We need a fucking gang injunction against y’all!

This is video from Occupy Oakland livestreamer and hella courageous citizen Jessica Hollie (aka Bella Eiko), who was apparently downtown for the “Justice for Alan Blueford” rally that had taken place earlier yesterday afternoon at Oscar Grant Plaza. Jessica confronts police who have just detained two young black men at gunpoint. I strongly encourage anyone who has ever fantasized about standing up to the police to watch all 17-1/2 minutes; you’ll get a lesson in defending your rights and a reminder that these thugs are supposed to be accountable to us.

This is not an isolated incident in Oakland; we’ve all seen it happen over and over. Cops jump out of cars with their guns drawn in the middle of a busy intersection, seemingly oblivious to the fact that they are putting everyone in danger. Jessica’s fear that the pigs are going to shoot one of these two men as they try to obey complex instructions to put their hands up and walk backward to the left is not at all misplaced. I suspect her accusation of racial profiling is not misplaced either. It’s not clear what the men were detained for; at least one of them was released within the 17-minute timeframe of this video.

OPD makes the news virtually every day for some new or ongoing outrage. So far this week, they’ve been on TV for posting photos in a patrol lineup room of Oakland Mayor Jean Quan and Judge Thelton Henderson that were defaced in a “racist and inappropriate” manner (Henderson is the African-American judge who will decide whether a federal monitor takes control of the department). And for wasting millions of dollars in technology purchases for items that have gone unused from vendors who have gone out of business—while at the same time laying off police for lack of funds. And it’s only Wednesday; stay tuned.

UPDATE: Jessica is taking a lot of heat for her video, particularly for her language. Here is her response: