in Toronto

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“*No Work *No School *No Shopping *No Banking *No Housework”

I esp like the ‘no housework’ part : )

Occupy Toronto is doing up May Day with a splash and lots of friends, including our (totally legal here!!) Communist parties — there are several of them –, and organized as well as dis-organized labour and many international, anti-poverty, peace and other affinity groups. It’s a mixed bag, as we used to say. I am heading out myself soon. Missed out on the giant chess game at am11:30 this am (I am a *horrible* chess player, truth to tell I avoided it). I do plan to make the march to the new digs and the potluck, but I am too old a bunny to overnight. But potluck, mmm! The schedule, if anyone wants to know, is here.